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Folding Electric Scooter: The Definitive Guide

What better way to quickly carry around an electric scooter than to look into buying one of the best folding electric scooters.

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So you want a scooter you can keep in your car’s trunk, store in a public vehicle for a while, or comfortably carry around?

A folding electric scooter is well-suited to your interests.

Unfortunately, not every electric scooter has a folding mechanism, and some of those do, have dated designs that can be problematic.

In today’s ultimate guide, we will share all the vital details about these beloved electric vehicles. But first things first…

What is a folding electric scooter?

This electric vehicle is an escooter with a folding mechanism that facilitates the meeting of the deck with the handlebar’s stem.

Some foldable mobility scooters also have foldable handlebars, which makes foldability and portability even better.

It’s easier to lift a foldable e-scooter than one that’s not because one needs to only hold onto the stem and conveniently lift or carry this last-mile transportation vehicle around.

When such a scooter is also folded, a wheel is touching the ground, making it easy for the owners to push or pull it around.

A folding e-scooter has a lockable prompt between the stem and the deck, preventing dangerous rotations of the handlebars while carrying the ride.  

The 7 Best Folding Electric Scooters in 2023?

1. Kaabo Mantis King GT: The Best Overall Folding E-scooter

Kaabo is a big name in the mobility scooter sphere.

One of their most recent models, Mantis King GT, is a top seller and users praise just how its smooth foldability makes ownership more enjoyable.

Surprisingly, this dual-motor foldable scooter weighs only 74 lbs, less than most single-motor e-scooters for adults.

The folding design is in such a way that the rider needs to pull the mechanism down for quick folding or unfolding.

Compared to most other Kaabo models, this is a unique feature and similarly better, than, say, what the Wolf King GT has.

The specifications that set apart this Kaabo model are as in the table below:

Fastest speed43 mph
Longest range56 miles
Battery60V 24Ah
MotorDual; 1100W each
SuspensionHydraulic (adjustable)
Water resistanceIPX5
Tires10-inch, Hybrid
Weight74 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Why Kaabo Mantis King GT foldable escooter?

If you love smooth acceleration, then the Mantis King GT comes with dual Sinewave controllers, meaning you will not only have a silent but buttery riding experience,a great feature from one of the fastest scooters around $2500.

One of the few electric scooters with adjustable suspension systems, the Mantis King GT can crush different terrains with the much-needed shock absorption system.

Simply, adjust the suspension to your preferred settings and get flying.

With dual charging ports, owners can fully charge this scooter within 6 hours while using dual-standard chargers or within 2.4 hours when they use dual fast chargers.

One of the fastest-charging e-scooters in the world today.

Kaabo Mantis King GT Pros

  • Its pull-down enfolding mechanism is one of the most sophisticated
  • Weighing only 74 lbs, most heavy adults won’t have a problem to conveniently lift the Mantis King GT
  • Its hybrid tires with a split rim are ideal for riding on different terrains, and it’s easy to work on the tubes if need be
  • The assistive features on the screen reader are handy for keeping the rider always updated
  • Its premium battery type with branded LG cells has a perfect Battery Management System to support ultra-fast charging without damaging the batt
  • Its thumb throttle is strategically positioned to respond to the slightest touch.


  • Priced at above $2000, the price might be a stretch for riders on a budget
  • The headlight could be bigger and brighter for safe nighttime riding.

2. YUME M10: The Best Scooter for Value

The YUME’s flagship model, YUME M10 electric scooter is one of the most perfect mid-budget rides with practical foldability mechanisms.

While manufacturing this mechanism, YUME created a sizeable one that has a ring buckle to firmly get attached to the stem.

With the same weight as the original Varla Eagle One model (77 lbs), most heavy riders can conveniently carry this scooter when folded.

It has a lower weight capacity (265 lbs), though.

The standing-out specs of the M10 are as below:

Top speed43 mph
Top Range45 miles
Battery60V 22.5Ah
MotorDual; 1200W each
BrakingHydraulic disc
SuspensionHydraulic shocks
Tires10-inch; tubeless
Weight77 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Why YUME M10?

If you would like to explore an e-scooter with a Dualtron-esque in terms of lighting, build quality, and manufacturing design at a fraction of the cost, then the YUME M10 might be your perfect match.

With bright LED lights at the stem and deck, your ride will always stand out at night.

Even better, there is a remote control for you to control how lit you want your lights to appear.

With dual Sinewave controllers and motors with hall sensors, users can be sure that this scooter’s acceleration and superb ride quality are what they desperately need for any terrain.

And just so you know, most e-scooters featuring dual Sinewave controllers cost way more than $2000!

YUME M10 Pros

  • The premium folding mechanism supports easy and quick folding and unfolding
  • The adjustable hydraulic suspension, along with the hybrid offroad tubeless tires,  are ideal for all-terrain riding
  •  The high-quality ZOOM hydraulic braking system is perfect for great stopping power
  • The large and tall steering pole is sizeable enough to accommodate riders of different heights and sizes
  • For the specs, the scooter is affordably priced.


  • The acceleration could be better
  • The water-resistance rating for the entire scooter could be better than IP54.

3. Varla Eagle One: The Fastest Folding Electric Scooter Model

While the Varla Eagle One electric scooter is not the most portable model for adults, its folding design is worth mentioning, and many praise the scooter for how minimalistic it feels when folded.

Something unique must have happened for a dual-motor electric scooter that can support heavy adults weighing up to 330 lbs to weigh less than 80 lbs.

Most real heavy riders within the stated weight capacity won’t have a problem lifting a folded Varla Eagle One model weighing 77 lbs.

Compared to most e-scooters within its pricing range, the Eagle One has standing-out specifications as we tabulate them below:

Top Speed40 mph
Top Range40 miles
Battery52V 18.2 Ah
MotorsDual hub; 2000W
SuspensionDual shocks
Tires10-inch, pneumatic
Hill climbing ability30°
BrakingHydraulic + Electronic ABS
Weight77 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why Varla Eagle One?

Measuring 20.1 inches in height when folded and 50.4 inches in length, the Varla Eagle One e-scooter will fit in most mini-SUV trunks.

The length between the handlebars is only 25.5 inches with the head angle in the folding mechanism being 80°

These dimensions might make one think this scooter is small for heavy and tall riders.

The fact is that from the aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame material, this escooter is sturdy enough to carry heavy riders weighing around 330 lbs.

The Eagle is also highly customizable and you can do several tweaks to its manufacturing design without interfering with its foldability and portability.

For instance, do you want to add a seat to the Eagle and comfortably “fly” around?

This dual-motor scooter can be customized with its compatible adjustable seat, while maintaining its foldability design.  

Varla Eagle One Pros

  • The scooter folds and unfolds in seconds
  • The ratio of the scooter’s weight to its load capacity is one of the best balanced in the world of electric scooters
  • The balanced worlds of range and speed perfectly fit most commuter riders
  • The dual motors are crucial to provide the needed torque to conquer most terrains
  • The dual shock absorption system and the sizeable pneumatic tires are ideal for a perfect riding experience.


  • At full speed, Varla Eagle One has a wobbling stem
  • The front has slight motor impairments with the rear.

4. EMOVE Cruiser: Best foldable e-scooter for heavy adults

Many praise the EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter for its long range and IPX6 water-resistance rating but forget how its unique mechanism makes folding seamless.

Weighing only 52 lbs and with its single motor, you can understand why most commuters prefer this portable, foldable e-scooter.

Its crucial specifications are as below:

Maximum Speed33mph
Maximum Range62 miles
MotorRear Wheel; 1000W nominal power
Battery52V 30Ah
LightingHeadlight, braking, deck, turn signals
BrakingHybrid hydraulic
Tires10-inch; tubeless
Weight 52 lbs
Weight Limit352 lbs

Why EMOVE Cruiser?

If minimalistic design means anything to you, the EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter might be it.

Apart from its foldable latch system, the EMOVE Cruiser scooter is one of the few models with foldable handlebars.

The compatible seat also has a foldable design, so you can keep the scooter and its seat folded.

That furthers portability, a feature mostly lacking from most seated e-scooter models.

The Cruiser’s tires are tubeless and flat-resistant. Basically, should you encounter a minor flat, these tires will self-seal and help you get going.

Some Cruiser owners describe this ride as miles ahead of its competitors.

EMOVE Cruiser Pros

  • With a quick folding mechanism and portable, the EMOVE Cruiser is a perfect ride for most commuters
  • Its IPX6 water-resistance rating is ideal when riders get caught up under in light rains
  • The Sinewave controller enhances acceleration and silent motor riding
  • The bright and different lighting systems enhance visibility during nighttime riding
  • One of the top-notch single-motor electric scooters that can carry adults weighing above 330 lbs
  • There is lesser worry about flats as the tires are tubeless.


  • Since the EMOVE Cruiser has a single motor, the acceleration isn’t as smooth as rides featuring dual motors
  • The charging time is on the higher side.  

5. Varla Wasp: The best electric scooter for adults on a budget

Weighing only 33 lbs, the Varla Wasp electric scooter is one of the most portable models for adults.

Portability and foldability go hand-in-hand, meaning that any mid-weight adult will conveniently carry a folded Varla Wasp scooter.

With a modern mechanism, Wasp owners can fold and unfold the ride in a second, a unique feature most premium models lack.

While this e-scooter is a recent model, Varla kept its price below $600.

It’s one of the best budget models we currently have.

The primary specifications are as we have highlighted below:

Maximum Speed16mph
Maximum Range 19 miles
Motor500W nominal power
Battery capacity36V 7.5Ah
Tires8.5-inch, air-filled
SuspensionRear spring
LightingHeadlight, taillight
BrakingRear disc, front electronic
Weight33 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why Varla Wasp?

A folded Wasp scooter can fit in most car trunks.

With a folded height of only 15.75 inches and considering its weight, most heavy teenagers and light adults can conveniently lift this Varla model single-handedly.

Not only that, but the compatible Varla Wasp escooter seat is also adjustable and riders can comfortably adjust it to stay in place while the scooter is still folded.

This scooter is especially helpful for riders who wish to go from point A to B without worrying much about if their ride’s battery dies on the way.

Since it’s light, you can conveniently carry it upstairs or on the way without much help.

Varla Wasp pros

  • Weighing only 33 lbs and can carry adults weighing up to 265 lbs, the Wasp is portable enough and well-sized to fit in many storage areas
  • The futuristic folding mechanism is strategically positioned for fast folding and unfolding
  • The small, wide-sized tires are anti-skid, making maneuvering different terrains easier
  • The rear disc brake along with the front electronic braking ensures safe stopping
  • The lights are bright enough to avoid visual impairment at night.


  • For a scooter made for adults, the range could have been better
  • The deck could have been wider to accommodate taller riders.

6. EMOVE Touring: The Best Foldable Electric Vehicle for Diversified Risk

If you are looking for an ultra-portable electric scooter when folded, the EMOVE Touring is it.

When folded, the EMOVE Touring has a height of 11.5 inches, 8-inch deck width, and 43 inches long.

Weighing only 39 lbs and considering its dimensions, it’s ultra-easy to store the Touring wherever the owner finds it more comfortable.

Even better, you can purchase your EMOVE Touring with your most preferred color; Red, Black, White, Orange, and Purple.

These are the ultimate EMOVE Touring specs:

Max Speed25 mph
Max Range32 miles
Battery48V 13Ah
Motor500W; Rear
Weight39 lbs
Weight capacity 308 lbs

Why EMOVE Touring?

One of the first EMOVE mobility scooters, the Touring, has undergone multiple upgrades to be where we see it today.

Like its bigger brother, it features foldable handlebars, which make storage easy and faster.

Its quick-step folding mechanism is one of the easiest to use and is unique, only attributable to this little king of commuting.

  • Place one foot on the scooter’s deck
  • Pull the handlebars against the deck
  • Press the folding lever downwards
  • Push the handlebars toward the deck
  • Lock the folding pin.

EMOVE Touring Pros

  • The scooter has easy folding systems at different components, and these don’t require any special skill to handle
  • Buyers can purchase the Touring in their color of choice
  • With 8-inch front pneumatic and rear solid tires, the risk of punctures or poor ride quality is diversified
  • The triple suspension system is perfect for maneuvering different terrains
  • Priced at below $900 and with a load capacity of 308 lbs, heavy riders on a budget can unreservedly own this great value scooter.


  • For better acceleration, EMOVE could have used a more premium controller
  • The bolts often loosen easily on rough terrains, forcing riders to consistently keep checking on them.

7. YUME Y10: Best All-Terrain Folding E-scooter

YUME Y10 is a top-rated yet great-value electric scooter that has existed for a couple of years now.

With a sophisticated folding mechanism that works by pulling, folding and unfolding the scooter happens in seconds.

Even better, riders can choose to half-fold the ride depending on their storage preference.

With horizontal support beneath the mechanism, the deck pedal never touches the ground, which minimizes the occasional wear and tear witnessed among some foldable electric scooter models.

The specifications for the budget YUME Y10 e-scooter are as highlighted:

Maximum Speed40 mph
Maximum Range40 miles
Battery52V 23.4Ah
MotorDual; 1200W each
SuspensionDual Hydraulic (front); Rear spring
Lighting Dual headlights, Brake and Turn signal lights
Tires10-inch; Offroad
Weight84 lbs
Load Capacity265 lbs

Why YUME Y10?

While YUME Y10 is not the most portable escooter in the world, most heavy adults within the stated load capacity won’t have much problem lifting a folded Y10 e-scooter.

The Y10 has a folded height of 18 inches, and because the handlebars are collapsible, most compact SUVs can comfortably accommodate the scooter in their trunks.

Do you have limited space in your garage or house, too?

Also fold the scooter and its handlebars, and see how perfectly your beloved beauty fits in.

YUME Y10 Pros

  • With dual motors and Sinewave controllers, the Y10 has a smooth acceleration to offer a superb ride quality
  • The 10-inch anti-skid offroad tires are ideal for maneuvering in different terrains
  • The dual hydraulic suspension at the front and rear spring helps to handle the scooter’s stability at top speed while also making the rider as comfortable as it can get
  • With balanced worlds of speed and range, commuter riders can choose how fast or how long they will go in a single charge
  • The dual charging system makes the Y10 fully charge in only 5 hours.


  • Compared to its competitors, the Y10 could be more water-resistant
  • The rear suspension could be better than just springs.

What are the benefits of foldable mobility scooters?


It goes beyond saying that it’s easier to carry a folded electric scooter than one that isn’t.

Due to some unprecedented occurrences that can happen while commuting (think of a dead battery in the middle of nowhere, flat tires, or even the failure of the scooter to go), foldability is such a crucial feature.

You can easily push your folded scooter with the help of the wheel touching the ground, and even better when the ride supports horizontal support.

Also, if you stay upstairs, having an e-scooter with a folding design is a great idea.

Since some staircases might not be as wide to fit an unfolded heavy-adult scooter, a foldable one will easily go through and stay safe where you choose to keep it.

Easy to fit in compact spaces

Are you going for a group ride to a distant place? You shouldn’t consume so much of your scooter’s battery life.

Instead, might get your car, keep your scooter in the trunk, and transport it near the origin.

In such a scenario, you will need a foldable electric kick scooter to fit inside perfectly. Just how convenient does that sound?

Again, if you own an electric scooter to purposely commute to work, you might have to keep it inside your office; when it’s foldable and with a foldable steering column, you will only need a small space for your scooter to safely stay there.

For some public transport means that allow carrying electric rides, you can also conveniently enter with a foldable escooter as it won’t consume so much space or obscure fellow travelers.


For enhanced safety, a folding scooter is a fantastic idea.

See, when pushing an unfoldable ride in compact spaces, the handlebars can get scratched, which could interfere with the functioning of the throttle cables.

With a folding design, though, you will have reduced the width of the scooter (if the handlebars are foldable) and the height.

That way, passing in tight-spaced areas will be easier and safer for all the electronic components of the e-scooter.

How can I fold an electric scooter?

Different escooters have different folding mechanisms. That said, there is no one-size-fits-all situation.

To know how exactly you will fold your e-scooter, it’s crucial to master how its fold design looks like and how exactly you can keep the handlebars safely attached to the deck.

Here are the common types of folding mechanisms and how exactly they work:

Screw-based folding scooters

These scooters have a sizeable screw strategically positioned at the fold mechanism.

Before you fold your electric vehicle, you must untighten that screw for the mechanism to start getting folded.

When you unfold such a scooter, you would also need to tighten the screw to get riding.

Lever-based foldable e-scooters

Most e-scooters with foldable handlebars feature this foldability mechanism.

The lever is available on the stem or handlebars and when a bolt under it is pressed, the locking mechanism allows the scooter to fold down.

To start riding, you ought to press this lever to hold the foldability mechanism in its place.

Some scooters, such as the YUME Y10 model we mentioned above have a nut underneath the lever; hence the name lever-based.

Clamp-design electric scooters that fold

This clamp is on the stem of the scooter and works by locking the scooter’s upper body into the deck when folded.

Unfolding the scooter involves pulling the clasp upwards.

The actual folding process

Now that you are aware of the different types of folding mechanisms, folding each scooter, regardless of its foldability design follows specific essential elements:

  • Switch off the scooter
  • Balance your scooter upright with its kickstand as you would do to a regular bike. If the ride doesn’t have one, you can make it lean against a wall
  • If the scooter has foldable handlebars, begin by folding them down first. Mostly, the handlebar folding release button is strategically positioned behind the handlebars
  • Identify the type of foldable mechanism present in your scooter and look at the direction it takes to fold or unfold.
  • Work on that mechanism to make the scooter fold. Under most circumstances, scooters produce a snap sound or click when the folding mechanism has worked.

To unfold the scooter, you will simply need to work on those steps in reverse and get riding.

5 FAQs about foldable electric scooters

Can electric scooters be folded?

Yes, some electric scooters can be folded to reduce their height or handlebar width to be more compact for easy storage and carrying.

The folding designs are generally easy to work with and such e-scooters fold and fold in a matter of seconds.

Which is the lightest folding scooter?

We find the Varla Wasp to be the top-notch lightest folding scooter for teenagers and adults. Weighing only 33 lbs, most riders won’t have any problem carrying this scooter when folded in half.

How fast does a folding scooter go?

Depending on the components made while manufacturing a folding scooter, it can go as slow as 15 mph or as fast as 60 mph.

The number of motors and controllers plays is vital in how fast an e-scooter will run.

Can you do tricks on a folding scooter?

It’s not recommended for a rider to do tricks on an e-scooter as they might overwork it.

However, just like non-foldable e scooters, some riders do stunts and tricks on their foldable scooter models without encountering any short-term challenges.

Why won’t my electric scooter fold?

The two primary reasons your electric scooter won’t fold are that it lacks the foldability feature or the folding mechanism is faulty.

In case of a damaged mechanism, it’s easy to solve it DIY or take the scooter to a repair shop. If it’s a case of a lacking foldability feature, sorry…but you can do nothing about it.

In conclusion

A folding electric scooter is a perfect ride for you to own.

You will not only be able to carry it conveniently but also keep it safely in compact spaces without worrying so much about anything.

It’s fantastic that you only opt for the best folding e-scooter with the foldability mechanism of your choice.

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