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Which Car Rental Company Is Best? 9+ Options Ranked

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So many rental agencies offer comparable pricing and extra perks that it’s challenging to know which car rental company is best.

While there are many good choices, they are not all created equally.

Some car rental companies specialize in affordability, while others offer premium rides at a premium price.

You will need to decide which one fits your needs best.

Compare the pros and cons of these top-rated car rentals and determine which one is the best overall.

What to Look for in a Quality Car Rental Company

No one likes to be taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, even reputable rental companies can have scammy tendencies.

A quality car rental company will be transparent about fees and additional charges.

They will offer fair prices and special offers for returning customers.

 Most importantly, quality car rental agencies will have excellent customer service and provide you with the best experience possible.

What To Consider When Booking a Rental Car

The answer to this question will be different for everyone.

You might be looking for affordable prices and fuel-efficient cars.

Or you want luxury and rewards programs.

Whatever you’re looking for, there is a rental company to meet your needs.

One of the most important factors to consider when renting a car is the price.

What’s your budget for your trip?

Do you need something cost-efficient, or do you care more about getting what you want regardless of price?

Many companies offer unlimited miles, but the daily price might be higher.

If you know you won’t be putting too many miles on the vehicle, it might be better to only pay for what you use.

You will also need to decide if you will be taking a luxury vehicle or a standard.

Some companies only offer standard sedans and SUVs, while others specialize in providing brand-new luxury vehicles.

If you rent cars frequently, you may want to look into a rewards program.

Many companies offer savings and perks for returning customers.

Booking a Rental Car for Business vs. Travel

Whether you rent a car for leisure or have essential work, booking a rental car is relatively simple.

Some companies offer a business travel program for corporations.

These programs offer convenient pickups, rewards, and flexible returns.

Renting a car for business can be a more straightforward process because your employer handles everything, including car rental insurance.

Top Car Rental Companies in the USA

Are you ready to find out which car rental company is best?

Learn more about the top ten car rental services in the country.

vector graphic showing which car rental company is best by showing their car rental company logos arranged on random phone screens

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Founded in 1957, Enterprise has a massive network of over 8,000 locations worldwide.

This car rental company has a vast selection of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, luxury, and exotic cars.

For their cars, you can choose the economy and mid-size sedans like a Nissan Versa or Toyota Corolla.

If you’re looking for luxury, book a Tesla or a Mercedes.

They even have a selection of moving and cargo vans.

Prices vary by location, but you can expect to spend around $85 a day for an economy car up to $135 for a premium or full-size sedan.

If you pay with a credit card, Enterprise Rent A Car will put a hold on your credit card for the total rental amount, plus a deposit.

Their loyalty program, Enterprise Plus, offers ways to save if you are a frequent renter.

For every dollar spent, you earn one point.

Accumulated points go towards free rental days at any location worldwide.

Enterprise Holdings also has a partner rewards program to earn more miles and points at participating partners like Hilton and FlyingBlue.


Hertz has provided rental services in North America for more than 90 years.

They offer various vehicle types like small sedans, large sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans, cargo vans, and luxury sedans.

They do extensive inspections on all vehicles to ensure safety and performance.

A Ford Focus is a small sedan, whereas a Chevy Malibu is a large sedan.

Hertz has rentals from $38 per day and up to $400 per day.

The average price for a standard car is $60.

If you sign up for their Gold Plus Rewards Program, you can enjoy fast, no-contact pickups and free rental days with upgrades.

The more money you spend, the more points you earn.

Hertz also offers 15% discounts for new customers and 20% off for customers 50 and older.


Dollar is a subsidiary of Hertz and has served in the rental car space since 1965.

Choose from sedans, SUVs, and minivans.

They offer small, medium, and large sedans and compact or large SUVs.

Small sedans like a Ford Focus start at just $27 a day, and large sedans are around $40 a day.

Their most expensive vehicle type is a large SUV which is $100 a day.

The Dollar Express Rewards Program lets you earn points every time you rent a vehicle.

They also offer exclusive benefits like easy pickups, a free additional driver, quick reservations, and free rental days.


Another subsidiary of Hertz, Thrifty Car Rental, has a proven track record of serving the community since 1958 and today offers over 4,000 rental locations worldwide.

Thrifty offers all sedan sizes, SUVs, Minivans, Pickup trucks, cargo vans, and luxury cars.

Like a Chevy Cruze, their sedans start around $30 a day, and they go up to $45 a day, depending on the size.

The SUVs and vans are between $50 and $75 a day.

The Blue Chip Rewards Program is free for everyone and has exclusive perks.

Enjoy quick reservations, skip the counter, and head straight to the lot for pickups.

You also get discounted rates every time you rent and a free additional driver.

National Car Rental

Thirty-five years ago, National Car Rental opened its doors; Today, it serves customers worldwide in 1,500-plus locations.

National has all styles and types of sedans from economy to large premium.

They also have SUVs, vans, and crossovers.

The standard sedans are the most cost-efficient vehicle, starting at $80 a day.

An SUV, such as a Ford Edge, starts at $95 a day.

You can find sedans like a VW Jetta or a Nissan Maxima.

If you join the Emerald Club, you can expect fast and convenient service.

You can earn free rental days and access their Emerald aisle, which allows you to choose a car from aisle locations and drive off without checking in at the counter.

Alamo Rent-A-Car

Founded in 1974, Alamo Rent-A-Car serves thousands of locations globally.

They have high health and safety standards and take sanitizing seriously.

You will find different sedan sizes, SUVs, pickups, minivans, and passenger vans when you book.

Minivans like a Chrysler Pacifica start at $50 a day, while their sedans range from $80 to $115 a day.

You can rent a Ford Transit Wagon, a 15-passenger van, starting at $300 a day.

When you create an account on their website, you can save 5% off base rates of pay-later reservations.


Turo is a car-sharing marketplace operating in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Every day people list their cars for rent on Turo’s platform, and customers can search through makes and models to find the perfect fit.

You can find everything from compact fuel-efficient sedans to exotic sports cars.

Prices vary significantly by location and host, but you can typically find vehicles for as low as $30 a day and as high as several hundred dollars.

Compact cars tend to be more affordable, while SUVs and premium sedans can get pricey.

Turo does not offer any rewards programs, but they encourage people to sign up to be a host and continue the peer-to-peer car-sharing experience.


Avis started its journey in 1946 and now operates in 165 countries with over 5,000 locations.

Avis Budget Group has a large selection of sedans, trucks, SUVs, vans, luxury, sporty, and recreational vehicles.

The sedan prices range from $40 to $60 per day, and the SUVs start at $60.

Their luxury selection begins at $120 a day.

If you choose the option to “Pay now” on their website, you can save up to 30%.

The Avis Preferred Car Rental Program combines accelerated rewards with expedited service.

You earn points for every dollar you spend and can use them on rental upgrades and accessories.

You can also skip long wait times, pick up your car, and drive off the lot.


Budget started as a small rental facility in Los Angeles in 1958.

They are now a globally recognized rental car company.

Budget has a large selection of vehicles, from standard sedans to premium SUVs and luxury convertibles.

Compact, fuel-efficient cars start at just $40 a day, while premium SUVs range from $175 to $200.

Their most popular mid-range sedans and SUVs vary between $45 and $65 a day.

When you join the Fastbreak Program, you can skip the counter and go straight for your car.

They also offer miles and points when you spend with their hotel and airline partners.


Over 100 years ago in Germany, Sixt started its fleet with just three vehicles.

Today they are present in over 100 countries and 2,200 locations.

You can find sedans, SUVs, convertibles, sports cars, vans, and trucks.

Because Sixt vehicles are newer, they are a little pricey.

Sedans start at $140 a day, and trucks and SUVs start at $190.

If you’re looking for a 4-wheel drive, expect to pay upwards of $600 per day.

Sixt offers a loyalty card where you can enjoy discounted rentals, free additional drivers, and free car upgrades.

The more you spend, the higher the card tier and more benefits.

Sixt also has a subscription service where you can pay under $1000 a month for a premium sedan.

What Is the Best Overall Car Rental Company?

vector image showing woman handing man car keys - how to rent out your car graphic

Hertz is the best overall car rental company because it has excellent customer service, seamless pickups, a large variety of vehicles, and competitive rates.

Why Is It the Best?

Hertz has over 1600 car rental sites within the US and highly convenient pick-up and drop-off processes at its airport locations.

It also won the JD Power Award in 2019 for overall customer satisfaction.

It may not have the cheapest short-term rental rates, but they are comparable.

It makes up for its short-term rates by offering lower long-term rates than competitors.

Hertz also has an impressive rewards program.

Every dollar you spend with Hertz goes towards free rentals and free upgrades.

Plus, you get convenient skip-the-counter pickup options.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking for a short-term rental for leisurely activities or a long-term rental for business, these top-ranked rental car companies offer something for everyone.

So, which car rental company is best?

The answer will largely depend on your preferences, but Hertz takes the best overall for affordable, competitive rates, convenience, rewards, and outstanding customer service.

If you’re looking to make money driving a rental car, check out these other articles!

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