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What is the Best Electric Unicycle for Beginners? [Our Best 5]

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If you are an absolute beginner, finding the perfect EUC for yourself can be intimidating.

From the horror stories of falling off a speeding EUC to unreliable models, there is just too much to swallow in the quest to own an electric unicycle for beginners. 

The problem is that there are lots of roundups claiming to show beginner-friendly EUCs, but the fact is that those getting talked about are plainly bad or not tailored for newbies. 

In our today’s series of the recent best electric unicycles, we are happy to introduce and share with you the top-notch device you can get for yourself without breaking the bank. 

Read on for more. 

1. King Song S18: The best electric unicycle for beginners overall

King Song S18

Best For: Those looking for an affordable unicycle e-scooter

Top Features:

  • 28.2mph top speed
  • 56 miles top range
  • 2200W motor

If you would like to save your time and money, then purchasing the King Song S18 electric unicycle is the perfect choice for you. 

One of the top sellers in the mid-budget EUCs category, this EUC is just too good to be true.

In fact, I like recommending it to beginners and intermediate riders since outgrowing it isn’t too fast. 

Instead of going for the smallest-spec’ed wheel claiming that you are an absolute beginner, you will need to think critically and go for a faster EUC.

The urge to upgrade too soon with a faster EUC is counteracted.

Again, most EUCs rated to hit more than 30mph come with massive batteries, which translates to better range.

With a massive range, beginner riders can perfectly practice before the batteries run out of juice.

Below, find the ultimate King Song S18 Specs.

Our tested top speed28.2 mph
Our tested top range 56 miles
Battery84V 1110Wh
Hill climbing ability40°
Peak power output5000W
Tires18X3 inches
Charging time6 hours
Weight 48 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why King Song S18?

The King Song S18 best starter electric unicycle has existed for a couple of years now and has been consistently upgraded over the years. 

Any slight flaws raised have been aptly addressed, which is why any new batch that is brought for sale gets sold out relatively fast. 

This EUC withstands abuse big time and most newbie beginners have fallen down with it and stood with just a few scratches. 

Beginner riders looking for a EUC with suspension can undoubtedly lean on the S18 – it features the Oh So Great air suspension type, which provides the ride with buttery smooth accolades. 

Featuring 18-inch tires, the King Song S18 is one of the few massive tire beginner-friendly EUCs, which is why it’s described by many as an all-around all-terrain unicycle of our times. 

Weighing only 48 lbs, this EUC can be described as somewhat lightweight as most EUCs in this weight limit category feature more than 50 lbs worth of weight. 

Coming in either black or white, buyers can select the color that best suits their sweet spot.

This is essentially one of the unique traits attributed to the King Song S18 model.

Another point of excellence when it comes to the King Song S18 model is that it comes with sheathed cables. 

Some of the beginner-friendly features that come in handy with the King Song S18 include:

  • Roll protection, where the wheel balances itself automatically once you place the device vertically on the ground 
  • Beep alarms when the speed limit is reached 
  • A tilt-back happens when the motherboard overheats to above 80℃
  • There is a lift sensor to indicate when one lifts the wheel above the ground. 

King Song S18 Pros

  • Durable steel slider suspension makes the ride quality buttery smooth
  • Featuring a multi-functional mobile Application, this wheel is extremely versatile
  • Its easy-riding difficult favors riders of different experience 
  • The thick clips are durable enough to stay still during crashes
  • The improved and thickened pads have solved any speed wobbles. 


  • This EUC isn’t IP-Rated
  • The suspension has added a lot of weight to the S18, making it not as portable. 

2. King Song 16S: The best budget euc for beginners

King Song 16S

Best For: Beginners who are looking for a budget-friendly unicycle

Top Features:

  • 20.1mph top speed
  • 35.2 miles top range
  • Motor 1200W

The Good Old King Song 16S electric unicycle.

This EUC is one of the most consistently upgraded models over the years. 

While there may be the need to jump to the newest model out there, it’s also incredible to look at the oldest models as they have been tested and tried over time.

Different upgrades have been made to the 16S, which is why most beginner riders love this beautiful ride.

From our tests, these are the King Song 16S specs:

Our tested top speed20.1 mph
Our tested top range35.2 miles
Motor1200W nominal power
Water resistanceNot waterproof
Bluetooth connectivityAvailable
Available speakersHi-Fi
Minimum charging time4 hours
ColorsWhite and Black
Weight39 lbs
Weight Limit250 lbs

Why the King Song 16S EUC for beginners?

If budget is your primary point to consider as you buy your beginner ride, then a few EUCs can match what the King Song 16S EUC has to offer.

Costing below $1500, this low-budget EUC is one of the best-value EUCs we have in the market today.

After asking fellow riders from our group rides, I determined that riders averagely acquainted themselves with it within 3 days.

Basically, the King Song 16S electric unicycle has easy riding difficulty. 

Featuring 16-inch tires, this is an ideal size for beginners as the Center of Gravity is also low.

As you master how to ride a EUC with the Song 16S, there is little fear about falling as it would have been the case with say a 22-inch tire EUC. 

With such a wheel size, the overall weight is also shifted downwards, which is why the King Song 16S weighs only 39 lbs.

If you live upstairs or ever think of lifting your ride and maybe keeping it inside your car’s trunk, then this lightweight also comes in handy. 

Ideally and realistically, the King Song 16S budget electric unicycle for beginners is one of the most portable EUCs we have on the market today. 

The 16S isn’t the fastest, with its rated top speed being 22 mph.

Based on our 189 lbs riders, though, we recorded 20.1 mph as our best top speed.

The overall top speed, though, primarily depends on factors such as the rider’s weight, battery condition, and the nature of the terrain in which one is riding. 

For the top range, the 16S is rated to hit 40 miles.

However, we recorded 35.2 miles as our utter best before the battery ran out of juice.

Just like the top speed, the top range you record depends on several factors. 

Spare parts are already available in most EUC shops, which is why it’s a no brainer to get the King Song 16S – finding parts for most new EUCs has been a challenge since they ship from overseas. 

King Song 16S Pros

  • One of the high-quality, yet best budget EUCs ever
  • Tried and tested over time to be a reliable ride
  • The pedals are lower to the ground, adding to beginners’ safety
  • Weighing only 39 lbs, the 16S is one of the lightest models out there
  • The consistent upgrades over the years make it a step ahead. 


  • This EUC is not IP-rated
  • The design is somewhat dated. 

3. King Song 18XL: The best value euc for beginner riders

King Song 18XL

Best For: Those looking for a great electric unicycle for starters

Top Features:

  • 28.7mph top speed
  • 62.1 miles top range
  • 2200W motor

The King Song 18 XL EUC is one of the best-rated electric unicycles we currently have.

Like most King Song models, this specific device has one of the easiest riding difficulties and offers balanced worlds of range and comfort. 

Below, please find the ultimate King Song 18XL specs:

Our tested top speed28.7 mph
Our tested top range62.1 miles
Tires 18 inches
ColorsBlack or White
Speaker typeHi-Fi
Charging portsDual USB
Weight 53 lbs
Weight Limit325 lbs

Why King Song 18XL?

Unlike most beginner-friendly electric unicycles that have a weight limit of around 265 lbs, the King Song 18XL device is one of the few mid-budget electric unciycles for heavy adults weighing above 300 lbs. 

With a load capacity of 325 lbs and weighing only 53 lbs, most heavy riders find the 18XL to be a convenient ride for their weight and when they want to lift it to a car’s trunk or even upstairs. 

So far, the 18XL and the King Song 16X are the two models we have tested to be friendly to big dawgs weighing above 320 lbs. 

One of the most impressive features of the Song 18XL is its thin form factors, which is what makes even the slowest-learning beginner find the ride as comfy as possible. 

Since the King Song 18XL is one of the oldest models we have today, it has consistently been upgraded with better components over time, and most of the complaints it had gotten solved. 

So, if you are overweight and would like to opt for a ride tailored explicitly for comfort, then the 18XL is it.

The upgrades that have been made play a huge role in providing the rider with the comfort and durability they rightfully desire.

In any case, any long-range EUC capable of hitting above 60 miles should be made with comfort in mind. 

As with all EUCs, though, the King Song 18XL lacks the waterproofing aspect, which is why we ask beginner riders to always avoid riding in wet conditions.

None of the companies so far cover water damage, which implies it’s only logical to avoid getting your device in moist conditions. 

The Song 18XL best starter electric unicycle comes with massive 18-inch tires, which is why it’s a perfect all-around electric unicycle for riders of different experience levels – The phrase smaller tires are always better when it comes to riding EUCs doesn’t apply at this point. 

King Song 18XL Pros

  • The 18XL offers one of the best ride qualities in its class
  • Its thin form factor and brisk pads make the 18XL comfortable for riders of different experience levels
  • Since this EUC has an easy riding difficulty, most beginners get acclimatized so fast
  • Its desirable weight limit is ideal for riders of different sizes
  • Tons of features to give the rider the ultimate convenience. 

King Song 18XL Cons

  • The torque is lower than most rides in its class 
  • Rumbling noise when riding at full speed on rough terrains. 

4. InMotion V11: The best euc for beginners with suspension

InMotion V11

Best For: Those looking for a user-friendly unicycle

Top Features:

  • 32.8mph top speed
  • 57.3 miles top range
  • 2200W motor

If you would like to enjoy a beginner-friendly EUC with a built-in suspension, then the InMotion V11 is your perfect ride. 

While some retailers describe it as ideal for professional riders, the InMotion V11 is one of the most stylish yet so much forgiving EUCs in the market today.

Regardless of whether you crash it or take it for the toughest terrains, you may think of, the V11 has certainly stood the test of time to emerge top. 

These are the ultimate InMotion V11 specs:

Our tested top speed32.8 mph
Our tested top range57.3 miles
Motor2200W nominal power
Battery84V 1500Wh
SuspensionAir spring
Tires18 X 3 inches
Charging portsDual
IP RatingIP55
LightingFront and Rear Taillight
Weight60 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why InMotion V11?

Most fast learners will outgrow their EUCs fast and as such, buying one featuring suspension is a no-brainer. 

The V11 comes with a built-in air spring suspension, which is why we recommend it for wannabe riders not looking to upgrade within a couple of weeks of ownership.

With this suspension, it makes the EUC easy to maneuver different terrains without breaking any sweat. 

Along with the massive 18X3-inch tires, the InMotion V11 electric unicycle offers superb ride quality, which is unbelievable for a ride aged by more than 2 years.

To customize the wheel, InMotion has a seamless APP that will help you to configure your device in your most preferable way.

Do you want to possibly know the internal temperatures, remaining voltage, or battery charge?

Just connect your wheel to the Android/iOS APP and keep going. 

InMotion V11 Pros 

  • With an IP-Rating of IP55, riding the V11 under light rains is okay
  • Featuring a fold-up handle, there is no need to carry this EUC
  • One of the most unique rides – it was the first to feature a built-in sir spring suspension and a stand
  • It incorporates features that contribute to a lower COG – think of its batteries that are embedded into its motor
  • Its massive cooling system keeps the ride in optimal condition.


  • This EUC is somewhat heavy
  • The torque would have been better. 

5. Begode T4: The best all-terrain EUC for beginner riders

Begode T4

Best For: All-terrains

Top Features:

  • 37mph top speed
  • 52.1 miles top range
  • 2500W motor

The Begode T4 EUC is one of the devices with the latest designs.

If looks and uniqueness mean anything to you, then the T4 could be the end of your search. 

Since there were complaints about some previous Begode models, Begode started using a QS motor, which is one of the most high-quality components we have today.

At this point, there is no worry about this all-new model cutting out on you. 

Below are the ultimate Begode T4 specs:

Our tested top speed37 mph
Our tested top range 52.1 miles
Motor 2500W nominal power
Battery100V 1800Wh
SuspensionAir suspension
Tires16 inches
LightsHeadlight, Taillight
Weight67 lbs
Weight Limit320 lbs

Why the Begode T4?

If comfort means anything to you, then the Begode T4 EUC is your ultimate deal.

One of the few mid-budget electric unicycles to feature seat and factory power pads, you certainly can’t go wrong with the T4. 

As Begode says, they looked into all that the previous Master was lacking and upgraded them to the T4. 

Again, this wheel is one of the best models out there that have a 100mm suspension travel.

With this, you can rest assured that you will have the ride quality of the decade without the boring bumpiness normally associated with rough terrains.

That is why we addressed the Begode T4 as the all-terrain wheel of the moment for a reason. 

In terms of speed, Begode seems to have focused more on torque than speed while manufacturing the T4.

As a matter of fact, we recorded 37 mph as our ultimate top speed. 

Begode T4 Pros

  • One of the most comfortable wheels in its class
  • Excellent ride quality all thanks to its great suspension
  • High-quality silent motor and smooth acceleration curve
  • Great torque for its price
  • No danger of abrupt cutouts.


  • This wheel is heavy
  • Somewhat slow. 

FAQs about electric unicycles for beginners

Which unicycle is best for beginners?

King Song S18 is currently the best all-around electric unicycle for beginners.

It offers great specs at an affordable price, while also saving the rider the urge to upgrade shortly after purchasing it.

Out here, the S18 is currently the best electric unicycle for the money.

How do I charge an electric unicycle?

We usually advise that you connect the charger to the EUC first and then to the wall socket.

Doing the other way around sometimes leads to short-circuiting the charging ports.

If your EUC comes with dual charging ports, it’s important for you to avoid using a fast charger along with the standard charger as the battery can overheat and lead to a risk of explosion.

You can either use two standard stock chargers or one fast charger.

How many charging cycles does a EUC have in its lifetime?

This is dependent on the cells used on the batteries.

Before you see a degradation of range and overall cell life, it takes an average of 1000 charging cycles.

Electric unicycles that use fast chargers continuously tend to have a shorter battery life span than those using standard chargers.

If you would like to purchase a used EUC, it’s crucial to know how it was charged.

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