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The Best Mini Dash Cameras in 2023

If you're looking for the best choice for your car, here is your guide to some of the best mini dash cameras in %currentyear%. and why they made out list.

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When you’re behind the wheel of the car, you want to feel relaxed, safe, and protected.

But between drivers violating speed limits, running red lights, and just overall reckless driving, a lot can happen on the road.

For example, nearly 90% of commercial motor vehicle crashes result from risky driving behavior and are completely preventable.

So what happens if you find yourself involved in an incident that wasn’t your fault?

Today, more and more drivers have been purchasing dash cams.

Installing a dash cam can be an effective way to guarantee that you have video evidence of any unexpected situation or incident while on the road.

Whether you need video proof for an insurance claim or want to see the details of a collision with your parked car, dash cams can help ensure you have everything you need to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Today, many dash cams offer high-quality recordings, GPS tracking, Bluetooth compatibility, and more.

With so many options on the market, it’s possible to find one that suits almost any need and budget.

Mini dashboard cameras, in particular, can be a simple and effective way to capture video footage of the road.

Compared to larger, more obstructive regular dash cams, mini cams come with discreet, compact designs that can be easily mounted in the front of the car without disrupting your view.

If you’re looking for the best choice for your car, here is your guide to some of the best mini dash cameras in 2023.

1. Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2

Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2
  • Video Capture Resolution: Full HD 1080p video 
  • Connectivity: Wifi

With a 140-degree lens, a compact and discreet design, and a huge range of other unique and convenient features, this mini dash camera is one of the best options on the market in 2022.

This tiny camera captures 1080hp footage so that you can be prepared with high-quality video in any unexpected situation.

It can also record clear videos day and night with fantastic image quality, so you don’t miss any critical details.

Garmin’s mini dash cam also includes incident detection, so a complete recording of any crash or impact is automatically saved to the camera.

And with the compatible smartphone app, you can easily access these secure videos at any time from your phone.

Several other convenient and functional details make this camera stand out as the best mini dash cam.

These include:

  • Live view monitoring from the Garmin Drive app
  • A parking guard feature to monitor your parked vehicle
  • Voice control for added safety and convenience while driving
  • Automatic and continuous recording once plugged in
  • Dual USB port

Along with all these features designed for peace of mind while driving, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 also comes with a durable and high-quality compact design.

It will withstand any harsh vehicle conditions, high temperatures, and direct sunlight while providing all the features you need in a dash camera.

With a $129.99 price tag, this dash cam offers the most extra features and value for your money, making it one of the best options available.


  • High-quality video recording and incident detection make it easy to capture details
  • Several extra features for safety and convenience
  • Compact and durable design for long-lasting use


  • Active wi-fi connection is needed for several of the extra features
  • A memory card is not included with this purchase

2. NextBase 622GW Dash Cam

Nextbase 622GW

Choosing 4K at 30fps results in footage that looks almost cinematic in presentation, with extraordinarily crisp definition and superb detail, even in low-light circumstances.

This award-winning mini-dash cam is another excellent choice if you’re looking for a camera packed with extra safety features.

The 4K image quality ensures that every detail, including license plate numbers, is captured in your dash cam footage.

And for even smoother video recording quality, this camera uses digital image stabilization.

It even includes super slow motion at 1080p and 120fps to help capture crucial details in case of an incident.

This NextBase dash cam is the perfect choice if you’re looking for plenty of extra safety features.

What3Words is embedded into the dash cam system and can provide your exact coordinates without any data connection.

The emergency SOS response system can then alert emergency services and friends of your location and other crucial details in the event of a severe incident.

This tiny camera also includes voice control, enhanced night vision recording, intelligent parking mode, and extreme weather mode to capture details in fog and other dangerous road conditions.

At $399.99, this is one of the pricier mini dash cams you can buy.

However, if you’re looking for peace of mind while driving, this camera’s unique safety features make it a great choice.

It also comes with several additional accessories, including a GPS mount, extra adhesive mount, and car power cable.


  • Revolutionary safety features can pinpoint your location and alert emergency services of incidents
  • 4K image quality and stabilization technology make it easy to capture details  
  • Includes additional accessories with the camera’s purchase


  • Higher cost than other mini dash cams
  • The micro SD card is not included

3. NextBase 522HW Dash Cam

NextBase 522HW

Best For: Those looking for an affordable mini dash cam

Top Features:

  • 1440P HD recording
  • Easy to attach
  • Has Wi-Fi connectivity

If you’re looking for some of the same safety features as the NextBase 622GW but at a more affordable cost, you might consider the NextBase 522HW Dash Cam.

Like NextBase’s newer model, this dash cam uses GPS tracking to alert emergency services of your location in the event of a serious incident.

It also includes pre-saved medical data and other vital information to assist emergency personnel as they provide help and treatment.

With a built-in polarizing filter, high-quality images, and a rotating bezel, this camera ensures that every detail, including road signs and license plate numbers, is captured in crystal clear quality.

It also includes Intelligent Parking Mode and enhanced night vision, so you can ensure that every incident or collision is automatically recorded.

Other features include Alexa voice control, an HD touch screen, and Bluetooth compatibility.

You can purchase this NextBase dash cam for $259.99.


  • Unique safety features and GPS tracking can alert emergency services in case of an incident
  • The built-in polarizing filter ensures every detail is captured
  • Includes several features designed for convenience, including a touch screen and voice control


  • While more affordable than NextBase’s newer model, the price tag is still more expensive than alternative options
  • Doesn’t include the required SD card

4. Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam

Nexar Beam GPS

Best For: Those looking for a versatile and easy-to-use Dash Cam

Top Features:

  • Built-in GPS
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • 1080P recording

For anyone looking for a versatile and easy-to-use Dash Cam, you can’t go wrong with the Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam.

This popular and highly-trusted company offers plenty of extra accessories and features that allow you to relax while behind the wheel.

With 24/7 alerts, you can ensure that you and your car are always protected.

In addition, this dash cam automatically starts recording in case of an impact and offers a real-time live stream of any incidents.

In the event of a more severe collision, the Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam can help by sending out emergency alerts with your location and a dash cam video.

There’s even a one-tap link to contact emergency services.

This camera doesn’t sacrifice any video quality despite its tiny and discreet size.

The 1080P HD videos can capture every detail of the road and use sensor data such as speed, location, and impact force in the case of a collision.

And if an incident is detected, all of this crucial information is securely backed up in the cloud storage.

When you purchase the Nexar Beam for $139.95, you’ll receive several tools and accessories for even more convenience when using the camera.

These include a GPS suction cup mount, USB charger, power cable, installation tools, and an SD card.

You can also enjoy a one-year warranty, 24/7 customer support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the camera.


  • Built-in GPS tracking ensures safety in case of emergency
  • Purchase includes several accessories and a money-back guarantee
  • Includes real-time parking and break-in alerts with 24-hour protection


  • Additional storage and mounting options need to be purchased separately
  • Some features depend on phone compatibility

5. DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Cam

DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Cam

Best For: Those looking for a durable, reliable, discreet mini dash cam design

Top Features:

  • 2160P recording
  • Wi-Fi connection available
  • In-built GPS

The DDPAI Mini5 4K Dash Cam uses a durable, reliable, discreet design to capture clear footage from road incidents and collisions.

The 140-degree wide-angle lens records details from the entire road to help provide crucial evidence from driving incidents.

This front dash cam includes a built-in GPS and 5G wi-fi, making it simple to access and store your videos.

And when you connect with the DDPAI app, you can enjoy live view monitoring, GPS logs, easy video sharing, etc.

While many dash cams rely on lithium batteries, the DDPAI Mini5 camera has a built-in super capacitor for longer and more reliable usage.

This technology also protects the camera in harsh weather conditions, so you can keep having peace of mind in extreme cold or heat.

This dash cam also comes with night vision recording capabilities for clear footage in low-light conditions and a built-in 64GB eMMC storage.

While there’s no voice control, the single-click recording buttons allow easy video and audio recordings.

Another key feature of this dash cam is the convenient 24-hour parking mode and G-sensor.

If the camera senses a sudden collision in a parked vehicle, it automatically films and saves a loop recording of the incident for any evidence or insurance claims.

At $159.99, this camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a discreet and reliable option at a reasonable cost.


  • Supercapacitor powered for long-lasting durability
  • DDPAI app makes it easy to customize settings and access high-quality videos
  • Includes built-in storage


  • Fewer additional safety features than alternative cameras
  • Lack of voice control is less convenient while driving

6. VanTrue S1 4k Hidden Dash Cam

VanTrue S1

Best For: Those who want a front and rear camera

Top Features:

  • Dual 1080P
  • Built-in GPS
  • 360 degrees adjustment

This next mini dash camera is the first option on the list that includes both a front and rear camera.

With a front and rear view angle, the comprehensive footage from this camera guarantees protection in any road incident.

The two high-resolution cameras offer a nearly 360-degree perspective and can easily adjust to suit any driver’s needs.

While both cameras provide high-resolution images and audio, the compact design allows them to stay hidden and out of the way while driving.

This two-way dash camera is powered by a supercapacitor, which allows it to work reliably in extreme weather.

The Sony Night Vision also guarantees clear and detailed video footage in almost any driving conditions.

Additional features include:

  • A 24-hour parking mode.
  • A live speed display GPS.
  • Loop recording.
  • A G-sensor that automatically stores and locks crucial footage.

With the front and rear dash camera, you’ll also receive a car charger, mini USB cable, rear camera cable, and two camera brackets with adhesive stickers for easy installation.

You can purchase the VanTrue S1 4K Dash Cam and all these additional accessories for $199.99


  • Includes both a front and rear view mirror angle
  • Built-in super capacitor creates durability in any condition
  • Includes additional features such as parking mode and night vision for added security


  • A memory card is not included with the purchase
  • The camera interface is not as user-friendly as alternatives and can be challenging to navigate

7. Yi Mini Dash Cam

Yi Mini Dash Cam

Best For: Those looking for a discreet and reliable dash cam

Top Features:

  • 1080P recording
  • 2.0” LCD screen

The Yi Mini Dash Camera is another great option if you’re looking for a discreet and reliable dash cam.

The 140-degree wide-angle lens prevents any blind spots by offering three-lane coverage, while the 1080p resolution ensures that drivers can see every detail of the road in the recordings.

Yi guarantees high-quality video footage through the use of an all-glass professional lens.

This lens reduces glare to provide HD images that can be used as evidence in the event of a collision.

And with a quick, automatic start-up, drivers can be sure that this camera won’t miss a thing while on the road.

The Yi Mini Dash Cam also has a built-in G-sensor that can detect collisions, activate the emergency video recording function, and save and protect any footage from the time of the accident.

Moreover, when you want to view or download any recordings, these can be easily viewed and shared via Wi-fi on the Yi Dash app.

Along with the features designed for safety and protection, drivers will love this camera’s discreet and easy-to-use design.

The LCD screen and large navigational buttons are simple and intuitive, offering a user-friendly experience.

The Yi Mini Dash Cam doesn’t include some of the extra safety and convenience features you can find with other cameras, so it might not be the best choice for use in more extreme environments.

However, even in low-light, the high-quality video makes this a great budget option at under $50.


  • Simple, user-friendly interface for a low cost
  • Built-in G-sensor automatically stores emergency recordings for evidence in collisions
  • The high-quality camera and all-glass lens deliver clear, detailed images


  • Doesn’t include a memory card and other additional accessories
  • Lacks extra features such as parking mode and GPS

8. Onn Mini Dash and Action Video Camera

Onn Mini Dash

Best For: For those shopping for a dash camera on a budget

Top Features:

  • 1080P recording
  • The real angle of view is 140 degrees

If you’re shopping for a dash camera on a budget, the Onn Mini Dash and Action Video Camera is a high-quality and affordable option for drivers.

This camera is highly versatile and comes with many uses, including effective use as a front dashboard camera.

The high-resolution 1080P video can clearly capture critical details on the road, and the infrared LED light and built-in microphone ensure that you can capture high-resolution video and sound at any time of day.

Along with these features, you can also enjoy continuous loop recordings and the included micro SD card for easy video storage.

One limitation is the perspective of the angle lens.

At 90 degrees, the Onn camera doesn’t capture quite as much of the road as some of the more expensive competitors on the market.

However, at $15.83, it offers all the essential features you need in a dash cam at an affordable price.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Includes infrared LED light for high-resolution images in low-light
  • Comes with an 8GB micro SD card


  • Doesn’t include many of the additional features that come with pricier models
  • The smaller angle lens doesn’t capture as much of the road in recordings as other dash cams

Which Mini Dash Cam is Perfect for You?

With so many options for dash camera models available, it can be challenging to find which model is best for you.

If you want the most value for your money, the Garmin Mini Dash Cam 2 might be the right choice for you.

With clear and reliable video footage, live view monitoring, and extra features such as parking guards and incident detection, this tiny and discreet camera offers the best experience at a reasonable price.

However, whether you’re looking for a more safety-focused model, a more straightforward interface, or a more affordable design, a mini dash cam is out there that meets your needs.

Once you find the option that works best for you, be sure to purchase a dash cam to enjoy peace of mind behind the wheel.

No matter which mini dash cam you pick, having an extra pair of eyes in case of an unexpected incident is the perfect way to feel more secure and relaxed while on the road.

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