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Kangaride: Ride Types, Pricing, Availability, and How It Works

Kangaride is a trustworthy and affordable ridesharing service. Learn how it works, where it is available, and more before you take a ride.

People looking for a ride have seemingly unlimited options with today’s modern technology.

Some may even consider ridesharing a part of daily activity at this point.

Kangaride is an excellent option for ridesharers.

Let’s drive (silly pun) – I mean dive – in to learn more about this ride service option.

What is Kangaride?

Kangaride is a ridesharing service company that originated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The number of members has grown to over 100,000 since being founded in 2006.

What is Amigoexpress?

Amigoexpress is the name of Kangaride’s French platform.

According to official Canadian statistics, 85.4% of Quebec’s population speak French as their primary language.

Amigoexpress is directly available via the provided link on the Kangaride website.  

How Does Kangaride Work?

Kangaride uses a member-friendly online platform for planning and booking any rideshare service.

Conveniently, Kangaride and Amigo Express apps are available in English and French, respectively.

Registered Kanga drivers will plan a trip and enter the details via their Kangaride.

The driver will designate the day of the week, the pickup location, the pickup time, and the destination of the trip.

Then, this rideshare option becomes available to Kangaride members looking to book a ride.

Passengers can book whichever ridesharing trip they choose.

Finally, all riders will meet the driver at the designated spot and time.

Where is Kangaride Available?

Kangaride is available across North America – covering Canada and the United States.

People who live within a highly populated community or inner city are more likely to find a Kangaride than those who live within a smaller community or rural area.

Toronto, for example, is a city in which you can expect the availability of Kangaride’s services.

Is Kangaride Available in the United Kingdom?

No, Kangaride is not available in the United Kingdom.

Available Start Points

Kangaride riders can look for available start points when logged into their member account.

Which start points are available will depend on the currently posted trips.

How Can You Know Whether or Not Your Desired Start Point Will Be Available?

If you’re worried that looking for your desired trip will be difficult or time-consuming, don’t be.

It’s quite simple.

Let’s say, for example, you would like to take a trip starting from a location near your home.

You will need to log in and search for your home city in the designated search field.

If a driver has posted a ride leaving from near the indicated location, then you will have the chance to book and become one of this driver’s passengers.

You can set up an email notification system to alert you of new trip availability in the instance your trip is unavailable when you search.

Available Destinations

Kangaride destinations are unlimited.

We recommend setting an email notification alert for trips that will arrive at your desired destination.

You are likely to find plenty of options for rides to popular places such as to a special event or popular city location.

Kangaride Comparisons

As many people know, the ridesharing service industry is growing pretty rapidly.

There are many options for companies.

You can make a decision based on which features suit you best.

We’ve taken a look at some rider reviews so we can give you a recap.

Then, you can decide which you think you may like best.

Kanga vs Uber

Uber is a giant company compared to Kanga.

This means Uber has the advantage of being more readily available in more areas than Kanga.

However, Uber services can be shockingly much more costly than Kanga services.

Uber has a 3.5-star average review on Consumer Affairs.

Surprisingly, there are more complaints about this company than may have been expected.

Kanga vs Lyft

Lyft is also a giant company compared to Kanga.

Lyft and Uber are very similar to one another.

However, Uber seems to be the preferred option over Lyft.

Lyft has a depressingly low rating of 1.2 stars out of 6,237 reviews on trustpilot.com.

Kanga vs OpenRide

OpenRide was a small ridesharing company based in San Francisco, California.

This company is no longer in operation.

Unfortunately, OpenRide never had the opportunity to experience the growth and longevity Kangaride has achieved.

Kanga vs Rdvouz

Rdvouz is a ridesharing service that operates in America and Europe.

Unlike Kanga, Rdvouz focuses on carpooling to and from work.

Their goal is to reduce pesky rush hour traffic.

Reviews on Rdvouz are hard to find as this is a small, private company.

It appears Rdvouz is much less user-friendly than Kanga as there is a lack of Internet-available user information as well.

How Much Does Kangaride Cost?

Kangaride users must pay an annual membership fee of $7.50 each year.

This price covers the ability to search and post rides on the Kangaride platform.

Then, there is a $5 booking fee.

Trip prices vary.

Each driver sets their preferred price per passenger for each trip.

Kangaride can be considered one of the most affordable ridesharing options.

Membership Fee

The use of Kangaride requires a membership fee which is unlike many other rideshare services.

However, it is incredibly affordable.

Kangaride’s members’ only method of operation may increase safety for ridesharers.

All Kangaride members are registered, so it will be easy to identify who each rider is.

It’s important to be safe when you share a ride with a stranger.

That’s probably why most people have been warned (at least once in their life) against hitchhiking and/or picking up hitchhikers.

Trip Prices

Kangaride’s trip prices are top-notch compared to many other rideshare services.

Many Kangaride drivers only ask for a small fee to offer a ride.

The driver likely uses Kanga as a way to offset the cost of gas for the trips they need or want to take.

Do You Tip Kanga Drivers?

Here is another perk! You do not need to tip Kanga drivers!

If you are thinking that this feels wrong, then you’re truly a good person.

It’s not wrong because the driver has already requested their preferred rate for giving you a ride.

Kanga drivers keep the full amount of money that their passengers pay them.

Kangaride for Drivers

Any Kangaride member can become a Kangaride driver.

You can simultaneously be a driver and a rider – all from the same app!

You may benefit from becoming a Kangaride driver if you take frequent trips by car and can use some extra money.

I mean, who can’t use some extra money (especially now when gas prices are skyrocketing)?

Kangaride drivers will post their trip details to the Kangaride platform.

They can do this conveniently through the use of the Kangaride app or by logging in via a Web browser.

Kangaride informs drivers that they should be sure to check their accounts for updates regularly.

Drivers will not receive notifications when passengers book their seats.

Checking for updates is the only way to know whether or not you have any, or all, passengers at the meeting place if you are a driver.

Who Can Drive for Kanga?

If you’re an adult, have a license, and are wondering if you can drive for Kanga… the answer is probably.

Let’s drive (I mean “dive”) a bit further into what it takes to drive for Kanga.

Driver Requirements

It’s pretty easy to meet Kanga’s driver requirements.

Kangaride does, however, check their drivers’ credentials to ensure passengers will be safe in their vehicles.

Kanga’s driver requirements include:

  • Drivers must have a valid license. Kanga will have licenses vetted and verified before a driver’s ability to post trips is granted.
  • Drivers’ licenses must not be restricted in any way. A driving permit is not sufficient.
  • Drivers are limited to two passengers per row.
  • Drivers must follow all traffic laws.
  • Cell phone use is never permitted while driving.
  • Drivers must be courteous.
  • Drivers should arrive around five to ten minutes early to have a chance to find and meet their riders.
  • Drivers should wait at least ten minutes past the designated meeting time before leaving without a scheduled passenger.

Vehicle Requirements

Kanga does not have any specific vehicle requirements.

Drivers should be sure their vehicle is safe and that it can hold as many passengers as they indicated in their post.

Trip posts require a full vehicle description.

Drivers have to be honest and accurate in their descriptions.

Insurance Requirements

Drivers are required to purchase insurance.

Their insurance policies must cover the act of transporting passengers.

How Much Money Do You Make as a Kanga Driver?

The amount of money you can make as a Kanga driver depends on a few different factors.

The amount of time you work as a Kanga driver is not directly related to the amount of money you make – unlike some other rideshare employees or clients.

The factors that affect how much money you can make as a driver include:

  • How much you charge per passenger
  • How many passengers per trip you transport
  • How many trips you take

Kanga does not collect any funds from drivers other than their affordable annual membership fee.

How to Sign Up for Kangaride

Feel free to take a look at Kangaride’s Terms of Service before signing up.

Signing up is easy, once you decide that’s what you would like to do.

Please note that you will need to have a credit card on hand to pay the membership fee.

Here is how you can sign up:

vector graphic showing a kangaride driver picking up a passenger using the kangaride service to get a ride

Step by Step Instructions for Kanga Riders

  1. Visit www.kangaride.com
  2. Click “login/create account”
  3. Follow the steps to create your account
    • You will be prompted to enter information about your identity for security purposes
    • You will need to enter your email address
    • You will create a user name
    • You will create a password
  1. Download the app and login for easy access to your next ridesharing adventures

How to Book a Ride for Kangaride

Using Kangaride is extremely easy if you follow the instructions

Step by Step Instructions for Kanga Riders

You’ll need to know how to find a ride after creating your account.

Don’t worry – it’s easy.

Kanga is a simple platform for users to access and use.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log into your account on the website or open your app
  2. Click on search
  3. Enter your starting point and/or destination
  4. If there are no matches, activate your email notification alert system in your account settings
  5. Click on “book” to book the ride you wish to take
  6. Try to arrive early to meet your driver before departing.

Wrapping Up

If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking trips for cheap or if ridesharing just happens to be your “thing”, Kangaride is probably for you!

Consider trying it.

You have nothing to lose with Kanga’s low-cost-one-time membership fee.

You can contact Kangaride’s exceptional customer care center at their toll-free number (855-526-4274) if you have any questions or need additional help.

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