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Long Range Electric Scooter: The Detailed 2023 Guide

Are you looking for one of the best long range electric scooters in %currentyear%? Look no further than our list, complete with pricing, features & more.

The range is the most vital specification commuter scooter riders check before settling for their new ride.

Described as the distance an e scooter covers on a single charge, you can now see how and why commuters must settle on an electric vehicle with a high max range.

While there are tons of e-scooters marketed as long-range models, it’s a fact that they aren’t and those that are, are few.

From our experience, having ridden many scooters and interacted with several scooter riders, we will be happy to provide you with the best-value long range electric scooters in a short while.

But first things first…

What factors lead to electric scooters being called real long-range?

1. High Battery capacity

Real long-range scooter models must come with high-capacity batteries to go for long distances on a single charge.

Some e-scooters come with dual batteries to supplement the overall battery capacity, and that is a feature to diversify the risk when one batt fails.

Most long range e-scooter manufacturers use the Ampere–hour as the ideal unit to show the battery’s discharge duration.

For example, an e-scooter can be described as having a 60V 28Ah battery, meaning it will have a discharge duration of 28 Ampere-hours.

A few manufacturers also use Watt-hours as the unit to describe battery capacity, so don’t be surprised when you see that.

2. Lithium-ion Battery type

An adult electric scooter should come with a Lithium-ion battery type. Unlike the Lead-acid variety, these batteries are lighter and tend to have the fastest and safest charging.

Even better, Lithium-ion scooter batteries provide continuous use of power until the speed limiter kicks in.

The charging cycles are more before the rider replaces them, and the self-discharge rate is lower than other adult electric scooters.

3. Premium branded battery cells

The battery is the most priced electric scooter component, and the phrase “you get what you pay for” perfectly applies here.

Instead of opting for a cheap long-range scooter with the generic type, branded battery cells such as LG, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic are some of the most long-lasting yet efficient to use on any terrain.

4. Riding modes 

A real long distance electric scooter should come with at least 3 riding modes.

These are helpful to the rider in selecting which speed to go on, their targeted riding distance, and the type of terrain they ride on.

So far, we have seen the ECO Mode, Standard Mode, and Sport Mode.

Riders who wish to cover a long distance but at the slowest speed select the ECO speed mode.

Those who wish for a balanced world of speed and range select the Standard gear.

Lastly, riders near their destination and wish to raise their adrenaline by flying need to select the Sport mode.

However, the riding distance significantly reduces when riders select the fastest mode.

5. Motor peak power output

From our experience having ridden multiple e-scooters, those achieving a high range similarly have a high peak power output.

Here, we are talking about a peak power output of above 2000W.

Since the batteries have a high weight capacity, the motor’s peak output should reflect that passing voltage to give the components better longevity.

Our Top 10 Long-Range Electric Scooters List (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Dualtron Thunder: The best longest range electric scooter overall
  2. Varla Eagle One Pro: The best value long distance electric scooter
  3. Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro: The fastest longest range electric scooter for adults
  4. EMOVE Cruiser: The best long-range e-scooter for heavy adults
  5. EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: The Most Comfortable Long-Range Electric Scooter for Adults
  6. YUME X11: The best adult scooter for all-terrains
  7. Kaabo Mantis King GT: The Most reliable long-range e-scooter for adults
  8. TurboAnt V8: The best budget e-scooter with dual batteries
  9. Dualtron Victor Luxury: Best long-range e-scooter for great ride quality
  10. YUME M10: The best-foldable scooter for long distances

Dualtron Thunder: The best longest range electric scooter overall

Dualtron Thunder

Best For: Those looking for the best longest rage e-scooter

Top Features:

  • 48mph top speed
  • 72miles top range
  • Dual 2700W motor

Dualtrons are renowned for their superb ride quality, and the base Dualtron Thunder e-scooter is no exception.

When looking for a commuter long range scooter, the build quality matters big time.

It goes beyond saying that it’s a risky affair having an e-scooter’s frame breaking on you.

Before we go any further, it’s great for you to have a look at the specifications to determine if the Thunder meets your commuting expectations:

Max Speed48 mph
Max Range 72 miles
BatteryLG; 60V 35Ah
MotorDual; 2700W nominal power
Tire size11 inches
SuspensionRubber cartridge
Hill climbing ability35°
Weight95 lbs
Load Capacity265 lbs

What makes the Dualtron Thunder the best long-range scooter?

Powerful branded battery

LG is one of the premium scooter battery manufacturers, and most models with this battery type tend to be the least problematic.

The Dualtron Thunder has branded LG battery cells with a 60V 35Ah rating.

The batt then propels the scooter up to 72 miles of range, one of the highest in the premium e-scooter world.

Massive tubeless tires

Long range electric scooters should have sizeable tires as one isn’t particularly sure what terrains they will pass on during their scootering journey.

The Dualtron Thunder e-scooter comes with 11 X 3.5-inch wide tires, and this size is ideal for raising the ground clearance when maneuvering road or offroad conditions.

Even better, these are the tubeless type, making flat resistance better.

Adjustable suspension system

The rubber cartridge suspension used in the Dualtron Thunder is the adjustable type, allowing riders to play with 3 different settings to enjoy the ride quality they so wish.

Even better, the 11-inch pneumatic tires of this longest range scooter make shock absorption on bumpy roads better.

High peak power output

With a peak power output of 5400W, this electric vehicle produces sufficient torque to conquer rough terrain.

Again, this is a fast e-scooter, so commuters can select the speed they can reach in their long-range journey.

A sizeable deck

For comfort purposes, long-distance commuters must ride wide-deck scooters to keep their feet free from fatigue.

This e-scooter has a 12.5-inch wide standing platform and 24-inch in length.

With such length and width, riders who wish to customize the ride further and include a seat have their interests covered.

Dualtron Thunder Pros  

The efficient NUTT hydraulic braking system is perfect for ideal stopping power

With a hill climbing ability of 35°, commuting riders can comfortably maneuver different raised terrains

The scooter’s EY3 LED ultra-bright display is effective for keeping the rider in the know about the scooter’s general status

The cockpit is minimalistic enough as the cables are properly sheathed

Since the scooter has dual charging ports, commuter riders can reduce the charging time from 20 hours to 4 when they use two fast chargers

Nimble ride quality.


The Thunder weighs 95 lbs, making it heavy

The weight limit could be better.

Varla Eagle One Pro: The best value long distance electric scooter

Varla Eagle One Pro

Best For: Those looking for the best heavy-duty scooter for torque

Top Features:

  • Dual 1000W hub motor
  • Dual hydraulic brake
  • 45 miles top range
  • 45mph top speed

If you are looking for value for each buck you spend to own an e-scooter, the Varla Eagle One Pro model might be what you need to look at.

This motorized scooter model produces a peak power output of 3600W, and dual 30A controllers that make the acceleration smooth as you travel up to 45 miles.

The crucial specifications we find standing out about this model are as we tabulate them below:

Maximum Speed45 mph
Maximum Range45 miles
MotorDual; 1000W each
Battery60V 27Ah
Tire size11-inch; pneumatic
Braking Hydraulic + ABS
SuspensionHydraulic; dual
LightingHeadlight, Rear Light
Weight90 lbs
Weight Capacity330 lbs

Why Varla Eagle One Pro for long distances?

A high-weight capacity

It’s always great when a long-range scooter for adults has a high weight limit.

See, you could find some goodies on your commute and take them with you.

When such a ride has a higher load limit than your weight, you won’t have to worry much about overloading the scooter.

If you don’t weigh past 300 lbs, choosing the 330-lb weight limit Eagle One Pro is an excellent idea.

Hydraulic dual suspension

The hydraulic suspension is mostly seen in premium scooter models, and Varla allows you to own one without breaking the bank.

This shock absorption mechanism is perfect for enhancing the ride quality, and it’s even better when the tires are sizeable.

Varla used an11-inch air-filled pneumatic tires for this model, making its shock absorption more perfect.

Just add the tire pressure of your choice, and get going.

No matter how many miles you will cover, you can rest assured that these shock absorption components cover your peace of mind.

Premium braking type

Hydraulic braking is the best disc brake type, and from our post on the top scooters that feature the hydraulic braking type, you can see that they are highly-priced.

The Varla Eagle One Pro comes with this safety mechanism at a fraction of the cost we see from its competitors.

Along with the hydraulic disc brakes, Varla also comes with a 10W front light and red taillights, and these two complement the safety provided by the brakes.

Durable frame

The Eagle One’s frame comes from aluminum alloy, one of the best scooter manufacturing materials.

As commuter scooters will often face getting pushed to the limits, there is an assurance that this model won’t break on you mid-ride.

Varla Eagle One Pro Pros

The 35-degree climbing angle ability is perfect for crushing inclined surfaces

The scooter comes with dual charging ports, significantly reducing the charging time to 6 hours

The 7.8-inch wide and 22.8-inch long deck is sizeable enough to keep riders cruising comfortably

The premium manufacturing materials used to build the scooter make it durable

From its specs, this scooter is competitively priced.  


This model weighs 90 lbs, which makes it heavy

The ride could be more water-resistant than IP54.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro: The fastest longest range electric scooter for adults

Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT Pro

Best For: Looking for e-scooters for all-terrains

Top Features:

  • 61.8 mph top speed
  • 72.1 miles top range

Long-range scooters shouldn’t be the slowest.

The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro model is one of the beasts that offer balanced worlds of max speeds and max range, allowing commuters to explore these specs in a single ride.

Riders can select their Wolf King GT in either Gold or Black, and depending on their use case, they can choose street or offroad tires.

Find the key GT Pro’s specs in the table below:

Max Speed63 mph
Max Range74 miles
MotorDual; 2000W each
Battery72V 35Ah
Tire size11-inch
Water-resistance RatingIPX5
Weight115 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

What makes the Wolf King GT ideal for long range?

Self-sealing tires

Picture this: your scooter has conveniently carried you to a distant place, and then, as ill luck would have it, you encounter flat tires.

How would you work around it to ensure you are back on your riding journey? Well, thinking about it is already hard enough for me.

With the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro, it has massive tubeless 11 X 3.5-inch self-healing tires.

By that, we mean that if you encounter a small puncture, these tires will self-seal, and you will be back on track within no minutes.

High-capacity motor power

Maybe you want a commuting companion to your workplace, and there is no choice but to get there on time.

The GT Pro is the fastest scooter in this round-up, and with its dual 4000W nominal power motors, you will enjoy fast-riding and long range.

Massive battery

The King GT is one of the few models featuring a 72V battery.

Even better, its battery comes with branded Samsung or LG cells to make it more durable.

Thanks to this potent batt, riders can enjoy a high range of up to 74 miles of continuous riding.

Different riding modes

If you wish to achieve a high range at a lower speed, you can select the ECO mode in the GT Pro or the Turbo riding mode if you wish to fly.

You can alternate between the riding modes and use the cruise control feature to stay within your preferred riding speed.

Massive anti-glare display

It’s vital to stay updated on the remaining battery percentage, your riding speed, and the riding mode you have engaged.

The Kaabo Wolf GT Pro scooter has a 4.2-inch wide display to keep long-distance commuters updated about their riding journey.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Pros

The IPX5 water-resistant rating comes in handy when commuters get caught up under light rains

The sizeable deck and wide handlebars offer long-distance riders the much-needed comfort

The hydraulic disc braking system, along with the plethora of lights, make safety a priority

The Sinewave controllers make the ride quality more agile

The aluminum alloy frame is durable enough for everyday use.


At 115 lbs, this scooter is bulky

Since the handlebars are wide, short riders might struggle to ride the scooter for long.

EMOVE Cruiser: The best long-range e-scooter for heavy adults

EMOVE Cruiser

Best For: 300lb adults who are on a budget

Top Features:

  • 30+ miles per hour
  • 300 lb capacity
  • 1000W motor

The EMOVE Cruiser is the longest-range single-motor scooter for heavy adults, and while at it, the most water-resistant in the world.

With a higher weight limit than most premium dual-motor models, this ride is perfect for heavy riders who wish to go far without breaking their wallets.

The vital Cruiser specifications are as we highlight below:

Top Speed33 mph
Top Range62 miles
Motor1000W nominal power
BatteryLG; 52V 30Ah
Tires10-inch; tubeless
Suspension Dual springs
BrakingHybrid hydraulic
Weight 52 lbs
Weight limit 352 lbs

Why EMOVE Cruiser?

High water-resistant rating

You can be caught up in the rain as a long-range rider, and having an e-scooter with a properly certified high IP rating is great.

The EMOVE Cruiser has a rating of IPX6, greater than most electric scooter models.

While this scooter isn’t entirely waterproof, its water-resistant rating is high enough to prevent component damage when subjected to light rains.

We recommend avoiding riding in the rain, though, as water damage isn’t covered under warranty.

Self-healing tires

The Cruiser’s 10-inch tubeless tires are a great addition to the overall scooter’s shock absorption.

Even better, these are the self-healing type, meaning punctures won’t prevent a rider from completing their journey.


The Cruiser comes with adjustable handlebars, ideal for riders of different sizes and heights.

Also, this scooter has a sizeable deck (21 inches long by 10 inches wide), allowing commuters to comfortably keep their feet spaced as they wish to.

The spring suspension systems at the rear and the front also contribute to riders’ comfort as there is nothing much to worry about when they face bumpy surfaces.


The Cruiser folds and unfolds in seconds, all thanks to its superb folding mechanism.

Again, riders can fold the handlebars for this ride to fit in compact spaces.

When folded, this scooter weighs only 52 lbs, and considering its weight capacity, it’s easy to conclude that this is the most portable ride for heavy adults.

If the batt dies before you reach your destination, you can carry your folded Cruiser for several meters, juice it up, and continue going.

EMOVE Cruiser Pros

The premium 52V 30Ah LG long range battery is high capacity enough for riders to go for tens of miles on a single charge

The Sinewave controller makes acceleration more nimble, making the scooter have a great ride quality on smooth surfaces

The high load limit is great for heavy riders who wish to tag along some luggage without overloading their scooter

The brake lights are bright enough from a distance

Riders can select their Cruiser from 6 different colors: Red, Blue, White, Orange, Black, and Purple

The plug-and-play cabling system makes it easier to customize the scooter.


This could be a dual motor scooter

The bolts need to be tightened often.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: The Most Comfortable Long-Range Electric Scooter for Adults

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro

Best For: Those looking for the most comfortable scooter for Adults

Top Features:

  • 50mph top speed
  • 50 miles top range
  • Dual motor 2000W

If you are looking for the best electric scooter for comfort, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro is right up your alley.

With an e-scooter and electric bike design, the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro has a supple memory foam seat, and this is ideal for long-distance riders who sometimes can’t stand riding while standing.

Below are the ultimate RoadRunner Pro specifications:

Top Range50 miles
Top Speed50 mph
MotorDual motor; 2000W each
BatteryLG; 60V 30Ah
Suspension Front hydraulic, dual rear springs
Hill climbing ability30°
Weight114 lbs
Weight capacity330 lbs

Why EMOVE RoadRunner Pro?

A sizeable seat

The EMOVE RoadRunner Pro’s seat measures 20 by 7.9 inches, and has a 3.5-inch thickness.

By all measures of standards, this seat is bigger than traditional bike’s, making commuters who cover long distances as comfortable as possible.

Swappable electric scooter battery

Riders who wish to extend the scooter’s maximum range can swap the battery with a fully-charged one and keep going. This is a unique feature lacking in most e-scooters.

Great shock absorption

This is a 14-inch pneumatic tire electric scooter. Yes, you read that right. This is not an electric bike.

These sizeable tubeless pneumatic tires and the scooter’s triple suspension system offer great shock absorption regardless of the terrain the scooter gets subjected to.

Good battery life

The RoadRunner Pro comes with branded 21700 LG 60V 30Ah battery cells. That capacity is ideal for providing a long battery life to keep riders going.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pros

The 45A Sinewave controller offers buttery acceleration, giving the scooter an agile ride quality

With a bright headlight and tail light, EMOVE RoadRunner Pro riders are safe at night

The removable battery feature is vital for riders to extend the range or make the scooter lighter when they detach the battery

The 4000W dual motor peak power output along with the 1800Wh battery is ideal specs to make the ride have balanced worlds of speed and range

The 3.5-inch TFT display is handy for riders to stay updated their ride status.


This model lacks regenerative braking

114.4 lbs self-weight is too bulky for most riders.

YUME X11: The best adult scooter for all-terrains


Best For: Those looking for dual-motor e-scooters

Top Features:

  • Samsung 60V 30Ah battery 
  • 60 miles top range
  • 50 mph speed

The YUME X11 e-scooter is one of the few models with a stem-stabilizing damper, and making it a great ride for conquering different terrains.

Riders can choose this model in Black, Red, or Orange to supplement their color choices.

Unlike most all-terrain scooter models in its class, the X11 is one of the few scooters priced below $2500.

These are the primary YUME X11 specifications:

Top Speed50 mph
Top Range60 miles
Battery60v 31.5Ah
SuspensionAir Shock (Front), Dual Springs (Rear)
BrakingHydraulic disc brake
Tires11-inch; tubeless
Water-resistant ratingIP54
Weight110 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why YUME X11? 

Stabilizing bar

Speed wobbles affect most long-range electric scooters.

YUME included a long steering damper for their X11 model, making the ride stable enough when subjected to different terrains.

No matter how many miles you will cover from a full charge, you can rest assured that there is little to no chance of the stem shaking to drop you.

11-inch tubeless tires

11-inch offroad tubeless tires are an ideal size to raise the scooter’s ground clearance and offer great shock absorption.

With these, there are few chances of having the deck scratched.

Unlike tubed tires, tubeless tires also make it easier to cover flats using a sealant.

Remember, a long-range scooter should offer the most convenience over a long distance.

Safety features

The worst that can happen is cutting short your long-distance scooter trip owing to unsafety.

The hydraulic disc braking system is the best component for super-stopping power, and YUME X11 is one of the few scooter models with dual hydraulic disc brakes.

This ride also comes with dual front lights, brake lights, and turn signals to always enhance safety while riding at night.

The horn is loud enough to be heard from a distance, alerting other road users.

Heavy-duty aviation-grade frame

Wear and tear is part of the game if you intend to use your scooter daily and for a long distance.

However, since the YUME X11 scooter model comes with an aluminum alloy aircraft-grade frame, this durable material is resistant to high incidences of wearing out fast.

As such, this is a durable ride that won’t easily break on you.

YUME X11 Pros

The scooter’s 30-degree hill climbing ability is handy when it’s subjected to inclined places

The 21700 battery cells are durable enough, making the scooter last long after hundreds of charging cycles

This model is not only ultra-long-range but also fast enough to cater to long-distance riders who have a deadline to beat

The triple suspension system along with the dual Sinewave controllers are ideal for boosting the scooter’s ride quality

From its specs, the X11 is affordably-priced.


The water-resistant rating could be better than just IP54

The handlebars are somewhat short, making taller riders uncomfortable.

Kaabo Mantis King GT: The Most reliable long-range e-scooter for adults

Kaabo Mantis King GT

Best For: All terrains

Top Features:

  • 56 miles top range
  • Dual motor with 1100W each
  • Light, portable and foldable

Many have described the Kaabo Mantis King GT as the most reliable ride for long distances.

Among the few single-stem Kaabo models, this electric vehicle features premium building materials such as an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, properly sealed battery, and dual powerful motor.

With this model, there are few to no chances of any component dying on you mid-commute.

The specifications that make the Mantis King GT stand out are as we tabulate them below:

Top Speed43 mph
Top Range56 miles
MotorsDual; 1100W each
Battery60V; 24Ah
Braking Hydraulic brakes
Water-resistant ratingIPX5
Tires10-inch; hybrid
Weight74 lbs
Weight capacity265lbs

Why Kaabo Mantis King GT?

Fast charging

We didn’t recommend the Mantis King GT foldable electric scooter as the most reliable for no reason.

Unlike most long-range models that take an eternity to charge from 0 to full, the Mantis King GT comes with dual charging ports.

When the rider uses dual fast chargers, they can reduce the time from 6 to only 2.4 hours. This is the fastest-charging electric scooter for adults we have ever seen.

Adjustable suspension system

Like the premium model it is, the Kaabo Mantis King GT scooter for long distances comes with dual adjustable hydraulic suspension.

Depending on the terrain the scooterist rides on, they can turn the suspension either clockwise or anti-clockwise to work with the shock absorption setting they prefer.

Buttery smooth acceleration

The Mantis King GT is one of the few scooters with Sinewave controllers.

Whether you are negotiating a corner or in this beast’s fastest mode, something is guaranteed – the two motors are silent and the acceleration is agile.

Advanced features

This is one of the few models with their cruise control feature embedded in the display system.

That strategic positioning is ideal for riders to seamlessly and automatically choose to maintain their sweet speed spot.

The display is also sizeable and it’s the anti-glare type, making it easy for riders easily access the scooter’s performance controls and digital security lock.

Kaabo Mantis King GT Pros

Most heavy riders won’t struggle to lift the ride’s 74 lbs worth of weight

With the hydraulic braking type, loud electronic horn, and different lighting types, safety is a priority for this model

The tubed hybrid air-filled tires are perfect for passing in all terrains

The 21-inch long and 9-inch wide deck is sizeable enough to keep riders comfortably riding for long

The IPX5 rating helps the electronic components stay safe in case of light showers over the commute.


This ride could have a higher weight capacity to meet adults weighing up to 300 lbs

The display doesn’t retain the former settings used when the scooter was last on.

TurboAnt V8: The best budget e-scooter with dual batteries

TurboAnt V8

Best For: Those looking for the best 20 mph scooter for range

Top Features:

  • 450 W motor
  • 50 miles top range
  • 275lb load capacity

The TurboAnt V8 electric kick scooter made waves in 2022 for being the most affordable dual-battery e-scooter.

While this isn’t the fastest model, the V8 is one of the best-budget rides for adults who wish to keep going and going regardless of the fastest speed.

These are the main V8 specifications:

Top Speed20 mph
Top Range50 miles
Motor450W nominal power
BatteryDual; 36V 7.5Ah
Charging time 4 hours
Weight limit

Why TurboAnt V8 e-scooter?

Dual batteries

An e-scooter batt is the most pricy component.

Since the V8 comes with dual Lithium-ion batteries, the risk of a single battery dying on you shouldn’t bother you more than if you had a single-battery scooter.

Again, the stem battery is detachable, meaning you can extend the range to cover more distance than stated, provided you swap the low-voltage one.

Durable frame

The V8’s frame is manufactured using aluminum alloy, one of the most durable in the frame-making industry.

Proper shock absorption

The V8 comes with tubed 9.3-inch air-filled tires.

Again, this budget ride has rear dual spring suspension system. The two springs work along with the sizeable air-filled tires to offer much-needed shock absorption.


The V8 is the most portable adult e-scooter in this round-up, weighing only 47.62 lbs.

With a weight limit of 275 lbs, most adults won’t struggle to lift the scooter.

Again, the ride’s fast-folding mechanism is crucial for riders to keep the scooter in most compact spaces.

A long and wide deck

The V8’s deck length is 19.7 inches, while its width is 6.9-inch.

Since this isn’t a seated scooter model, most adults will comfortably keep their feet over a long-distance journey.

TurboAnt V8 Pros

The battery on the stem can be removed easily and swapped with a full one for riders to extend the overall range

The 4-hour charging time is reasonable enough for most commuters

Riders can use the single-battery mode and get going

The bell is loud enough to signal pedestrians and other riders to stay safe

The weight limit in this scooter is high enough for heavy adults on a budget

For the features and specs, this scooter is affordably priced.


The max speed could be better

The acceleration could be smoother to fit most commuter riders.

Dualtron Victor Luxury: Best long-range e-scooter for great ride quality

Dualtron Victor Luxury

Best For: Those looking for high-end hydraulic brake e-scooters

Top Features:

  • ZOOM hydraulic brakes
  • 43mph top speed
  • 56miles top range

Does luxury mean anything to you while on a long-distance ride? The Dualtron Victor Luxury is one of the most luxurious premium models we have.

With this one, you will ride up to 56 miles; before you realize it, you will have already reached your destination.

These are the primary Victor Luxury specs:

Top speed43 mph
MotorDual; 2000W
BatteryLG; 60v 30Ah
Tires10-inch; tubed
Weight 72 lbs
Weight limit265 lbs

Why Dualtron Victor Luxury?

Efficient braking

It takes a braking distance of 10 ft to stop the Victor Luxury from 15 miles per hour to 0.

Even better, this scooter features the dual ZOOM hydraulic braking type, one of the most premium components for great stopping power.

Great suspension

Unlike most e-scooters in its class, the Victor Luxury comes with a rubber suspension type.

This is one of the most unique types, and coupled with the tubed 10-inch tires, shock absorption is great for short or long commutes.

This scooter is also one of the few models that have swappable suspension cartridges.

Swap the cartridge depending on how stiffer or smoother you wish to go.

Robust ride quality

Like all Dualtrons, the Victor Luxury is manufactured using aluminum alloy, one of the most sturdy yet light-weight scooter manufacturing frame material.

The stem has a 12° stability angle, a unique feature that boosts its stability when subjected to maximum speeds.

Dualtron Victor Luxury Pros

The scooter’s compact size when folded (43.7″ x 11″ x 22 inches) comes in handy for long-range commuters who wish to keep the scooter in a tight space

The 4000W peak power output produces sufficient torque for the ride to access most terrains

The premium branded battery cells add up to the scooter’s longevity

Most heavy commuting riders won’t struggle to lift the scooter’s 72 lbs net weight.


This model lacks a water-resistant rating

The scooter could have a headlight.

YUME M10: The best-foldable scooter for long distances


Best For: Those looking for a budget-friendly hydraulic brake e-scooter

Top Features:

  • 43mph speed
  • Has dual motors of 2400W
  • 43 miles range

A foldable electric scooter comes in handy during long distance rides and the YUME M10 is one of the heavy-adult scooters with the simplest folding mechanisms.

The M10 comes wrapped in double protection foam, so most buyers are thrilled when they receive it.

Its specifications are as we tabulate them below:

Top Speed43 mph
Top Range45 miles
MotorDual; 1200W each
Battery60V 22.5Ah
SuspensionDual; hydraulic coil shocks
Braking ZOOM hydraulic
IP rating IP54
Lighting Headlight, brake, stem, and turn signals
Weight77 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why YUME M10?

Ring buckle folding system

The ring buckle folding mechanism is one of the latest and most efficient.

This one folds and unfolds in just a second, making long-range riders conveniently carry their compact-size M10.

The clamp easily fits in its place, making the stem scratch-free no matter how long one carries their scooter.

With this mechanism, you won’t have to worry about keeping the M10 in a tight space after coming from a long commute.

Tubeless tires

Unlike tubed-tire scooters, it’s easier to fix flats if your scooter has the tubeless type.

The M10 has 10-inch pneumatic all-terrain tubeless tires, making riding on different long terrains easy peasy.

Premium components

YUME M10 features the ZOOM hydraulic braking type, the safest component for efficient stopping power.

Even better, the hydraulic suspension is perfect for all terrains, making riders comfortably conquer what long distance brings to them.

The durable aviation-grade alluminum alloy increases the scooter’s lifespan, offering value for each buck spent in the buying journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best electric scooter for long distance?

We find the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter to be the best overall ride for maximum riding distance.

Which electric motor scooter has the longest range?

The Dualtron Thunder electric motor scooter comes with high electronic component output, making it have a maximum range of 74 miles.

This is the longest range in an electric scooter so far.

Which is the cheapest electric scooter with high range?

The TurboAnt V8 e-scooter is the most affordable high-range electric scooter.

Sold below $800, the scooter can achieve a maximum range of 50 miles, thanks to its dual-battery design.  

Are electric scooters good for long distance?

High-range e-scooters with a high battery capacity are good for long distances.

However, you need to ensure that the ride has a sturdy build quality and premium safety features to have a long lifespan and keep you and other riders or pedestrians safe.

How far can an electric scooter go with full battery?

Real long-distance scooters can go anywhere between 35 and 74 miles with a full battery depending on the electronic components used.

Final Words

Finding a perfect long-distance scooter is an ideal choice.

You can use it as your commuting companion to work, running errands or going to school.

Since there will be high incidences of wear and tear, always go for the most durable ride, while ensuring that the battery is high-capacity.

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