About This Course

Uber and Lyft drivers are usually pretty surprised when they sign up to drive, get approved, then only receive a few basic videos about how the process works. For as much money as these companies have, there is very little money spent on training.

Here at Ridester, we’re with drivers every step of the way; from signup to resources to help along their rideshare journey. So what better way to add value to the rideshare experience than provide a training course?

For a while, we went back and forth about developing a course from scratch (which is still in the works), but when we came across the opportunity to acquire a well-produced course straight from one of the best drivers in the industry, we jumped on the chance.

The original creator of this course, Sam Choi, is one of the most efficient and effective drivers in the game, and leverages strategies and tricks he developed to continually outperform other drivers.

You can hear more about this by listening to his feature on The Rideshare Guy’s podcast that we’ve embedded below:

From the instructor:

Hi there! My name is Sam Choi and I hope to be your instructor. For anything I’m passionate about, I strive to hack it. How can I get the most out of it? Is there a better way to do this?

So ever since I started in the rideshare industry, I’ve been driven to master every aspect of the job. I’ve interviewed numerous drivers, taken courses, read everything I could find on the Internet, and aggressively analyzed every shift I drove.

As a result, I’ve been blessed to consistently maintain nearly perfect Five Star ratings on both Lyft and Uber and have been featured on the Rideshare Guy Podcast. On a regular basis, I earn in the top 1%.

Now I want to teach YOU everything I’ve learned so that you can succeed and for this industry to flourish!

Inadequate Solutions

One of the reasons why there’s such a discrepancy between actual earnings and expectations is because there is little to no training available for most drivers.

Historically, the strategy is to lure drivers with large signup bonuses and hope the smart ones will stick while the majority are deactivated or quit. Only the strong survive.

I’ve designed this course to be the one-stop-shop to take you from A-Z. I hold your hand through the baby steps and guide you to becoming an elite driver.

I’ve carefully looked at many other courses on the market, and yes, some of them are great, but I’m confident that what we’re offering on this site are the most conclusive courses currently in existence today.

Course Layout

This course is built off of five foundational segments that you can also purchase individually.

  1. Full-Time Driver: Essential Steps to Earning a Full-Time Wage
  2. Hacking SURGE: How to Master Prime Time and SURGE
  3. Maximizing Rideshare Pickups: When and Where to Drive
  4. Rideshare101: Introduction to Ridesharing
  5. Six Star Service: How to Get Maximum Tips with Rideshare Services

But wait, there’s more!

We’ve ALSO included a bonus section that outlines what it’s like to drive as a female with my friend Bere, as well as how to take your rideshare game to the next level.

What it Means to You

My goal is for you to make back what you spent on this course by implementing these tips, while working the same amount of hours you would normally work, but now, at a higher hourly average.

*I personally am in the top 1% in the nation when it comes to earnings. However, you may be in a market that has so few people and events that you cannot do the same.


So sign up now and learn the same steps I used to become a top 1% earner!

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