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DoorDash Walmart Partnership Ends: Use Spark Delivery Instead

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DoorDash no longer delivers groceries from Walmart. Instead, Walmart customers can use Spark delivery, Walmart’s new grocery delivery partnership to have online grocery orders delivered to their homes.

In September 2022, DoorDash concluded its grocery delivery partnership with Walmart after a four-year collaboration.

The partnership, which started in 2018, helped expand DoorDash’s services, achieving a 94% reach across U.S. households and increasing the company’s non-restaurant orders, as noted in their SEC filings.

Walmart, having previously ended grocery delivery with Uber and Lyft, has been enhancing its own delivery infrastructure with Spark, now active in over 600 cities, and launching Walmart GoLocal to support deliveries for other businesses.

Despite the split from Walmart, DoorDash maintained its presence in the grocery sector, continuing its relationships with Albertsons companies and facilitating alcohol delivery with retailers such as Meijer and Hy-Vee.

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6 thoughts on “DoorDash Walmart Partnership Ends: Use Spark Delivery Instead”

  1. I’m a new dasher and I did nine deliveries for walmart today and only one person tipped me and I drove for miles and miles. Also, I had to go into a gated community and ended up holding up a line while I called the customer to get through the gate because I needed an access code. She wasn’t very happy she acted like she didn’t want to give me the code to get through and she told me she had no idea what so ever that door dash was delivering her items. She thought the USPS or Fedex was delivering. She finally gave me her code and I was able to get through but, it was quite a process. I don’t think I’m going to accept any more Walmart orders.

  2. I am a doordash driver. A couple of months ago I was given 10 Walmart orders to deliver at once and received $8.50 to deliver each of the orders. ($85.00 for a couple hours of work). Today I received 9 Walmart orders and was paid $4.50 per delivery. ($40.50 for a couple of hours of work). I don’t know why it went down so much but many times that $40 goes right back into my gas tank and I’m barely breaking even. I would be interested to find out if how they determine the pay they give to the drive.

  3. Walmart orders are terrible. From what I understand most customers do not know that Doordash is delivering and most don’t feel like a tip is justified. I have been dashing for about a year and doing doordash there are good and bad days. The other day I logged on to my doordash app and immediately received four orders in a row that I had to decline each one. Each order was for between $3.50-$4.50 to drive 12-15 miles. How can doordash or walmart expect us to drive 15 miles for $3.50. I decline most walmart orders and other dashers I know do the same.

  4. I have groceries delivered regularly from Walmart and they always include a 10% tip which I can edit or delete. My orders average $100 and I pay the 10% tip. Yesterday my order was missing one item that I really wanted so I deleted the tip thinking the driver did the shopping. When my order is packed extremely well I increase the tip amount. Now I feel bad learning the driver wasn’t responsible for my missing item. Walmart should have been clear about who was responsible for what.


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