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What are the Best Electric Scooters with Solid Tires Today?

If you are looking for a list of the Best Electric Scooters with Solid Tires, then we have compiled one of the very best. Find the newest choices today.

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When Affirm approved my installment loan to buy a new electric scooter in 2019, saying that I was over the moon is an understatement. 

I remember the two FedEx guys delivering my ride at 3:45 PM.

After signing off, I quickly assembled my new ride, plugged in the two chargers, and fully charged it anticipating the next morning’s summer ride. 

The suspension was great, the battery was okay and the ride was stable to my expectation. 

It was all fun and games for a week until I encountered my first flat in just a week. I wasn’t doing any offroading and I wasn’t a rough rider, or so I thought.

Here I was…Just 100 miles into my new scooter and I was to contact the seller to send new tubes for my almost new $2K scooter. 

The following day, the seller sent out two new pneumatic tires but despite how cautious I was, these new tires didn’t go past 500 miles before developing bigger flats.

I concluded to myself that the stock tires weren’t my best choice and figured out that going for the solid tire option was my perfect fit. 

Since I am handy enough, I decided to switch to solid tires for good.

The problem is that my scooter didn’t have split rims and so it took me some good chunk of my days to replace the two. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for sure. 

Instead of you going all through that, it would be better if you had a guide on the current best electric scooters with solid tires from the get-go. 

Best Options Overall

EVOLV Stride

Best for riding father at lower speeds

Our Pick

Best overall - great speeds, range, and durability

Budget Alternative
Arwibon Q30

Great budget option overall - features & options for price

Our list of the best electric scooters with solid tires:

1. EVOLV Terra: The best solid tire electric scooter overall


Best For: The best solid tire electric scooter overall

Top Features:

  • Charge Time: 5 - 7 hrs
  • Battery: 48V 15.6Ah
  • 50 km/h (Check local laws before use) 31 mph
screenshot of an evolv terra

The EVOLV Terra is one of the best solid tire electric scooters on the market today.

Releases in the second quarter of 2022 and meant for the summer, this is a feature-packed e-scooter that is gaining agape love by the day. 

Featuring 8.5-inch solid tires, you can guess it right! This electric scooter is flat-resistant regardless of what terrain you subject it to.

You can actually have a summary of the EVOLV Terra specs below: 

Top Speed31 mph (50km/h)
Top Range34 miles (55 km)
MotorDual 600W motors
Battery15.6 Ah 48V
BrakingDrum brakes
SuspensionShock (Both Front and Rear)
Tire size8.5 Inches
Charging5 hours
Weight52.9 lbs (24kg)
Weight Limit265 lbs (120 kg)

Whether you would like to gift your beloved kid a scooter or you want one which will give you the least hassles when it comes to holes, we rated the EVOLV Terra as the best electric scooter with slid tires overall for a reason. 

In case you didn’t know, EVOLV, the company that manufactures the Terra is one of the leading e-scooter companies with the best reputation today.

Besides, they have only partnered with reputable retailers who have stood the test of time and are worth their salt for that matter. 

What’s even more thrilling is that this scooter features dual motors.

This is one of the primary reasons why it will hit a top speed of 31 miles per hour without breaking a sweat. 

EVOLV Terra Pros

  • Excellent build quality
  • The 8.5-inch solid tires can conquer any terrains 
  • Great speed for the price
  • Relatively short charging time. 


  • The price is on the higher side. 

Where to buy the EVOLV Terra scooter

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can easily buy the EVOLV Terra on the Urban Machina website.

They are based in Canada and ship the scooter for free in Canada and the USA. 

You can read our full EVOLV Terra scooter review right here. 

2. EVOLV Stride: The best solid-tire scooter for commuting

EVOLV Stride

Best For: The best solid-tire scooter for commuting

Top Features:

  • 48V 15.6Ah
  • 500W Nominal / 900W Peak Power
  • 35 km/h (Check local laws before use)22 mph
EVOLV stride scooter image

The EVOLV Company launched three models tailored explicitly for summer 2022.

These include the EVOLV Corsa, Terra, and now the smallest sibling of the three; the Evolv Stride e-scooter

The EVOLV Stride is one of the most unique electric scooters I have seen so far in my 3+ years of scooter ownership.

Featuring an app that shows any errors associated with the scooter, you are guaranteed that troubleshooting any problem is seamless.

Find the ultimate specs below and see why we couldn’t fail to mention the EVOLV Stride as one of the best solid tire scooters in the current market. 

Top Speed22 mph (35km/h)
Top Range40 miles (65km)
MotorSingle; 900W Peak power output
Battery48V 15.6Ah
SuspensionRear and Front
BrakingRead Disc; Front Drum
Tires10-inch; solid 
Most Unique featureApp
LightingHeadlight; Taillight
Weight50.7 lbs (23kg)
Weight Limit265 lbs (120 kg)

If you would rather ride an e-scooter for long but at lower speeds, then you can go for the Stride as compared to the Terra.

Depending on your weight, the riding terrain, your experience, and the speed you ride, the Stride will hit a top range of 40 miles without any troubles. 

Do you also love big tires (like me, lol)? Then the EVOLV Stride comes with 10-inch solid honeycomb tires.

Just so you know, there is a slight difference between solid honeycomb scooter tires and solid tires. 

While solid tires are manufactured using flexible solid polymer, foam, or rubber, honeycomb scooter tires are made from a honeycomb.

This makes honeycomb scooter tires lighter than their solid counterparts. Both tire types are flat-immune. 

An important point to also note is that the EVOLV Stride features a single motor.

So, if speed matters to you, the Stride may not be the perfect choice for you. 

EVOLV Stride Pros

  • Fast detection of errors using the app
  • Great mileage for the price
  • Features massive tires
  • A light commuter scooter. 


  • The scooter is relatively slow owing to the single motor.

Where to buy EVOLV Stride

You can buy the EVOLV Stride electric scooter on the Urban Machina website. They ship internationally and for free across the US and Canada. 

Read our full EVOLV Stride scooter review in this article

3. Vsett 8+: The best solid tire scooter option for all-weather

Vsett 8+

Best For: The best solid tire scooter option for all-weather

Top Features:

  • Battery: 16Ah
  • 48V 600W X2
  • 22-37 Miles (15mph in ideal conditions)
product image of a vsett 8 +

The Vsett 8+ is one of the first-ever Vsett models today. The scooter has generally received more love than hate and it’s still making good strides. 

Featuring 8.5-inch tires at the front and the rear, the all-terrain Vsett 8+ won’t struggle to take you either on-road or offroad.

Let’s get a proper overview of its specs below:

Top Speed26 mph (42km/h)
Top Range35 miles (56 km)
MotorDual; 600W X2 motors
Battery15.6 Ah 48V; LG
BrakingDrum brakes
SuspensionSpring (Both Front and Rear)
Tire size8.5 Inches
Charging5 hours
Weight60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Weight Limit265 lbs (120 kg)

The Vsett 8+ electric scooter has 8.5-inch solid tires. This means it doesn’t have the biggest tire size but then you can rely on it as your point A to point B mover. 

Featuring a 48V 15.6 Ah LG battery, you can rest assured that you have a high-quality battery to keep you going.

In fact, LG is one of the leading battery manufacturers and as you perhaps know, they aim to please.

You have to ensure that you don’t go wrong with the battery featured in an electric scooter since it’s the most expensive component. 

What we like the most is that the Vsett 8+ electric scooter features a factory-certified water-resistance rating.

While we don’t recommend riding in the rain, it happens sometimes and it could be inevitable. 

Riding the Vsett 8+ under light rain is okay, all thanks to its water resistance.

Just that it’s crucial to dry your scooter to prevent its electronic components from rusting. 

Vsett 8+ Pros

  • Factory standard certified IP54 water-resistant rating
  • High-quality battery cells
  • The dual motors make climbing slight hills possible and enjoyable
  • Great spring suspension makes riding fun


  • Weighing 60 lbs, the scooter is relatively heavy for commuting. 

Where to buy the Vsett 8+

If you are in the USA, you can buy the Vsett 8+ on the RevRides company. For Canadian riders, Urban Machina is there to serve you. 

In any case, these two are solid companies and you may order through any of them depending on the prices.

Both of the two offer free shipping so that shouldn’t be a problem. 

4. Unagi Model One E500: The lightest solid tire electric scooter

product image of a Unagi Model One e500

Cheers to the ol’ Unagi Model One. One of the lightest electric scooters for adults, the Unagi Model One comes in two varieties; E350 and E500.

The Unagi Model One E500 scooter is one of the most reviewed electric scooters today.

Coming in 4 different colors, you can select your favorite depending on the occasion. 

Among the many reasons why the Unagi Model One E500 is loved is that it features high-quality solid honeycomb tires and is so immune to any kinds of flats.

To get a better overview of the model one E500, let’s have a glance at its specs below:

Top Speed17 mph (27km/h)
Top Range16 miles (25 km)
MotorDual; 250 X2 motors
Battery33.6V 9 Ah; Sony
BrakingDual electronic, foot brakes
TiresSolid honeycomb
Tire size7.5 Inches
Charging5 hours
Weight26 lbs (12 kg)
Weight Limit275 lbs (125 kg)

If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight for short commutes, then the Unagi Model One E500 is one of the best choices you can ever explore. 

We recommend riding this scooter on tarmacked surfaces since it lacks suspension.

For shock absorption, this scooter only relies on its solid honeycomb tires. As such, the ride quality isn’t great on rough terrains. 

Depending on your local laws, you can actually remove the speed limiter on the Unagi Model One E500 and hit a top speed of up to 20mph. 

Unagi Model One E500 Pros

  • The scooter is lightweight 
  • Affordably priced
  • Great water-resistance rating
  • One of the sturdiest scooters we have today. 


  • The lack of suspension makes the ride quality poor. 

Where to buy Unagi Model One E500 

Urban Machina is one of the most reputable electric scooter retailers that sells the Unagi Model One E500 solid honeycomb tire electric scooter. 

Also Read: The differences between scooter solid tires and pneumatic tires.

Some scooters feature a single solid tire option

As you shop for your electric scooter with a solid tire, you may need to check the specs well.

While some scooters are advertised to have fully solid tired, you will find them featuring a front pneumatic and rear solid tire, or vice versa. 

These scooters are a great choice for those who would love to explore the both worlds of shock absorption and some experienced riders would rather have these over dual solid options. Some of the greatest in the market today include: 

5. EMOVE Touring

EMOVE Touring

Top Features:

  • 48V 13AH LG 
  • 25 mph top speed
  • 32 miles of ample range. 
product image of an Emove touring scooter

If you love versatility when it comes to ride quality, less maintenance, and up to 5 colors to choose from, then the EMOVE Touring electric scooter is the best rear-solid tire electric scooter under $1000. 

As if those features aren’t impressive enough, the Touring features a load capacity of up to 308 lbs.

Are you a heavy dawg who was worried that this list has kept you waiting in vain? The Touring may just be what you need to get going.

Featuring a 48V 13AH LG battery, you can expect to hit a top mileage of 32 (51km) without having to worry about getting out of juice.

Of course, the top mileage you will hit while riding the Touring 8-inch rear solid tear will depend on your weight, riding conditions, and to some extent our experience. 

This single-motor scooter comes with a rear 500W motor is rated to hit a top speed of 25 mph (40km/h). 

For the suspension, the EMOVE Touring features tripple springs, which makes shock absorption much better than most scooters with dual solid tires. 

About the weight, the Touring weighs only 17kg (39kgs), which means it will be a great short-commuter choice for you. 

You can use ES-ARENA as your coupon code while buying the EMOVE Touring scooter and save $50.

6. Vsett 8

Vsett 8

Top Features:

  • 48V 15.6A
  • 600W
  • 22-37 Miles (15mph in ideal conditions)
  • 20 MPH - Class 2 eBike (24-26 MPH Off-Road)
product image of a Vsett 8 scooter

Unlike its elder sibling; Vsett 8+ that we discussed above, the Vsett 8 comes with a front pneumatic rear and a rear solid tire. 

The Vsett 8 comes in two battery versions; 15.6Ah and 19.2 Ah so you can choose any of the two.

For the Vsett 8 48V 19.2Ah version, you can hit a top mileage of 45 miles, all thanks to the 19.2 Ampere Hour battery. 

For the Vsett 8 48V 15.6Ah, you can expect to hit an actual range of up to 31 miles.

Basically, the top mileage you will hit across the two batteries is dependent on your weight and where exactly you ride the scooters. 

The Vsett 8 features a spring suspension at the rear and front, which means you will feel a less effect of the solid rear tear, unlike some scooters that feature no type of suspension. 

These two versions of the Vsett 8 rear solid tire electric scooters feature a weight limit of 265 lbs (120kg), and as such, you may need to be knowledgeable about if the scooter can haul your weight seamlessly. 

7. EVOLV Sprint

product image showing an Evolv Sprint electric scooter

If you would love to ride for a short round trip, then the EVOLV Sprint is your best bet.

Coming with the renowned LG 36V 10.4aH Lithium battery, the Sprint can hit a top mileage of 18 miles. 

The actual top speed while riding downhill on a smooth surface is 22 miles per hour and as such, you don’t have to worry about its top speed. 

The budget EVOLV Sprint rear-solid electric scooter comes with an 8-inch pneumatic and 8-inch solid rear tire.

If you would love to ride an electric scooter that provides less tolerance to flats, then the Sprint has got you covered well. 

Weighing only 16.5kg (36 lbs), most teenage riders will find lifting the EVOLV Sprint easy for them. Not to say that the EVOLV Sprint is made for teenagers, though, it is rated for riders weighing up to 265 lbs (120kg). 

This is a single motor scooter with a nominal power of 400W and produces an output wattage of 576W. 

About riding in wet conditions, you can ride the EVOLV Sprint under light rain since it’s IP54 certified water-resistant, although we don’t recommend riding under such conditions. 

Check EVOLV Sprint (USA)

8. EVOLV City


Top Features:

  • 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • 35 km/h (Check local laws before use) 22 mph
  • 8.5 inch Pneumatic Front, Solid Rubber Rear
  • 6 hrs
product image of an EVOLV city electric scooter

The EVOLV City is one of the best rear solid tire electric scooters made explicitly for city riding.

Featuring 8.5-inch pneumatic front and 8.5-inch solid rear tire, the City is the only scooter you will ever need for short commutes. 

The EVOLV City comes in two versions: EVOLV City LG 36V 10.4 Ah and EVOLV City Plus  LG 48V 13 Ah

The City Plus 48V 13Ah is the better option of the two and can hit a top mileage of 28 miles, all thanks to its bigger battery.

With a single motor of 500W, the EVOLV City Plus can hit a top speed of 22 miles per hour (35km/h). The City plus weighs 20kg (44 lbs).

For the base City, it has a nominal motor power of 350W and a peak output of 720W. Weighing 39lbs (18kg), the EVOLV City is one of the lightest adult electric scooters we have today. 

Regardless of which EVOLV City scooter you will select, the maximum load capacity is 265 lbs (120kg) and as such, the top speed and top range you will hit again depends on your weight, the road conditions you subject your scooter to, and lastly how experienced you are in pressing or releasing the throttle. 

What are the factors to consider before buying your best electric scooter with solid tire?

1. The number of solid tires

Do you want an electric scooter with two solid tires or one pneumatic and one solid tire?

This is a factor that gets overlooked by many but it shouldn’t. 

If you would rather never encounter a flat, you are better of buying an electric scooter with two solid tires. 

If you wish to have a scooter that will provide a buttery smooth ride at the front and without any flat at the rear, then the other choice best fits you.

2. Suspension

If budget isn’t what you are primarily looking after, then having a solid tire electric scooter with suspension is the greater choice.

See, solid tires won’t give you a better ride quality than pneumatic or air-filled tires. 

Getting a scooter with suspension is your best bet when it comes to riding one with a solid tire. 

3. Where you will ride through

If you will occasionally ride your electric scooter in a city with poor riding infrastructure, pothole-filled terrains, or even garbage-filled roads, then a solid tire electric scooter may just be your perfect fit. 

Remember, the primary reason you will go for a solid-tire e-scooter is to avoid flats and it’s not all about cutting the cost.

If where you stay has some great bike lanes and riding infrastructure, going for a pneumatic-tire-escooter will be your best bet. 

Most solid-tire scooters have a poor ride quality

Not to sugarcoat anything here, but when it comes to the overall riding experience, pneumatic tire scooters will always beat solid tire electric scooters hands-down. 

A such, it’s important for you to note that if immunity to flats isn’t your primary factor to consider while buying a scooter with this tire type, then you may be disappointed by the ride quality. 

Again, if budget isn’t a problem, it’s worth it to buy an electric scooter with suspension to neutralize some vibrations made by the solid tires.

A classic example of such scooters is the EVOLV Stride and EVOLV Terra we described above. 

In Summary 

Flats are common in pneumatic-tire electric scooters. As such, it’s a great idea to explore the best electric scooters with solid tires as a way to mitigate the flat problem.

Once you buy a high-quality solid-tire electric scooter, you will have easily solved punctures on your tires and tubes. 

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