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Carmel Cab: NY Car and Limousine Service Pricing, Car Types and More

Learn what Carmel Cab, a transportation leader in the New York area, offers customers. Learn vehicle options, pricing, coverage areas, and more.

Carmel New York Car & Limousine has been at the forefront of the limousine industry for nearly three decades.

Often referred to as Limo NY, this remains the company of choice if you’re looking for the best.

New York City’s most prominent limousine service is both fashionable and functional.

They’re equipped with sunroofs, TVs, partitions, and knowledgeable chauffeurs.

You’ll never get lost or be late when you have a chauffeur who knows all the routes in the city.

Customers are bound to enjoy incredible service for anyone dining out, heading to the theater, or going to the airport.

What is CarmelLimo?

Carmel Limousine is the best limousine service in New York City.

The service is well equipped to handle elaborate tours of the grand city or a casual trip to the airport.

Whatever your needs, CarmelLimo is ready to meet them.

If you need business-related transport or are on vacation, Carmel is the service to choose if you want to arrive in affordable style.

What’s more, Carmel offers airport transfers in over 300 cities globally.

Remember that Carmel taxi is a different company that operates in Carmel, Mahopac, and Brewster.

What Services Does CarmelLimo Offer?

CarmelLimo is a premium limo service that provides dependable transportation using a collection of luxury vehicles.

vector graphic showing two Carmel Cab vehicles at an airport picking passengers up

Carmel Cab Rides

Currently, Carmel focuses on limos and luxury cars to travel through the bright city in style.

They do not offer cab rides at the moment.

Stretch Limo Rides

(1-7 Passengers)

Carmel limousines are the pinnacle of comfort and luxury—perfect for all special events.

The limousines are unique and impress customers with their luxury.

Passenger Van Rides

(1-13 passengers or 1-10 passengers with luggage)

If you’re carrying around extra baggage or traveling with a group, Large Vans are exactly what you need.

Mini Van Rides

(1-6 Passengers)

Have a special place to go to for the holidays?

Will you be traveling with family and friends?

Minivan rides are a great option to travel stylishly and safely with family and friends.

Sprinter Van Rides

1-6 passengers)

If you need more comfort and luxury than Carmel’s standard van, the Sprinter van is just for you.

Moreover, it has space to accommodate luggage for those traveling to and from the airport.

Luxury Sedan Rides

(1-3 passengers)

Try out the luxury Toyota or Lincoln 4-door sedans.

They’re affordable, spacious, reliable, and safe.

Luxury sedan rides are the most popular choice for both airport and local trips.

SUV Rides

(1-6 Passengers)

When space is essential—size is also.

Equipped to accommodate a large group and luggage, Carmel’s luxury SUVs have no problem traversing the most rugged terrain.

Passenger Bus Rides

When transporting 15 to 24 people, passenger bus rides are the ideal way to arrive at the event with everyone in tow.

The bus has plenty of space for comfort and can accommodate luggage if a trip to the airport is on the itinerary.

Furthermore, Carmel’s mid-size bus can fit 33 people with space for luggage if you are coming from or going to the airport.

This bus is suitable for any occasion, and you’ll be sure to arrive at your destination in comfort and style.

The mid-size buses are Carmel’s largest vehicles, and they’re all adorned with club seats to maximize comfort.

If you are traveling with a massive group, this bus will accommodate all your needs as it has excess space for passengers and luggage.

Where is CarmelLimo Available?

You can do airport transfers for Carmel and their services in over 350 of the most popular cities in the world.

For New York and surrounding areas:

Limousine services are available in the greater New York City area.

This includes New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester County, and Pennsylvania.

Carmel especially offers services to and from New York metro area airports.

Is CarmelLimo Worth It?

Carmel Limo is a legit service that is worth it if you want to enjoy the perks of traveling in style and comfort in luxury vehicles.


  • The loyalty program
  • The perks and discounts
  • Comfortable luxury vehicles
  • Excellent customer service


  • You still have to deal with NYC traffic
  • You will pay more than if you use public transportation


Perks and special deals are for Carmel customers throughout New York City.

You can enjoy these perks by showing the Carmel app, and you’ll receive benefits.

You don’t need codes, coupons, or a voucher!

Earn Airline Miles

Carmel is a proud partner of EL AL’s Matmid Frequent Flyer Club.

Carmel clients earn Matmid points commensurate with the money they spend with Carmel limo services.

For every completed trip, you’ll earn:

  • One point for every $20 spent if your base fare begins at $100
  • One point for every $18 spent if your base fare begins at $200
  • One point per for every $16 spent if your base fare begins at $201

Special Airport Prices

You can receive Carmel airport transfer services in over 350 of the most popular cities globally.

Carmel partners with more travel websites and airlines than any other transportation company.

Carmel offers special airport prices with major airports like LaGuardia Airport, JFK Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Newark Liberty Airport, and more!

Referral Discounts

When making reservations, Carmel gives you the opportunity to get $3 to $5 off on their services when you give Carmel a friend or family member’s email.

This helps spread the word about Carmel’s service!

Perks Program

Carmel has a loyalty program referred to as Carmel Points.

Carmel customers receive awards for using Carmel’s services and can redeem their points for free Carmel rides.

These points will be redeemable for any Carmel trip.

The points aren’t only for trips to and from the airports.

How Much Does CarmelLimo Cost?

The cost to reserve a Carmel Limo vehicle depends on the car you select and whether you’re going to or from the airport.

The price is also different depending on if you have a discounted rate from the loyalty program.

Rates by Vehicle

Many vehicles are at your disposal, along with a top-notch dispatch system and affordable prices to the city’s top airports.

Rides to LaGuardia ($34), JFK ($52), and Newark ($51) cost less than most competitors.

Depending on which airport you’re traveling to, some of the prices can get as high as $555 if you select the 40-passenger bus.

Please make a reservation today to get a specific rate that may be lower than displayed on their website.

You’ll pay $40-$185 per hour in the city depending on the car you take if you get a car or limo with more space.

The full-sized Sedan is the least expensive, while the 40-passenger bus is the most costly.

*CarmelLimo applies an extra $6-$10 if you reserve a ride to the airport between 5 PM-5 AM.

These prices might differ during peak hours, as they are subject to change without warning.

How to Book a CarmelLimo Ride

Use the website or app to log in:

  1. Select where you’re getting picked up from, whether the airport or a specific address.
  2. If it’s an airport, first enter the airline’s name, then your flight number. Answer where you’re arriving from, and whether you want to meet inside, outside, or internationally.
  3. State where you’re getting dropped off and if you’re going to need hourly service upon arrival. (At the bottom of the page, request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle if necessary.)
  4. Next, you’ll enter the date, time, the number of passengers, and how much luggage you need to transport.
  5. They’ll take you to a page that shows you all your vehicle options with the fares listed next to the vehicle. Select “Book” to get the car you want.
  6. Enter your personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number, so that the driver can contact you upon arrival.
  7. You’ll then select your method of payment which is by credit card. If you pay immediately, you can pay later. Those options include a corporate account or paying by cash or credit card when the driver arrives. This is also the step where you enter any points or discounts you want to use.
  8. Review your reservation and confirm.
  9. Receive an itinerary that tells you what time the vehicle will arrive and where.
  10. You’re done!

CarmelLimo FAQs

Here are responses to the most common questions we get about our service:

Is there an app for CarmelLimo?

Carmel’s dispatch system connects with the customer’s smartphone app, the Driver Smartphone app.

Head over to the Google Play/Apple Store to download the app.

How can you contact CarmelLimo?

To report an issue, get a receipt, report something as lost, or for any other problem, you may contact Carmel by phone or email.

Contact Email general@carmellimo.com

Phone Number 212-666-6666

Administration: Mr. John Roberts

(212) 663-3333/ admin@carmellimo.com

Customer Service: Ms. Samantha Scott (212) 662-9807

Does Carmel charge extra for luggage?

Carmel doesn’t charge a fee for extra luggage so long as it can fit inside the trunk.

If any of your luggage can’t fit and you have to put it into the car, you’ll pay an extra $10 fee.

Does Carmel have WAVs?

Yes, they do have affiliated wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the reservation department to speak with a representative at 1-212-666-6666.

Can kids travel alone on a CarmelCab?

For safety purposes, anyone under 18 years old must be with an adult.

The driver has the right to request to see an ID.

Final Thoughts

Carmel Limo provides top-tier transportation services that will take you where you need to go in luxury and style.

The company has more than 600 vehicles, 20 stretch limos, 3 SUV extra-stretch limos, 40 large passenger vans, and minivans.

They offer smooth, simple, and affordable packages to get you where you need to be or escort you on an eventful tour around New York.

The sky’s the limit!

Download the app today to get started with your reservation!

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