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Bird One Electric Scooter Price, Specs & More

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Rental scooter companies like Bird are springing up like daisies.

Starting in California, Bird has grown to include more than 100 cities across five continents.

Bird uniquely designed the Bird One electric scooter for rental purposes.

Rather than bonding with one rider for life, Bird Ones were always intended to join a shared fleet.

The Bird electric scooter was built for frequent use.

Scooter riders, both inexperienced and well-traveled, have tested the limits of capability and construction.

So is this two-wheeled transportation up to the challenge?

What is the Bird One Electric Scooter?

One of Bird’s primary motivators is reducing carbon emissions.

Most of the dense traffic in cities is due to vehicle transportation, whether they own the ride or call Uber.

The congestion contributes to the smog and travel stress.

Bird wants scooter sharing to spread as the preferred environmental-friendly choice for commuters by creating a reliable alternative.

With the Bird One, the company strove to construct a scooter that appealed to the most users, with remarkable performance and durability.

Although the primary goal was creating a shared e-scooter, it’s also sold commercially.

So the Bird One might be shareable, but it’s also an option for individual consumers.

How Much Does the Bird One Electric Scooter Cost?

The price is a steep $1,299, but the price is reflected in the electric scooter’s many features.

With top marks with braking, acceleration, and anti theft protection, some riders might consider it worth the cost.

The price for renting will depend on where you’re renting.

Typically, rentals require a nominal unlocking fee for activation with an additional rate per minute.

When initially launched, most scooter riders could expect a 15-cent per minute fee, but prices have spiked above 30-cents in recent years.

It’s also wise to research where you can park your ride, or city officials will add fines to your scooter fee.

Bird One Scooter Specs

The Bird One electric scooter is available in jet black, dove white, and electric rose.

Riders control most functions through the Bird app, including monitoring and anti theft protection.

For example, the app sends notifications if the electric scooter is manipulated while digitally locked.

Users might also check the ride history or battery level.

For shared scooters, this feature can be beneficial to know whose turn it is to charge.

The Bird app can pair with any device that uses Bluetooth or cellular connectivity.

In addition, the Bird electric scooter is GPS enabled, allowing you to check your ride location using your paired device.

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Bird scooter has a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

Most city speed limits peak between 15 to 30 miles per hour, so it’s a smart way to prevent riders from going over.

Unfortunately, there’s no speedometer, which can be intimidating for beginners.

Bird suggests the Bird One scooter can climb angle grades up to 17% under optimal conditions.

If you’re hesitantly eyeing a hill, keep in mind, the manufacturer set the rider weight limit at 220 lbs and didn’t add nasty weather or uneven roads into their calculations.

Battery Life & Range

The Bird One has a longer range battery.

With a single charge, the battery life allows distances between the 25 to 30 mile mark.

Although speed used and rider weight can alter achievable mileage.

The 12.8 Ah lithium-ion battery is rear-seated on the scooter deck.

The charge time for a full battery capacity is 6 hours.

However, the Bird app will notify you if your ride needs a boost.

Motor Configuration

The 300-watt motor is encased inside the front wheel, protecting from weather and debris.

The front-wheel-drive allows smooth acceleration.

Change speeds seamlessly with a thumb push.

Construction & Build Quality

Durability and safety were the highest priority for Bird One scooter makers.

The general public can access their electric scooter, from one-time trials to monthly personal rentals.

So it needed to hold up under scrutiny.

The average mishap isn’t a problem for the Bird Ones thanks to the steel-reinforced aluminum frame.

In addition, the lack of a folding mechanism ensures a sturdier stem.

The materials are corrosion-proof and IP34 water-resistant.

For further peace of mind, the motor and battery have additional protection rated IP67.


Alas, there is no suspension system with the Bird One.

Bumpy terrain can affect the smoothness of the ride.

Since city terrain was the intended location, Bird e-scooters are best for paved or even paths.

The 9-inch semi-solid pneumatic tires are the only defense against bumps.

However, the puncture-proof tires can roll over most dips, curbs, edges, and other obstacles.


Safety isn’t an issue either, with a responsive brake system using dual braking.

The front brake features a regenerative motor with a drum brake in the rear.

Brakes are controlled with an easily accessible lever on the handlebar.

As a result, riders stop when they want to stop,

The system wastes zero energy.

Instead, the regenerative motor converts the power lost while stopping, transforming it into usable energy.


The Bird One fixed neck improves stability.

This is different from their other model, the Bird Air, which features a foldable neck to increase portability.

Bird Ones are also 38.5 lbs, about 6 lbs heavier than the Bird Air.

The Bird Air is the better model for stowing away for later.

For the Bird One, it’s a lot easier to ride the scooter than carry it.

Lights & Reflectors

Bird Ones come with front and rear LED enhanced lighting.

In addition, Bird further improves visibility with reflective light strips on the front and back tires, placed on both sides.

Riders can engage the LED lighting with the Bird app, but the rear flashing lights while braking is automatic.

Bird One Scooter Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of a Bird ride in key categories.

vector graphic showing a bird one electric scooter


Bird offers reliable models for most riders and most conditions.

Bird manufactured their e-scooter to endure the pitfalls of irregular ownership, including bumping and bruising.

The controls are simplified, but that can be advantageous to riders interested in an ordinary commute there and back again.


The Bird one-year limited warranty includes practical body coverage.

Including repair or replacement for the charging port can be especially helpful, as you can’t ride without a charge.

The battery pack and battery charger are covered under the 180-day warranty.

Although, repair for finer parts is restrictive.

Customer Support

While the Bird app has security features, owners can also call upon the Bird Hunters, specializing in missing scooters.

They’re also responsible for hunting rental scooters for charging.

Bird technical support is available online or by phone (1-866-205-2442 or hello@bird.co).

Although active on online platforms such as Twitter, some customers have difficulty reaching real-time assistance.

Pros and Cons of the Bird One Electric Scooter

Now let’s compare the primary pros and cons of Bird One side by side.


  • One-year limited warranty
  • Customer support available through online channels
  • Responsive braking system
  • Durability
  • Stability

The makers of Bird Ones successfully constructed a durable, stable scooter.

The brakes respond immediately and they don’t waste battery keeping riders safe.

Additionally, the one-year warranty covers plenty of critical parts, including battery essentials.


  • Challenging user interface
  • Modifying disqualifies warranty
  • Limited real-time customer support
  • No speedometer
  • Lacks suspension

The Bird One interface can be challenging.

While app navigation is easy, some users find difficulty communicating with the scooter’s system.

And although Bird has plenty of online troubleshooting, real-time live customer support is lacking.

Riders are also limited to smooth paths with the lack of suspension, which might mean riding where speeds are lower.

With no speedometer, riders might earn a speeding ticket.

Bird One Scooter Hack: Unlock Additional Mods

While hacking e-scooters isn’t condoned by Bird or scooter rental companies, unlocking riders can quickly complete most additional mods.

Most scooter hackers can find tips for increasing speed, improving aerodynamics, or upgrading parts online.

Plenty of risk-free methods maximize the default components and won’t cause harm, including unlocking speed in the app, reducing weight load, tire maintenance, and regular battery charging.

Modifying can have some risks, especially if you’re not a mechanical or electrical expert.

For example, you might install custom firmware, remove the speed limiter, add a battery pack, or modify the motor.

Where to Buy a Bird One Scooter

Riders can purchase a Bird One Scooter through the official site.

Although Bird CEO Travis Vanderzanden initially wanted a limited market for buyers over renters, Bird Ones are available through many sellers.

Mainly, Bird Ones are sold at a bike or e-scooter vendor, but other major sellers such as Walmart and Amazon may sell the e-scooter or parts.

Where to Get Bird One Scooter Parts

If you’re unable to acquire Bird One scooter parts through Bird, parts are available through many vendors.

Any store that sells e-scooters will likely have parts you can use.

If you’re seeking Bird specifically, it’s best to call ahead or shop online.

However, unlike Lime, Bird electric scooters fit more easily with non-Bird brand components.

What is the Difference Between Bird One and Bird Air?

The most significant difference between the Bird One and the Bird Air is portability.

The Bird One’s focus on durability with its slightly increased weight.

The Bird Air also featured a foldable stem for easier carrying or storage.

Speed, range, and water-resistance are similar capabilities.

Except, Bird Air has an alternative brake system with no front brake.

Is Bird a Good Electric Scooter Brand?

Bird is satisfactory for electric scooter renters.

However, for individual consumers expanding their scooter usage, Bird models can be lacking.

It excels as a sturdy basic e-scooter, but its functionality doesn’t compare to higher-end models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read over these FAQs for more information.

What brand of electric scooter does Bird use?

The Bird brand bases its e-scooters on the Segway Ninebot ES4 and ES2 designs.

It’s also similar to the Xiaomi Mi M365.

Which scooter is better: Lime or Bird?

There are pros and cons for Bird and Lime scooters.

Notably, Bird is pricier than Lime, but some riders find the accelerating and braking smoother.

On the other hand, Lime is generally given points for a better user interface and pausing rides rather than charging during pit stops.

However, Bird and Lime scooter riders aren’t the only ones competing in the market.

Lyft’s scooter fleet has received a top rating over both brands, while Uber, Pure Electric, and others are growing in popularity.

Wrapping Up

We’ve overviewed the basics of Bird’s pros and cons for potential riders and buyers.

Bird One scooters might be the best ride for some, but it’s best to do your research.

If you’re not sure if Bird One is for you, check out other brands.

You can read more about other electric scooter brands from us!

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