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Does Lyft Hire Felons In 2023? It Depends

Does Lyft hire felons? Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on Lyft background checks and how to become a driver with a criminal record in the United States.

If you are considering applying to become a Lyft driver but have a few tarnishes on your record, you may be wondering if the company is willing to hire felons or other people with criminal convictions.

Our guide will cover felony convictions, misdemeanors, company policy, general background check information, and more.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about working for Lyft with a criminal background.

Does Lyft Hire Felons?

The short answer to this question is maybe. In some cases, an applicant with a felony on their record may be able to get a job driving for Lyft.

Each Lyft driver must consent to a background check. Depending on what offenses appear on your criminal record, Lyft may exclude you from driving for the rideshare company.

Some crimes will automatically bar you from being hired. However, just because you have a felony on your record does not necessarily mean Lyft will not hire you.

If your offense does not fall within the designated categories, Lyft could consider you a qualified candidate.

Does Lyft Hire Misdemeanors?

Like with felonies, the answer depends on the type of offense.

A felony is typically a more serious crime, while misdemeanors are minor convictions.

However, just because a misdemeanor is considered less severe, it could still affect your prospective employment.

Most employers will want to review the type of crime on your record and when you committed it to determine whether or not it will be a disadvantage to their organization.

If you have a misdemeanor, you can potentially get a job as a Lyft Driver.

It depends on what Lyft finds on your criminal record.

Even moving violations, like traffic light violations or minor speeding tickets within reason, will not ruin your chances.

You may not be eligible to drive for the ridesharing company if you have committed certain offenses.

What Is Lyft’s Second Chance Policy?

Lyft instituted a new safety policy in 2019.

This second chance policy helps the company determine which drivers may be unsafe to transport Lyft passengers.

It standardized the process for removing drivers from the platform permanently.

Previously, Lyft staff members could deactivate a Lyft driver using their judgment when they received reports of unsafe behavior.

Under the new policy, Lyft employs a safety team that must follow uniform guidelines to determine if a driver’s offense should lead to deactivation.

This change could lead to drivers staying employed with the company longer.

Does Lyft Run Background Checks on Drivers?

Lyft runs a background check on all prospective drivers.

You will have to provide Checkr, the third-party background check company, with your personal information such as your date of birth, social security number, full name, previous addresses, and any possible aliases.

Lyft will look at your criminal record and official driver record to determine if you are a good fit for the company.

vector graphic showing the various elements of a Lyft background check

How Far Back Does the Background Check Go?

In general, the background check will look at the past seven years.

Depending on the local regulations where you live in the United States, that timeframe might vary.

The background check may go back ten years or even further, or certain crimes may not have a seven-year limit.

A background check may only extend to the past seven years to give people a fair chance to redeem themselves after a misstep.

However, even though people can and do change, some past errors are big enough to disqualify applicants from employment with Lyft.

Felony Convictions That Might Prevent You from Getting Hired with Lyft

When Lyft’s safety team reviews your criminal history, simply having a criminal conviction will not preclude you from employment.

They will look for certain offenses.

If your record check reveals any of the following, you will not be allowed to drive for Lyft:

  • You are on the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • You have been convicted of any sexual offense, including sexual assault or a crime involving a minor.
  • You have been convicted of a violent crime (homicide, kidnapping, trafficking, burglary, arson, robbery, or more).
  • You have been involved in an act of terror.
  • You have a felony DUI or any conviction involving DUI in the past seven years.
  • You have had a fraud conviction in the last seven years.
  • You have had a drug-related felony in the past seven years.
  • You were convicted of theft or property damage in the preceding seven years.

Bear in mind that your Lyft background check will continue to renew, so if your updated record check shows any disqualifying offense or conviction, Lyft reserves the right to deactivate you permanently from the platform.

Pro Tip: We suggest you learn more about Lyft deactivation.

Does a Background Check Mean You Shouldn’t Apply for Lyft?

No. A background check does not mean that you should not apply for Lyft.

If you have a spotty record, you should still pursue employment.

It can be difficult to find employers that do not look down on felons.

Driving as an independent contractor for Lyft can afford you the personal and financial freedom you need.

When you apply, Lyft will consider the circumstances around your conviction(s) and determine whether you are a good fit for the company.

Is There Any Way Around the Background Check?

No. Lyft performs a background check on each applicant.

Failure to submit to the Lyft background check will disqualify you from employment with the ridesharing company.

Do not attempt to conceal your identity or criminal history or use someone else’s identity to apply.

It is not legal and could come with severe legal and financial repercussions.

What Is Lyft’s Acceptance Rate for Applicants?

Lyft accepts most drivers.

The company’s acceptance rate for applicants is very high.

Lyft has not released an exact figure or percentage.

However, they have indicated that to be a Lyft driver, you must meet the driver requirements, including passing the criminal background check.

If you do not have a disqualifying mark on your application or record check, Lyft will hire you.

If there are already enough drivers in your region, you will be placed on the waiting list until there is a spot for you.

Does Lyft Drug Test Drivers?

Lyft does not drug test its drivers.

Even though you do not have to worry about a pre-employment drug test, you must always make sure that you are driving in safe and legal conditions.

You must never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Lyft has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

Suppose a driver is caught driving passengers under the influence or receives a DUI conviction during their time as a Lyft driver.

In that case, they will be deactivated and barred from driving for the ridesharing company.

Tips for Applying to Lyft with a Felony Record

If you have a felony record and choose to pursue employment with Lyft, you must keep a few things in mind when applying.

Always be honest about your identity and your history.

Trust that the company will review your specific circumstance and consider hiring you, provided you have not committed a disqualifying offense.

Once you obtain a job driving for Lyft, follow these simple tips.

vector graphic showing a woman sitting at a computer wondering does lyft hire felons to herself

1. Don’t Take the Job for Granted

This point is key to succeeding in your new role as a driver.

Appreciate your newfound employment and do not take it for granted.

Ensure you follow all of Lyft’s rules and regulations and safely conduct yourself while on the job.

Making a serious mistake could cost you your position with Lyft, and it may be difficult to find another company willing to hire someone with a felony.

2. Keep Your Car in Great Condition

Keeping your car in excellent condition is essential for all rideshare drivers.

It’s especially important for drivers with felonies who must make a good impression on each customer.

You need to ensure that every passenger leaves your vehicle impressed with your car and your top-notch service.

Additionally, keeping your vehicle in good repair will help ensure that it does not break down.

Losing your car may mean losing your income.

3. Be VERY Polite to Passengers

Make sure that you are incredibly polite to every passenger that enters your vehicle.

Do not give them any reason to complain or report you to Lyft.

4. Get a Dash Camera

Installing a dash cam will ensure that you record each of your fares.

You will have a record to shield you from any potential false allegations or reports from disgruntled passengers.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of their situation, everyone needs gainful employment.

Finding a job can be more difficult for convicted felons than the rest of the population.

Hopefully, if you have a felony, our thorough guide to Lyft’s hiring guidelines has helped you determine whether the company will be a good fit for you.

The only thing left to do is download the Lyft app and apply!

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  1. You know the real issue here is that Lyft doesn’t honor its policies – I’ve been a driver for 5 years, a 5 start rating not 4.98 or 4.99 but 5, have hundreds of superstar comments, given over 2,400 rides and yet was still deactivated for a PENDING charge which will be thrown out but delayed to see a judge due to COVID The policy should state “pending or convicted


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