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Instacart IPO: What To Expect In 2022 For Going Public

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Instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery giants across the world.

Investing in this business’ IPO can be a great way to get a stake in the company at a lower price.

Learning the basics of an Instacart IPO and the positives can help educate public investors on whether this is a wise financial decision for their future.

What Is an IPO?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, which offers a corporation’s share to the public through a new stock.

A company that uses IPO can earn capital from public investors.

Changing from a private to a public company can ensure private investors reach optimal investments and allow public investors to contribute to the new company.

In short, an Initial Public Offering provides companies with the chance to get more capital for their business by offering new stock market shares to the general public.

Once this occurs, companies can use investment banks to gauge their pieces, increase demand, and gain private investors.

How Do IPOs Work?

Now that you know what an initial public offering is, you might be wondering how it works.

Before a company becomes an IPO, they are considered private.

Therefore, a company that is in the process of pre-IPO services may only have a few shareholders who are “high up” in the company, such as the founders, investors, or venture capitalists.

Becoming an IPO opens the door for multiple investors and stakeholders in the company to gain a footing.

Using an IPO allows companies to raise more money quickly, but it provides the business with a higher chance of expanding and trading in their industry.

A higher level of credibility is essential to helping a new company grow in a competitive industry.

The first step of creating an IPO involves a private company setting an initial price for the IPO.

A private company may hire a third party, such as an underwriter, to create the necessary documents for potential investors.

This underwriter will create the initial price and issue IPO shares to investors.

Does Instacart Have an IPO?

There is no Instacart IPO established yet because the company has not filed the necessary paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Securities and Exchange Commission must oversee all IPOs before going public.

However, there are plans in the works for the Instacart IPO to occur.

Instacart IPO Plans

The first aspect of the IPO plans is the timing.

Although the company has not filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the business has been working for over one year to go public with its IPO.

As a result, the projected date for the IPO is the beginning of 2022.

Furthermore, the next step of the IPO plan is the IPO valuation.

The general public interested in investing in the business’ IPO will be happy to hear that the valuation of the grocery delivery giant comes in at just over $39 billion.

Lastly, the final step of Instacart’s IPO plans involves the IPO backers.

Once the company submits its documents to the SEC, it will create the initial price for the IPO with the backers.

It is predicted that Instacart will use an underwriter to determine the fair IPO price – the underwriter, in this case, is Goldman Sachs.

When Is Instacart’s IPO Launching?

The most recent start date for the IPO is during 2022.

Although some investors thought the IPO would come to light at the end of 2021, delays have changed predictions to sometime during 2022.

Expected IPO Date

The latest Instacart Stock IPO news that indicates the proposed start date clarifies the company is in “no rush” to go public.

The CEO announced on March 28th that the company does not feel any pressure to go public.

The announcement was just three days after Instacart’s valuation dropped by almost 40% to just 24 billion – down from nearly 50 billion.

Plus, the company’s CEO had made recent comments about being worried regarding food inflation prices. 

Why Is Instacart Delaying Their IPO?

Companies may decide to delay their IPO for various reasons.

In the case of Instacart, the company is looking to change some of its services for grocery retailers before launching the IPO.

Expanding Their Services

Instacart is looking to adapt more seamlessly to the post-pandemic retail world before launching its IPO.

The grocery giant wants to go beyond solely a delivery service and build its brand comprehensively.

Recently, Instacart executives created an integrated brand campaign that allows Instacart shoppers to utilize QR codes during in-person purchases and at-home purchases for fresh groceries.

Strengthening Their Services

Instacart is looking to beat out its top rivals in the food and item delivery world, such as Amazon, DoorDash, Uber, GoPuff, and Gorillas.

Not only do they have to compete with delivery services, but they also have to compete with already-existing companies that have expanded their delivery methods, such as Kroger.

How Much is Instacart Worth?

According to Fortune and TechCrunch, the latest valuation of Instacart is approximately $39 billion.

The valuation has continued to increase since its inception in 2014, with the numbers rising from $2 billion in 2016 to $13.7 billion in 2020.

The private company was founded in San Francisco in 2012 and has continued to grow since.

Created by Max Mullen and founder Apoorva Mehta, the company sprung to prominence in June 2014 by raising over $44 million in one go.

Although the company has dropped in recent years due to the global pandemic, the popularity of Instacart will cause nicotine to rise due to the global demand for on-demand delivery services.

Instacart Revenues

Instacart’s revenue will reach $1.8 billion in 2021, according to this related article.

Over the years, the revenue has fluctuated depending on the popularity and valuation of the business.

In 2013, Instacart had revenue of $10 million.

This number increased substantially to $300 million by 2017, $525 million by 2018, $735 million by 2019, $1.5 billion by 2020, and $1.8 billion by 2021.

This constant upward trend shows how this grocery delivery giant continues to shine in the pre and post-pandemic world.

During the first wave of the Vid019 pandemic, Instacart saw its most profitable month at $10 million.

With nearly 10 million current users and over 500,000 workers in the company, this grocery delivery business continues to expand in terms of partners, shoppers, cities (think New York City!) in the United States, and users.

Instacart Worth

The worth of Instacart can be determined by the value of the founders of the business.

The founder of the company, CEO Apoorva Mehta, has a net worth of just over $3.5 billion after acquiring new funding sources.

What Will the Instacart IPO Price Be?

For investors looking to see the price of the IPO, it is essential to know the starting price of this investment.

So how much can you expect to spend?


Some online marketers believe grocery sales will increase to over $35 million by mid-2023, experiencing a 50% jump from 2020.

However, despite the projected increase in profit, Instacart’s money acquired from these sales will decrease in percentage to just 20%.

Therefore, the business hopes to diversify its revenue sources by increasing its delivery speed and utilizing digital advertising.

Considering all of these factors, the stock price of Instacart’s IPO will depend on various factors, such as the valuation and the number of shares.

The company’s current valuation dropped by over 40% to just $24 billion this March, which will drastically decrease the IPO price.

Should You Invest In Instacart?

The current trend of Instacart’s price and valuation can provide context clues as to whether this would be wise for public investors.


Although there are some potential drawbacks of investing in Instacart’s IPO, there are a few positives of investing in this opportunity.

Firstly, being able to buy Instacart as an IPO stock could give public investors the chance to get a stake in the company for a much lower price than they otherwise would be able.

In addition, buying at a lower price gives the public investors a chance to see a higher level of revenue growth than purchasing at a higher price.

Lastly, investors can hedge their bets for artificial intelligence, as this popular technology continues to rise in terms of use in various business sectors.


Many investors may wonder how much more this order delivery company can continue to expand if they have already hit its peak valuation.

However, analyzing the stock market shows how this company may start to experience consistent drops over time, following the footsteps of Doordash, Shopify Inc, Zoom, and Peloton.

Lastly, some potential labor issues and constant staffing could cause Instacart’s IPO to be a risky endeavor that may not be suitable for those who do not have the funds.


In short, investors who are fine with making a risky investment that can lead to a payoff should consider investing in Instacart IPO.

However, for those who do not have the finances for uncertain investments, Instacart may not be the best way to go.

How Can You Invest in Instacart?

Individuals considering investing in Instacart can do so by waiting for the company to go public, opening a brokerage account, and purchasing the IPO stock as soon as it gets on the public market.


As you can see, investing in Instacart is a personal decision that depends on your personal preferences and financial state.

However, for those who stay current on the valuation of the business, IPO stocks, and investment opportunities, taking advantage of the lower Instacart prices can be the opening you are looking for.

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