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What is the Best 40 MPH Electric Scooter

Are you looking for the best 40 MPH electric scooter in %currentyear%? Our guide will break down your best options, and why we recommend them.

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You are an expert scooter rider. You are in a hurry. What, then, can you do to beat time while exploiting your expertise to the fullest?

Riding a fast scooter, comrade.

Here at Ridester, we categorize fast electric scooters as those achieving at least a real top speed of 40 miles per hour.

While many can do this, not each one will last a couple of months from purchase. And that’s where we come in.

In today’s guide, we will share motor powered scooters for adults that go at least 40 miles per hour and all the necessary details about the topic. Read on for more.

1. Kaabo Mantis Pro Se: The Best 40 MPH e-scooter overall

Kaabo Mantis Pro Se

Best For: Those who love fast acceleration

Top Features:

  • 40mph speed
  • 45 miles top range
  • The weight limit is 330 lbs

The Kaabo Mantis Pro Se electric scooter has been praised by many for its buttery smooth acceleration.

This adult electric scooter will accelerate to 15 mph in just 2 seconds, faster than most premium models can achieve.

With dual motors at the rear and the front, this scooter produces enough torque to conquer hilly and offroad conditions without breaking any sweat.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro Special Edition comes with Square Minimotors controllers, which boost the overall ride quality and make the motors silent regardless of the terrain the scooter is subjected to.

Depending on how you love your fast journey, Kaabo offers riders the chance to choose their preferred scooter color and stamp the authority they so wish.

Do you want to fly in Gold or Black?

The Mantis Pro has your back.

As any other rider would be, you might be worried about how safe you will be while riding the 41 mph Mantis Pro Se scooter.

This unit comes with a dual ZOOM hydraulic braking system, a premium component mostly used in high-end scooters.

Even better, the rear brake has an LED brake light to alert other road users behind you. Safety at its top-notch if you ask around.

The ultimate Kaabo Mantis Pro 2022 Special Edition specifications are as we tabulate them below:

Maximum Speed41 mph
Maximum Range45 miles
Battery60V 24Ah
MotorDual BLDC; 1000W each
Water-resistant ratingIPX5
Tires10-inch, pneumatic
Hill climbing ability30°
Lighting Headlight, turn signal, deck and brake lights
Weight65 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs

Why do we recommend the Kaabo Mantis Pro Special Edition scooter?

The Mantis Pro Se is undoubtedly a quality electric scooter. Having its frame made from aluminum alloy, this scooter is sturdy enough to carry riders weighing up to 330 lbs and with the assurance that it won’t break fast.

Its massive 10 x 3-inch pneumatic tires and the spring suspension systems at the rear and front are ideal for conquering most rough terrains without the rider feeling like it.

This scooter also comes with a high-capacity battery, a crucial feature that makes the unit hit a maximum range of 45 miles.

Even better, this e-scooter weighs only 65 lbs and folds easily, making carrying it should the battery die more seamless.

Also, the 2022 Special Edition is an upgrade from the original 2021 Mantis Pro.

Here, Kaabo noted the complaints that affected the first model, worked on them, and brought the SE as a complete ride with a headlight, signal lights, and a better water-resistance rating (IPX5 vs. IPX4).

As such, you are getting a more polished model at a fraction of the cost.

Kaabo Mantis Pro Special Edition Pros

The dual suspension makes the Mantis Pro Se scooter ideal for conquering different terrains

This scooter is manufactured using premium-grade materials, making it durable even when it’s pushed to the limits

Weighing only 65 lbs and with a minimalistic foldable design, it’s relatively easy to lift and keep the unit in compact spaces such as in a car’s trunk

The high ground clearance makes the scooter excel on different riding surfaces

The fenders are durable and long enough to keep the scooter clean from debris.


The scooter charges fully between 9 and 12 hours, which is a long time for commuters

This fast electric scooter should have a bell or horn.

2. YUME M10: The Best Electric Scooter for Value


Best For: Those looking for a budget-friendly hydraulic brake e-scooter

Top Features:

  • 43mph speed
  • Has dual motors of 2400W
  • 43 miles range

The YUME M10 electric scooter is YUME’s flagship model and is one of the dual motor scooters that can surprisingly hit a better max speed in ideal conditions than stated.

With a Dualtron-esque, you will feel like you are riding a pricy premium scooter at a fraction of the price.

For this model, YUME used only premium manufacturing components.

From the electric vehicle grade battery to the beloved Sinewave controllers, you can rest assured that this scooter will be your commuting companion.

Its structure is ergonomic and the frame is manufactured using aviation-grade aluminum alloy to offer portability and durability.

This scooter comes at the front and rear with premium ZOOM hydraulic brakes with 160 mm rotors and a cooling pad.

Regardless of how many emergency braking stunts you carry out on this model, you can rest assured that there are few chances of disc warping.

For the tires, YUME used the tubeless car-grade type, meaning resistance to flats is more enhanced than say if the unit featured the tubed ones.

This is a robust single-stem electric scooter but those interested in riding at full speed can buy a separate long steering damper from the YUME site to avoid any speed wobble. 

Find the ultimate YUME M10 specs in the table below:

Max Speed43 mph
Max Range45 miles
Battery 60V 22.5 Ah
Tire size10 X 3.15 inches
LightingHeadlight, brake light, deck lights, 2 turn signals
Water-resistance rating IP54
Braking Hydraulic
Weight 77 lbs
Load Capacity265 lbs

Why YUME M10?

The YUME M10 high speed scooter has a modern design that aims to please each rider.

From the Sinewave controllers used, the acceleration is agile and the powerful motors will produce the required torque to push you to the max speed without you even noticing.

This unit is particularly silent and won’t produce the noise normally associated with a running electric motor, a feature lacking in most mid-range models.

The stem lighting system is sick, and each rider worth their salt will certainly notice your presence from how well-lit this e-scooter is when it’s dark.

Along with the sizeable tires that boost the ground clearance, the M10 also comes with a C-shaped fork at the front and a hydraulic shock suspension system, enhancing shock absorption across different bumpy terrains.  

YUME M10 Pros

Since the M10 comes with dual charging ports, it takes 6 hours only for the M10 to get fully charged

The powerful motors produce sufficient torque to make riding at full speed as elegant as possible

The hydraulic braking type along with the plethora of different lighting types enhances the rider’s safety, especially at night

The fast acceleration is helpful to speed enthusiasts, especially those who love to compete in group rides

The flat-resistant tubeless tires come in handy to offer much-needed peace of mind.


The weight capacity could be better than 265 lbs

There is no locking mechanism when the scooter gets folded.

3. Kaabo Mantis King GT: The Best All-terrain Adult Electric Scooter

Kaabo Mantis King GT

Best For: All terrains

Top Features:

  • 56 miles top range
  • Dual motor with 1100W each
  • Light, portable and foldable

If you are looking for an all-terrain electric scooter that is high speed, the Kaabo Mantis King GT unit is it.

One of the few e-scooters that come with hybrid tires, you can enjoy what riding on streets or offroad feel like without too much of a worry about poor handling.

While this e-scooter is one of the few single-stem units produced by Kaabo, it’s also one of the most premium quality.

Featuring a massive display positioned at the center, riders are always updated on how much their battery power is left, their activated riding mode, how many miles they have covered since they started their journey, their riding speed, and lots more in real-time.

The scooter boasts a maximum speed of 43.5 mph in continuous use, a guarantee that this is a real fast e-scooter that will help you maneuver different terrains without straining what the dual motor system has to offer.

The stock thumb throttle is ergonomic and we love that this is one of the few e-scooters featuring a thumb throttle that lacks a dead zone. As you endeavor to reach top speed, acceleration can never be a problem with the Mantis King GT.

The key Kaabo Mantis King GT electric scooter specs are as we detail below:

Maximum range56 miles
BatteryLG; 60v 24Ah
Fastest charging time6 hours
Motor Dual; 1100W each
TiresPneumatic hybrid; 10-inch
BrakingZOOM Hydraulic
SuspensionHydraulic; adjustable
Water resistant ratingIPX5
Weight74 lbs
Load Capacity265 lbs

Why Kaabo Mantis King GT?

The Kaabo Mantis King GT is one of the few scooters with adjustable suspension. And not any suspension, but the premium-quality hydraulic type. 

Depending on the terrain you will ride in, you can adjust your suspension to enjoy the ride quality of your choice.

This is a futuristic feature if you ask any experienced rider you know.

This scooter also features dual Sinewave controllers, a type praised by many for its great ride quality.

When a scooter has this type, the motors are also silent, making chewing bumpy terrains even better.

For a fast scooter such as the Mantis King GT, it also needs sudden great stopping power, which is why the manufacturer included the hydraulic braking type.

From tests, this unit has a braking distance of only 9.6 seconds from 15 mph to 0!

The brakes, bright front headlight and other lights are ideal for safety during night time riding.

Kaabo Mantis King GT Pros

The hydraulic adjustable suspension system makes conquering different terrain setups doable

The hybrid tire systems make passing through different surfaces balanced

The premium branded LG battery cells are ideal for achieving continuous max range in a single charge

The scooter features dual charging ports, making charging as fast as 6 hours

The cables are properly sheathed in a braided sleeve, making the stem minimalistic.


Priced at above $2000, the Mantis King GT has a relatively steep price

The hybrid knobby tires can sometimes be noisy.

4. Varla Eagle One Pro: Best Heavy Adult Electric Scooter

Varla Eagle One Pro

Best For: Those looking for the best heavy-duty scooter for torque

Top Features:

  • Dual 1000W hub motor
  • Dual hydraulic brake
  • 45 miles top range
  • 45mph top speed

If you are a heavy adult weighing up to 330 lbs but can’t help yourself from raising your adrenaline, a premium-built motorized scooter might be your perfect option.

The Varla Eagle One Pro e-scooter is one of the top rated adult electric scooters that can hit a max speed of above 40 miles per hour.

An upgrade from the top-selling original Varla Eagle One, Varla took notice of all the complaints affecting the Eagle One and considered them while manufacturing the Eagle One Pro, which is why most owners praise its superb quality.

To begin with, Varla used aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to manufacture this scooter’s frame.

With this one, it’s durable enough to support a rider + their luggage without breaking a sweat, provided they are within the stated load capacity.

The dual hydraulic braking system is also complimented by the Anti-locking braking system, a crucial feature particularly helpful when sudden stopping power is necessary.

The fastest electric scooter in its class, the Eagle One Pro comes with dual hub motors that produce sufficient torque to carry heavy adults across different terrains, without any struggle to the battery.

Compared to most premium heavy-adult e-scooters with a hill climbing ability of 30°, the Varla Eagle One Pro 40 mph electric scooter does 35° regardless of whether the rider is off the road or on a hilly tarmacked surface.

The vital Eagle One specs are as seen in the table below:

Dual Motor1000W each
Battery60V 27Ah
Maximum Speed45 mph
Maximum Range45 miles
Deck materialSilicone
Water-resistant rating IP54
Tires11-inch; pneumatic
LightingHeadlight, rear LED lights
Weight90 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why Varla Eagle One Pro?

The Varla Eagle One Pro is one of the few e-scooters with above 10-inch tires.

This unit comes with sizeable 11-inch tubeless tires, meaning resistance to flats is enhanced.

Even better, the ground clearance is better, making heavy adults enjoy the thrill from riding across any terrain.

The deck is also wide and long enough, a crucial comfort feature for heavy adults, especially when they want to speed around.

Varla Eagle One Pro Pros

The scooter’s dual charging ports make the charging time shorter (up to 6 hours)

The smart Battery Management System used perfectly protects the battery, giving it longevity

The 2600W peak power output provided by the dual motors is key to maneuvering different terrains

The dual hydraulic braking system, along with its ABS, is ideal for enhanced safety

The dual-independent suspension systems are ideal for all types of riding surfaces.


The display isn’t bright enough when riding under sunlight

The acceleration could be smoother.

5. YUME Y10: Best Budget Electric Scooter


Best For: Those looking for an affordable 40mph e-scooter

Top Features:

  • Dual Motors-1200w*2    
  • Up to 40Mph
  • 40Miles top range
  • Load capacity: 265 LBS

If you are on a budget but have a 40 mile journey to achieve, and fast for that matter, the YUME Y10 electric scooter could just end your search.

One of YUME’s earliest scooters, the Y10 has undergone several upgrades to become the top-selling YUME scooter.

Even better, the price has stayed the same for long, and unfortunately, we can’t say exactly how long the scooter will be priced around $1500.

Ideally, this is more of a commuter ride than a luxury one.

With 10-inch off-road tires, the Y10 is ideal for an all-terrain setup, which is a perfect unit for riders focused more on an all-around scooter.

In the table below, we list the key YUME Y10 specifications.

Top Speed40 miles per hour
Top Range40 miles
Battery52V 23.4Ah
Dual Motor1200W each
SuspensionDual Hydraulic (Front); Spring (Rear)
Lighting Headlights, Turn Signal, Brake Light
Tires10-inch; Offroad
BrakingHydraulic disc
Weight84 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why YUME Y10?

While the Y10 is a budget ride, YUME included a triple suspension system to make this fast offroad electric scooter offer the best ride quality possible.

Even better, the scooter’s massive 10-inch offroad pneumatic tires are the tubeless type.

With these, there is little to no worry about flats, one of the dreaded experiences in an electric scooter or related products ownership journey.

The scooter has dual front lights, turn signals, and a brake light behind the rear wheel.

When coupled with the hydraulic braking type, riders can rest assured that they are safe from getting involved in an e-scooter accident.

This budget yet fast 40 mph electric scooter also features dual charging ports, making it fully charged within 5 to 6 hours, a crucial spec for most commuter riders.

YUME Y10 Pros

The tubeless off-road tires are sizeable enough to boost the scooter’s ground clearance

The IP54 water-resistant rating is ideal for when riders get caught up in light showers

The dual hydraulic brakes, together with the electronic breakout component, are perfect for enhanced stopping power

The 2400W peak power output is ideal for producing sufficient torque to maneuver all terrains

Since the scooter has different lighting systems, riders can be properly noticed from a distance, making them safe.


The Y10 is heavy

One of the earliest scooters, the Y10’s design is somewhat dated.

40 MPH Electric Scooter Buying Guide

1. The Motor

An electric scooter’s top speed relies heavily on the motor capacity, and for 40 mph electric scooters, we usually recommend units that feature dual motors.

With a dual motor, the risk of one of the motors getting overworked is lower, which makes the scooter more durable.

We find e-scooters with a peak power output of at least 2000W, ideal for riders interested in 40 mph fast scooters.

2. Riding conditions

Will you always be passing through smooth, tarmacked surfaces, or do you think you might ride off the road sometimes?

An e-scooter rated to hit 40 mph might cloak it smoothly, better, and faster than when subjected to offroad conditions.

3. Battery power

A battery needs to be powerful enough for motors to accelerate smoothly.

If you look closely, you will find that most fast e-scooters have massive battery capacities, meaning riders will not only enjoy fast speeds and more riding distance.

For this, we recommend e-scooters with full battery voltage above 50V and an electric current strength above 12Ah.

4. Your weight + the scooter’s weight capacity

Weight is a major contributing factor to how much maximum speed an e-scooter or electric bike rider records.

While an e-scooter may be rated to hit a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, the lighter the rider, the faster the maximum speed will be.

Most manufacturers use 165 lb riders and perfect riding conditions to determine how fast an e-scooter goes.

For the scooter’s weight capacity, you must buy one with a way higher load limit than your weight to achieve great speed.

For instance, if you weigh 200 lbs, choosing a 40 mph scooter with a 265 lbs weight limit won’t hurt.

5. The scooter’s build quality

It’s easy to die or get incapacitated when you fall off a fast scooter above 35mph.

Even worse, it’s when such an accident happens because of a poorly hot-glued electric scooter with components able to propel it to 40 mph.

Some parts that show a scooter has great build quality include a sturdy frame material (such as aluminum alloy), premium brakes, and a durable wobble-free stem.

Dependable ride reviews can be a perfect starting place to see a specific scooter’s manufacturing materials and braking type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an electric scooter go 40 mph?

Yes, an electric scooter can go 40 mph depending on the peak power output, battery capacity, rider’s weight and riding conditions.

What is the best 40 mph electric scooter?

From our research and interacting with different riders from our group rides, we find the Kaabo Mantis Pro Se the best 40 mph electric scooter overall.

Can an electric scooter go 35 mph?

There are many electric scooters that can go 35 mph and above. Models such as the above-featured Varla Eagle One, YUME M10, Kaabo Matis King GT and YUME Y10 do 35 mph without struggle.

What electric scooter can go 50 miles an hour?

One of the best electric scooter models that can go 50 miles per hour is the YUME X11 electric scooter.

This ride comes with a stock steering damper, freeing riding at full speed from any wobbling effect.

In Summary

40 mph fast electric scooters are perfect for veteran riders interested in meeting deadlines and participating in fun group rides.

These ought to have high degrees of safety and the needful high-quality components to last longer even when pushed to the uttermost limits.

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