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The Most Popular Scooter Rental Services in 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • Lime’s widespread availability and partnership with Uber offer convenient urban commuting options.
  • Bird’s global presence and variable pricing cater to urban and Canadian markets efficiently.
  • Spin’s expansive US city coverage and unique Spin 6 model provide a smooth riding experience.
  • Veo’s presence in 20 states with affordable rates makes it a go-to for eco-conscious riders.

The electric scooter-sharing industry grew by a CAGR value of 17.3% between 2017 and 2021. It doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon, either. Experts expect it to grow steadily at a CAGR of 19% until it reaches a $6,302.2 million valuation by 2032.

This isn’t a huge surprise when you consider how a scooter’s flexibility makes it an ideal pick for multiple use cases, from last-mile trips for daily commutes to sightseeing tours.

But the fact that the e-vehicles can fit different use cases doesn’t mean any scooter rental service will meet your ridesharing needs.

You need to consider availability, pricing structure, vehicle models, eco-friendliness, and support. To help you out, we crafted a categorized list.

Urban Commuter Scooter Rentals

Scooters can zip between traffic, fit in small parking spaces, and fold up for easier carrying on public transport. All this makes scooter sharing a convenient and economical commuting alternative in urban areas.

It also explains why many of the top players in the market cater to the young urban commuter.

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Since 2017, people around the world have taken more than 250 million Lime rides (on e-scooters and e-bikes).

New York alone, where Lime scooters cost $1 to unlock and $0.42 per-minute rate, accounts for more than 2 million of those trips.

But Lime’s rental services also cover 230+ cities in more than 30 countries.

You can find a scooter on Lime’s app or through Uber’s scooter service—the companies have an ongoing partnership. But you can also activate rides via text without using a smartphone.

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Bird operates in 10+ counties. Within the US, many cities (Charleston, WV, Medford, OR, Canton, OH, and more) have partnered with the rental company to provide clean transportation.

Even though Bird pulled out its scooters from several cities worldwide in 2022, it started expanding in the Greater Toronto Area in 2023.

This makes Bird a top choice for urban commuters in the US and Canada.

In the US, Bird scooters cost $1 to $2 to unlock and anywhere from $0.10 to $0.33 per minute.

In Canada, the initial fee is around $1.15, and then the rate is $0.4 per minute.

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Spin is a subsidiary of Bird Rides Inc. Together, they operate in around 87% of the 50 most populous US cities. Spin covers 25 campuses, too.

But rather than use the same BirdThree scooter, Spin offers the Spin 6 model with its improved hydraulic suspension.

Spin isn’t far off from Bird’s price range. Rates change based on location, but you can expect a $1 unlock fee and around $0.3 per minute.

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Veo’s micro-mobility rentals are available in 20 states , including California, Florida, Indiana, and New York.

In Sarasota, Florida, the unlock fee is $1, and the per-minute rate is around $0.37.

Tourist-Focused Scooter Rentals

Lots of local tourism operators offer e-vehicle rentals. But if you’re looking for services that operate on a larger scale, you can check out Mobilboard, Beam, or Uber (an honorable mention).

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Mobilboard operates via multiple tourism and entertainment agencies across Europe. Most locations are in France, but you’ll also find segway options in Belgium and Spain.

In the Pessac Leognan region, Mobilboard offers guided scooter tours with short training starting at €39.

In Annecy, you could ask the instructors for route and sightseeing recommendations, but you’ll be on your own during the ride. The fees are cheaper, though. You could rent an electric scooter for the full day for €45.

There are all-terrain scooters starting at €25 in the Aillon agency, too.

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Beam is one of the leading micro-mobility rental companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Although Beam operates in more than 60 cities, a few locations are particularly tourist-focused, including Cairns and Noosa.

The company partnered with 15+ tourism operators in Cairns in 2022.

Around 150 purple e-scooters are available in tourist hotspots with the riding area loaded to the app. The unlock fee is $1, with a relatively high $0.65 per-minute rate.

Rates are slightly lower in Noosa’s tourist operators, with a rate of $0.55 per minute.

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Uber is a suitable pick solely based on its popularity.

Since it’s one of the highest-performing apps in the travel category, we can reasonably assume that most tourists already have Uber downloaded on their phones.

Odds are, they’ll check the Uber-lime scooters availability before looking at local options.

Long-Term Scooter Rentals

Some services will let you rent and keep the same scooter for months on end. Others cater to long-term rentals only with discounted subscription-based access, like the $5.99 Lime Prime subscription.

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Spin offers a 30-day rental for $59 . Along with the e-scooter, the rental covers a GPS lock/tracker and a charging cable, all shipped to you without a delivery charge.

The Spin+ subscription also comes with unlimited maintenance, support, and scooter swaps.

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Unagi doesn’t do short-term rentals. Instead, they offer two All-Access Passes.

The Model One Voyager starts at $69 per month.

But if this is over your budget, you could go with the Model One Classic. It has a narrower range (12 vs. 25 miles), takes longer to charge, and doesn’t come with the eLock on the mobile app.

Unagi covers both models with insurance and service, though. If you ever need maintenance, they’ll send a replacement while they work on the repairs.

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Wheels offers scooter rental services in select cities in the US, including Tampa and New York.

Their long-term rental scooter is a Segway Max, which starts at $129.99 per month. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, there’s an in-store pickup option.

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Voi is suitable for long-term scooter rental in Europe.

The company operates in 100+ European towns and cities, with a fleet of three Voiager scooter models and two Explorer bike models.

Voi’s frequent-rider package covers 300 minutes of renting for around £35 per month . There’s also a £7–10 day pass with only 100–120 riding minutes.

Eco-Friendly and Electric Scooter Rentals

Shared e-scooters are already more eco-friendly than gas-based rideshare options. But to pick a particularly green rental, you want to look for a few factors:

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Superpedestrian designs their scooters in-house to boost their lifespan. On average, their vehicles last 5+ years (~2.500 rides). When the vehicles finally break down, they strip them to spare parts or responsibly recycle them.

What makes the rental company particularly sustainable is its long-range scooters. The extended battery life pushes the range to 61 miles.

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Lime’s model S doesn’t boast an extremely long range like Superpedestarian’s vehicles—it only covers 37 miles. However, the company’s in-house design can last for 5+ years.

Lime also partnered with the One Tree Planted initiative for the Lime Prime subscription.

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Bird designed the BirdThree dockless scooter with a circular economy in mind.

To keep the scooter long-lasting and eco-friendly, they used swappable batteries (good for ~14,000 miles in total), durable self-sealing pneumatic tires, and real-time diagnostic sensors.

Luxury and High-Performance Scooter Rentals

Compared to many ridesharing e-scooters on the market, Unagi’s scooter, with its carbon fiber frame and tubeless tires, feels lightweight, futuristic, and luxurious.

But if you want more luxury models, marketplaces are your best shot.


Instead of looking at rental companies, you can browse rent-specific marketplaces like Fat Llamaor FriendsWithAfor luxury scooter models near you.


Levy classifies its folding Levy Plus scooter as a high-end product, but some experts believe it’s more of a mid-range pick.

Its rich LCD controls, sturdy aluminum frame, and conveniently located swappable battery give it a luxurious vibe.

Specialized Scooter Rentals

Luxury and standard scooters aren’t your only options. You can also find companies specializing in courier, off-road, or mobility scooter rentals.

Scooters for Delivery Services

If you’re a courier in New York City, you can rent the Levy Max model for $130 per month. It doesn’t feature a carry basket, though, which can limit your gig options compared to other electric scooters for delivery drivers.

But if you’re working with Deliveroo in the UK, you could rent an Otto scooter for £79 per week.

Off-Road Scooters

The French company Zosh makes off-road scooters with a low gravity center, two 750W motors, and a 31-mile range (on all-terrain mode).

You’ll find Zosh scooters available for rent from some tourism operators for around €30.

Mobility Scooters

Scootaround offers three-wheel and four-wheel mobility scooter rentals in 2,500+ locations in North America and Europe. They also deliver the vehicle to hotels and residences.

Budget-Friendly Scooter Rentals

The average scooter ride costs $3.65, which is relatively budget-friendly. But you can always shift to more affordable service providers.


Lyft is only available in a few cities, including Denver, Washington DC, and Chicago. But it’s fairly affordable.

Scooters from Lyft usually need a $1 unlock fee and a per-minute rate that varies by location. In Denver, the rate is $0.37, with the reservation time included.

But in Chicago, the city-owned Divvy scooter-sharing system operates under Lyft. There are no unlock fees for members, and the rate is $0.27.

To put things into perspective, Lime’s most recent standard pricing in Chicago includes a $1 unlock fee and a $0.39 per-minute rate. Spin’s rate is even higher, starting at $0.49.

Lyft scooters aren’t the most affordable option in Washington, DC, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Scooter Rental Service is Cheapest?

It’s hard to name a rental service that’s the cheapest option everywhere. The affordability varies based on your location and whether you’re on any subscription. But Lyft, Lime, Spin, and Bird are usually among the cheapest picks.

How Do Scooter Rentals Get Charged?

Rental companies hire people (Lime Juicers, Bird Chargers, etc.) to collect low-battery scooters, charge them at home, and redeploy them. Some people can make hundreds daily from this gig! But if you’re a long-term renter, the company will send you a charger.

Final Thoughts: Selecting the Right Scooter Rental Service

If you live in a major US city, you’ll have a wide range of scooter rental products around you. Most of them will work fine for a casual, short-distance ride.

But if the scooter is going to be part of your daily commute, it’s time to start looking at long-term rentals and subscriptions to save money. A month-long rental will also cut the time you need to spend on hunting down a nearby vehicle.

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