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The Ins and Outs of Being a Bird Scooter Charger

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Key Takeaways

  • Bird scooter charging is a flexible gig job, offering the freedom to choose work hours and locations for charging electric scooters.
  • Earnings for Bird chargers range from $3 to $5 per scooter, with potential to make around $50 an hour by efficiently capturing and charging multiple scooters.
  • The role includes capturing scooters using the Bird app, charging them, and releasing them at designated locations by early morning.
  • The role includes capturing scooters using the Bird app, charging them, and releasing them at designated locations by early morning.

Electric scooter companies are rising in popularity. With this growth comes plenty of job opportunities, including gig work.

Bird, in particular, relies on independent contractors to fulfill tasks. One of the best-paying yet easiest jobs there is a Bird scooter charger.

Do you want to find out more? Keep reading our guide to learn all about this lucrative opportunity and understand how to become one of Bird’s Flyers. Let’s dive in!

Become a Charger
Become a Bird Charger

Make money by becoming a Bird Charger. Get started today by downloading the Bird app

What Is a Bird Scooter Charger?

Bird is a transportation service hailing from Santa Monica. Instead of waiting for an Uber or driving for hours to find a parking spot, Bird allows you to rent electric bikes and scooters. This way, you bypass traffic, save the environment, and get some exercise.

Well, those scooters won’t charge themselves. Bird hires independent contractors to round up the scooters, charge them at their homes or other charging facilities, and redistribute them. Bird typically calls these contractors Flyers.

As a Bird Charger, or Flyer, you decide when and where you work. You also set your working hours and how to charge the electric scooters and bikes. There are no minimum working hours or required tasks.

Accordingly, Bird Chargers are essential for the operation of Bird. So, you’ll always find an opening for this flexible position.

How Charging Bird Scooters Works

Let’s understand how the whole thing comes together.

1. Capturing a Bird

The first step to charging a Bird scooter is to locate it. Bird calls this step “Capturing the birds.”

To capture uncharged scooters, you’ll find their locations on the Bird app. Locate the vehicle, and scan its QR code to unlock it. You should then find the scooter in the “My Tasks” section in the app, indicating that you’ve successfully captured the Bird!

Many Flyers can stumble upon a bird in the wild, but they can’t capture it. In this case, the scooters might be awaiting a mechanic or simply not in Flyer mode.

If you have overdue tasks, or you’ve captured the maximum number of scooters, you won’t be able to capture any new Birds.

If you can’t locate a vehicle, you can activate its alarm in the Bird app, allowing you to easily find the scooter.

The best part about Bird is that vehicles are available throughout the day, giving you ultimate flexibility.

2. Charging the Scooter

Once you’ve captured the bird, you can start charging it however you see fit. You can transport it to an EV charging station, take it home, or use a portable charger.

You’ll find the charging port on the left side or near the bottom of the neck, depending on the scooter’s model.

When you plug in the charger, the indicator light should turn red, meaning the vehicle is charging. Once it turns green, it means the scooter is fully charged. The scooter’s battery level will also be available in the “My Task” section within the Bird application.

You must charge the scooter to over 95%, or Bird might dock your pay. You must also avoid charging the vehicle when the temperature is below 32℉ or above 113℉, as birds must be charged at room temperature.

3. Releasing the Vehicle

After charging the vehicle, you should promptly return it to a location where Bird is available, commonly known as a Nest. You must release the Bird before 7 A.M. the day after capturing it.

The Bird application should show you all available nearby scooter nests to avoid another Flyer releasing their scooter in the location you’re eyeing, you should claim the nest from the app. This reserves the spot for up to 30 minutes.

You’ll also find the option to reserve multiple nests in select Bird locations. This way, you can release the scooters faster.

Upon arriving at the nest location, select “Release” from the app. Verify which vehicles you want to release and snap a picture of the scooters for confirmation. Then, you’ll have successfully finished the task.

How Much Do Bird Chargers Make?

A scooter charger role at Bird pays handsomely. When scouting for scooters, Bird will show you the estimate of each one. They range from $3 to $5.

Assuming you can capture five scooters every 30 minutes, this equates to about $50 an hour. Not bad at all for a side hustle!

Bird’s payment scheme depends on the location of the scooters, how easy it is to capture them, and the demand for Flyers.

You must complete tasks before 7 A.M. to initiate your earnings on the same day. Delayed release will not only result in lower rates, but it’ll also postpone your payment.

You must note that direct deposit payments take one to three working days to appear in your account.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Bird scooter charging as a side hustle can be hit or miss.

In less competitive areas, it’s a practical way to earn extra cash, especially if it aligns with your schedule. However, in crowded urban environments, competition and scooter hoarding can make it less profitable.

This gig suits those who can adapt to its unique demands and weigh the effort against potential earnings. It’s about finding the right strategy for your local market and lifestyle, and using it to earn more.

I also suggest reading a post I recently put together – How to Make More Money as a Bird Charger – to learn how to increase your chances of earning more while charging.

Bird Scooter Charger Requirements

To qualify as a Bird scooter charger, there are a few essential criteria you must meet:

  1. Minimum Age Requirement: You need to be at least 18 years old. This is the same age requirement needed to ride a Bird scooter.
  2. Reside in a Bird Service Area: You must live in a location where Bird operates. To verify this, download the Bird app and use the map feature. Bird’s services are available in over 100 cities globally, including regions in the United States, Europe, and Israel.
  3. Have a Suitable Vehicle: You should own a vehicle capable of transporting at least three Bird scooters. This can be any vehicle type, from a small sedan to a larger truck. Once your application as a charger is accepted, Bird will contact you for further details about your vehicle.

How To Apply to Become a Bird Charger

To apply for becoming a Bird scooter charger, follow these steps:

  1. Download the App and Create an Account: Begin by downloading the app and creating an account.
  2. Provide Personal Information: When opening a Bird charger account, you’ll need to enter basic details like your name, email address, and phone number.
  3. Submit Financial and Tax Information: Bird will require your direct deposit information, social security number, and other relevant tax details for processing payments.
  4. Application Review and Approval: Once you submit your application, Bird will assess your eligibility. If you’re approved, they’ll send you a welcome kit with essential items to start charging scooters.
  5. One-Time Fee for Charging Cables: There’s a one-time fee of $30 to cover the cost of three charging cables. These cables will be sent to you after your application is approved.
  6. Waiting Period: The entire signup process, including receiving your charging cables, typically takes between one to three weeks.
  7. Start Working: Upon receiving your charging cables, you can immediately begin using the app to locate scooters and start earning money as a Bird charger.

Still, this doesn’t mean you’re a Bird scooter charger.

Working Up the Ranks As a Bird Charger

vector graphic showing a bird scooter charger charging scooters against a wall in a warehouse

First, you start as a level 1 Flyer, undergoing basic tasks such as moving and parking scooters. After completing some tasks, you’ll unlock the charger mode.

You can buy starter power supplies from the Bird website. This kit is your responsibility. If lost or damaged, you’ll need to replace it.

Keep in mind that there isn’t any specific equipment required to become a Bird Charger. Once you reach level 2, you’re good to go.

For example, if you own a large truck or SUV, you can transport the scooters to your home to charge them.

Yet, you can still become an electric scooter charger if you don’t have the right vehicle. Instead, use the scooter itself to get by. However, since the batteries are often low at that point, you might run out of charge before arriving at your destination.

You might also use a portable battery to charge the scooters on the spot. You won’t have to wait by the bike for long, as each electric scooter can fully charge in as short as three hours.

The Impact of Being a Bird Charger on the Community

Working as a Bird charger is more than just a profitable side hustle. You’ll also be helping your community in these ways:

  • Sustainability: E-bikes are one of the most sustainable forms of transportation. Not only do they use clean energy sources, but they also significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Improve Traffic: Electric scooters are an ideal way to solve the urban transportation crisis. They improve traffic congestion, reduce noise, and are generally easier to maneuver in crowded areas.
  • Exercise: Walking everywhere might be healthy, but it’s also time-consuming. Well, electric bikes are the best of both worlds by offering quick transportation without compromising your health.

Challenges and Considerations of Becoming a Bird Charger

Every role has its drawbacks. Here are some factors to consider before becoming a Bird Flyer:

1. Equipment

Whether you’re charging scooters at home or using a portable charger, you’re responsible for the tools, transportation, and electricity bills. Bird increases the pay in case of a far location. Still, the expenses can quickly add up, making the gig rather cost-ineffective.

2. Instability

Charging Bird scooters is incredibly unstable. You’ll have to capture the scooters from odd, changing locations. You might also face obstacles, such as blocked entrances, damaged vehicles, or an electricity outage.

3. Time Management

Working contingent jobs is great due to the increased flexibility. However, while you can set your hours and manage your earnings, any change in your schedule might lead to delayed release. So, you must be significantly organized to handle Bird’s deadlines.

4. Competition

Becoming a Bird scooter charger is a sought-after job due to the great pay and flexibility. Since there are no prerequisites to the role, the tasks are highly competitive. You might not find enough scooters to charge.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings and Efficiency

Charging Bird scooters is lucrative. Still, factoring in how a scooter costs about $0.08 to $0.25 to fully charge as well as the gas costs, it’s important to maximize your earning potential using the following tips:

1. Invest in multiple chargers

Bird power supplies come in a three-pack charger kit for maximum capacity. You can invest in multiple chargers, allowing you to charge as many scooters as possible.

2. Capture multiple birds

Many beginner flyers choose to capture the highest-paying vehicles first. Yet, it’s better to locate the scooters near each other, as this allows you to capture far more vehicles in less time.

3. Designate a specific time for work

If you want to release the scooters on time, you must schedule your day to a tee.

First, set aside about two hours to capture all the vehicles and bring them back to the charging location. Then, the scooters should charge for about five hours. Designate another hour to return each scooter to its nest.

4. Fully charge the scooters

You might find that your earnings are lower than expected, even though you charged the vehicles above 95%.

Well, the battery level decreases while you’re transporting the scooters. That’s why many Flyers prefer to charge the Birds at night, ensuring the scooters reach maximum battery percentage.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still want to know more, keep for answers to several of the most commonly asked questions about the Bird scooter charging process.

vector graphic showing a bird one electric scooter against a background of a city

How do you locate and capture a Bird?

To locate and capture a Bird scooter, open the Bird app and use its map to find nearby available scooters. Tap on your chosen scooter in the app to claim it, then unlock it through the app and place it in your vehicle.

How long does it take to charge a Bird scooter?

On average, it takes about three to four hours to charge a Bird scooter. If you have enough cables on hand, you could potentially have a goal as a Bird hunter of up to 15 to 20 scooters per night.

How do you get more Bird charger cables?

To get more Bird charger cables, you can buy them directly from Bird by contacting their customer support. Alternatively, you can search on Amazon for compatible chargers.

What type of scooter does Bird use?

Bird initially used the Xiaomi M365 scooter, known for its reliability and suitability for urban areas. They later used the Ninebot-Segway ES2 model. Currently, Bird mainly uses the Xiaomi M635, an upgraded version of the M365.

How do you know if a Bird scooter is charged?

The Bird app has a built-in charging indicator. This feature will tell you how much battery life the scooter has left.

In addition, each Bird scooter has a charger mode which will display a green light once it reaches a full battery.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a Bird scooter charger is simple. All you need to do is download the application, sign up as a Flyer, and complete a couple of tasks to reach level 2.

Then, you’ll be able to unlock charger tasks. Keep in mind that you’re responsible for purchasing your Bird power supplies. You can also use any bike chargers you already own, as long as they’re compatible with Bird scooters.

Lastly, start by locating a scooter on the Bird app, capturing, charging, and releasing it. If you release a vehicle before 7 A.M., you should earn your pay on the same day!

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