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3+ Cigarette Delivery Services: How to Get Cigarettes Delivered 24/7

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Key Takeaways

  • Tobacco products can be delivered; age verification and local laws apply.
  • Gopuff and Saucey offer tobacco product deliveries, excluding regular cigarettes.
  • On-demand, same-day, and 24-hour delivery options are also available.
  • Steps include verifying age, choosing a service, ordering, and age verification on delivery.

Can Tobacco Products Be Delivered?

Yes, tobacco products, including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and hookah supplies, can be delivered.

Delivery services are subject to legal age verification and regional laws which must permit the sale and delivery of tobacco products in your area.

It’s essential to ensure that delivery is not restricted by local laws that may only allow tobacco sales in retail settings.

Are There Any Delivery Apps That Deliver Tobacco Products?

Yes, delivery apps like Gopuff and Saucey can deliver tobacco products to your door if you’re close to one of their partner stores.

They can’t ship cigarettes, but they can provide quick delivery, often within two hours. Payment through these apps is secure and straightforward.

The Best Cigarette Delivery Apps of May 2024

Will Uber Deliver Cigarettes?

Uber and its food delivery arm, Uber Eats, do not offer delivery services for cigarettes or any tobacco products.

Can Postmates Deliver Tobacco?

Since Uber’s acquisition of Postmates in July 2020, the delivery of tobacco products is not available through Postmates.

Can DoorDash Bring you Cigarettes?

DoorDash permits tobacco delivery to verified customers over 21, though drivers may refuse the service at their discretion.

Does Instacart Deliver Cigarettes?

Instacart does not deliver cigarettes or any tobacco products, including cigars, vapes, and chewing tobacco, nor do they offer related accessories like pipes or rolling papers.

Our Top Pick


  • Diverse Tobacco Products: Offers alternatives like vape pens and hookah supplies, excluding regular cigarettes.
  • Wide Coverage: Available in over 1000 U.S. cities.
  • Fast Delivery: Average order delivered in 30 minutes.
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Gopuff is a delivery service that offers tobacco products such as chewing tobacco, hookah tobacco and accessories, vape pens, e-cigarettes, rolling papers, and lighters.

However, they do not deliver conventional cigarettes.

If you are trying to quit cigarette smoking and are looking to have tobacco products other than regular cigarettes delivered, Gopuff is an excellent option.

Cold turkey smoking cessation can be challenging, so sometimes, reducing cigarette consumption can be a good first step in lowering nicotine dependence.

If you want to have tobacco products other than cigarettes delivered, Gopuff may be a great option.

They deliver in over 1000 cities in the United States, and the average order is delivered within 30 minutes.

Runner Up


  • Quick delivery times: On-demand delivery within 30 minutes
  • Easy access: Convenient ordering through the app or website with a low minimum order requirement​.
  • Support for quitting: Suitable for those seeking alternatives to traditional cigarette smoking​.
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Saucey offers on-demand delivery, so your order will arrive within 30 minutes.

Have your ID handy when the driver comes because they will need to scan it for age verification.

Aside from regular cigarette orders, the company offers cigars, vapes, electronic cigarettes, liquid nicotine vape juices, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco products, lighters, rolling papers, and rolling papers.

Simply download the app, set up an account with your credit card information and delivery address, place the items in your cart, then complete your checkout.

Saucey also allows you to order up to five days in advance. During checkout, you’ll be able to select the date and time that you want your order delivered.

Some locations offer delivery 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The downside to Saucey is they only deliver in larger cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Sacramento, and Tampa.

You can find out if they are available in your area by entering your address on the website’s homepage.

Also Great


  • 24/7 Service: Offers round-the-clock delivery​.
  • Flexible Payment: Accepts multiple payment methods​.
  • Subscription Value: Gold Pass subscription for delivery savings​.
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7NOW is a delivery service for the convenience store, 7-11.

They offer on-demand delivery of tobacco products, smokeless tobacco products, and over 3000 other food, drink, and household items, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They offer delivery to over 45 major cities across the United States.

As with Saucey, you’ll need to have your identification card available for the driver, as they are required to scan it to verify age.

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play to set up your account.

Payment is easy with Apple Pay, credit card, or debit card.

Types of Cigarette Delivery

Cigarette delivery has evolved to offer more flexibility than the traditional store visit. Customers now have various options:

  • On-Demand Delivery: Cigarettes can now be ordered for instant delivery, with the advantage of live tracking, saving travel time, and the comfort of staying indoors.
  • Same-Day Delivery: For those who need cigarettes quickly but not immediately, same-day delivery brings your order to your doorstep or workplace within hours.
  • 24-Hour Delivery: Accessible any time of the day, this service is perfect for those unexpected moments when a quick store run isn’t an option.

These services prioritize time-saving and convenience for consumers seeking tobacco products.

How to Get Cigarettes Delivered to Your House [Step-By-Step]

Step 1: Verify Age and Local Laws

  • Ensure you are of legal smoking age in your area.
  • Confirm that cigarette delivery is legal in your city or state.

Step 2: Choose a Delivery Service

  • Research and select a delivery service that offers tobacco products. Options may include DoorDash, Postmates, or local delivery services from tobacco shops.
  • Download the app or visit the website of the chosen service.

Step 3: Create an Account

  • Sign up for an account with the delivery service.
  • Enter your personal details, including a valid ID for age verification.

Step 4: Browse Selections

  • Navigate to the tobacco section if available.
  • Select the brand and quantity of cigarettes you wish to purchase.

Step 5: Place Your Order

  • Add your chosen cigarettes to the cart.
  • Review your order and proceed to checkout.

Step 6: Enter Delivery Information

  • Provide your delivery address.
  • Choose a delivery time if the option is available.

Step 7: Payment

  • Enter your payment information.
  • Confirm that all details are correct and finalize the payment.

Step 8: Age Verification on Delivery

  • Be prepared to show your ID upon delivery for age verification.
  • Some services may use a scanned image of your ID for age verification at the door.

Step 9: Receive Your Order

  • Wait for the delivery at the designated time.
  • Collect your cigarettes once the delivery arrives.

Step 10: Follow-Up

  • Ensure your order is correct.
  • Offer feedback or rate the service, if desired.

Remember, the availability of such services can vary widely based on local regulations and the policies of individual delivery companies. Always use these services responsibly and in accordance with the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Cigarettes Online?

To purchase cigarettes online, the most reliable method is using local delivery apps that cater to tobacco products.

These apps provide a legal and expedient way to get cigarettes without the risks associated with international shipping. They adhere to state regulations, eliminating the possibility of customs seizure.

By downloading a local delivery app, setting up an account, and completing your purchase, you can have cigarettes delivered quickly from a nearby store, avoiding the uncertainties of overseas shipping and customs.

Wrapping Up

Cigarette delivery services offer the ultimate convenience by providing a quick and hassle-free way to order tobacco products.

With various apps available, you can get cigarettes delivered directly to your doorstep swiftly, sometimes in just a few hours. These apps ensure safe and secure payment methods, enhancing the ease of the process.

Next time you need cigarettes without the inconvenience of going out, consider using one of these delivery apps.

10 thoughts on “3+ Cigarette Delivery Services: How to Get Cigarettes Delivered 24/7”

  1. DoorDash will not deliver cigarettes, I work as a Dasher, I never understood why they would deliver alcohol but not tobacco.

  2. I’ve been trying to get cigarettes or tobacco or even cigarette tubes delivered in Hemet CA for over a year now and not a single place will deliver them! It’s pathetic! They’ll deliver any amount of alcohol to any idiot so that they can get completely blasted, get behind the wheel of a car, and take out a family of 5 while driving on the wrong side of the road! Have you ever heard of anyone that smoked a cigarette and became too impaired to drive? No!

  3. You totally right. I think you looking at it from the wrong lense. Now you know, yes, but time to move on and grow. Think of something you never thought about before, never ever.

  4. As a Dasher, in Hampton Roads we don’t do cigarette deliveries. I don’t understand why not. If alcohol is delivered why not tobbaco. I would appreciate tobacco deliveries when I have been stuck with no transportation.


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