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EVOLV Stride Review

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When EVOLV announced that they would be launching new rides tailored explicitly for summer 2022, I didn’t know they actually meant a whopping 3 models.

True to their word, we have the EVOLV Corsa, EVOLV Terra, and now the all-new feature-packed budget model – EVOLV Stride electric scooter, today. 

After taking the Stride for several spins across different terrains, I am happy to present to you my thoughts in this EVOLV Stride review.

Is this the perfect budget ride for Summer 2022? Does it have anything special to offer? What does it fall short of?

We can’t have a better overview without delving deeper.

But then, first things first. 

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image of EVOLV stride scooter

EVOLV Stride Specs

Stated Top Speed22 mph (35km/h)
Stated Top Range40 miles (65km)
MotorSingle; 900W Peak power output
Battery48V 15.6Ah
SuspensionRear and Front
BrakingRead Disc; Front Drum
Tires10-inch; solid 
Most Unique featureApp
LightingHeadlight; Taillight
Weight50.7 lbs (23kg)
Weight Limit265 lbs (120 kg)

EVOLV Stride Electric Scooter Video Overview

Our Full EVOLV Stride Review

Make Digital Strides

How about using a mobile app to sync some of the critical features of your electric scooter? Well, the EVOLV Stride is one of the most unique electric scooters I have ever seen in my 3+ years of owning these two-wheelers. 

Coming with a functional app that syncs with your scooter to display reasons such as the range, speed, and your remaining power percentage, the Stride enhances going digital as compared to the old way of doing stuff; making use of the Display on the handlebars of the scooter. 

The problem with some traditional displays is that the display can be easily scratched and some have tiny numbers which could sometimes lead to eye strain while riding at relatively high speeds.

Unless you have a scooter with a Large Display such as the EVOLV Corsa, then we are sure you welcome the idea of having a handy app. 

Besides, when you feel like your EVOLV Stride isn’t in excellent form, you can use the SCAN feature in the app to diagnose what problem that could be.

This is not the ordinary stuff I see while occasionally reviewing e-scooters. 

Lastly, you can use your EVOLV Stride app to control the lights you need the most.

What’s even better is that you can change the riding speed mode to what best fits just on that very Application.

If that’s not magic, then kindly tell me what is. 

EVOLV Stride Manufacturing 


The Stride, unlike Terra and Corsa, comes in a single motor.

The nominal motor power for this scooter is 500W while the peak output is 900W. 

That is why you see it’s rated to hit a top speed of 22 miles per hour (35km/h).

By any means, the Stride isn’t the fastest single-motor electric scooter you will ever see.

We have the likes of the EMOVE Cruiser doing better but at a higher pricing point. 


Coming with a 48V 15.6Ah battery, the EVOLV Stride can hit a top range of 40 miles (65km) depending on the rider’s weight, riding conditions, the rider’s experience, and the terrain. 


image of EVOLV stride cockpit

The EVOLV Stride has sturdy handlebars but is not as big as the ones featured in the EVOLV Corsa

On the right-hand side of the handlebars, you can easily see that the Stride features a front brake lever and a thumb throttle.

One of the most impressive points we noted with the EVOLV Stride’s thumb throttle is that it lacks a dead zone, unlike most of the models we have today. 

The quality of this throttle in the Stride is high and it feels comfortable on the thumb.

You literally wouldn’t wish for a trigger throttle when you get used to riding the Stride. 

For the right handlebar, the Stride features a functional rear brake lever.

The handgrips are made of a grippy rubber substance to keep your wrists firmly glued to your ride. 

In the middle, the Stride also features a relatively huge display to showcase the reasons you would need while riding.

Do you wish to know what time it is, the gear you are riding at, or the battery status?

You have a display for all these. 

So, it’s not like you will have to rely on the app every time to show you these details.

Also, if for some reason you would like to go the traditional way and avoid the app, this display is handy. 

Just below that Display, we also have two buttons; one for powering the scooter on/off and the other for the riding mode you would like.

EVOLV has done a recommendable job of ensuring that this scooter has as less buttons as possible. 


Some riders consider suspension as one of their deciding factors while shopping for an electric scooter.

Featuring a dual-suspension at the rear and front, the Stride is here to please with what they refer to as hyperactivity. 

For the front suspension, it comes with dual shocks, which help big time in absorbing any shock and vibrations you may encounter on the way.

On the rear side, the suspension gets incorporated into the deck, which makes the absorption of vibrations as great as you expect it to be. 


As you perhaps know, brakes play a critical role in the general safety of your riding.

The EVOLV team uses a front drum brake and a disc brake at the rear.

Full hydraulic brakes like those in their Corsa are the best but these ones in the Stride are great as well. 

We recorded a braking distance of 3.8 meters to come from 20km/h to 0.

By any means, this is a decent braking distance. 


image of EVOLV stride lights

Do you enjoy night rides or are worried that it can sometimes get dark before you reach your destination? Then the Stride comes with a bright headlight strategically positioned high off the ground and produces white light.

Unlike most models where the lights are positioned at the center of the frame or slightly below, this isn’t the case with the EVOLV Stride. 

At the rear, the Stride features a red taillight which is bright enough to let drivers clearly see you. 


image of evolv stride wheels

Flat tires undoubtedly suck and will get you pushing your electric scooter or even force you to carry your beauty back home. 

Fortunately, the Stride, just like the EVOLV Terra features 10-inch Honeycomb solid tires.

A great merit of solid tires is that the maintenance schedules are steadily reduced since you won’t have to worry about tube replacement or even the entire wheel replacement owing to holes. 

It’s also important for you to know that this comes at a cost as rides with solid tires tend to be heavier than their counterparts featuring pneumatics.

Also, the rides aren’t as smooth as with air-filled tires. 


Massive decks are great, especially for heavy riders weighing up to 265 lbs.

The deck in the EVOLV Stride is 54cm (21.2 inches) long, which gives an adult rider a great chance to keep their feet comfortably and sturdily placed. 

The ground clearance from the deck is 10.2 cm, and this means you won’t have to battle with lots of scratched components, especially while doing offroad. 

Our tested top speed

While EVOLV claims that the Stride can hit a top speed of 22 miles per hour (35km/h), I was able to hit a top speed of 21.7 mph while riding on tarmacked flat ground.

I weigh 203 lbs and this means if I were lighter, then I could possibly end up surpassing the claimed 22 mph top speed. 

Basically, the top speed you will achieve will depend on different factors such as your weight, the kind of riding surface you subject your ride to, and importantly your experience. 

Our tested top range 

While riding on Gear 1 (the slowest) on completely flat terrain, I recorded a top range of 63.8 km.

Again, if I were lighter than the big dawg I am, I could definitely crush the stated top range. 

As such, you could even go past what the manufacturer has said to be the top range before the battery dies and ask for some more juice. 

EVOLV Stride Review: Features 


image of folded evolv stride scooter

The Stride folds and unfolds in a maximum of 3 seconds.

The folding mechanism is one of the most unique.

Just pull the collar, push it upwards, and you will have successfully folded your EVOLV Stride scooter. 

Do you wish to keep your folded EVOLV Stride inside your car’s trunk, it measures 48 by 8 by 21 inches (121 by 20 by 54 cm ).

This scooter will perfectly fit in a mid-size SUV without any problems at all. 


Weighing 50.7 lbs (23kg), the Stride is portable enough for most medium-sized adults.

However, that is not the case with those who stay upstairs as carrying more than 50 lbs occasionally worth of weight can’t in any way get described as light. 

EVOLV Stride riding experience

Since the EVOLV Stride comes with honeycomb solid tires also sometimes referred to as air pocket tires, they have great structural integrity.

While riding the Stride, I was happy to enjoy how it handled different terrains. 

Just so you know, there are two types of solid tires with the honeycomb type being lighter than the filled solid tires. 

It’s important to note that the handling across any of the solid tire types is not so great on wet surfaces since the traction isn’t great. 

Other than the tires, I was happy with the other features such as the dual suspension, the ability to use the app or display for basic functions, and the massive deck that provides different standing postures with little struggle. 

EVOLV Stride Pros

  • The inclusion of the app makes performing basic functions faster and more efficient
  • Solid tires provide a no-flat guarantee 
  • Great overall specs for the price
  • Excellent build quality
  • Buttery smooth suspension.


  • The scooter lacks a water-resistance rating
  • Somewhat heavy.

Where to buy the EVOLV Stride

You can buy the EVOLV Stride at Urban Machina and they will deliver it for free for those who are in Canada and the US.

If you are in any other part of the world, it’d be better to get in touch with them first before placing your order for a seamless transaction. 

It is also important for you to note that Urban Machina is a Vancouver-based Company and as such, they display their prices in CAD by default.

Be sure to change the currency and see what you need to pay for the Stride in your local currency.

EVOLV Stride Scooter Review: Conclusion

The EVOLV Stride is a compact electric scooter for riders who are on a budget and would rather not struggle with flat tires.

The solid honeycomb tires along with the mobile App for the Stride make it one of the most unique models out there. 

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