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How To Become An Amazon Fresh Driver [Step-By-Step]

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Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Fresh drivers deliver groceries to Prime members using their vehicles.
  • Drivers typically earn between $16 and $24 per hour, depending on location.
  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old and pass a background check.
  • The application process involves submitting an online form via the Amazon Flex app.

The Role of an Amazon Fresh Driver

Before we get into the details of an Amazon Fresh driver’s role, let’s briefly go over the service.

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery solution catered to Prime members. They can order fresh groceries from branches across the US through the app and get them delivered within a couple of hours.

Now, as an Amazon Fresh delivery driver, you’re tasked with picking up the groceries from the Amazon Fresh warehouses and delivering them promptly to customers.

The best part about this role is that you don’t have to go grocery shopping for the customer since the order is already packaged and ready to go.

The job is available both full-time and part-time. Using your vehicle, the app will assign you an order with a list of grocery items. It’ll give you an optimized route to pick up and drop off the food.

Some of the skills you’ll need for this job are exceptional driving, communication, time management, navigation, and customer service skills.

How Much Do Amazon Fresh Drivers Make?

As per Glassdoor findings, Amazon Fresh Drivers typically make between $16 and $24 per hour.

Other sources, like ZipRecruiter, report salaries ranging from $18 to $25 per hour. The payment varies based on several factors. Some of them include your tips, experience level, and location.

For instance, like other food delivery services, Amazon Fresh offers peak pay promotions. In areas with high demand, you get to earn more.

A portion of your income will come from customer tips as well, so be sure to offer the best customer experience.

Eligibility Requirements To Apply to Amazon Fresh

Before applying to become an Amazon Fresh driver, you’ll need to meet a few requirements.

Amazon Fresh Driver Requirements

Working for Amazon Fresh as a delivery driver won’t require you to earn a high-level degree or a high school diploma.

Instead, you should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be 21 years old or older.
  • Go through a background check.
  • Possess a social security number.
  • Own a valid driver’s license.

With the background check, your employer will ask you to pass a DMV screening and criminal record check. Note that you can ask for a copy of the background check.

We recommend requesting it in case the company rejects you based on this report. If you fail the background check, you’ll get an adverse action notice.

Aside from that, the Amazon Fresh role will need you to have a smartphone with a stable connection.

The app is supported by iOS 13.0 and later, as well as Android 6.0. Your device should also have a working flash, camera, and GPS.

Amazon Fresh Vehicle Requirements & Eligibility

Unlike other food delivery gigs, Amazon Fresh’s vehicle requirements tend to be more strict.

For example, you can’t use a motorcycle, bike, or scooter when delivering groceries. You also can’t drive a small car or open-bed truck.

To qualify for Amazon Fresh, your car can be a:

  • Four-door midsize sedan
  • SUV
  • Closed-bed trunk
  • Van

Now, if you don’t have these types of vehicles, you can rent one. Although, that will only add up to your already existing expenses while working as a delivery driver.

That’s not where the vehicle requirements end. You must also obtain a valid auto insurance policy under your name. Plus, the vehicle must carry a valid license plate with current registration.

How to Become an Amazon Fresh Driver

vector graphic showing an amazon fresh driver in the middle of a delivery with a customer

Step 1: Online Application Process

After ensuring you meet all the requirements to become an Amazon Fresh delivery driver, it’s time to start with the online application process. It begins through the Amazon Flex app.

Download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Next, you need to sign up on the application as an Amazon Flex driver.

You could already have a Flex account, in which case, you can log in with your current Amazon customer account.

During the online application, the form will prompt you to enter your vehicle’s information, where you want to work, and availability.

Additionally, you’ll be expected to key in your social security number and driver’s license for the background checks.

In some cases, there could not be a job available in your region. For this reason, we recommend heading to the Amazon Flex website beforehand and checking if they’re hiring Amazon Fresh drivers in your area. If not, join the waiting list to stay updated.

Step 2: Documentation and Background Check

As you sign up in the Flex app, you’ll be asked to enter your official information, including vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and social security numbers.

These are all needed for Amazon’s thorough background check. The company stresses the importance of these checks to ensure the safety of its customers, visitors, and warehouse employees.

During the background check, Amazon primarily focuses on these points:

  • Verifying Identity: The initial step is to confirm your identification using your driver’s license.
  • Criminal Records: Amazon will look back into your criminal history, if there’s any. Some states only allow companies to look back seven years into your criminal record, like Texas and Montana.
  • Sex Offender Registry: If your name is on any sex offender list within all 50 states, Amazon has grounds to disqualify you as a Fresh delivery driver candidate.
  • Credit Score: Not all states allow employers access to your credit score. If you’re one of the states that don’t have this rule, a low credit score can be a cause for worry during background checks.
  • Vehicle License and Motor Vehicle Report: As a delivery driver, Amazon has the right to disqualify you from the role if your driving history shows too many accidents and major driving violations.
  • Employment Check: This doesn’t involve looking into your educational background so much as it does focus on your employment history. Subsequently, Amazon could have a brief check-in with your previous employers.

Step 3: Training and Orientation

In the final step of your application process, Amazon will ask you to watch a few training videos to onboard you.

These videos will guide you on your prime job responsibilities and how to perform them.

Amazon delivery drivers also receive a three-day orientation period, with each day extending to about five to six hours.

The sessions usually begin in the morning between 9 AM and 11 AM. During that time, you’ll likely be placed in a training room to watch slideshows and videos.

After completing all the videos, you’ll be given a test that covers all the material you’ve learned from the training content.

You get about three tries for the test. Overall, most of the sessions will cover topics like road safety, uniform requirements, accident protocols, and wave dispatch.

Understanding Amazon Fresh Delivery Blocks

Once you’ve successfully become an Amazon Fresh delivery driver, you’re expected to schedule your delivery blocks. Blocks are another word for shifts.

After logging in to your Amazon Flex account through the app, select the blocks that align with your day-to-day schedule.

Most blocks range between two and four hours. If that’s too short, you can pick several blocks per day.

One of the highlights of this app is that it shows you the earnings and duration you can expect from the blocks you picked.

Next, the app will give you a confirmation, and you’ll be able to see the blocks as orange dots on your calendar.

Setting Up Payment and Earnings Expectations

The good news about Amazon’s payment scheme is that it’s highly flexible. You can get paid through direct deposit twice a week, particularly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

A new payment scheme rolled around that states if you complete blocks on Sundays through Thursdays, you can receive the payment the following day.

If you had blocks on Fridays or Saturdays, earnings will be available by Monday or the next chosen payment day.

While setting up your Amazon Flex account, you likely entered your payment information so you can get your salary deposited.

In terms of how you get paid, you either get your earnings deposited to your bank account or you can transfer them to your Amazon Flex Debit Card. The latter usually arrives earlier by approximately six hours.

Amazon Flex offers a feature that allows you to track your earnings throughout your employment. Apart from your base pay that comes from every delivery, Amazon allows you to cash in 100% of your customer tips.

Generally, your tip should be based on the distance and time taken to deliver an order. Some drivers believe that 15% to 20% tip payments don’t cover the distance and time afforded by the delivery.

To increase your earning potential, you’ll need to up your customer service game.

Here are some tips to keep your customer tip chances high.

  • Prioritize communication with your customers. Keep them updated regarding any delays from traffic.
  • Ask for further instructions about their address if the GPS is malfunctioning. Otherwise, getting lost will only increase delivery time, leading to fewer tips.
  • Take note of every customer delivery instruction. It’ll likely detail where they want you to come for drop off or if they have a dog you should be cautious of.

Preparing for Your First Delivery

It’s your first day as an Amazon Fresh Delivery Driver. The initial task you should tick off your list is to check your car.

Since vehicle maintenance is on you, ensure that your ride is up to speed and ready to handle your day’s deliveries.

That involves checking if you have enough gas and the tires are fully inflated. Additionally, you need to ensure your vehicle has enough free space to carry your orders.

You should also prioritize your seat’s comfort. You’ll be sitting for a prolonged period, so consider getting a support pillow to avoid future back problems.

After everything is in tip-top shape, you’ll want to drive to your pick-up stop as per your previously scheduled block.

Arrive earlier than your block time so you can familiarize yourself with the process of checking in with the Amazon Fresh representative and navigating the warehouse.

In most cases, the representative should be waiting for you at the loading dock.

Once you’ve secured the package, you’ll use the Flex app to find the nearest route to your first customer. The app will provide instructions on whether the drop-off is via doorstep, where you have to ring the bell, or if it’s an unattended delivery.

In cases of unattended delivery, make sure that you follow the customer’s preferences on where to leave the order and, finally, label it as complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Amazon Fresh Drivers Get Tips?

Yes, Amazon Fresh Drivers do receive customer tips. Customers can edit the tip amount up to 24 hours after the delivery. As a driver, you won’t know who tipped you and the exact amount.

Does Amazon Fresh Pay for Fuel?

No, Amazon Fresh doesn’t reimburse drivers for fuel. You’re responsible for the vehicle’s full maintenance, which is why we suggest opting for ridesharing insurance.

Wrapping Up

As someone searching for a side hustle in this booming gig economy, being an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver is an ideal step.

All it takes is an online application process, background checks, documentation, and training, and you’re set for your first delivery.

You can enjoy multiple benefits from this role, including being an independent worker, flexibility, and extra cash. The top highlight of joining the gig is that you still get the chance to expand your career from your other main job.

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