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Drizly Gift Cards: The Complete Guide

Drizly gift cards are tough to find because they haven’t rolled out yet. This guide to Drizly gift card alternatives will help you find a substitute.

Drizly is an alcohol delivery service that works with your local liquor store to give you access to their selection with your smart device.

Booze or a fine spirit go great with the holidays, making Drizly a gift option many folks consider for their loved ones.

Let’s take a look at how to get your hands on a gift card for Drizly to give to your friends and family this holiday season.

Where Can I Buy Drizly Gift Cards?

If you look around for a gift card that says Drizly on the front, you will be disappointed.

There are not any Drizly gift cards at the moment.

However, you will find something else you can use instead: prepaid credit cards.

Here are some of the places you might look for Drizly and other prepaid gift cards:

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

While Drizly doesn’t have any physical gift cards in physical stores, you can pick up prepaid credit cards from almost any major retailer or grocer in North America.

These cards work just like a regular credit card, except that you preload them with a set amount of money when you buy the card.

Then, any service that takes the regular credit card provider will also take that prepaid card.

These cards can then be used for an alcohol delivery order on Drizly once you enter the prepaid card’s information.

Online at Drizly.com

Unfortunately, Drizly doesn’t offer any gift cards on their online store.

It seems to be an option that they want to expand on, though.

In their Help Desk articles, Drizly has an article addressing their lack of gift cards and how they want to get into this business.

The same holds for prepaid credit cards, as well.

You’ll find a whole section dedicated to gifts of beer, wine, liquor, and other spirits, but nothing for gift or prepaid cards.

Through the Drizly App

Much like with the other options, there is no way to get a gift card or prepaid credit card from Drizly through their app.

Unless you have Drizly coupon codes or a promo code to use on the app, you won’t find much in the app to use to help pay for your orders.

What Can You Do With a Drizly Gift Card?

vector graphic showing a hand holding a drizly gift card and multiple drizly gift cards in the background

When all is said and done, a gift card is a chance for you to give your loved ones a themed gift that still allows them to choose what they want for the holiday or celebration.

People love gift cards because of that blend of personalization and variety that they offer.

Companies love gift cards because the money on the card can only go to the company itself.

However, these facts only hold when the company has a gift card option.

As we’ve been saying this whole time, the only way to give someone a gift card for Drizly is to buy a prepaid credit card and tell the recipient that it is for Drizly.

Drizly is working on a gift card for their platform, but there isn’t any news yet on when those could hit shelves or the app.

So, there’s technically a lot of things you can do with a Drizly gift card since it is simply a prepaid credit card.

Once you give that physical gift card over, you don’t choose what your loved one does with the card.

What Does a Drizly Gift Card Cover?

Since a prepaid credit card is versatile, you can use it like any other credit or debit card on Drizly.

Because of that fact, you can cover a lot of different expenses in the app, such as:

  • Purchases for beer, wine, and liquor: Ordering drinks in the app comes out from a payment method of your choice, including a prepaid credit card loaded on your account.
  • Mixers, sodas, and other extras: Plenty of cocktails need extras, which you can pick up using a prepaid card in the app or on the website.
  • Delivery fees: As a delivery service, you’ll end up paying for the driver to bring your drinks to your location.
  • Tips prepaid in the app: Drizly recommends a 10% gratuity in their app, which you can prepay when you place your order.
  • Gifts for others: The recent Gifts page on the website has all sorts of ideas for gifts for the holidays and special occasions.

As long as a credit card would work for it on the Drizly platform, a prepaid credit card will accomplish the same thing.

Are Drizly Gift Cards Worth It?

Ultimately, the value of a gift card for use on Drizly depends on your local liquor stores.

Drizly relies on local stores for its inventory, offering folks what liquor stores display in their inventory when you log in.

If you don’t have many specialty choices in the area, your liquor stores might not be well-stocked or not dedicated to specialty spirits.

However, many of the big cities where Drizly operates have large or well-supplied stores that give you access to a huge number of drink choices for your holiday gift or party needs.

When combined with the fact that a driver will bring the drinks to you without any hassle on your part, it’s easy to see how using a service like Drizly could be great.

If you or someone you care about loves these ridesharing delivery services, then they are bound to love Drizly.

Plenty of folks every day pay delivery fees in exchange for going out to the liquor store for themselves.

The time-saving and convenience factors are hard to ignore!

Still, before you decide to grab a gift card for someone, check out the website or app and see what local stores in your area offer.

You should know what drinks are out there for your enjoyment before you decide to commit money to this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, there is a big demand for Drizly gift cards but no supply of them right now.

So, here are some other common questions about Drizly gift cards to help you better understand what’s going on:

How Do I Send Somebody Else a Drizly Gift Card?

Unfortunately, you can’t send someone a Drizly gift card since there are not any Drizly gift cards out there right now.

However, you can give someone a prepaid credit card for them to activate and use for Drizly orders.

Drizly also has a Gifts page on their website, allowing you to browse online gift options and order drinks for your friends and loved ones.

What Forms of Payment Does Drizly Accept?

In general, credit and debit cards are the widely accepted form of payment on Drizly.

You can use prepaid credit cards so long as the card has been activated and given a billing zip code for use.

While cash isn’t an option to pay for your order, you can tip the delivery driver in cash when they arrive with your drinks if you like.

Is There a Fee for Using Drizly Gift Cards?

There is no service fee for using a prepaid credit card on Drizly.

The service fee is factored into the price of the drinks and paid by Drizly when someone uses a credit or debit card.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, Drizly is still working on rolling out its gift cards.

In the meantime, folks can go out and buy a prepaid credit card to give to their loved ones as a substitute.

While this isn’t a perfect solution, a prepaid credit card acts as a standard card on the Drizly platform, meaning you can pay for almost anything on the app with it.

If you still need a gift for the holiday season, then check out what Drizly offers for drinks in the area and see if a gift card for Drizly could bring some holiday cheer to your loved ones!

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