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6+ Weekly Car Rental Services For Any Budget

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Are you looking for a week-long getaway vacation from home but worried about those expensive car rental deals?

Lucky for you, weekly rental options exist with great deals for the frequent traveler.

By reading this article, you’ll learn all the tips and info about finding the best weekly car rentals.

Can You Rent a Car By The Week?

Most rental car companies allow you to rent a car by the hour, day, or week.

Based on customer reviews and company websites, it’s cheaper to rent a car for the week.

The comparison between daily and weekly rates shows how much you’ll benefit from a weekly car rental.

For example, a daily rate can range from 41-75 dollars, depending on the day, upcoming holidays, or length of time.

Meanwhile, a weekly rate can be 45% cheaper at some car rental services.

Which Rental Car Companies Offer Weekly Car Rentals?

These are some of the rental companies that offer weekly car rentals.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a national car rental company.

It has been offering car rental services for years now.

Their business is present in several airport locations and major cities across North America.

Long-term car rentals with Enterprise will benefit you more than short-term commitments.

Signing up with their membership program can also save you some money with rental services.

Daily rental rates average about $50, depending on your location and the rental vehicle.

You can’t go wrong with choosing Enterprise.

They are known for offering long-term car rental to travelers away on business, and their excellent customer service is a bonus.


Avis is one of the most expensive rental car businesses.

Depending on location, the average rate for a daily rental can be about $60.

What makes Avis affordable are all the deals and savings provided.

Visiting their website is the best way to find coupons, so doing research and planning your trip ahead of time is advised.

For weekly rates, you can get $15 off a car rental purchase of more than  $175.

There are also special discounts for worldwide Avis locations, such as 10% off a purchase, including weekly rentals.

There are even more rewards and savings given to AARP members.

For example, worldwide locations offer 30% off base rates for members.


Hertz is well known for being openly available in airports.

You can never walk into a section without seeing this business in the area.

The average rate for daily rentals is around $48.

It has a wide range of selections, such as luxury cars to be driven in style or vehicles for travelers looking for a budget.

AAA members also get great deals with Hertz.

Aside from roadside assistance, travelers partnered with AAA save up to 20% on all rental purchases.

Other benefits include discounts on fuel refills, unlimited miles, and waiving the fee for drivers under 25.


True to its name, Budget offers some of the cheapest and most affordable deals with car rental services.

The average daily rental cost is about $35, with an additional 35% discount if paid on the same reservation day.

This company also has a weekend program that gives you the third day free.

With Budget, you also don’t have to worry about booking fees like other car rental places.

Reserving your rental car early and paying upfront can avoid any additional fees.

Budget partners up with many businesses and certain credit cards that offer more discounts to its members.


This Germany-based firm has more expensive vehicles offered at affordable rental prices.

Business travelers can find a cheap car rental suited to their wallet and style.

How Sixt does its business is through the use of its express cards.

There are three levels, reaching up to Platinum membership.

The higher the status, the more discounts, and savings you can earn.

Here’s a quick rundown of what each tier offers.

Gold Card

  • Up to 10% discount at Sixt
  • Free additional driver for all rentals
  • Exclusive offers

Platinum Card

  • Up to 15% discount at Sixt
  • Free upgrade upon availability
  • Exclusive counter and parking

Diamond Card

  • Up to 20% discount at Sixt
  • Guaranteed upgrades for free
  • VIP service

Committing to this rental agency can promise a wide range of luxury vehicles.

It is ideal for customers who are traveling longer than a week.

The company also offers unlimited mileage with every purchase.


The Alamo name has been around for years now and offers some of the best services.

What makes Alamo stand out is its low costs for a second driver.

They also have a program called “Alamo Insider” that guarantees 5% discounts off the retail rate for customers.

Teachers associated with the National Education Association get an extra day free for renting a car longer than five days.

How Much Do Weekly Rental Cars Cost?

The average rate for weekly car rentals is about $475.

These numbers vary with location across the nation, including other factors.

Vehicle Type

Most of these car rental companies house a lot of cars that vary in shape and size.

Economy cars are the cheapest option as they are more compact and better with fuel efficiency.

Luxury sports cars can cost about 50% more than economy cars due to their appearance and high maintenance costs.

SUVs tend to be the most expensive out of all the types rented due to their size to hold families.

Length of Time

Weekly rentals are more favorable than daily when comparing prices.

The longer the vacation, the cheaper the daily cost will be.

Car rental rates become expensive during peak times and upcoming holidays.

Depending on the company, rates are bound to alter for loyal members.


Drivers under the age of 25 will have an additional $20 added to their total rental cost.

Even if it’s the second driver, they will still have to pay this amount.

Underaged renters are also limited to the kind of cars they choose, such as luxury vehicles.


Some car rental companies charge extra for returned vehicles low on gas.

If the car is not brought back with the same amount of fuel when it was first delivered, an additional fee totals up with the initial cost.

Additional Charges

A sure way to increase those weekly rental costs is through insurance coverage.

Extra costs include liability insurance, collision damage waiver, and personal accident insurance.

GPS devices, children’s seats, or wi-fi hotspots add up to the total cost.

They can turn a $46 daily rent into $100.

How to Find Weekly Car Rentals Near You

Finding good deals on weekly car rentals is pretty straightforward.

Here is a detailed guide for finding the right deals and what to consider when browsing:

  1. Visit the website of the chosen car rental company. There are various offers available, so do your research beforehand and look for the deal that appeals to you.
  1. Choose your vehicle. Is this going to be a long trip? How many people will be going? Knowing your party and the travel size determines the kind of car you’ll need.
  1. Book a reservation. Have your personal information ready to fill out the required spaces. Also, some rental car companies offer discount prices for booking a car on the spot.

Weekly Car Rentals FAQ

Have more questions about weekly car rentals?

No problem.

Here are some additional questions asked about weekly rentals.

Are There Weekly One Way Car Rentals?

A lot of these services include one-way car rentals.

The amount of time depends on how many days you plan to be on the road.

One-way car rentals are ideal for travelers who:

  • Are to drive across multiple cities or countries
  • Are not returning to the original location
  • Experienced unexpected trip changes
  • Had their airline delayed or canceled
  • Are moving

Can You Rent a Car Weekly if You’re Under 25?

The youngest age you can rent a car weekly is 18, and this rule applies in participating locations in New York and Michigan.

Most rental car companies can allow drivers between the ages of 20 and 24 to rent a weekly car but pay additional fees.

Do You Need Insurance For Weekly Car Rentals?

If you already have car insurance or paid through a credit card, there’s no need to purchase extra insurance.

Some coverage only lasts up to 15 days, so trips longer than a week might benefit from extra insurance.


Weekly car rental deals exist to satisfy any budget.

Whether on a road trip or business trip, renting your car by the week is a good option.

Look into your local area and learn about the deals within your neighborhood.

Costco has its travel program called Costco Travel and offers weekly rentals too.

Know any other tips and places to save on weekly car rentals? Leave your comments down below and share!

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