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Why You’re On The Grubhub Waiting List [& How To Get Off]

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Key Takeaways

  • Grubhub’s waiting list controls driver numbers to avoid oversaturation.
  • Being waitlisted depends on driver limits or low demand; Grubhub informs when you’re cleared.
  • Wait times vary by location, season, and local demand.
  • Check application status online; getting off the list faster requires early application, selecting a busy area, or patience.

What Is the GrubHub Waiting List?

The GrubHub Waiting List is a system that manages the number of drivers working in a specific area to prevent market saturation and ensure a balance between driver availability and customer demand.

a screenshot of the grubhub waitlist

When driver applicants exceed the capacity set by GrubHub for a particular region, new applicants are placed on a waiting list until a position becomes available.

This approach is designed to maintain service quality and operational efficiency.

The GrubHub Waiting List functions simply: drivers apply, their applications go pending, and they can monitor their status via an online portal. When off the waitlist, GrubHub contacts them to start taking orders.

How Long Is the GrubHub Driver Waiting List?

The GrubHub driver waiting list duration varies significantly, from days to several months, depending on several factors:

  • Location: The demand for drivers in your area can lengthen or shorten wait times. High-demand areas may have shorter waits, while oversupplied areas result in longer waits.
  • Seasonality: Seasonal variations, like holidays or college semester starts, affect demand. Peak times may offer quicker off-waitlist opportunities.
  • Market Dynamics: The balance between the number of restaurants, customers, and available drivers influences wait times. Areas with more demand or fewer drivers typically have shorter waiting lists.

The waiting list’s length is unpredictable, impacted by location, time of year, and current supply and demand.

How To Check Your Grubhub Application Status

To check your GrubHub application status, access the applicant portal, typically linked in the confirmation email or text received upon applying.

Ensure you’ve completed all required paperwork and the onboarding process; your status will be displayed as “in progress.”

GrubHub will notify you of any updates to your application status.

How To Get off the Grubhub Waiting List

To expedite leaving the GrubHub waiting list, consider these strategies:

  • Apply Early: The sooner you apply, the quicker you may move off the waitlist, as GrubHub’s popularity often leads to immediate waitlisting for new applicants.
  • Choose a Busy Market: Opt for the nearest large city as your designated market rather than a suburb to increase your chances of getting off the waitlist sooner, thanks to higher demand and job frequency.
  • Patience is Key: Waiting is an inevitable part of the process, as contacting GrubHub does not affect wait times. Withdrawing and reapplying could reset your position on the list, so it’s better to wait it out while considering other gig opportunities like DoorDash or Instacart.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Getting waitlisted during the Grubhub application process is one of the most frustrating things that can happen.

If this happens to you, just understand that it’s nothing personal. It has more to do with your market and less to do with your individual application.

Typically, patience is key – give it enough time and you’ll be off the waitlist. I got waitlisted when I first applied with Grubhub, but it only took me around a week to get approved after that.

However, it seems like a little persistence can help. Drivers I’ve talked to previously told me that they reached out to Grubhub to check their status and then they are approved to drive shortly after.

This might be luck, or there could be a correlation, who knows. But it’s worth a shot.

One thing NOT to do though is to sign up again with another email address, separate from the one you used when you got waitlisted.

While this has proven to work with some drivers, it is unethical and likely to only lead to bigger issues – such as your personal details being tied to two separate applications – which can cause headaches in the future.

While you’re waitlisted, use this as a good time to look around at other gigs with same-day pay, or other great food delivery services to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GrubHub pay drivers to wait?

GrubHub does not compensate drivers for waiting time. Payment starts only after completing the application process and becoming an active contractor.

Does Uber Eats have a waitlist?

Yes, Uber Eats operates a waitlist similar to other food delivery services, influenced by varying demand levels. If you’re on a waitlist for one service, consider applying to others for potentially quicker opportunities.

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