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Attending Arizona Traffic Schools Online: Our Top Picks

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List of Top Online Arizona Traffic Schools

Here are some of the best online traffic schools to attend to help prepare you for your state traffic exam:

1. iDriveSafely

screenshot of theIidrivelysafely homepage

Our first recommendation is iDriveSafely. This online traffic school is fully accredited in Arizona, as well as nearly every U.S. state.

It offers various courses, including defensive driving, teen driver education, and adult driver education. All these courses can be taken from the comfort of your home. They also give students extended access, which allows them to complete the course at their own speed.

The school also offers a great resource called iDriveSafely answers, which helps students prepare for their end-of-course test.

iDriveSafely’s courses start at $14.95. The school also offers you a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your course.

Do you know what the best part is?

iDriveSafely delivers your state-certified driving records straight to your doorstep. So, you can kiss those dreaded trips to the DMV goodbye.

With over 18,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, you can’t go wrong with iDriveSafely.

2. Improv Traffic School

screenshot of the MyImprov homepage

Improv Traffic School is another excellent choice for residents of The Grand Canyon State. The school’s defensive driving course is approved by the Arizona Supreme Court, and by extension, all the state’s courts.

Improv Traffic School offers other courses as well, like driver education and plea bargain court-ordered DDS. The school’s teaching technique is what sets it apart from others, with the curriculum relying heavily on humor to keep you engaged.

The defensive driving course costs $38.95 with a full money-back guarantee. Although it’s a bit expensive, it’s definitely worth it.

Why is that, you ask?

Improv Traffic School guarantees you that it will provide proof of course completion within 30 minutes of finishing the material.

All you need to do is see how past users rave about the week-round customer service and fun course format to realize that Improv Driving School is worth a shot for sure.    

3. Safe2Drive

screenshot of the safe2drive homepage

Safe2Drive is an excellent alternative to Improv Traffic School. It offers a four-hour defensive driving course approved by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Completing this course makes you eligible for getting most traffic violations dismissed. It’s also a viable option for satisfying a court-ordered defensive driving course requirement.

Safe2Drive prides itself on creating courses that are both engaging and highly educational. The online traffic school believes that this is the best way to make sure you recall the material you learned when you’re actually behind the wheel.

You can enroll in one of Safe2Drive’s many comprehensive programs with prices starting at $29.95. One unique feature that the school offers is a lack of a final exam in its course format. It also notifies the court that you’ve completed the course for free.

With a 4.8/5 rating across almost 9,000 reviews, it’s easy to see why Safe2Drive is a popular choice.  

4. Go To Traffic School

A screenshot of the gototrafficschool homepage

Like all the other schools on this list, Go To Traffic School is accredited by the Arizona Supreme Court.

The school’s courses use a diverse set of tools and techniques to engage you and enhance your learning experience. They involve reading, watching videos, and even include interactive simulations.

The school’s courses also offer peak convenience. Although there’s no app, you can still access your course from a smartphone or tablet. This means you can go through the course material from anywhere.

Go To Traffic School’s defensive driving course costs $39.95.

With over four million satisfied users, as claimed by the school’s website, it appears that the service you get is worth the price.

Criteria for Selecting an Online Traffic School

There are a few factors to consider when picking an online traffic school to proceed with.

Here are some of the most important ones:

1. State Approval

The objective of taking an online traffic course is one of two things. You’re either trying to get a traffic violation dismissed or preparing to take the state driving license exam.

In both cases, the state’s courts must approve the online traffic school you attend. In some states, there would be a specific list of schools you must choose from.

2. Recommendations by the Insurance Company

Consulting your insurance company on which traffic school to attend is also a good idea.

This is because taking a defensive driving course can make you eligible for insurance discounts. There’s a caveat though. Your insurance company should recognize the school you attend if you want to get these discounts or stop your rates from rising.

3. Cost

As expected, online driving courses aren’t free, so you should account for the traffic school’s cost.

Beware of hidden expenses and fees. Some traffic schools advertise course prices that seem like a bargain, but then bombard you with extra costs after you enroll.

This is why you should choose a reputable traffic school that’s transparent about its prices.

4. Course Format

The course formats offered are a major point of differentiation between online traffic schools. You should pick one that suits your learning style and needs.

We recommend avoiding courses that put you under unnecessary stress. Specifically, we mean courses that have timed quizzes, chapter timers, and other features that make you feel overwhelmed.

We prefer courses that allow you to access them at your convenience, allowing you to digest the material at your own pace.

5. User Feedback

As with any product or service you use for the first time, you should refer to past user reviews. Going through an online traffic school’s positive and negative feedback will give you insight into whether it’s the right option for you.

Benefits of Online Traffic Schools

There are plenty of perks you get when you attend a traffic school online.

Most of these benefits revolve around convenience.

For starters, you don’t need to go anywhere to complete your course. You can finish it at home in a few hours.

Do you know what’s even better?

You don’t have to finish the entire course in one shot. Online traffic schools allow you to go through course material at your own pace, logging in and out of the course as you please.

The biggest advantage of online traffic school comes after you complete the course. A lot of online traffic schools offer the option to send your proof of completion to the state traffic department.

If you’ve had to do that yourself before, you know how much of a hassle filing the paperwork by yourself is.

Understanding Arizona Traffic School Requirements

Before you enroll in any online traffic school as an Arizonian, you should first have a clear idea of the laws and eligibility requirements involved.

The first thing to note is that whether or not you’re eligible to attend a defensive driving course depends on the date of your traffic violation, not the date of your previous defensive driving course.

Also, there’s a list of traffic violations that are eligible for dismissal through defensive driving courses. If you have multiple violations on the list, you can only get one of them dismissed by taking a course.

Other eligibility criteria include:

  • You’re not eligible if the violation caused serious injury or death
  • Commercial drivers are ineligible for defensive driving courses, even if cited in a non-commercial vehicle
  • You must complete your course seven full days before your due date at the latest

How to Register and Complete an Online Traffic School Course

Here are the steps you should take to enroll and complete an online traffic school course to successfully get a violation dismissed:

1. Register for a Course Approved by the Arizona Supreme Court

The first thing to do is find an Arizona Supreme Court-approved online course. This is essential because you won’t get credit for your work if you enroll in a non-approved course.

Now that you’ve chosen a course to pursue, it’s time to enroll. You can do so by filling out the application form online or talking with a customer service representative over the phone.

2. Submit Verification Documents

When applying for your course, the traffic school is required by the Supreme Court to ask you for your driver’s license and a copy of your traffic citation to confirm your eligibility.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to deliver them in person. You can email, fax, or upload your verification documents to the school’s system.

Once the school gets your documents, it’ll verify them through the state traffic department and notify you that you can proceed with payment.

3. Complete Your Payment

The next step is to make your payment.

This payment has several components. Apart from the course fee you pay to the online traffic school, there’s also a court diversion fee, a state surcharge, and a state fee.

The state fee is $20, the state surcharge is $45, and the court diversion fee can vary.

4. Complete the Course

Once you’ve made all the required payments, you can start your course.

Most courses are between 4 and 4.5 hours, but they allow you to start and stop at your own convenience.

Make sure to complete the course at least seven full days before your due date, though.

5. Get Your Violation Dismissed

Done with your course? Congratulations!

All you need to do now is sit back and let your course provider handle the submission of your proof of completion to the court.

Voila! Your driving record is clean again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people commonly have about online traffic school in for Arizona:

Can you do online traffic school in Arizona?

You definitely can. If you’ve committed an eligible violation in Arizona, you can complete an online defensive driving course to get it dismissed.

How much is Arizona traffic school?

The prices charged by Arizona online traffic schools vary. You can expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $40. There are fees you’ll pay regardless of the traffic school you proceed with, though. They include the state fee, state surcharge, and court diversion fee.

Wrapping Up

If you’re thinking of attending an Arizona online traffic school, we think that’s a great idea.

Make sure to choose a school that fits your needs and learning style, though. The school should also be approved by Arizona courts.

Such courses will help you get your violation dismissed and make you less likely to get traffic tickets in the future.

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