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How To Use The Zipcar Gas Card To Pay For Fuel

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Key Takeaways

  • Zipcar provides gas card, covering all fuel expenses for members.
  • Swipe card at pump, input Zipcard’s first six digits for ID.
  • Return car with at least quarter tank, use correct fuel type.
  • Missing or non-working card? Pay, keep receipt, and request reimbursement.

Does Zipcar Pay for Gas?

Yes, Zipcar covers gas expenses for its users through a Zipcar gas card, acting like a corporate credit card for fuel purchases. This ensures members don’t pay out of pocket for gas.

The card, similar to a regular debit or credit card, allows members to refuel their vehicles easily.

Users simply use this card at gas stations, following a simple process to complete the transaction, making fueling seamless and free for the member.

How Do You Use The Zipcar Gas Card?

To use the Zipcar gas card, first find it behind the driver’s side sun visor, in the glove compartment, armrest compartment, or under the seats.

At the gas station, swipe the card as you would a credit or debit card. When asked for a driver’s ID or PIN, enter the first six digits of your Zipcar identification (Zipcard).

Then, input the car’s mileage from the odometer to process the payment.

Regarding rules, the gas card is exclusively for Zipcar vehicles and the correct fuel type is specified by Zipcar or the app.Electric vehicles have their charging managed by Zipcar.

The card is accepted at most major gas stations, but if a station doesn’t accept it, pay upfront, keep the receipt, and Zipcar will reimburse you.

Also, ensure the tank is at least a quarter full upon return to avoid a $30 fee.

Pro Tip: Check for the Zipcar Gas Card Before Your Trip

Before starting your trip with Zipcar, it’s crucial to ensure the gas card is in the vehicle to avoid any inconvenience during refueling.

Check behind the driver’s side sun visor or in other common areas like the glove compartment or armrest compartment for the gas card.

If the gas card is missing, immediately inform Zipcar by opening the app, navigating to the Drive screen, selecting Report, and notifying the team about the missing card.

This proactive step helps prevent any issues when it comes time to refuel.

If you happen to accidentally take the Zipcar gas card with you after your trip, don’t worry about being charged a fee, as Zipcar has discontinued this practice to enhance customer experience.

Nonetheless, if you find the gas card, it’s considerate to return it to the vehicle to facilitate a smooth experience for the next user.

Troubleshooting: Zipcar Gas Card Not Working

If your Zipcar gas card isn’t functioning, there are several common issues and solutions:

  1. Physical Damage: If the card is bent or scratched, it might not be recognized by the machine.
  2. Non-Gas Purchases: The card is exclusively for gas; attempting to buy anything else will result in a declined transaction.
  3. Pre-Authorization at the Pump: If prompted for a pre-authorized amount, input $50 or less before filling up.
  4. Payment Location: Pay directly at the pump, as the card might not work inside at the cash register.
  5. Zip Code Requirement: If asked for a zip code, use your billing zip code. Zipcar doesn’t provide a specific one for these transactions.
  6. Frequent or Small Fill-Ups: Avoid filling up too little or too often, which can lead to the card being declined.

If Your Card Isn’t Working:

  • Use your personal credit or debit card to pay for gas and keep the receipt.
  • Contact Zipcar for reimbursement, which they typically process promptly.

This ensures that even if you encounter issues with the Zipcar gas card, you can manage the situation efficiently without incurring out-of-pocket expenses for fuel.

To Summarize

All in all, the Zipcar gas card is a handy feature of this car sharing service. Zipcar pays for all of the gas, meaning no additional out-of-pocket expense for the customer.

And the card functions just like any credit or debit card. The only difference is needed to input the six-digit code on your Zipcard. The card works at all major gas stations, making using Zipcar much easier.

If you have any questions about the Zipcar gas card, leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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