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Blue Iguana Car Wash: Wash Packages, Locations, Pricing, Features & More

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Are you looking for an express car wash that does things a little bit differently?

Blue Iguana Car Wash is an up-and-coming company that is slowly becoming more well-known in the car wash industry.

If you reside in the Springfield, Missouri area, not far from Saint Louis, you will want to know more about this company and how it works.

Taking care of the outside of your car is just as important as taking care of the inside.

We put together this comprehensive guide to provide you with all the details you’ll need before getting your first car wash at Blue Iguana.

So if you’re a Missouri local, read this information before paying for your next car wash.

About Blue Iguana Car Wash

Blue Iguana Car Wash is a small express car wash company.

It was founded in 2013 by husband-wife duo Greg and Robin Byler.

The pair says that their goal is to change the reputation of express car washes in their area.

Typically, people do not have favorable opinions of self-serve car washes in their neighborhoods because they are often run-down and home to illicit or illegal activity.

This is not the case with Blue Iguana.

Blue Iguana Car Wash locations are not open 24 hours and are fully-staffed and monitored locations.

Not only will you be helped by a qualified wash attendant, but this will keep the business and its patrons safe from unsavory activities.

The properties are well-maintained to give every customer a clean, safe experience.

The Springfield couple has purchased, built, and subsequently sold car washes in other areas, like Kentucky or the St. Louis area, but they plan to remain in Missouri and build their franchise there.

Therefore, Springfield locals don’t have to worry about the service quality or the environment declining because of a change in ownership.

There may be other locations throughout the country using the name “Blue Iguana,” but their respective owners have renamed most of the Blue Iguanas not located in Springfield.

This growing brand attracts new customers by providing free vacuum use to its customers and offering a monthly club membership that allows for unlimited car washes.

Where Is Blue Iguana Car Wash?

The innovative car wash company is a Missouri-specific enterprise.

At this time, if you do not live within driving distance of Missouri, you will have to wait until Blue Iguana expands nationally and comes to your area to receive one of their car washes.

Locations in Missouri

There are three currently-open Blue Iguana locations with additional sites planned.

The current and upcoming Missouri locations are all in Springfield. The addresses are:

  • Sunshine & Glenstone: 1640 E Sunshine
  • South Of Battlefield on Campbell: 3155 S Campbell
  • Chestnut & West Bypass: 3316 W Chestnut Expressway
  • Coming Soon: 1137 W Kearney
  • Coming Soon: 2118 E Kearney
  • Coming Soon: 4304 S Fremont

Services Offered at Blue Iguana Car Wash

One of the major draws of this company is that it offers a wide range of services and features that consumers often get excited about.

If you are looking for a breakdown of services offered at Blue Iguana, look no further.

We will detail the wash packages and features available at the express car wash.

vector graphic showing a car going through the blue iguana car wash tunnel

Free Vacuums

With every wash at Blue Iguana, you will receive access to their on-site vacuums, ensuring that your vehicle is clean outside and inside.

Many car washes across the United States charge extra for vacuuming your car, so being able to pull up to a free vacuum and clean the inside of your car is convenient.

Iguana Works

The Iguana Works wash package is the highest tier available.

You will gain access to the free vacuum along with the following features:

  • Seal N’ Shine with Ceramic Finish
  • Presoak
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Super Dry
  • Double Wheel Cleaner
  • Double Wheel Blast
  • Side Body Blast
  • Underbody Blast with Rust Prevention
  • Double Soap
  • Speed Wax
  • Desert Dry
  • Ceramic Tire Shine

Iguana Wax

The next tier down is the Iguana Wax.

It is slightly less expensive than the Iguana Works and provides fewer features, but it is still a thorough wash for your vehicle.

With the Iguana Wax, you will receive the following:

  • Presoak
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Super Dry
  • Double Wheel Cleaner
  • Double Wheel Blast
  • Side Body Blast
  • Underbody Blast with Rust Prevention
  • Double Soap
  • Speed Wax
  • Desert Dry
  • Tire Shine

Iguana Wheels

The Iguana Wheels wash package provides the following:

  • Presoak
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Extra Dry
  • Wheel Cleaner
  • Wheel Blast
  • Side Body Blast
  • Underbody Blast with Rust Prevention
  • Tire Shine

Iguana Wash

This affordable, basic wash provides three phases to keep your car clean:

  • Presoak
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Light Dry

Fleet Programs

Blue Iguana Car Wash features its iconic Fleet Programs.

These are a way to keep multiple cars, such as a fleet of company vehicles, clean and shiny.

Examples of businesses that may need access to a fleet program are dealerships, repair shops, rental agencies, or government agencies.

How Does It Work?

The Fleet Programs work by allowing you to customize a plan to receive a lower monthly price to keep your vehicles clean and dry.

Blue Iguana provides Fleet members with:

  • Discounts based on volume
  • Customizable wash packages
  • Detailed monthly bills and reports

This option is great for those who need to improve or maintain a great image for their company by keeping vehicles shiny and clean.

Wash Club

Another great feature of the Blue Iguana Wash Club franchise is the Wash Club, allowing you to receive unlimited car washes for one low monthly price.

If you so desired, you could wash your car every single day for no additional cost.

How Does It Work?

To join the Blue Iguana Wash Club, you can sign up either online or in person at one of their existing locations.

You will select which tier you want to join by indicating which wash package you want to receive.

The monthly price varies based on which package you choose.

You can also add additional vehicles for a discounted price.

How Much Does Blue Iguana Car Wash Cost?

As a consumer, this is likely the foremost question on your mind.

While prices may change often, we gathered the most up-to-date pricing for you.

This way, you should know approximately what you will pay before purchasing your car wash.

We will review the current pricing for individual prices, followed by the monthly club costs.

Iguana Works Price

The individual price for the highest-tier wash available at Blue Iguana is currently $20.

Iguana Wax Price

The Iguana Wax package and all of its available features presently cost $15 per wash.

Iguana Wheels Price

It costs $10 for the Iguana Wheels package to ensure that you receive the Wheel Blast and Wheel Cleaner in addition to the basic wash features.

Iguana Wash Price

The most basic self-serve car wash at Blue Iguana costs just $5 per wash.

Wash Club Price

To wash every day with a club membership, you will pay a low monthly price depending on the tier you select.

The current prices for Blue Iguana’s Club Membership are as follows:

  • Iguana Wash: $14.99/month
  • Iguana Wheels: $19.99/month
  • Iguana Wax: $24.99/month
  • Iguana Works: $29.99/month

As you can see, the pricing for Blue Iguana Wash Club Memberships is a great value.

For even their premium Iguana Works package, you can wash your car every day for a month for around a dollar a day (locals may remember that this was previously referred to as the “dollar wash club”).

Blue Iguana Car Wash Comparisons

There are many car wash services out there.

So you probably want to know how Blue Iguana measures up to its competition in the United States.

We put together these comparisons between Blue Iguana Car Wash and its competitors so that you could make an informed decision about which service to use.

Blue Iguana vs Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave Auto Spa is a popular car wash service available nationally.

Both services offer Unlimited Wash Clubs for a monthly price.

However, Tidal Wave’s club prices are slightly higher than Blue Iguana’s prices, which applies to the club prices and pricing for individual washes.

One feature that Tidal Wave offers is a Family Plan, meaning that you can add a second car to your club membership for a $5 discount.

However, Blue Iguana’s family discount beats Tidal Wave.

The cost to add a second vehicle to your plan is $9.99 per month, saving $5 – $25.

However, Tidal Wave Auto Spa does not currently have any locations in the Springfield area.

The closest location is a planned location in neighboring Kansas.

It will be located in Overland Park when it opens.

For Springfield, Missouri residents, Blue Iguana is the obvious choice.

Blue Iguana vs Club Car Wash

Club Car Wash is a chain available in the Midwest.

There is a location near Lebanon, Missouri, which makes it a viable option for Springfield residents.

Prices are similar between the two companies, but Club Car Wash’s rates are slightly higher.

Similarly, membership prices at Club Car Wash surpass those of Blue Iguana.

Features offered with each tier of car wash are nearly identical across both car wash companies.

Though the companies are similar, pricing is slightly better at Blue Iguana, making it our choice between the two.

Blue Iguana vs Go Car Wash

Go Car Wash is another similar car wash service.

The first point of comparison is location.

Blue Iguana is located in Springfield, Missouri.

Go Car Wash does have Missouri locations, but they are all in the northwest corner of the state, which is quite a drive for Springfield locals.

Prices at Go Car Wash are almost double the costs of Blue Iguana for both individual washes and club memberships.

Go Car Wash offers a fleet program similar to Blue Iguana’s Fleet Programs, allowing you to wash all your company vehicles at a lower price.

Based on location and price, Blue Iguana is the obvious choice, although Go Car Wash has excellent reviews and customer satisfaction.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our guide will be helpful when choosing a car wash location and membership.

Blue Iguana’s successful operations and unique customer-minded culture have contributed to the growing brand’s popularity in Springfield and surrounding areas.

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