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If you are trying to make extra cash on the side, becoming a Drizly driver could be a lucrative option.

In addition, numerous people use Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash regularly for food deliveries, so why shouldn’t there be an option to have a liquor delivery service?

As part of their mission to bring jobs to everyone, they offer Drizly Drivers the opportunity to join a growing movement and earn income through flexible hours and long-distance shipping service to customers across the country.

This post will cover what it takes to become a Drizly driver, the steps to take to apply, and what you can expect before you’re approved and on the road driving for Drizly.

What Makes Drizly Unique?

Drizly is unlike any other digital delivery service you will find. Although it similarly uses technology to connect people with local businesses, the logistics are unique.

The company works as an online marketplace. Consumers will sign in with their current address and can browse items, including beer, wine, and spirits, from local retailers.

They can choose which products they want and from which stores they want to order them.

Drizly is unique in a couple of different aspects.

  • They stick to only one market – alcohol delivery
  • Drivers do not work for Drizly directly, but rather the liquor stores themselves
  • Drivers only work during specific hours
  • They use a high-intensity ID verification system
  • They promise delivery within 60 minutes
  • There are also 2 and 3-day shipping services available  

So, if you are looking for a new way to make money delivering products instead of joining DoorDash or other food delivery services, Drizly could be a terrific alternative.

Additionally, Drizly uses an ID verification system known as Mident that ensures the passenger is old enough to purchase alcohol legally.

Mident scans the customer’s identification to ensure that it is valid.

This software helps Drizly navigate the complex legalities of liquor sales, even within various states across the U.S.  

Drizly has a complete guide on operating safely.

It is the only delivery company to ask for and receive approval from various state alcohol regulators.

This feature ensures that their operations are legal and ethical, no matter what area the drivers operate.

Another attractive feature of Drizly is how they do not inflate the original prices of beer, wine, and spirits from local retailers.

Instead, all of the costs for these products go directly back to the store, so Drizly customers are sure that the price for their items from a retailer is what they will pay for their order.

The Drizly platform charges a minimal $5 alcohol delivery service fee.

This cost can be substantially lower than other alternatives to having liquor delivered.

In addition, Drizly customers will not have to worry about paying sales taxes or subscription fees for using this service.  

They do make up for profits by charging their retailers a monthly licensing fee.

However, this amount can vary significantly, depending on several elements, including delivery area, order values, and others.

What Are The Perks of Driving for Drizly?

Driving for Drizly can be the ideal solution for anyone who wants to make extra money driving but does not want the hassle of strangers in their vehicle or handling food constantly.

The flexible hours are an attractive perk for many and the idea of not working exceptionally late into the evening or early morning.

If you are an introvert and do not like working with the public often, Drizly can provide a simple way to act as a freelance delivery driver without having to make small-talk with passengers as you work.

Delivering liquor in your local area is simple, rewarding, and not excessively overwhelming with customer service needs.

You will not have to worry about having strangers in your vehicle or ensuring that they have a pleasant experience.

Alternatively, if you are extroverted and enjoy meeting and talking to people regularly, driving for Drizly can still be a suitable and exciting way to make money on the side.

Depending on your location, you could focus on liquor deliveries for larger businesses, such as catering companies, and meet new, exciting people in the industry.

Talking to a local retailer or repeat clients about their selections can help build your industry knowledge and better connect with the customers.

Finally, working with partners who use Drizly services means there will be less competition for obtaining and accepting orders.

Additionally, unlike other digital delivery services, you will not be competing with other drivers to secure jobs since you handle them as they come in.

Drizly Driver Requirements

Not everyone is suitable for being a Drizly driver, though.

In addition, there are some requirements that you will have to meet for eligibility.

Consequently, each state may have varying governing laws surrounding liquor handling and delivery, so it is critical to know your area’s current rules.

Thankfully, it can be relatively easier to get started as a driver than working for rideshare or other delivery services.

Therefore, it is a simple process to get started as a Drizly driver if you can measure up to these conditions.

The Drizly driver requirements include:

  • Minimum age requirement
  • Active driver’s license and reliable vehicle
  • Reside in a Drizly service area
  • Thorough background check
  • Physically fit
  • Intrest in the alcohol industry

1. Minimum Age Requirement

Naturally, any industry that handles and serves alcohol will require that an individual must be of legal age.

Depending on your location, you will need to be at least 18 to 21 years old.

To be eligible for a job as a Drizly driver, you must meet the age requirement in the area you work within.

2. Active Driver’s License and Reliable Vehicle

Of course, if you will be driving liquor around to Drizly customers, you will need an active driver’s license and a reliable vehicle.

In addition, you should have a clean driving record or one that has as few infractions as possible.

Alternatively, you may get lucky and secure a position with a liquor provider that offers the use of their trucks or vans for delivering their products, although this is not the norm.

Your vehicle should have enough cargo storage to haul around large alcohol orders, especially if you are making more than one delivery within a trip.  

3. Reside In a Drizly Service Area

If you want to be successful as a Drizly driver, you will need to reside in an area that Drizly serves.

Although this liquor delivery service platform is throughout many cities across the United States, it may not be available in every location.

One critical aspect of Drizly is how they connect customers to local liquor stores in their area.

Therefore, you should be in the same demographic to successfully maintain the 60-minute or less delivery window.

You will find that delivering outside of a service area will not be lucrative and could cost more money for fuel, vehicle maintenance, and waste time.

Therefore, ensure you are within the active Drizly marketplace location.

4. Thorough Background Check

To be a Drizly driver, you will undergo a thorough background check before starting to work.

This step is necessary as you will be handling liquor, and some orders can be costly.

In addition, there can be various liability concerns when individuals are driving booze from one location to another.

Do not be surprised when you have to take a breathalyzer test or undergo a drug screening process before you start working.  

Some major cities will also require liquor delivery drivers to obtain additional driver training or defensive driving courses.

Contact your local automobile authority to see if you need to take extra driving classes.

5. Physically Fit

Although you will be sitting in your vehicle for most of the time going back and forth from pickups to deliveries, Drizly drivers should still be physically fit.

You may have to carry heavy boxes or maneuver large items in and out of establishments.

When you have extremely large orders, it may be possible to use delivery devices, such as a dolly.

However, even a loaded dolly with a keg or multiple liquor boxes will require some strength and coordination to move it correctly.

6. Interest In the Alcohol Industry

It may not be critical that you know everything about the alcohol industry to start as a Drizly driver, but having basic knowledge and interest will help.

For example, you could handle many different brand name products, and this comprehension will ensure you can quickly identify order items for prompt and accurate deliveries.

This keen interest will help you be an efficient and accurate delivery driver.

How Much Money Can You Make Delivering With Drizly?

The income you will earn from working as a Drizly driver will vary.

You may not make the same money that another individual makes just one city over from you.

How much you receive will depend on several factors.

However, it is an excellent opportunity to make some quick and easy cash.

According to GlassDoor, some Drizly Drivers reported earning between $12 and $15 an hour by making deliveries.

Additionally, these individuals stated that they received between $1,000 to $2,000 yearly from tips.

The Drizly digital app automatically recommends a 10% tip to customers to help out its drivers, but there is an option to adjust that amount manually.

If you are personable and engaging during your deliveries, you may receive more than this customer’s token amount.

However, because Drizly drivers work for the liquor stores rather than Drizly, local retailers may redistribute tips differently to include other employees of the liquor stores.

If you have any questions about eligible tips, check with the store where you fulfill delivery orders.

Delivery services are similar to other customer service fields.

The better service you provide the customer, the higher tip you could receive for your efforts.

How to Become a Drizly Driver in 2023 [Step-By-Step]

It is simple to get started as a delivery driver with Drizly.

First, visit their website or download the app on your mobile device. Click here if you are using an Android and here for iPhone users.

screenshot of how to become a drizly driver

Then, it is easy to create your account and begin your career as a delivery driver.

Once you input your address into the app or website, you can view eligible local stores in the Drizly marketplace that currently need delivery drivers.

Another method is to try browsing the Drizly message board for driver jobs.

Here, you can share your contact information with retail liquor stores looking for drivers.

Then, if they are interested in your profile, they will reach out to you directly for a position.

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in obtaining a delivery service job that is flexible, simple to do, and will give you some extra income, becoming a Drizly driver might be suitable for your needs.

If you meet their requirements, you can easily follow directions from digital orders to pick up items and deliver them to customers with ease.

In many locations, you may not need any prior delivery experience, making it a terrific way to get part-time work without having a lengthy resume of qualifications.

Drizly is a unique opportunity that can be a positive experience for many individuals, so it is worth checking out.

Becoming a delivery driver in a Drizly service area can be a fun way to spend your spare time and bring you extra cash with little effort, while you meet new people.

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