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Grubhub Waiting List: Important Things To Understand

GrubHub, like many other food delivery services, continues to grow in popularity.

Not only do customers want to take advantage of convenient meals brought to their door, however.

For many contractors, GrubHub is a worthwhile opportunity.

If you apply to be a GrubHub driver, however, you might find yourself on the waitlist.

How does the GrubHub waiting list work, and why does it exist?

We will survey everything you need to know about it, including how to check your application status and how to get off the waitlist.

What Is the GrubHub Waiting List?

The GrubHub waiting list is a queue for driver applicants.

Contractors with the company can apply in advance of positions opening up.

To avoid market crowding, GrubHub has a worker limit in each area.

If your services exceed that limit, you must wait until a position frees up.

a screenshot of the grubhub waitlist

How Does the GrubHub Waiting List Work?

After submitting your application details, your GrubHub employment will be kept in a pending status.

From the applicant portal, you can view the state of your application.

GrubHub will contact you via phone or email when you are off the waitlist, but until that happens, you won’t be able to accept any work in your area or see incoming orders.

Why Does GrubHub Have a Waitlist?

Once a potential driver finishes applying, they may be waitlisted.

But why does GrubHub do this?

Getting waitlisted is not a matter of applicant quality but outside conditions that influence the service’s demand.

Let’s look at a few of the most prominent reasons why people get put on the GrubHub waiting list.

Limited Number of Drivers

Due to the growing popularity of GrubHub, having too many contracted drivers on the road at a given time becomes more of a concern.

Artificially bloating highway traffic and crowding restaurant orders can be dangerous or inconvenient for business.

As a result, GrubHub has a hard limit of potential drivers in an area based on its size and demand.

If you are waitlisted by GrubHub, your area may have reached the driver limit.

The company will notify you when positions open or when demand increases.

Lack of Demand in Your Area

GrubHub driver availability is proportional to customer demand.

If you apply to work in a small town, a rural area, or one without many customers, you may be waitlisted.

The driver limit depends on the GrubHub demand in the area you applied for.

You may withdraw your application and reapply to work in a busier area.

However, you will need to repeat the entire process, meaning you may be waitlisted again.

Other Reasons for Getting Waitlisted

There are not typically other reasons for being waitlisted.

In rare cases, you may not notice application updates due to app or website errors.

 If you are applying for GrubHub, remember to complete all of your paperwork and the onboarding process.

Verify your email address and phone and be sure they are correct.

Otherwise, GrubHub will not be able to contact you if openings arise.

How Long Is the GrubHub Driver Waiting List?

Unfortunately, there is no official length to the GrubHub driver waiting list.

According to Reddit, waiting times range from a few days to several months.

While you can’t pinpoint exactly how long you will have to wait, you can understand the conditions and factors that cause the duration.

Factors the Waiting List Length Depends On

In short, the waiting list length depends on your area, the time of year, and a mix of GrubHub supply and demand in your region.

Your Area

The amount of drivers in your area affects the GrubHub waitlist length.

If you apply in an area without driver shortages, you may wait much longer than someone in another region.

If you can work in another area and suspect you’ll be waiting a long time, try withdrawing your application and trying in another city.

Time of Year

Did you know that the time of year affects GrubHub demand drastically?

Many contractors do not work on major holidays, resulting in openings.

In addition, times like the beginning of school semesters in college cities cause a spike in demand.

If you are waitlisted, it may be that you applied during a slow time of the year.

Waiting is the only way to affect this condition.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand aren’t just because of the number of drivers.

They also depend on partnered restaurants and their customers.

Even in crowded areas, if there are no partnered eateries in demand at a given time, there are few available GrubHub jobs.

Try applying someplace else or wait for demand to increase.

How To Check Your Grubhub Application Status

Your GrubHub application status is viewable in your applicant portal.

Once you apply, you will receive an email or a text with a link that will take you to the site.

As long as you have filled out the necessary paperwork and finished the onboarding process, your status should be listed as “in progress.”

GrubHub will contact you when your application status proceeds.

How To Get off the Grubhub Waiting List

Although many aspects are outside applicants’ control, here are some ways to get off the GrubHub waiting list.

Apply as Early as Possible

When applying for GrubHub, you should expect to be put on the waitlist.

Due to the service’s growing popularity, that is a reality for all new applicants.

That’s why it is critical to apply as early as possible.

The sooner you apply, the sooner you will get off the waitlist.

List the Nearest City as Your Market

Instead of putting your suburb as your market, try listing the nearest city instead.

It may mean more driving for you, but the increase in demand could mean getting off the waitlist faster.

It will also make jobs more frequent once you start working for GrubHub.


It isn’t fun, but waiting is the only other thing you can do to get off the GrubHub waitlist.

The company’s website states that contacting GrubHub will not speed up your application.

If you withdraw it, you will be sent to the back of the waitlist if you apply again.

Wait patiently, but feel free to apply to similar jobs like DoorDash and Instacart in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s finish by answering some frequently asked questions about the GrubHub waitlist.

Does GrubHub pay drivers to wait?

GrubHub does not pay drivers to wait.

Pending applicants cannot view or receive orders to get paid.

Only after the application process is complete can contractors get paid with GrubHub.

Does Uber Eats have a waitlist?

Yes, Uber Eats also has a waitlist, as do other food delivery contractors.

Each waitlist is affected by the same factors, although demand may be different from one service to another.

If you’re waiting for your GrubHub waitlist to end, try applying to similar services, which might open up faster.

Wrapping Up

Being put on the GrubHub waiting list isn’t the end of the world, but it can be frustrating.

Now you know what it means, how long it lasts, and why it happens.

You also learned some tips that can reduce wait times.

While you wait, try signing up for similar services.

There’s always the chance that one of GrubHub’s competitors could open up sooner.

If you have any questions about GrubHub or waitlisting, please feel free to comment on this article.

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