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What is Safr Care? How It Works & What You Should Know

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Key Takeaways

  • Safr Care offers specialized, non-emergency medical transportation for those in need.
  • Utilizes advanced automation to schedule rides directly linked to healthcare appointments.
  • Ideal for the elderly, individuals with mobility issues, and low-income patients.
  • Potential limitations include geographic availability and reliance on digital technology.

Safr Care introduces a new idea into the transportation providers field: specialized, non-emergency medical transportation with an emphasis on automation.

Unlike regular transportation services like Uber, your rides with Safr Care will get booked a few days ahead of time without manually having to find a ride using your phone.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Safr Care.

What Is Safr Care?

Safr Care is a comprehensive non-emergency medical transportation service that provides affordable and easy transportation throughout the United States.

The program seamlessly connects patients with their healthcare providers, brokers, and insurance companies through a unified single platform.  

Safr is especially helpful for elderly people and those with mobility issues, as it successfully facilitates wheelchair transportation.

Why Should You Consider Safr Care?

At first glance, Safr Care might look similar to regular rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft. However, Safr’s primary goal is to advance the NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) niche by removing multiple hassles from the process. These hassles include:

  • Having to call a broker or an NEMT provider every time you need a ride.
  • The human error involved with over-the-phone data entry.
  • The lack or inefficiency of communication between you (the rider) and the driver who’ll pick you up.

Safr re-invents the system by automating the process and prescheduling your ride. Once you finish your doctor’s appointment, they’ll update your record with the details of your condition and the date and time of your next ride.

Safr Care’s smart AI system is directly connected to the EHR (Electronic Health Records). As such, drivers are automatically assigned the time and location of your next appointment.

As the rider, this means that you don’t even have to book a ride. Once Safr gets the required information, you’ll get a notification for your next ride and appointment.

Who Is Safr Care For?

Safr is designed for individuals who face challenges getting around independently, such as:

The Elderly

As mobility declines with age, attending routine check-ups and appointments gets increasingly difficult. Safr Care ensures that senior citizens have access to dependable transportation, reducing patient no-shows.

People With Special Needs

Wheelchair users and other people with physical limitations often face transportation barriers. Safr Care caters to these needs, providing accessible vehicles and trained personnel to assist passengers.

Low-Income Individuals

Transportation costs can be a significant hurdle for low-income individuals, especially if they’re constantly visiting their doctors. Safr Care aims to make NEMT more affordable, minimizing financial barriers to healthcare access.

How to Use Safr Care

Here are the steps to follow to start using Safr Care (after downloading the application from the Play or App stores):

Step 1: Check for Eligibility (For Insurance)

Safr needs health insurance verification. Once you open the application, you’ll see the “check insurance eligibility” option available under “login.”

You’ll be required to enter your name and insurance information. Safr will charge a $0.99 refundable fee to check for your insurance. Your first ride with Safr will have its fee adjusted to refund you the $0.99.

Keep in mind that insurance eligibility isn’t mandatory. You may opt to pay for healthcare yourself if you want to.

Step 2: Checking Your Ride Details

Your transportation broker would have already assigned you your transportation credentials through a text message. Use them at the login screen, after which you can check the details of your ride by pressing the “care” button.

If you have any stops assigned throughout your trip, you should be able to check them as well. If you don’t find these stops, reach out to your broker, preferably before the trip, so they can fix the issue.

Step 3: Take the Ride

Shortly before the specified ride time, you’ll get a notification that your driver is on their way to the pickup spot, similar to a regular rideshare experience.

Once the driver arrives, you’ll get a notification on your phone. You can call or text the driver through the app if needed.

When you reach the driver, you need to sign through their application for the ride to start. During the ride, you may use the “remote” button to reach out to your driver.

If there’s an emergency or you don’t feel safe for any reason, click on the “safety” button to immediately call 911. This button can also send a message with your ride details to your pre-defined emergency contacts.

Step 4: Ending the Ride

After you arrive at your destination, your driver will end the ride. You may rate them as you would with a regular Uber driver.

Setbacks of Safr Care

Safr Care offers a valuable service, but it’s important to acknowledge a few potential drawbacks.

  • Limited Availability: As a relatively new company, Safr Care’s reach may be limited geographically, potentially leaving some uncovered areas throughout the United States.
  • Reliance on Technology: Safr’s automation heavily relies on contemporary technology, which can pose challenges for people unfamiliar with or lacking access to it, particularly the elderly.
  • Quality of Service: Safr is yet to perfect its service, leaving considerable room for error, leading to various low-star reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if I Miss My Scheduled Ride?

Your driver will call you a few times before they mark the ride as missed. If you believe you won’t be able to make it for a scheduled ride, call the driver or your broker to have your trip canceled in advance.

What if I get Involved in an Accident While Riding With Safr Care?

Once you ensure that you and your driver are safe, call 911 and wait for help. If you miss your appointment because of the accident, Safr will work with your doctor to reschedule it.

How Do I Access Safr’s Wheelchair Services?

Your doctor will already fill in your special needs (such as a wheelchair) while filling out your data. You may also emphasize the need for a wheelchair when you reach out to your broker while scheduling your ride.

Final Words

Safr Care can make it much easier to keep up with and attend medical appointments. With its reliable transportation, automation service, and constant notifications to keep you updated, you won’t miss an appointment ever again.

Being a relatively new company can make people think twice before using Safr, but many people who tried the service found it useful. It won’t hurt to try it out.

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