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The Comprehensive Guide to Bird Scooter Charging

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Last updated: June 16, 2021

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  1. Chris Mollo Says:

    I like charging Birds for extra money, but some of the tactics used are out of control. I’ve even had people knock on my door at 9 pm at night and tell me they are from “Bird Scooter Loss Prevention” and that they need me to “release the scooters you have to us so we can inventory them.” I mean come on now. I’d like to know how they found out I was charging Birds in the first place. I think it was because there was a Bird scooter right in my complex parking lot and they must have been on their way to capture it, and I got to it first. Guess they were pissed off and wanted to try to get the scooter from me. I don’t even think you can release them to someone else once you have scanned them, but according to these two morons I could “cancel the task in my app and relinquish the scooters into their custody.” LMAO! I think some of these chargers actually follow people around and try to get them to turn over their scooters to them also.

    I find it a little bit unsettling that people are willing to come to my house and snoop around all in the hopes of grabbing a few $5 bounties.

    I’ve also personally witnessed massive hoarding operations. There are people who rent a U-Haul truck that go around my area and pick up scooters sometimes right after people release them to a nest. I guess they are “hoarding.” I just found out that was a thing after these two strange men pounded on my door at night and accused me of it and then told me they were going to have to “flag my account.”

    I don’t know… This would be a good thing is Bird could crack down on some of the massive fraud that’s going on.

  2. Matthew Barber Says:

    This is scary. I’d ask to see driver ID and company ID and get a pic of both if they’re claiming to be bird employees

  3. Кристина Довгань Says:

    I had a terrible experience of using Bird in Vienna.

    In rules, there are no information (30/01/19) about red zone where parking is not available.

    So I was trying to park scooter near the metro or public bike parking zone according to the rule of parking in app.

    But it was not possible. I spent around 30 min, no result.

    I was trying to call to Bird – no result.

    Than I tried to switch on an application and start again.

    In result my scooter was blocked for riding but still not possible to park. But this time I finally saw this red zone.

    As far as scooter was blocked to riding I had literally carried scooter on my back out of the red zone. In result I spent a lot of money for searching of parking area and missed my lessons.

    I sent all this information to help center and got an answer – sorry for that, a red zone its a new rule, we can give you 2 dollar for the next trip.


    You don’t event want to give me all my money back of all this time I spent because you forgot mention about red zone?!

  4. Fayfay BECKMAN Says:

    can you be a charger without a car. i live right in the middle of san diego city

  5. Patch Says:

    >apply excitedly
    >wait so long that your address changes
    >try to reapply
    >app no longer has the apply button
    >apply on website
    >”you already have an account, please log into the app”
    >can’t even update with new address
    >oh well, maybe I’ll get approved in 2025

  6. Brad the Tortoise Says:

    I believe so. I applied and was asked whether or not I had a vehicle to use to collect the scooters. I replied no, but was still approved to obtain chargers. I also live in a downtown area, though, which I think is key.

  7. Gerrit Says:

    I’m also in San Diego and I’m pretty sure they didn’t care if I had a vehicle.
    Note I applied 7 months ago and finally got excepted tho, also I got my 3 chargers today and noted most scooters show up $2 and a few $5… But I live in a dense zone so we will see!

    So definitely take this articles advice on how to streamline.

  8. Mark Says:

    Sounds interesting. I’m absolutely desperate for money and can’t work most jobs anymore due to my health. This is something I could definitely do, although living in an apt. I wouldn’t be able to do large numbers like some can, but I could pay a few bills with it.

  9. Uhsen Li Says:

    charging scooters can be profitable
    1) you’ll need to charge 50 scooters a night, and you can make $250
    2) while you’re charing, you can pick up more scooters, and move them around, or redeploy them for additional $30-50 an hour.

    it is very labor intensive job since these scooters weights about 30 each. Also, wear gloves. most of these scooters have rat germs on there since there are rats crowing around them at night

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