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Hover 1 Electric Scooter: A Detailed Guide

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Founded in 2001, Hover-1 has been selling electronics in different segments, and electric scooters form part of their recent array of products.

When we talk about a Hover-1 e-scooter, we don’t refer to a specific model by that name. We’ll introduce their different models to you shortly.

Depending on a rider’s skill levels, needs, and budget, Hover-1 has an electric scooter for each e-rider.

In today’s guide, we will look into what e-scooter options Hover 1 offers, their features and specs, and their pricing ranges.

Hover 1 Electric Scooters List

Currently, Hover-1 sells 6 scooter models.

The prices vary significantly depending on the features and specs, ranging between $249 and $1799.

In a descending order by the price, these are the e-scooters sold by the company and their best use case:

1. Hover-1 Night Owl: The fastest Hover-1 model

The Hover-1 Night Owl electric scooter could be your best buy if you look forward to achieving high range and speed.

With a weight capacity of 220 lbs, you can undoubtedly say this is one of the best electric scooters for adults.

Below are the key specs of this folding electric scooter that costs at a current retail price of $1799:

Top Speed31 mph
Top Range37 miles
Peak Motor Output1400W
Battery52V 18Ah
SuspensionFront and Rear
ThrottleElectric throttle
BrakingDisc (Front and Rear)

With 10.5-inch offroad air-filled tires, the Hover-1 Night Owl electric scooter is right up your alley when subjected to any terrain.

Users praise this ride for its metal-like build, which makes it robust and heavy-duty to tackle any terrain it’s ridden on.

Hover 1 Night Owl Pros

  • For its features and specs, the Night Owl is properly-priced
  • Its bright lights make it a perfect companion for night riding
  • The front and rear suspension systems make the ride quality buttery smooth
  • The balanced worlds of range and speed fit most commuter riders
  • Assembling this e-scooter is easy.


  • Weighing 70 lbs (31.75 kg), this scooter is bulky
  • Taking up to 12 hours to fully charge, the feature may be inconvenient for most commuter riders.

2. Hover-1 Renegade: Best Value Hover-1 model

The Renegade is a mid-range e-scooter for riders interested more in range than speed.

Priced for $999, this e-scooter is ideal for heavy adults as it has a weight limit of 264 lbs.

These are its specs:

Top Speed18 mph
Top Range31 miles in a single charge
Peak Motor Output900W
Battery54V 11.6Ah
ThrottleElectronic throttle
BrakingDisc (Rear)

Hover-1 Renegade Pros

  • A charging time of 7 hours is realistic enough for most scooter enthusiasts
  • Accessories such as Bluetooth connectivity and dual-ride mode make riding the Renegade more fun
  • The rear suspension is ideal for riding in different terrains
  • The range is better compared to most e-scooters in Renegade’s class
  • Its 10-inch pneumatic tires are big enough to handle most terrains.


  • For that motor size, this scooter should have been faster
  • For better safety, the brake discs would have been two.

3. Hover-1 Helios: The fastest charging Hover-1 model for adut riders

Depending on the choice of your color, the $699 Hover-1 Helios e scooter comes in Blue, Black, Yellow, and Gray.

One of the best-reviewed e-scooter models, most riders love that the Helios battery can go from 0 to 100 in just 5 hours.

For that price, few competitors can outdo what the Helios has to offer. Without taking our word for it, look at the primary specs of this model below:

Maximum Speed18 mph
Top Range24 miles
Peak Motor Output500W
Battery42V 10Ah
SuspensionDual Front shocks
ThrottleElectronic throttle
BrakingDisc (Rear)

Hover-1 Helios Pros

  • The dual front shock absorption system along with the 10-inch air-filled tires make riding in different terrains achievable
  • The 240-lb load capacity and adjustable handlebars and height make this scooter perfectly fit for riders in different demographic groups
  • Getting fully-charged in 5 hours, the battery gets juiced up fast and riders keep the fun flowing
  • The removable battery feature makes it easy to keep riding – swap the batt and achieve more range
  • The deck is wide enough to even accommodate riders with big feet.


  • It can be hard to assemble the handlebars when the ride is new
  • It might take some time for you to properly adjust the brakes as needed.

4. Hover-1 Alpha Pro: The perfect model for heavy adults

An upgrade of the Hover-1 Alpha electric scooter, the Alpha Pro has been praised by many for its cool accessories and easy-to-assemble feature.

With branded Samsung battery cells, you can be sure that this ride is durable and you won’t meet unexpected battery replacement costs shortly after acquiring your Alpha pro.

Check out these specs for this $499 Hover-1 model:

Top Speed18 mph
Top Range18 miles
Peak Motor Output450W
Tires10-inch (pneumatic)
Weight Limit264 lbs
BrakingMechanical and electric

Hover-1 Alpha Pro pros

  • Adults weighing up to 264 lbs can ride this e-scooter without breaking the bank
  • The Bluetooth connectivity feature is ideal for riders who wish to enjoy listening to their music or a podcast
  • The dual electric and mechanic braking system is suitable for sudden stopping
  • The many lights present in this e-scooter are ideal for nighttime riding.


  • There is no battery status bar in this model
  • The handlebars aren’t adjustable.

5. Hover-1 Alpha: The best budget ride for adults

The Hover 1 Alpha electric scooter is one of their earliest models.

Having existed for over a year, this $449 e-scooter has stood the test of time and quality to be one of the best-rated e-scooters under $500.

While the earliest versions weren’t flawless, most shortcomings have been addressed and riders interested in more beefier scooters can go for the Alpha Pro we mentioned above.

The Alpha electric kick scooter comes in four color options: Black, Red, White, and Yellow.

We have tabulated the vital specs below:

Top Speed18 mph
Top Range12 miles
Peak Motor Output450W
Weight Limit264 lbs
BrakingDisc and Drum

Hover-1 Alpha Pros

  • The built-in suspension along with its 10-inch air-filled tires makes conquering different terrains easy
  • Fast foldability makes easy storage a reality
  • It’s easy to switch in between different speed modes
  • With a modern display, riders can conveniently see the battery status, the engaged gear, and light indicators.


  • The battery gets drained fast at full speed
  • The disc brake often needs adjustment.

6. Switch Kids: The best 2-in-1 Hover-1 scooter for kids

If you wonder what to buy for your kid between an electric scooter and an electric skateboard, the Switch Kids Hover 1 electric scooter model is an ideal choice as it acts as two-in-one.

Priced at only $249, kids can quickly and conveniently convert the Switch Kids ride into an electric scooter from an electric skateboard and vice versa.

When used as an electric scooter, the Swich Kids ride has the following specifications:

Top Speed9 mph
Top Range6 miles
Motor 90W

Switch Kids Pros

  • Featuring solid wheels, young riders do not worry about having flat tires
  • With a weight limit of 132 lbs, kids of different weights can enjoy what this e-scooter/e-skateboard offers
  • Compared to most rides in its class, this ride is affordably priced
  • The dual wheels at the rear make the ride safe enough for most kids
  • It’s easy to disassemble the Switch Kids scooter, which makes storing it in a car’s trunk easier and faster.


  • Since the battery capacity is on the lower side, it gets drained fast, making kids who wish to achieve more riding hours disadvantaged
  • The scooter part is not ideal for a rough terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Hover-1 scooter last?

The duration a Hover-1 e-scooter model lasts depends on various factors such as the battery condition, the model, the rider’s weight, and riding conditions.

For example, the Hover-1 Night Owl electric scooter is rated to hit a maximum range of 37 miles.

When ridden by a teen who weighs say 100 lbs and in favorable riding conditions, they can ride for slightly more than one hour in a single charge and hit the stated 37-mile range.

When the same scooter is ridden by a heavy adult weighing 220 lbs, the scooter won’t last for more than 40 minutes at full speed.

How fast is a Hover-1 electric scooter?

The fastest Hover-1 e-scooter model is Hover-1 Night Owl, which has a maximum speed of 31 miles per hour.

Their slowest model is Switch Kids, which goes at a top speed of 9 miles per hour.

Determining how fast a Hover 1 e-scooter model is depends on factors such as the peak power motor output and the battery’s condition.

Can I ride my Hover-1 electric scooter in the rain?

For enhanced functionality, we don’t recommend riding any Hover-1 e-scooter model in the rain as none of their models is waterproof.

Again, riding the e-scooter in the rain will make you void your warranty, which is certainly not good for you.

Is Hover-1 a good brand for scooter?

Many Hover 1 electric scooter riders on social have had nothing but positive feedback regarding their different Hover 1 models.

As expected, though, others have been dissatisfied with some Hover-1 scooters especially those that don’t go past 20 miles per hour.

Generally, we have seen more positive reviews than complaints, which means Hover-1, as a brand is a good brand for their scooter models.

Wrapping It Up: Hover 1 Electric Scooter

If you look forward to owning a Hover-1 electric scooter, gifting your kid, or a friend, there is certainly a ride for everyone.

There are several models on the official website and other retailers.

As such, it would be best to know more about those for you to make an informed decision.

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