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How to Ride an Electric Unicycle like a Pro [Do this FIRST]

Learning how to ride an electric unicycle (EUC) is one of the most fun activities you can do during your free time. 

In the long term, you will not only be saving the health of the environment but yours as well. 

These rides are affordable, time-saving, and portable, which means they offer much-needed convenience. 

The problem, though, is that there are a few resources showing a detailed process on how you can safely and effectively ride your perfect EUC

Steps to follow before riding an Electric Unicycle the First Time

If you have never ridden a EUC, below are our proven tips you can follow to master the art of riding a EUC for the first time:

Step 1: Prepare yourself mentally

Mental preparedness is key to learning how to do anything for the first time and likewise applies to riding a EUC. 

When you beat fear, you have achieved the better part of propelling your EUC forwards. 

Saying to yourself, “If others have done it, then why not me?” is a powerful statement that comes in handy.

At this point and sticking to that motto will let you forge ahead. 

Step 2: Safety

Your safety matters big time.

As with all Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs), you will need to take your safety seriously when preparing to ride a EUC for the first time. 

Among the important safety gear, we recommend that you use while riding a EUC include A full-face helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, a pair of gloves, riding boots, and a riding jacket.

Before you plan to start riding, ensure that you have all of these pieces of safety gear ready. 

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with a EUC

Electric unicycles are not manufactured in the same design, and as such, it’s important for you to get familiar with the EUC you will be using for learning. 

A EUC has several parts you should know about and their functions.

For instance, it has a motor, battery, tires, pedals, pedal arm, control boards, and outer and inner shells. 

Another vital way towards familiarizing yourself with your device is by learning how to get on and off the ride. 

The simplest way to do this is by using the aid of a wall or letting your best friend support you by holding your hand.

In such a scenario, you will be letting your body learn how to be more comfortable. 

It’s also important that you familiarize yourself with how to decelerate.

This is an easy process as you will only need to lean backward until the wheel decelerates.

At this point, though, don’t worry much as we will elaborate the process further in the actual riding sub-topic.

Also, depending on your EUC, it may have an attached training belt.

Knowing how to hold this belt will be helpful since it prevents one from falling to the ground and possibly damaging the EUC. 

Riding an Electric Unicycle for the First Time

Now that you have prepared yourself mentally that you would like to ride a EUC, let’s dive right into the actual riding process:

1. Wear your protective gear

Before coming out of the house, it’s crucial to go to the riding spot when you have already worn the right riding gear. 

We recommend that you wear a high-quality full-face helmet as this will save your head and brain in the worst-case scenario. 

Knee pads and elbow pads are crucial to save your joints in case you get involved in an accident while riding boots and a riding jacket will keep your feet and chest safe, respectively. 

In any case, never fail to wear protective gear while riding a EUC no matter what distance you intend to cover or at what speed you will like to ride your EUC.

2. Identify the perfect riding spot

Since you aren’t experienced at this point, the perfect spot for you to practice riding your electric unicycle in is a place where there is no traffic at all. 

Again, we recommend that you identify a place with a wall or rails for you to learn balancing better.

If you have a friend along with you, you can as well consider practicing on a tennis or basketball court and have your friend supporting you with their hand. 

3. Mount on the EUC

Getting on the Electric Unicycle (mounting) is the first step you follow before you could go on with the actual riding process. 

To mount on a EUC:

  • Place it under you (between your legs)
  • Mount your right foot on the pedal (this downward weight keeps the EUC upright)
  • Ensure that there is contact between the EUC and the right leg’s shin

At the same position, hop forward with your left foot as you would with a hoverboard, but ensure that your back is always upright.

Keep going for some time until you feel you are more comfortable in that position. 

After feeling comfortable kicking off with a single foot, it’s now time to mount the left foot.

If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable after mounting the second foot, be sure to take off the left foot. 

Continue familiarizing yourself with the single-foot and double-foot mounting styles until you get used to proper balancing. 

When you are used to mounting the EUC on your two feet, keep your back upright, the head up, and keep your eyes looking forward. 

The actual riding process

Since you are now knowledgeable on mounting and unmounting, it’s D-Day.

Identify a wall, a fence, or a rail in preparation for the riding moments.

You can as well ask your friend to be your support system at this point. 

  • Keep your electric unicycle near a sturdy stationary object and use it to support you as you mount your EUC
  • Set a target on where you would like to reach 
  • From the stationary object, you have chosen as your support, push yourself 
  • Lean slightly forward to accelerate the EUC but also make sure you maintain your balance
  • After you reach your target, go back to the initial object and ride your EUC once more to further your practice. 

It’s important to go relatively fast as going too slow will make you lose balance so fast.

To make your speed relatively fast, put more weight on your toes a bit and the EUC will move forward. 

FAQs about how to ride an electric unicycle for the first time

Is it hard to ride an electric unicycle?

It isn’t hard to ride an electric unicycle.

When you prepare yourself mentally, you will find that riding an electric unicycle has the same ease as riding an electric bike for the first time.

You will need to overcome any fear and practice to mount and unmount the right way. 

How do you control an electric unicycle?

To control an electric unicycle, tilt from side to side to achieve your desired steering path.

Leaning the upper body forward or pressing the pedals relatively hard with your toes makes the EUC accelerate.

To slow down, lean the upper body backward. 

What is the trick to riding a unicycle?

The trick to riding a unicycle is avoiding fear and practicing often.

When you learn to mount and unmount your EUC, you will find that riding your EUC getting easier by the day.

To boost your confidence further, always wear the appropriate riding gear. 

How do I start riding an electric unicycle?

To start riding an electric unicycle, convince yourself that you can do it, wear the appropriate riding gear, and start practicing getting on and off the EUC.

Proper practicing helps you to achieve effective riding in the shortest time possible.

How to balance on an electric unicycle 

To balance on an electric unicycle, start by leaning your upper body forward so that the EUC accelerates a bit.

If you don’t look forward to turning, it’s important to keep your back upright as tilting will get you steering sideways. 

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