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Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults 300 LBS and Greater

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There are plenty of reasons why more and more people are turning to electric scooters as their favorite means of commuting.

Among those is that these gadgets come with recommended weight limits and are relatively easy to manage. 

However, it reaches a point where someone may be undergoing analysis paralysis on what the best electric scooter for 300lb man is. 

Today, we are happy to introduce some of the beasts we took for spins and make our unbiased findings and recommendations. Please be our guest in this discussion, will you? 

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1. Wolf King GT Pro: The best scooter for 300lb man overall

Wolf King GT Pro

Best For: 300lb man overall

Top Feaures:

  • Has a massive 72V 35Ah battery
  • 74 miles of range
  • Amazing cockpit

Are you looking for the best scooter for 300lb man?

Then the Wolf King GT Pro from Voro Motors stood the test of time and quality to emerge top. 

image showing a wolf king gt pro

Wolf King GT Pro Specs

Top Speed62 miles per hour
Top Range70 miles
Battery35 AH, 72V Samsung/LG
Weight Limit330 lbs
Acceleration0 to 50mph in 4.8 sec
Weight115 lbs
ControllerDual Sine Wave 50Ah
Hill climbing ability50 degrees
Water resistance ratingIPX5
Charge time7 hours
Braking Rear/front hydraulic
Tire Size11 inches
SellerVoro Motors

Why Wolf King GT Pro?

At its peak, the Wolf King GT Pro has a motor power output of 8400 watts, which is on the higher side compared to its earlier version – Wolf King. 

Based on a 300 lbs rider, the Wolf King GT peaked its speed at 56 mph, which is 6mph off the top speed based on a 150 lbs rider. 

Of course, one of the many factors to consider when shopping for an electric scooter 300 lbs is the motor power, range, and speed.

The King GT doesn’t disappoint in this. Nonetheless, we wish that Kaabo could have done better as far as the weight limit is concerned.

This definitely needs to be an electric scooter 350 lb weight limit and above. 

The motor, coupled with the 72V 35 Ah battery and also the buttery smooth 50A sinewave controllers help in raising this beast’s capabilities such as the range to 70 miles.

A heavy dawg like yourself doesn’t need to carry their gadget on their return journey citing issues like lack of sufficient mileage per charge. 

product image of Wolf King GT Pro - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

Another great thing we absolutely love with the Wolf King GT Pro electric scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs is the fact that one can effortlessly switch between off-road or street tires.

The choice to buy the tires that best fit you is already there and this means there is no cause for alarm if you love off-roading or street racing. 

The build is already solid enough such that there is no worry about slipping.

This is especially enhanced even further by the fact that the GT Pro beast has anti-skid tires, full hydraulic brakes, and a firm deck to keep safety concerns at bay. 

Who is the Wolf King GT Pro not for?

Wolf King GT is a bulky 300lb electric scooter and this means if you intend to use her for commuting over more than 70 miles, then she isn’t the best for you.

Carrying 115 pounds of weight over a couple of miles is genuinely a hard task for oneself. 

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Alternative

The other perfect electric scooter that we can think of is the Vsett 11+ 42Ah.

This is one of the best electric scooters with the proper build quality and retails at the same price range as the Wolf King GT Pro.

With a load capacity of 330 lbs, you can rely on this Vsett model as your ideal workhorse.

Did You Know?

You can use ES-ARENA as your coupon code while buying the Wolf King GT Pro and push the price downwards.

2. YUME X13: A top offroad electric scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs


Best For: A top offroad electric scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs

Top Features:

  • Top speed of 63 miles per hour
  • 70-mile range
  • Folds in 5 seconds

YUME X13, just like YUME M10 is one of the latest models out there.

Featuring a weight limit of 330 lbs, the X13 comes with dual 8000W motors, which help propel the speed up to 63 miles per hour.

We have made a detailed review on YUME X13 electric scooter so you can check it out for the finest details.

product image of yume x13 - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

YUME X13 Specifications

Top Speed63 miles per hour
Top Range70 miles
MotorsDual; 8000 Watts
Battery72V; 40.5 Ah
Lights3 front LED, brake, and turn signals
Braking Hydraulic disc
Wheel size13 inches
ControllersDual; Sinewave
Charging time6 hours with dual chargers
Frame materialAluminum alloy
Hill climbing ability35°
SuspensionDual front hydraulic; rear spring
Water resistance ratingIP54
Weight141 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

YUME X13 is one of the most unique e-scooters we have ever seen so far.

As solid as it appears, the X13 absolutely aims to please.

The frame is manufactured using aviation-grade aluminum materials to make stability more robust.

Stem movement isn’t a thing with the YUME X13 scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs and the deck is wide enough to support heavy dawgs weighing 300lbs.

Night rides absolutely rock as the X13 features a plentitude of acrylic lights on the stem and the deck.

On the front side, there are 2 bright headlights and a big square LED light below those.

Check our image below to see what we mean.

product image of yume x13 - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

Featuring a 72V 40.5 Ah Panasonic battery, you can expect to ride your beauty for up to 70 miles without having to worry much about juice.

For the speed, the X13 features dual 8000W motors (40000W each). This makes the ride hit a top speed of 63 miles per hour shortly after starting the commute.

By default, YUME X13 also comes with a seat and 13-inch off-road tires and this means riders can enjoy scooting regardless of how the terrain looks like.

We call this an all-terrain electric scooter for a reason.

YUME X13 cons

YUME X13 is a premium ride and as such, the price isn’t cheap. Buying the X13 will set you back with at least $3000.

Additionally, this electric scooter is bulky. Weighing a whopping 141 lbs, it is impossible to lift the X13 alone at least for most owners.

If you use AMOS-X13 as your coupon code while buying YUME X13, you will save $100.

You could then maybe buy some pieces of safety gear with your savings.

3. Emove Cruiser: Greatest Value electric scooter 300 lbs

EMOVE Cruiser

Best For: 300lb adult who is on a budget

Top Features:

  • 30+ miles per hour
  • 300 lb capacity

Are you worried about your budget but cannot help yourself from riding an affordable electric scooter 300 lbs?

Then you can’t go wrong with the Emove Cruiser

Emove Cruiser Specs

Top Speed30+ miles per hour
Top Range62 miles
Motor 1600W (peak)
Battery30 AH, 52V LG
Weight Limit352 lbs
Tire typePneumatic
Weight52 lbs
ControllerSingle 25Ah
Hill climbing ability20 degrees
Water resistance ratingIPX6
Charge time9 hours
Braking Rear/front hydraulic
Tire Size10 inches
SellerVoro Motors

Why Emove Cruiser?

One of the many reasons that set apart the Emove Cruiser from other electric scooters 300 lb capacity is the fact that it has a high weight limit and is relatively lightweight, yet sturdy. 

product image of emove cruiser scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

Necessarily, if you are looking for the best scooter for 300lb man and on a budget, the Emove Cruiser genuinely won’t disappoint you.

Another lovable thing about this beauty is the fact that you can get it from Voro Motors at less than $1500 and further $50 cheaper when you use ES-ARENA as your coupon code. 

The tires are car grade in nature and 10 inches in size.

There currently have been few complaints about getting flats when riding the improved Emove Cruiser and this means even though these tires aren’t the best for offroading, they will provide a great service to you if you only do street races. 

Are you worried that you are a heavy man and safety could be compromised while riding an e-scooter?

Let it not be so anymore as the Emove Cruiser comes in a large robust deck (21 inches).

How about the comfort features? You have a seat at the click of your mouse on Voro Motors that gets the work done for you!

product image of emove cruiser scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

Who is the Emove Cruiser not for?

Do you love high speeds (above 35 miles per hour?) Sorry, but Emove Cruiser is not your best bet.

This beast is ideal for those who love long-range without breaking the bank and without worrying about going at neck-breaking speeds. 

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4. Dualtron Storm: best electric scooter for 300lb man for premium quality

Dualtron Storm

Best For: 300lb man willing to spend

Top Features:

  • 55+ miles per hour
  • 80 miles
  • The acceleration rate is 0 to 30mph in 4.6 secs

If spending a fortune isn’t a problem for you, then you undeniably deserve to feel what the Dualtron Storm has to offer. 

Dualtron Storm Specs

Top Speed55 miles per hour
Top Range80 miles
Battery31.5 AH, 72V LG, removable
Weight Limit330 lbs
Acceleration0 to 30mph in 4.6 sec
Weight102 lbs
LightingStem, Brake, Turning, Head, and Tail
Hill climbing ability35 degrees
Charge time4.8 hours
Braking Hydraulic with ABS
Tire Size11 inches
SellerVoro Motors
Charging portsDual

Why Dualtron Storm?

product image of dualtron storm scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

Big Dawgs looking for a scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs absolutely deserve good quality and as you are probably aware, high-quality products don’t come cheap. 

One of the best-built electric scooters in the world is the Dualtron Storm and what most of the riders love about the beauty is that it has a removable battery.

In fact, you can travel up to 160 miles without worrying about carrying your gadget and this is all thanks to the “swappable battery” feature in the Dualtron Storm. 

product image of dualtron storm scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

Retailing at more than $4000, you may be wondering if the Storm offers value for each buck spent and we can confidently say a resounding YES.

With the safety standards from the sturdy deck to the numerous lights in the Storm, there is literally no better time to ride your beast!

The anti-skid tires are best for beating any storms that can prove futile as you are in the quest to ride your beast.

Of course, these are street racing tires, and should you opt for constant off-roading, then 13” size tires are your best bet. 

Who is the Dualtron Storm not for?

If you are on a tight budget, then the Storm isn’t for you.

While there are cheaper options out there with more of the same specs as Dualtron Storm, this best electric scooter for adults 300 lbs beats most of those as far as the build quality is concerned. 

5. YUME X7: Brightest electric scooter 300 lbs limit


Best For: Those who love offroading

Top Features:

  • 90 miles top range
  • 60 mph speed
  • 330 lbs is the weight limit

If you love offroading, then an electric scooter with gigantic wheels and a powerful dual motor is what you need.

And that’s where YUME X7 comes in. 

YUME X7 Specs

Top Speed60 miles per hour
Top Range90 miles
MotorDual 8000W 
Weight Limit330 lbs 
Weight120 lbs
Charging time8 hours
Hill climbing ability60 degrees
TiresOffroad 13 inches
BrakingElectronic, hydraulic 
Coupon codeAMOS-X7

Read the full YUME X7 Review.

Why YUME X7?

If commuting is a critical factor you consider before buying your perfect electric scooter for 300lb man, then 90 miles is a killer range.

YUME X7 from Yumeway is one of the most affordably-priced long-range electric scooters in the market today. 

product image of Yume X7 scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

With dual 4000W motors (8000W), you literally have nothing much to worry about if you constantly go uphill as the motor power, coupled with a hill-climbing ability of 60 degrees will get you where you intend to go seamlessly. 

Also, big riders like yourself need massive decks if safety is to be achieved. It measures 61cm by 26 cm.

The ground clearance to the deck is 24cm, and this is also attributable to the tire size. 

About the manufacturing, the X7 is manufactured using aviation-grade alloy (aluminum), and this feature enhances comfort and stability.

Let your gadget stay rust-free, all thanks to the protective paintwork done on the X7. 

product image of Yume X7 scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

Do you want to carry your X7 in your car?

Fold and unfold it in just 5 seconds and depending on the size of your car’s trunk, then safely storing it isn’t worrying at all. 

Who is the YUME X7 not for? 

If you want your YUME X7 to reach you soon and you are in the US, then the waiting time may be slower and as such you need to exercise patience.

The reason is that they mostly ship from the China factory warehouse. However, depending on the availability, you can select to buy from the US or Canadian warehouses. 

Another thing is that the X7 is really heavy (120 pounds) and this means should you get out of power, carrying the gadget is genuinely impossible. 

6. Emove RoadRunner: Best Seated scooter that can hold 300 lbs

EMOVE RoadRunner

Best For: Those looking for a seated electric scooter

Top Features:

  • 50 miles top range
  • 35mph speed
  • The battery is 48V and 26.1Ah

If a seated electric scooter will get the job done for you, then you desperately need to consider the Emove RoadRunner from Voro Motors. 

Emove RoadRunner Specs

Top Speed35 miles per hour
Top Range50 miles
MotorDual 850W
Weight Limit330 lbs 
Weight55 lbs
Charging time12 hours
Water resistanceIP54
Tires14 inches
Battery48V; 26.1 Ah
SellerVoro Motors

Why Emove RoadRunner?

If comfort matters a lot to you, then the Emove RoadRunner electric scooter for 300 lbs riders with a massive foam seat is what you need. 

This is the best beast for those looking to go for the extra miles without compromising on their comfort and safety owing to high speeds. 

product image of Emove RoadRunner scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

From the pricing point of view, the Emove RoadRunner scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs is priced nearly the same as the Emove Cruiser but the primary differences between them is that the Cruiser has a longer range (62 miles) while the RoadRunner is a seated electric scooter for 300 lb man. 

Another adorable thing about running with the RoadRunner is that you can swap the battery when need be.

Basically, you will be going for 100 miles with a swappable battery if you have two, which is a unique feature. 

The RoadRunner also has loads of safety features. Among those is the ergonomic handgrips that keep the rider pain-free, the Anti-Locking Braking System, and a plenitude of lights that keep the rider and other road users generally safe. 

product image of Emove RoadRunner scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

Who is the Emove RoadRunner not for?

Emove RoadRunner batteries charge in a whopping 12 hours.

This can turn out to be inconvenient for some users if they are in the quest to be out and about in a couple of minutes. 

Another thing is that the RoadRunner has front 350W and rear 500 watt motors.

This may appear as if the gadget is underpowered since, for heavy adults, great nominal motor power would best start at 1000 watts.

Nonetheless, the ride is smooth enough and power shouldn’t concern you as much if you mostly pass in smooth terrains. 

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7. Kaabo Mantis Pro Se: Most versatile yet among the best electric scooter for adults 300 lbs

Kaabo Mantis Pro Se

Best For: Those who love fast acceleration

Top Features:

  • 40mph speed
  • 45 miles top range
  • The weight limit is 330 lbs

If you love a fast acceleration, then the Kaabo Mantis Pro Se ticks your boxes well.

The Mantis Pro scooter that can hold 300 lbs is definitely a mantis that hops from 0 to 15 miles per hour in just 2 seconds!

Kaabo Mantis Pro Se Specs

Top Speed40 miles per hour
Top Range45 miles
Battery24 AH, 60V Samsung/LG
Weight Limit330 lbs
Acceleration0 to 15mph in 2 sec
Weight65 lbs
ControllerDual 27Ah
Hill climbing ability30 degrees
SuspensionDual front, rear shock
Charge time5 hours (fast charger)
Braking Hydraulic
Tire Size10 inches (pneumatic)
SellerVoro Motors

Why Kaabo Mantis Pro Se?

Who said that huge adults don’t deserve fast acceleration?

The Mantis Pro Se electric scooter is here to debunk this distasteful myth.

One of the most adorable features of this beauty is that she has fast acceleration in addition to her sturdy yet buttery smooth ride. 

product image of a Kaabo mantis scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

The Mantis Pro Se (Special Edition) comes in different battery versions and if you finally decide to settle for her, then you will absolutely need to know how to make your concrete choice.

These versions include 18.2Ah, 24Ah, 18.2 Ah (2022), and 24Ah (2022). 

While at that, it’s worth it mentioning that as the battery the 2022 24h version is the best but the most expensive.

The battery quality is unbeatable as compared to the other versions and that is why you are paying relatively above $2000. 

Featuring fully hydraulic brakes, the Kaabo Mantis Pro Se ensures the rider is safe should any emergency braking have to happen.

The dual suspension at the front is also sick especially if you pass through bumpy, murram roads.

Not to talk about how the rear shock absorber ensures that the rider’s bums don’t feel agitated by rough roads!

Who is the Kaabo Mantis Pro Se not for?

One of the flaws with the Pro Special Edition is the fact that it lacks headlights.

Nighttime riders definitely would have safety concerns since as you perhaps know, headlights play a critical role in safety. 

Besides, this beast lacks a horn! How can you alert your fellow road users without a horn while riding an electric scooter that can hold 300 lbs?

Voro Motors best addresses this. 

Emove Touring: Honorable Mention 300lb electric scooter

Emove Touring

Best For: Those on a budget

Top Features:

  • 25 mph top speed
  • 25 miles top range
  • 308 lbs weight limit

If budget is a critical factor for you to consider, then the Emove Touring is your best beauty.

When we took it for a spin, we were convinced the Touring does pretty well as is the case with the YUME S10 and their prices are below $1000. 

Emove Touring Specs

Top Speed25 miles per hour
Top Range25 miles
Motor 750W (peak)
Battery13 AH, 48V LG
Weight Limit308 lbs
Tire typePneumatic
Weight39 lbs
SuspensionTriple front, rear dual spring
Hill climbing ability15 degrees
Water resistance ratingIP54
Braking Rear electronic and drum
Tire Size8 inches
SellerVoro Motors

Why Emove Touring?

If you don’t have the fortune to spend but cannot help yourself from riding an electric scooter, then the Emove Touring is a beast meant for heavy adults over 300 lbs.

Besides, it is lightweight and thus carrying it around isn’t a problem for most large adults. 

product image of an emove touring scooter - the best electric scooter for heavy adults 300 pounds and above

This electric scooter is ideal for those who rarely do any offroading and this is evident from the tire size – 8 inches.

The best electric scooters for offroading are those that come in 13-inch size tires such as the YUME X13

To diversify the risk of having flats, the Touring electric scooter comes with a solid tire at the rear.

If you would like a fully solid tire electric scooter, then we have a post on that.

Do you want to make your Emove Touring more affordable? You can use ES-ARENA as your Voro Motors coupon code and save $50.

Who is the Emove Touring not for? 

The Emove Touring electric scooter for 300 lb man for heavier riders is definitely not for you if you intend to offroad or want to commute.

25 miles worth of range isn’t dependable enough for riders looking to do deliveries or going for groceries in a distant store.

What are the factors to consider before buying an electric scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs?

vector graphic showing an illustration of the best electric scooters for adults 300 pounds

The advertised weight limit is the most important factor at this point. One would talk of the budget, wheel size, and so on. 

However, you will need to be specific on the weight limit for obvious reasons.

If you buy let’s say a 299-lb e scooter, then as you can guess, you will perhaps be overworking it and thus the functioning can’t be optimal. 

Also, if you weigh 309 lbs, it won’t be cool to go for the Emove Touring which has a weight limit of 308 lbs.

You need to go for gadgets with a higher load capacity than your weight.

Again, a single motor scooter can conveniently work for you but at the expense of the longevity of your beast.

Instead, opt for beauty with dual motors. These give you more power, range, service et al.

In Summary

If you were looking for an electric scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs, then we believe that this list we have compiled from our database was helpful.

Electric ScooterWeight LimitBest For
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro330 lbsBest Overall
YUME X13330 lbsOffroading
EMOVE Cruiser352 lbsGreatest Value
Dualtron Storm330 lbsPremium build quality
YUME X7330 lbsBrightness at night
EMOVE RoadRunner330 lbsComfort
Kaabo Mantis Pro Se330 lbsVersatility
EMOVE Touring308 lbsBudget
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