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Nexar Pro Review: Features, Review & My Experience

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Are you considering buying a dash camera?

If so, the Nexar Pro could be the perfect choice for your needs.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with an affordable price point, this dash camera provides superior security and protection for drivers looking to stay safe on the road.

In this review, I’ll unpack all of its features and explore my own experiences as I tested out this product.

Keep reading to find out whether it’s worth investing in!

Our Pick
Nexar Pro Dual Dash Cam - HD Front Dash Cam and Interior Car Security Camera - Nexar Dash Cam Front
9.4/10Our Score

Notable Features

  • 135-degree field of view in full 1080p quality
  • Smart detection - automatically records incidents like sudden braking and collisions
  • 24/7 parking mode - senses impacts and records automatically
  • Instantly live stream footage to a phone using the app and built-in wifi

Overview of the Nexar Pro Dash Cam


Two High Quality Cameras

high quality 1080p full HD image sensors

Comes With Suction Cup Mount


Built-in GPS


Automatic Recording 24/7 Protection

Automatic collision detection secured to the cloud

real-time parking and break-in alerts, with a live-stream

Additional Safety Features

Additional safety features like Nexar Emergency Alerts include a location, dash cam video, and one-tap link to dispatch 911

Easily submit insurance claims with simple summary reports. Sensor data, speed, location, impact force, and the dash cam video – takes less than a minute to produce a report

“Where did a park” feature


Included in the box is everything that you’d expect from a dash cam, including a main camera and secondary camera, a power cable, power adapter, and installation hardware.

Everything is labeled in simple terms – a big plus, as we all have used over-complicated devices with instruction manuals seemingly written by the engineering team.

image showing everything that comes with a nexar pro dash cam - header image for nexar pro review
image showing a nexar pro unboxing - for nexar pro review
image showing a nexar pro unboxing - for nexar pro review
image showing a nexar pro unboxing - for nexar pro review

Once I opened the camera and started actually setting it up, I realized that Nexar wasn’t aiming to simply produce a high-quality dash cam, they were instead trying to shake up the dash cam industry and take the entire user experience to the next level.

Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts on this camera were overall positive.

The camera appears to be well-designed, and it is small enough to fit pretty much anywhere on my windshield without being intrusive.

picture of a hand holding a nexar pro dash cam - for nexar pro review
picture of a hand holding a kingslim d4 dashcam - for kingslim d4 dash cam review

The camera was designed to be light weight, and you can tell. It is light to hold yet powerful in terms of features.

However, there were a few downsides that I wouldn’t expect to run into with a camera at this price point.

First, I noticed that there was no memory card included with the kit.

While these are fairly cheap to buy, some other cameras (such as the Nexar Pro) come with a memory card.

Next, I noticed that while the dash cam itself was of very high quality, some of the peripherals like the charger were made of fairly inexpensive materials.

picture of a kingslim d4 dash cam charger - for kingslim d4 review

This is a very minor thing, but the sticker peeled off when I tried to take it off.

Setting Up the Nexar Pro Dash Cam

After taking the camera out of the box, I was prompted to set the camera up.

Doing so required downloading the Nexar app and then connecting the camera to the app using Bluetooth.

Here is the process to set up the camera on an iPhone.

The app walked me through every step of the process and I didn’t run into any snags.

Overall, it took roughly 5 minutes to set up and connect.

The app is very well designed and once set up and connected, can be used to control the camera.

Installation in the Vehicle

Installing the dash cam was even easier than the initial setup. It truly was “plug and play”.

I connected the power adapter to the camera, stuck it to my windshield, and then plugged in into my vehicle’s USB port.

I heard the camera turn on, and that was it. The unit did the rest automatically.

Nexar Pro dash cam installed on the windshield of a vehicle

You can install this camera however you’d like, but it appears to be designed to be installed at the top of a vehicle’s windshield, with the power cable running up along the headliner and then down the corner pillar of the windshield.

Important Note: As you can see from this photo, the part of the camera that the power adapter is plugged into is sideways.

After about 5 minutes of driving, the camera fell off.

I did a bit of research and realize that I simply didn’t read the directions.

Once adhered to the windshield, that piece needs to be facing up so that the suction cup properly mounts to the windshield.

  • designed to be installed at the top of the windshield, with the power facing up. Cord runs down along the side pillar of your vehicle
  • 11.5 foot USB power cable with clips



My Experience With This Camera




Frequently Asked Questions


Conclusion: Is the Nexar Pro Dash Cam Worth It?


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