What Is The Favor App And How Does It Work?

Face it… we live in a world where virtually anything can be had in a matter of minutes.

Whether it’s a reliable and affordable ride from Uber, something you ordered online getting delivered to your door by Amazon Flex, or food from Postmates, we live in an on-demand world and it shows no signs of slowing.

To add to the on-demand revolution, a new player is emerging and establishing itself in the market: the Favor app. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and gives users an incredible amount of flexibility at their fingertips.

Favor App | Customer Delivery and Runner Service

As the name implies, Favor will deliver anything from food to footwear in less than an hour. Customers can place orders with just a few steps. Once the order is confirmed, a Runner or delivery personnel will deliver the item right to the customer’s doorsteps.

The company wants to promote a unique service by accepting not just food deliveries, but also groceries, clothing, and more. In part of doing so, Favor has a secure payment system that doesn’t involve cash transactions. Instead, payments are made in the app for a more convenient and secure way of doing business.

Does Favor charge more than the original price in stores? Favor will retain the cost of the item. However, price changes may occur depending on the merchant. Feel free to contact customer support in case of order errors.

Favor Account Settings

It is important to use one’s original email address when setting up an account. If the account holder wants to change the email address or the phone number, a request should be sent to the email initially used when the Favor account was made.

Send an email to [email protected] for a faster resolution. For password changes, go to https://favordelivery.com/forgotpassword/, fill in the information and use the email address associated with the account. The account holder will then receive a link that will request a new password.

Favor Deliveries

Although Favor deliveries take 35 minutes at an average to complete, certain factors may influence the time of delivery. Situations like long lines in stores and road traffic are some of the challenges Runners encounter. In these cases, customers are notified of their order status. The Runner will also notify the customer of long wait times.

Delivery fees may differ per city. Favor does not mark up the price of the order but will charge a processing fee of 5% to 9% of the item price.

Is Favor capable of delivering large orders? Big catering orders are handled differently. Customers need to coordinate directly with the merchant about the order. After which, customers will use the app to place the order and put a note about the arrangement with the merchant. The app has an option to contact the Runner regarding order issues. If all else fails, go to the Help tab to get in touch with Favor support.

Favor Runners

The people in charge of Favor deliveries are called Runners. Favor sees to it that their Runners are reliable. They undergo background checks to ensure they’re free from driving violations or criminal records.

If an order is taking too long, the customer can verify the delivery status by sending a text message or calling the Runner. The app also provides this option for an order in progress. Runners do their best to deliver the item as quickly as possible. Favor suggests a minimum tip of 2%. If the customer thinks the Runner did well with the delivery, the customer has the ability to increase the tip through the app.

These are the requirements to qualify as a Runner for Favor:

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Must own an Android phone or iPhone to install the Favor app for Runners
  • No criminal records or road violations
  • A dependable transportation for deliveries

Payment Method

Favor payments are cashless. Major credit and debit cards are all valid for payment in which the customer will provide during the first transaction only. Like most payments using a credit card, a pre-authorization is done to set up the information in the system. The customer will have an option to select the card to make the payment in the succeeding transactions.

Favor Delivery App

Placing an order in the Favor app is pretty easy. Download the app first on the mobile phone then open it. Tap “Get Started” to access the Favor playlist and choose the type of order. If the customer wants to order food, the app will display a list of restaurants in the city. Type in the order then tap “Ask Favor.”

Tapping “Add Credit Card & Confirm” will lead to a screen for the customer to enter the credit card info. Tap “Confirm & Ask Favor” and the app will show a picture of the Runner as well as the status of the order. Confirm the payment amount and simply wait for the Runner to arrive.

Favor App for Runners

woman holding plate and illustration of meal. Favor app delivery image

Opening the Runner app will show the delivery zone. This will tell the Runner which areas are hot zones or where he is more likely to see a delivery. Once the Runner is ready to work, he/she should clock in first. Simply tap “Clock In” at the bottom part of the screen which also indicates the time when the shift ends.

The app will notify the Runner of an order for pick up with the merchant’s location. When the Runner already has the item, he should tap “Save Price” on the app to let the customer know what they will be paying for. The Runner will then take a photo of the receipt with the list of items, enter the total amount the customer has to pay and hit “Save.”

Now, it’s time to verify the items to ensure everything is on the list. The Runner will hit “Submit” and “Leaving Store,” then deliver the order to the customer’s address.

Helpful Tips for Runners

  • Runners should be mindful of the schedule assigned to them. The schedule is set to give Runners priority in accepting deliveries during their designated work hours. Every successful delivery is an opportunity to earn money so try to maximize what limited time is available.
  • Runners must check their mobile phones before starting their shift. This is the one thing a Runner can’t do without at work. Make it a habit to always bring a charger when doing Favors.
  • Consider having a phone mount. There are times when drivers need to check their phones while on the road. Using a phone mount allows the driver to conveniently look at his phone while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. This eliminates distraction and reduces the risk of road accidents.

Wrapping Up

It’s just great to have a simple app that allows people to get almost anything delivered.

Imagine doing a purchase in online shops like Amazon or eBay, which normally takes 3 to 5 days in standard shipping. Why not place the order in the Favor app and receive it in less than an hour?

Do note that Favor deliveries are only possible within city limits, but it’s interesting enough to know people can take advantage of this kind of service when the situation calls for it.

Favor is a brilliant idea that takes order deliveries to a whole new level!

What do you think of the idea of a delivery service such as Favor? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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