Drivers, Make Your Voice Heard! Take Our Uber Driver Survey Today!

Ridester is conducting its Quarterly Survey of Driver Sentiment.  If you’re an Uber driver, we’d like to hear your thoughts!

The purpose of this survey is to get an accurate reading on…

  1.  How you’re feeling about driving.
  2. How you’re feeling about Uber.
  3. How much drivers are REALLY earning.

A lot of surveys have been done on earnings, but we think they overstate the amount drivers are making.  We think drivers are making less than these other surveys show.

Therefore, we want to put together a survey with real evidence and hard data about driver’s earnings.  When the survey is complete, we will present the results to the media.  It will give the media a true picture of how much (or rather how little) drivers are really earning.

In order to do that, we’ll ask you to provide a screenshot of your earnings on a typical day that you have worked recently.  From that we will be able to calculate average hourly earnings.  And we’ll be able to present it to the media as the most credible survey of driver earnings yet conducted.

We won’t just be taking drivers’ words for how much they’re making – we’ll be taking their proof!  And if it comes in as low as we expect it too, it will be something people can’t ignore.

We believe this will provide evidence that drivers are earning substantially less than Uber would like everyone to believe and we think the truth should be known.


*The Survey Should Take Less than 5 Minutes