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Zipcar Gas: How The Gas Card Works For Renters

Wondering how the Zipcar gas card works? Learn whether Zipcar gas is free, how to use the Zipcar gas card, where you can use the card, and more.

Does Zipcar Pay for Gas?

Yes, Zipcar pays for gas. Every ride comes with a Zipcar gas card that acts like a company credit card, covering all gas fees. Customers use this card to fill up the vehicle at no personal cost.

What is the Zipcar Gas Card?

The Zipcar gas card is a payment card provided by Zipcar to its members for purchasing gas. It is similar in size and use to a standard debit or credit card.

When a member needs to refuel a Zipcar vehicle, they use this card instead of personal funds. This convenience eliminates the need for members to pay out of pocket for gas and deal with reimbursements.

To use it, one simply inserts the card into the pump’s card slot, removes it quickly for the pump’s computer to read, and then follows the on-screen prompts to complete the fuel purchase and payment process.

How Do You Use The Zipcar Gas Card?

To use the Zipcar gas card, first locate it behind the driver’s side sun visor, where it’s usually kept in a small pocket. If it’s not there, check the glove compartment, armrest compartment, or under the seats.

At the gas station, swipe the card like a credit or debit card. When prompted for a driver’s ID or PIN, enter the first six digits of your Zipcar identification card (Zipcard).

Then, you’ll be asked to input the car’s mileage, which is displayed on the odometer. After entering this information, the payment for the gas will be processed.

Are There Rules For Using a Zipcar Gas Card?

Zipcar members must adhere to specific rules when using the gas card.

It is only for filling up Zipcar vehicles, not personal or other cars. Users must also ensure they use the correct type of fuel as indicated by Zipcar, usually standard petrol for regular vehicles or the specific type labeled on the vehicle and within the app. Electric vehicles must be adequately charged, which Zipcar handles.

Before returning the vehicle, members should refill the tank to at least a quarter full to avoid a $30 fee. The gas card is accepted at most major gas stations; however, some smaller stations may not recognize it.

If a station does not accept the Zipcar gas card, members can pay out-of-pocket, keep the receipt, and Zipcar will reimburse them.

Pro Tip: Check for the Zipcar Gas Card Before Your Trip

It’s possible you may unlock your Zipcar, go for a ride, and need to fill up gas.

But when you check behind the visor for the gas card, it isn’t there, and you can’t find it anywhere.

To avoid this happening to you, check and ensure the card is there before you start your trip.

If it isn’t there, contact Zipcar and let them know.

To let Zipcar know the gas card is missing, open the app and go to the Drive screen.

Then choose Report and notify the team.

What Happens If I Accidentally Take a Zipcar Gas Card?

In the past, Zipcar charged a fee if you accidentally took the gas card and didn’t return it.

However, to improve customer experiences, this isn’t the case anymore.

However, if you accidentally take the Zipcar gas card, try to return it to the car itself if you can find it.

It’s much easier for the next customer to enjoy their ride if the gas card is available.

Troubleshooting: Zipcar Gas Card Not Working

Is your Zipcar gas card not working?

This happens sometimes, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Here are a few ways to troubleshoot this problem:

Reasons a Zipcar Gas Card Wouldn’t Be Working

Gas cards can sometimes get bent or scratched, making the machine unable to recognize the card.

In addition, your gas card may not work if you are trying to purchase something other than gas.

These cards only work for gas purchases, so the payment may not go through if you try to buy something else with the card.

Some customers also get confused when the pump requests a pre-authorized dollar amount to fill the tank.

If this happens, Zipcar wants you to input an amount of $50 or less.

Then fill up the tank.

Zipcar gas cards also may not work when trying to pay at the cash register.

The best place to pay is at the pump.

Also, some stations won’t allow you to complete the transaction unless you enter a zip code.

Zipcar doesn’t have a preset zip code for customers to input.

They recommend entering your billing zip code, and the payment should go through.

Finally, if you’re filling the tank with tiny amounts each time or filling it too frequently, the card may get declined.

To avoid this, make sure you fill an adequate amount each time and only when necessary.

What Do I Do If My Zipcar Gas Card Isn’t Working?

If your Zipcar gas card isn’t working, Zipcar has an easy work-around to make sure you don’t pay for the gas yourself.

You need to pay for the gas with your credit or debit card and keep the receipt.

Then contact Zipcar, and they will reimburse you for the total cost.

Since losing or misplacing gas cards can happen often, Zipcar is good about reimbursing customers promptly.

Reimbursement requests can be made here.

To Summarize

All in all, the Zipcar gas card is a handy feature of this car sharing service.

Zipcar pays for all of the gas, meaning no additional out-of-pocket expense for the customer.

And the card functions just like any credit or debit card.

The only difference is needed to input the six-digit code on your Zipcard.

The card works at all major gas stations, making using Zipcar much easier.

If you have any questions about the Zipcar gas card, leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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