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Our Favorite Electric Snow Scooters [& How To Choose Them]

Discover the best electric scooters in snow, including why they made our list, what they cost, and where to get them.

Key Takeaways

  • Look for traction, motor power, battery life, and water resistance when choosing a snow scooter.
  • Budget-friendly, durable, and high-performance options cater to different needs and budgets.
  • Mistakes to avoid: ignoring tire quality, battery performance in cold, and water resistance.
  • The right electric snow scooter depends on snow conditions, terrain, and personal preferences.

Criteria for Choosing an Electric Scooter in the Snow

When choosing an electric scooter in the snow, it’s crucial to ensure the bike can withstand difficult conditions.

Here’s what you should look for before purchasing your winter electric scooter:

  • Traction and Tires: Slippery terrain is the biggest issue of riding a scooter in the snow. So, the better your tires, the more control you’ll have on the road. Ideally, you should have bulky, deeply patterned tires. Go for pneumatic over solid tires.
  • Motor Power: Riding in the snow means you’ll encounter a lot of resistance. A powerful motor overcomes this issue, providing you with optimal speed. Look for dual motors with high wattage.
  • Battery Life: Cold weather significantly impacts your scooter’s battery. This means your electric snow scooter should have a long battery life, meaning extra range and speed in the tough snow.
  • Water Resistance: Naturally, you want your electric scooter to handle the snow and winter climate. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is one of the main things you must be on the lookout for. A high IP rating means your scooter can also be used in the rain.

Categories of Best Electric Scooters for the Snow

Whether you’re an electric scooter lover or only using the scooter for delivery, searching through thousands of models for the perfect electric snow scooter might get exhausting.

Luckily, electric snowbikes

Budget-Friendly Options

You can take on the heavy snow without breaking the bank by riding either of these budget-friendly electric scooters:

UberScoot 1600

When it comes to affordable electric motor scooters, it doesn’t get better than UberScoot 1600. The best-value scooter has the following features, making it optimal for riding in the snow:

  • Powerful 1600W brushless motor
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Shock absorbers

You can test-ride UberScoot almost everywhere, as this bike is widely available. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can purchase this bike online.

Keep in mind that UberScoot 1600 doesn’t have an official IP rating. However, the massive tires that can withstand any type of terrain, including snow, make this scooter worthy of making it to our list.

The scooter also charges pretty quickly, reaching full battery after only six hours. Unfortunately, it has a short range of only 12 miles per charge.

Ninebot G30E Max

By increasing your budget a little bit, you can get a ton of extra features. The Ninebot G30E might be pricier than the UberScoot 1600, but the following attributes can explain why:

  • Pneumatic tires
  • IPX5
  • ABS brake system
  • Front and back LED lights

For starters, the ABS brake system means the tires have extra traction. Then, there’s the IPX5 rating. You can drench this scooter in water, and it’ll still be in perfect condition.

There’s no need to worry about riding during the long winter nights. Ninebot G30E has got you covered with powerful front and back LED lights.

What’s more, the Ninbot G30E Max has a 40-mile range, while recharging at only six hours. Its Smart Battery Management System also ensures a longer battery charge, keeping your scooter safe during the cold winter.

This scooter is available online or through various scooter retailers across the U.S.

Durable Options

If you’re in the market for durable electric scooters, look no further than the following:

Joyor S10-S

One of the most versatile electric scooters you can get is the Joyor S10-S. This scooter isn’t only ideal for winter, but you can also use it all year round. Here are its most prominent features:

  • Dual 1000W motor
  • Shock-absorbing tires and anti-slip treads
  • Tech display
  • Easy folding mechanism

You’ll enjoy exceptional stability with the Joyor S10-S. While it’s more expensive than the other budget-friendly options on the list, this durable scooter can still be considered on the cheap side.

This Joyor S10 won’t sink in the powdery snow, as it’s an ultra-lightweight vehicle. If you want extra traction, the Joyor S-series gives you multiple tire options. So, you can substitute your tires between city and off-road, as needed.

Joyor is available across the U.S. and Europe. It’s also available for purchase through multiple online outlets, such as Amazon.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

Kaabo scooters might be expensive, but they’re some of the best models on the market. In particular, the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro makes for an exceptional electric snow scooter due to the following features:

  • Phenomenal dual-hub 2000W motor
  • Dual hydraulic brakes and suspension system
  • LG/Samsung dual battery with heat flow technology
  • IPX5

Kaboo Wold King GT Pro has an astounding top speed of about 62 mph. A single charge can last you over 100 miles! This all-rounder scooter is perfect for casual commuting or trekking.

The battery heating system makes this scooter a no-brainer for the colder months. Combined with its optimal capacity, e-scooter batteries don’t get better than this.

High-Performance Options

You don’t need to compromise when getting a winter scooter. You can have safety, performance, and battery life with the following choices:

Dualtron Ultra 2 Super

Dualtron Ultra 2 Super has everything you need in a high-end winter scooter. Its features include:

  • Dual 1800W motors
  • Dual LG battery
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes + electric assistance
  • IP54

The high-performance vehicle reaches full charge in about 23 hours. This might seem like a lot of time, but it has a range of over 75 miles. A 5A charger gives you the option of an 8-hour charge.

The bike has extra LED lights, making the ride more visible and safer at night. The turning signals are also a spectacular addition.

If you have a couple of thousand dollars to spare, you can find this bike across many retailers in the U.S., including MiniMotors.

Nami Burn E2 Max

Nami Burn E2 Max can put a massive dent in your bank account. Yet, the following features make it all worth it:

  • Dual 1500W motor with hall sensors
  • Powerful dual hydraulic brakes and suspension system
  • Thrilling acceleration system
  • IP55

The Nami Burn E2 Max performs exceptionally on all terrain, reaching a 65 mph top speed with a range of 115 miles. A little snow won’t hinder its performance!

If you use your Nami Burn E2 Max to its full capacity, it might start turning off. Fortunately, the top-notch manufacturers have thought of this issue. The eco-friendly mode runs on a 25% battery, to prevent your scooter from getting out of range.

You can get this phenomenal e-bike through both online and store retailers.

When to Choose Which Option

There are a lot of exceptional e-bikes available. Choosing the right one ultimately depends on your budget and the local climate.

For example, the UberScoot is great for mild snow in the city, while off-road bikes such as Kaabo Wolf King will get you through just about anything.

Accordingly, you must carefully assess the typical depth of snow, and whether you’re going to ride your electric snow vehicle through deep snow and on steep hills. Ideally, scooters that can ride in all terrain will fit all your needs.

If you already have a scooter, it’s crucial to learn that some scooters don’t modify the speed due to the speed limiter.

This means you’re unable to get the scooter’s full potential or use it in the winter. Making a couple of adjustments, such as unplugging the limiting wire, will do the trick

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing an Electric Scooter for the Snow

Not all off-road scooters are suitable for snowy weather. Instead, your e-scooter should have certain characteristics that allow it to withstand tough weather.

Here are some common mistakes you might make while getting your first electric snow scooter:

  • Overlooking Tire Type and Quality: The tires are the most important aspect of your electric snow bike. After all, these are how you’ll effectively get through the rugged terrain. Tires meant for off-roading double as exceptional electric snow scooters.
  • Ignoring Battery Performance in Cold Weather: Batteries thrive in moderate weather. Cold climates cause the batteries to drain faster. That’s why you must maintain your battery in the winter, by charging it indoors and using your scooter regularly.
  • Underestimating the Importance of Water Resistance: Snow and rain don’t only make for slippery riding conditions. They might also get into your e-bike, completely damaging the internal wiring. So, optimal water resistance is the first thing you should look for.


Electric snow scooters have specific criteria for a safe and ideal experience. For starters, the scooters must have larger tires, extra traction, powerful motors, and water resistance.

The choice ultimately depends on your budget and the weather conditions. If you only get snow a couple of times a year, you’ll be good with the UberScoot. However, the Dualtron or the Kaabo Wolf King are obvious choices for frequent deep snow.

Understanding how cold weather and snow can impact your bike will significantly make the shopping process easier. So, make sure you choose the right electric snow scooter for your needs and maintain it properly during winter!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best e-bike for snow?

The best e-bike for snow depends on the type of snow you’re riding in. Kaabo Wolf King is perfect for rough terrain, as its large tires and powerful motor push everything out of the way. The Ninebot G30E Max gives you maximum traction and control, making for safer riding conditions.

Are snow scooters good for powder?

Snow scooters are great for powder. All you have to do is pick the right tire. Large tires with deep patterns will roll over powder. You must also pay close attention to the IP rating, so no snow powder gets into your e-bike.

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