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10+ Of The Best Electric Bikes For Delivery Drivers In 2023

Wanting to get around town for cheap? Come explore our comprehensive list of the 10+ best electric bikes for delivery drivers and pick one up today.

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It’s no secret that the electric bike market is becoming more and more popular, especially among delivery drivers.

In fact, electric bikes offer a ton of benefits over traditional vehicles.

They improve health, reduce your carbon footprint, and create less traffic on the roads, to name a few benefits.

If you’re looking to switch to an electric bike for your next delivery job, continue on to our list of the 10 best electric bike options for 2023 below and information you should consider before making a purchase.

Best Electric Bikes for Delivery Drivers

Magnum Pathfinder

With the Magnum Pathfinder cargo electric bike, you’ll have plenty of room to carry whatever you need.

Whether it’s groceries, camping gear, or building supplies, this bike can handle it.

Plus, with a range of 30-50 miles and speeds up to 25mph with pedal assist and electric motor, you’ll be able to get where you’re going quickly and easily.


  • 30-50 mile range
  • 25mph pedal assist
  • 20mph throttle
  • 3in fat tires
  • Low-step frame
  • 500W 48V Rear Hub Motor
  • 265lbs max capacity


The Magnum Pathfinder is $1,999.

Bergamont E-Cargoville

Hop on your E-Cargoville and zip through traffic with ease.

This is an easy-to-use, lightweight cargo bike.

Perfect for novice riders.

Whether you’re picking up groceries or hauling kids to school, the E-Cargoville is up for the task.


  • 485lbs max system weight
  • 198lbs max payload
  • Two-part frame construction


The E-Cargoville bike’s price varies depending on customer customizations.

Cyrusher XF660

The Cyrusher is a great electric bicycle choice for commuters, delivery riders, and casual riders.

It’s an entry-level-priced electric bike with front suspension and fat tires that make it a solid e-bike to ride.

It comes with pedal assist and throttle-only operations, so you can choose how much help you want from the motor.


  • 50mi travel distance on one charge
  • 750w motor
  • 4in fat tires
  • 26mph top speed
  • 7 speeds
  • 330lbs max load


The Cyrusher bike is priced at $1,699 but the company has frequent discounts that may bring prices down.

Ecotric Foldable E-Bike

Looking for a bicycle that can do it all?

Look no further than the Eclectic Foldable E-Bike.

This incredible bike can tackle any terrain, whether it be rough roads or challenging terrain.

Plus, its upper tube and handlebar stem are foldable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.


  • 500w motor
  • 36v battery capacity
  • 21-23mph max speed
  • 32.8-35.8mi with pedal assist
  • 6-7hr charge time


Ecotric has a selection of foldable e-bikes that range in price from $889.99 to $969.99.

Pure Flux One

Looking for a durable, lightweight, and quick-charging electric bike? Say hello to the Pure Flux One.

This e-bike is perfect for everyday use, with a Gates carbon Drive™ chain that makes for low maintenance and little mess.

It’s also built to tackle traffic and any commute, so you can arrive at your destination fully juiced bike.


  • 15.5mph max speed
  • 250w motor
  • 25mi max range
  • 5hr charging time
  • 252w battery capacity


The Pure Flux One bike costs around $1,377 in U.S. dollars.

Rattan LM750

If you’re looking for an e-bike that’s easy to store and easy to get around, the Rattan LF 750W is perfect for you.

With its step-through design and foldable tires, it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

And with a powerful 750W motor, you’ll be able to zip around town with ease.


  • Up to 25mph on both throttle and pedal-assist
  • 45mi range
  • 300lbs max payload capacity
  • 48v lithium-ion battery


The Rattan LM750 step through foldable electric bike is priced at around $1,299 but the company offers various discounts and deals to reduce the cost.

Specialized Como SL 5.0

This versatile bike is perfect for running errands or exploring your favorite trails.

With a lightweight frame and plenty of cargo space, the Como SL 5.0 can carry twice its weight in gear, making it the perfect choice for those longer rides.

And thanks to its easy-to-use shifting and reliable brakes, this bike is a joy to ride.


  • 320Wh battery
  • 48v charger
  • 3-LED Ride Mode display
  • Specialized SL 1.1 motor


The Specialized Como bike is $4,800.

Ancheer Electric Bike

Ancheer electric bikes vary in type, from foldable and lightweight, to electric mountain bikes with removable batteries.

Below we’ll look at the specs for the electric city bike, which is optimal for a smooth ride to and from work, running errands, taking leisurely strolls, and more.


  • 35mi travel distance
  • 15mph max speed
  • 250w motor
  • 330lbs max load capacity
  • 6-8hr charge time


Ancheer’s electric bikes range anywhere from $469 to $1,129.

The price depends on the model and specifications you choose, but the company also has a sale section where you will find discounted bikes.

Ecomotion City E-Bike

Hop on the Ecomotion City E-Bike for a casual spin around town.

This powerful bike is easy to maneuver, thanks to its step-through frame.

Cruise through traffic with ease and pedal to your heart’s content.


  • 500w motor
  • 28mph top speed with pedal assist
  • 48v lithium-ion battery
  • 3in wheels


The Ecomotion City E-Bike is $2,250 not including sales tax but comes with free shipping.

Eovolt Confort Folding Bikes

The Eovolt Confort stands out as the most comfortable folding electric bike on the market.

With a pneumatic suspension fork, it can handle all types of terrain, making it perfect for a delivery rider.

The powerful motor and large battery mean you can go further and faster than ever before, and with the easy-to-use folding mechanism, you can take it with you wherever you go.


  • 5-6hr charge time
  • 250w motor
  • 36v battery capacity
  • 286lbs max weight capacity


The Evolt Confort bike ranges from around $2,067 to $2,632 in U.S. currency depending on the size and specifications of the bike you choose.

Can Delivery Drivers Use Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes offer a solution, as they are much more nimble than cars and don’t require parking.

But can delivery drivers use electric bikes?

The answer is yes, but there are some caveats.

First of all, electric bikes are not allowed on sidewalks, so delivery drivers would need to use bike lanes or the street.

Secondly, the limit on electric bikes is 20 miles per hour, so they may not be suitable for long-distance drivers.

And finally, electric bikes can be expensive, so delivery companies would need to factor that into their business model.

However, overall, electric bikes offer a promising solution for delivery drivers looking to navigate cities more effectively.

Should You Use Electric Bikes for Deliveries?

There is no question that electric bikes have a lot of potential for delivery applications.

Regardless, you must objectively consider if a bike is suitable for deliveries.

Below, we discuss the pros on cons.


Among the many benefits of using an electric or city bike for deliveries include less traffic, environmental and health benefits, and appealing costs.

Less Traffic

Since e-bike users must ride in the bike lane, it makes traffic flow smoother.

Plus, you can expect less traffic during your ride.

Better for the Environment

Most people are aware that biking is good for the environment.

It doesn’t produce any emissions, and it’s a great way to get around without adding to traffic congestion.

But what about e-bikes?

Batteries power e-bikes.

You can use renewable energy sources like solar power to charge them.

Additionally, e-bikes use less energy to operate than regular bikes, making them more eco-friendly.

Costs Less Than a Car

At their most basic level, e-bikes are generally cheaper than regular cars.

They require much less maintenance and don’t require many of the same costly accessories, such as car insurance and fuel.

Also, e-bikes tend to be fairly simple machines, with few complex or moving parts that may break down over time.

On top of all this, you can often find deals on secondhand or refurbished e-bikes online or at thrift shops that can further reduce your overall cost.

Good for You

Some argue that e-bikes are good for your health, as they provide a fun and easy way to get some exercise.

Compared to conventional bikes, e-bikes allow you to go farther distances and effortlessly go uphill.

This means that you get to benefit from the physical benefits of cycling without struggling or pushing yourself too hard.

No Parking Tickets or Fines

Similar to how an electric bike costs less than a car, you also won’t have to worry about accruing fines or tickets because you can park your electric bike at any free bike stand.


While e-bikes have many benefits, it’s also important to consider the cons before going all-in.

Harder to Carry Big Orders

When it comes to making deliveries, size matters.

While a smaller order may be easy to carry on an e-bike, a larger one can be quite a challenge.

An e-bike typically has limited cargo space, and adding too much weight can make the bike difficult to maneuver.

In addition, big orders can be unwieldy and may make it difficult to keep the bike balanced.

Physically Harder Than Driving

It’s hard to say whether it’s physically harder to drive an e-bike than a car.

On the one hand, e-bikes typically weigh less than cars, so they require less effort to get moving.

And, of course, you don’t have to pedal an e-bike if you don’t want to – you can just let the motor do the work.

On the other hand, cars have gears that make it easier to go up hills, and they usually have more powerful brakes than e-bikes.

So it depends on the terrain and how hard you’re willing to work.

Riskier Than Driving

On the one hand, e-bikes or electric scooters can be dangerous for a delivery rider because they can go particularly fast and lack certain safety features, such as seat belts.

On the other hand, people who drive cars can also be at risk, as traffic accidents are quite common.

Ultimately, it’s hard to say for sure which mode of transportation poses more danger; it all depends on the individual user and their level of experience.

What Kind of Electric Bike is Best for Delivery Drivers?

With so many different electric bikes on the market, which one should you choose?

Below, we’ll take a look at the different types of electric bikes from electric cargo bikes to folding bikes, and discuss which one is best for delivery drivers.

vector graphic showing an image of the best electric bikes for delivery drivers

Cargo Electric Bikes

Electric cargo bikes haul cargo.

Unlike a traditional bike, an electric cargo bike has a motor that helps to power the pedals, making it easier to ride up hills and over long distances.

Electric cargo bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have a variety of features, such as baskets, trailers, and racks.

Easy Entry Frame

Accessibility and ease of use are key features of an easy entry frame electric bike.

Additionally, they often come with extra features like adjustable seats, wide pedal platforms, and large tires that further enhance their user-friendliness.

Lightweight E-Bikes

A lightweight electric bike is a type of two-wheeled vehicle that offers all the advantages of standard electric bikes, while also being more portable and easier to transport.

Unlike standard e-bikes, these models are typically made out of lightweight materials, like aluminum or carbon fiber, giving them an advantage in terms of overall weight and portability.

Additionally, they often feature advanced lithium-ion batteries that provide plenty of power while also being smaller and lighter than other battery types.

Folding Bikes

A folding electric bike is a unique type of bike that combines the convenience and ease of use of an electric bike with the portability and compact design of a folding bike.

This combination makes it the perfect choice for people who need to navigate busy city streets or travel frequently between different locations, as it allows you to easily store and transport your bike when not in use.

Final Thoughts

The electric bike industry is growing rapidly, so we took a look at 10 of the best electric bikes for delivery drivers in 2023 along with some information to consider as you make your decision.

The type of electric delivery bike you choose depends on your preferences, how much you need to use it, how much you need to carry, and a variety of other factors.

So, what do you think?

Which of the best delivery bikes of 2023 will you choose?

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