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7+ Best Off-Road Electric Scooters [Ranked For 2023]

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Picture this: Your friends have planned to go on a group ride.

There will be fun, a comparison of the riding maestro, and the other scooters will be ranked.

What choice do you have to command your respect? A high-quality off-road electric scooter that can crush all terrains, boy!

The problem is that while some e-scooters get reviewed as off-road rides, they don’t come anywhere near.

Having ridden many e-scooters and interacted with several professional riders, we present our round-up on the offroad electric scooters you could explore for your next purchase.

Our 7 Favorite Off-Road Electric Scooter Models

1. Kaabo Wolf King GT: The best overall offroad electric scooter

If versatility means anything to you, the Kaabo Wolf King GT is your perfect fit.

Do you want the Kingly golden color or the beautiful black accent?

The Wolf King GT Pro is such accommodative.

What’s even more fascinating is that you can select to buy this electric vehicle with either offroad or road tires.

We rated it as the best overall offroad e scooter for hunting ,and our readers appreciate that we helped them choose the ideal choice.

These are the recommendable specs you will get from your Wolf King GT purchase:

Max Speed63 mph
Max Range74 miles
Battery 72V 35Ah
MotorDual; 2000W each
SuspensionDual hydraulic
Inclination ability27°
Weight115 lbs
Load Capacity330 lbs

Why do we recommend the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro?

One of the unique features of this specific Kaabo model is that it features self-healing pneumatic tires.

That means that if you get a puncture in your offroading journey, the tires will self-seal to keep you going.

The tires are also 11 inch, a spec that helps raise the ground clearance to avoid getting stuck, in say, muddy conditions or when it’s icy.

How about the acceleration? Buttery smooth is an understatement.

Featuring dual Sinewave controllers, riders can seamlessly handle hills at a 27-degree angle.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Pros

  • The dual motors have a high peak power output to comfortably handle what real off-roading entails
  • With the potential to go for more than 65 miles in a single charge, there is no worry about the battery dying on you in the woods
  • The Wolf King GT Pro supports a seat attachment, making riders able to customize the electric vehicle to their best comfort
  • The premium hydraulic suspension and disc brakes are perfect components to offer the needed peace of mind while off the road
  • The deck is sizeable enough to support riders of different sizes and weights.


  • Priced close to $3K, this scooter is pricy
  • The handlebars are relatively wide for short riders to comfortably handle it.

2. Varla Eagle One: The best-value all-terrain electric scooter

Dual motors rock when it comes to riding on all terrains.

You will have enough torque to conquer those unfavorable conditions and keep your ride working within its limit.

The Varla Eagle One is one powerful dual-motor scooter that has been praised by many for its ability to excel in all-terrain conditions.

Its specifications are standard and the top speed and range are balanced for optimal results.

The crucial specs are tabulated below:

Top Speed40 mph
Top Range40 miles
Battery52V 18.2 Ah
MotorsDual hub; 2000W
SuspensionDual shocks
Tires10-inch, pneumatic
Hill climbing ability30°
BrakingHydraulic + Electronic ABS
Weight77 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why do we recommend the Varla Eagle One e-scooter for uneven terrain?

As if manufactured for offroading, the Eagle One comes with wide 10-inch pneumatic tires with an anti-skid feature to maneuver whatever terrain they have been subjected to.

With a shock absorption system at the rear and the front, bumpy rides shouldn’t be a problem since the shocks in the Eagle One offer the much-needed superb ride quality.

What’s even more fantastic is that you can buy the separate detachable Eagle One seat, and you won’t even notice that you are in rough terrain.

Varla Eagle One Pros

  • Manufactured with aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the Eagle One is robust enough to handle all terrains
  • The wide and big tires, along with the dual independent shock absorption systems make riding across different terrains possible and enjoyable
  • Featuring a dual hydraulic braking system, the stopping power is enhanced in case of anything unexpected happening off the road
  • The LED headlight and rear LED lights are bright enough to keep riders and others in unclear conditions safe
  • With a 30-degree hill climbing ability, riders who wish to tackle inclined conditions are sorted.
  • The fast folding mechanism helps to store the scooter easily.


  • Weighing 77 lbs, it might be a struggle for some riders to lift the scooter
  • Riders who need more comfort have to buy a seat separately.

3. EMOVE Cruiser: Best off-road e-scooter for heavy adults

Knowing what award to give to the EMOVE Cruiser has taken scratching our heads.

Is it its water-resistance rating or its range?

What we know is that this beauty is the king of value.

Well, the EMOVE Cruiser is currently one of the top-most water-resistant electric scooters in the world.

With an IP rating of IPX6, you wouldn’t need to worry when riding this beauty under light rains in muddy off-road conditions.

While we don’t recommend riding under rain (as there is currently no fully waterproof e-scooter), you might get caught up in the rain when you are in the woods.

That’s how a great water-resistant scooter such as the Cruiser comes in handy.

The ideal specs are as we have highlighted below:

Maximum Speed33mph
Maximum Range62 miles
MotorRear; 1000W nominal power
Battery52V 30Ah
LightingHeadlight, braking, deck, turn signals
BrakingHybrid hydraulic
Tires10-inch; tubeless
Weight 52 lbs
Weight Limit352 lbs

Why do we recommend EMOVE Cruiser?

Tubed tires have troubled e-scooter owners for long.

When going off-road, it’s easy to encounter flats and when such a scenario happens with a tubed tire, you will have to keep replacing the inner tube.

Since the Cruiser has a 10-inch tubeless tire, you won’t have to buy any inner tube. Got a flat? Apply sealant and get going.

With the ability to go 62 miles on a single charge, the Cruiser is also excellent for offroad riding.

Unlike a low-range scooter that can switch off on you in the woods, a long-range one such as the Cruiser guarantees that you will always reach home with possibly some charge.

Again, we can’t overstate the IP rating. The components are safe enough from damage if you are dealing with light rain and mud.

EMOVE Cruiser Pros

  • This long-range electric scooter will keep you going for miles without much worry about a dead battery
  • The Sinewave controller in the scooter guarantees a silent motor riding experience
  • Coming in six color choices, riders can select their preferred hues
  • The handlebars are foldable enough to accommodate stand-up as well as sit-in riders
  • Since the components plug and play, doing replacements or customizations is quick.


  • The single motor at the rear is 1000W and produces a peak output of 1600W, which isn’t sufficient for inclined surfaces
  • Some bolts need tightening every other couple of days.

4. Varla Wasp: The best budget off road electric scooter for adults

The Wasp has a futuristic design, and while it isn’t the most sophisticated of all the models released in early 2023, several of its features make it ideal as an off road scooter.

Its reasonably-sized 8.5-inch pneumatic tires help lower the scooter’s center of gravity, a feature perfect for lowering the dreaded wind resistance in off-road conditions.

Find its ultimate specs in the table below:

Top Speed16 mph
Top Range19 miles
Battery36V 17.5 Ah
Motor350W nominal power, 500W peak output
SuspensionRear springs
Water-resistance ratingIP54
BrakingElectronic (Front); Disc (Rear)
Tires8.5 inches; Pneumatic
Weight 33 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why do we recommend the Varla Wasp off road e-scooter?

Weighing only 33 lbs, the Varla Wasp electric scooter is light enough for most adults.

The Wasp won’t be as problematic if one is forced to keep their ride in their car’s trunk.

Not only that, but this ride has a seamless foldable design, which makes storing the ride easy and quick.

At the rear, there is a spring shock for maximum suspension.

That spring is firm yet elastic to offer much-needed comfort while riding on a bumpy road.

Varla Wasp Pros

  • Its fast charging time (between 4 to 5 hours) is perfect for riders to keep going
  • The disc brakes included in the Wasp are some of the safest for maximum stopping power
  • The high-quality Battery Management System offers power equalization output, which helps to protect the battery when it’s pushed to the limit
  • Its torquey 15Nm output is perfect for propelling riders to climb sloppy 12% terrains
  • The lights are bright enough, an ideal specification for those in dark places off the road.


  • Producing 500W of peak power output, the scooter is somewhat slow when exposed to extreme riding conditions
  • The IP54 water-resistance rating isn’t the best when caught up in the rain.

5. YUME X11: The most stable motorized scooter in offroading conditions

Stem wobbling is a common problem for most offroad electric scooters, but that shouldn’t be the case.

YUME noticed this and included a long steering damper for their top-selling YUME X11 scooter model.

Regardless of the terrain you subject the X11 to, one thing is certain – speed wobbles will be the least of your worries.

These are the X11 specifications you can expect:

Top Speed50 mph
Top Range60 miles
Battery Pack60V 31.5Ah
MotorDual; 2800W each
SuspensionDual rear springs, Front shocks
BrakingHydraulic discs
Water-resistance ratingIP54
Tires11 inch; pneumatic
Weight110 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why do we recommend YUME X11?

Regarding offroad tires, the phrase “bigger is better” applies, and YUME seems to have capitalized on this while manufacturing the X11.

With 11-inch offroad knobby tires that are wide enough and flat-resistant, off-roading can’t be more fun with the X11.

Not only that shock absorption effect from these air-filled tires, but the X11 also comes with dual spring suspension at the rear and a shock absorber at the front to make the ride quality affirmative.

Riders wishing to ride in matching colors can select the X11 in Gold, Black, or Red accents to compliment their looks.

YUME X11 Pros

  • The provided long steering damper helps prevent any speed wobbles whatsoever
  • The different suspension types, along with the massive tires, are ideal for shock absorption while riding on different terrains
  • Since YUME X11 has tons of lights, maneuvering different terrains at night or even when it’s drizzling is achievable
  • The dual Sinewave controllers make the motor silent, thus, functioning optimally even at top speeds
  • From its features, manufacturing design, and specs YUME X11 is competitively priced compared to its alternatives
  • The improved steel fenders are perfect for riding in muddy and sandy conditions.


  • This scooter is bulky for any rider to carry
  • The display design is dated.

6. Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT: The most nimble off-road e-scooter for offroading

If your budget is slightly shy of $2800 and you are looking for an off-road e-scooter that is positively reviewed by most real riders, then the Wolf Warrior X GT is within your expectations.

Coming in either Gold or Black colors, you are bound to select the version that best suits you.

Like most premium Kaabo scooter models, this dual-stem ride and can hassle-free handle heavy riders weighing up to 265 lbs.

The vital specs are tabulated below:

Max Speed43.5 mph
Maximum Range50 miles
MotorsDual motor; 1100W each
BatteryLG; 60V 28Ah
SuspensionFront hydraulic, rear springs
Water resistanceIPX5
LightingDual headlights, brake lights, turn signal lights, brake lights
ControllersDual; Sinewave
Weight83 lbs
Weight Capacity265 lbs

Why do we recommend the Warrior X GT?

An upgrade of the all-beefy Kaabo Wolf Warrior X, the Wolf Warrior X GT is a nimble ride taking e-scooter designs by storm.

One of its standing-out features is the dual suspension type.

The dual front stem operates with the help of the widely praised hydraulic suspension, while the rear comes with springs.

Coupled with wide 10-inch air-filled hybrid tires, the X GT will absolutely crush most bumpy terrains without the noise associated with a strained motorized scooter.

Its powerful motors will help you climb hills with a 35-degree inclination, a feature explicitly unique to this Kaabo model.

Just so you get it, most premium models have a hill-climbing ability of 30 degrees.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT Pros

  • With ZOOM Hydraulic brake system for added safety, sudden stopping power can never be a problem with this model
  • The IPX5 water-resistance rating helps riders riding in wet conditions have the peace of mind that the components are safe
  • The acceleration is smooth regardless of whatever the riding conditions you subject this Kaabo model to
  • The dual stems are ideal for sturdiness; just the way it’s supposed to be while offroading
  • The sizeable fenders are helpful to keep you neat in your off the road riding journey.


  • The load capacity could have been higher than 300 lbs to accommodate heavier riders
  • The scooter doesn’t stay in the initially used settings. You must keep switching to your favorite riding mode every time you switch it on.

7. EMOVE RoadRunner: The most comfortable off-road scooter

Seated riding might be your best choice depending on how much distance you wish to cover or your health conditions.

If so, then the EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter with integrated seat is one of the best budget models and from its massive tires, you won’t have much to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The coolest feature of the RoadRunner is that it supports the swappable battery feature and if you so wish to extend the range, swap the batt and get going.

The ultimate flagship RoadRunner specifications are highlighted below:

Top Speed34 mph
Top Range53 miles
Motor 500W (Rear), 350W (Front)
Battery48V 26Ah
BrakingHybrid Hydraulic
Hill climbing ability10% incline
SuspensionDual front springs
Weight 55 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why the EMOVE RoadRunner?

Depending on the extremeness of bumpy terrains, it might be easy to fatigue your feet if you stand-ride for tens of miles.

An electric scooter with a sizeable comfy seat might be a fantastic idea to help you absorb the shock that comes with ruggedness.

The massive 14-inch tires and dual springs at the front also offer the much-needed suspension in the hour of need.

There are also 8 different settings you can explore to adjust your suspension to fit the level of off-road riding you need.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pros

  • The adjustable suspension system is handy to tweak it depending on the rider’s needs
  • The removable battery feature is ideal for riders who wish to extend the RoadRunner’s range
  • The air-filled 14-inch tires are sizeable enough to offer great ground clearance in muddy terrains
  • Its 10% incline-climbing ability is perfect for maneuvering raised terrains
  • Its memory foam seat is comfortable and big enough to accommodate most large adults.


  • The lack of rear suspension makes the ride quality somehow inferior
  • Tall riders might struggle to keep their feet firmly grounded on the riding platform.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Off-Road Electric Scooters

1. Peak power output

There are no “Ifs”, “Buts”, and “Ands”.

While looking for an electric scooter that can go off-road, you need to purchase one that can produce the ideal motor peak power output to complete your intended journey.

We like recommending dual-motor electric scooters for this, but when you see some single-motor models in this round-up, they have some best-use cases that are adaptive to offroading.

Again, the controllers need to be tailored explicitly to enable smooth acceleration if perfect results are to get achieved.

2. Battery

A battery is the most pricy component in an electric scooter and replacing it will set you back several hundred bucks.

Since off-roading is entailed extremeness, you need a high-quality battery that won’t strain a lot to offer the needed voltage.

A great starting point is to go for a scooter with branded battery cells instead of the generic type.

3. Safety

Hydraulic disc brakes are the safest type for sudden stopping power, which offers added safety to the rider and others.

Remember, a wild animal can cut across you, you may encounter an impassable pothole, or you might find yourself near rocks.

You have to factor in tall hese scenarios as many risks are involved off the road.

Part of your safety and that of others is also having bright lights in your scooter.

At the bare minimum, have an insanely bright headlight (more are better) and brake lights in your ride.

4. Your Comfort

Off-roading is not a place you will press the throttle and keep going.

You might have tired feet or fingers depending on how extreme you go.

The deck should be sizeable enough to comfortably support both your feet.

It might be also a great idea if you get a fitting seat for your e-scooter in case stand-riding proves daunting to you.

5. Tires

There are different types of scooter tires.

While most scooters feature a front road tire, that might only be ideal for cycle lanes or in some idle footpaths.

Depending on the terrain, too, smaller or wide and big tires might be wise, so narrow down on what type of dirt conditions you will ride in and make a perfect choice.

In all moments of going off the road, finding the off-road type will mostly be an ideal choice for optimal performance.

If a scooter you love doesn’t come with the dirt road tire type, you can always customize your ride and include them to fit your needs.

Check your local laws for major customizations, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ride electric scooter off-road?

Yes, you can ride an electric scooter offroad, provided it meets the needful specs to pass through your selected terrain.

For extra safety, we recommend you service your e-scooter well before the offroading journey to keep the components functioning optimally.

Which scooter is best offroad?

The best scooter offroad is one that has been equipped with the necessary features to handle the rough terrains seen in such conditions.

Since there is a best use-case for each off-road electric scooter, it’s great for you to look into different features and specs before settling for one.

Can electric scooters go on grass?

Some electric scooters with knobby, anti-skid off-road tires can comfortably handle riding on grass.

Basically, the tire type, acceleration, and torque produced by the motors play are crucial to how well an off-road electric scooter handles grass.

What is the range of an off-road electric scooter?

The range you will achieve from a single charge will vary significantly depending on how rough the terrain is, the battery level, and the speed you offroad at.

Some off-road electric scooters such as the Varla Wasp will hit 15 miles on a single charge based on moderate off-road riding while premium models such as the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro will hit 62 miles of max range in moderate offroading based on a 200 lbs rider.

Can electric scooters handle hills?

Yes, most off-road electric scooters produce sufficient torque to conquer hills with at most 35-degree inclination.

Be sure to look into the hill climbing ability of your preferred e-scooter model to know how high you can incline with your e-scooter.

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