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How To Become A Dispatchit Driver [Requirements & Salary]

Becoming a Dispatchit Driver is an excellent way for independent contractors to set their schedule, make extra money, and deliver in their local area.

Key Takeaways

  • Dispatchit offers same-day local delivery jobs with flexible schedules for independent couriers.
  • Requirements: 23+ years old, background check, vehicle standards, delivering across multiple industries.
  • Pay combines distance, service level, local wage; averages $75-$125 daily, no tips expected.
  • Simple application online; offers independence, weekly pay, and bonuses for drivers.

What Is Dispatch?

Dispatchit, also known as Dispatch, is a local same-day delivery option that works for small businesses and large corporations.

Businesses can sign up for qualified drivers to deliver their goods to customers and third-party locations by choosing a specific timeframe and paying ahead of time.

Dispatch Connect Drivers can choose to sign up for Dispatch in their local service area to make extra money, create their own schedule, and be their own boss.

Dispatch then connects independent Dispatch Drivers with corporations that require immediate delivery.

Dispatch also offers job positions to local couriers. These drivers are independent contractors.

This concept means that they are not required to work a certain number of hours or make a certain number of deliveries to remain in good standing.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

How Does Dispatchit Work?

Dispatchit operates as a platform connecting businesses with local couriers for same-day deliveries, offering flexible work opportunities for independent drivers.

Drivers sign up through the Dispatch website, use the app to accept delivery jobs, and have the freedom to choose their schedule without committing to predetermined hours.

They pick up and deliver a variety of items, such as construction materials and HVAC equipment, using their vehicles and are paid based on the jobs they complete.

Businesses, ranging from small to large, can tailor their delivery needs with options like same-day, standard, expedited, and ASAP services within a 50-mile radius. Dispatch ensures all drivers are vetted, providing businesses with secure and reliable delivery solutions.

This model supports flexibility and independence for drivers while offering businesses customized, efficient delivery services.

Where Does Dispatch Operate?

Dispatch currently operates in dozens of cities across the United States. including major metropolitan areas and smaller cities.

Key locations include Birmingham, Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Charlotte, Albuquerque, Boston, Baltimore, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Allentown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Washington, D.C.

Who Can Be a Dispatchit Driver?

To become a Dispatchit driver, individuals must be at least 23 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and pass a background check.

They need a clean driving record, defined as no DUIs within the last five years, no felonies in the past ten years, and no more than three minor or one major violation in the past three years. If over 70, a DOT Medical Examination Record is required.

Requirements include fluency in English, access to a smartphone with the delivery app, a reliable vehicle with auto insurance, and a checking account.

Vehicle requirements are flexible; cars, mid-sized vehicles, pickup trucks, or cargo vans that meet road safety standards are acceptable. This ensures drivers can legally and safely make deliveries.

How Much Money Do Dispatch Drivers Make?

Dispatch drivers typically earn between $75 to $125 daily. This earning potential is determined through a combination of factors including the distance between pickup and drop-off locations, the service level of the delivery, and a rate that exceeds the local state minimum wage.

For instance, in California, drivers are paid 120% of the local minimum wage for the hours spent driving. Payments are issued weekly, with the cycle running from Sunday to Saturday.

Additionally, drivers have opportunities to increase their income through referral and activity level bonuses, such as a $50 bonus for completing ten deliveries within the first 30 days.

While tips are not processed through the Dispatch system and drivers should not expect them, they may receive cash tips directly from customers.

How To Apply for Dispatchit

screenshot of the dispatchit homepage

Those who wish to apply to become a delivery driver need to follow the step by step instructions listed below.

  1. Visit the Dispatch homepage
  2. Click on ‘Drivers’
  3. Click on ‘Sign Up’
  4. Enter the required information for the specific job (radius, location, state, and position)
  5. Click on ‘View’ next to your specific location
  6. Input your first name, last name, email, and phone number
  7. Complete the application

Signing up to become a Dispatchit delivery driver is easier than you may think!

After passing the background check and inputting the required information, drivers simply need to check their phone or email for a notification regarding their application.

Once it is approved, they can start making deliveries immediately!

Final Thoughts

Dispatchit is a helpful solution for many, from massive corporations to local businesses to couriers who are seeking a flexible job to make extra money.

Companies in the participating areas can enjoy same-day delivery services through professional and qualified drivers and guarantee quick and reliable delivery to their customers.

Drivers enjoy the independence that comes with being an independent contractor.

This flexibility includes making a schedule and choosing deliveries that work with their needs.

They also get weekly payments and are eligible for certain bonuses.

By combining the need for last-mile delivery services and logistical planning with higher availability of delivery drivers, Dispatchit successfully connects independent contractors and corporations.

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