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B&B Driving School: Location, Class Types, Pricing and Alternatives

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Finding the best driving school can be a challenge.

You want a school that is affordable and conveniently located, yet also backed by a solid reputation.

More importantly, you want one that gives you the support you need to overcome your obstacles in learning how to drive safely so that you can get licensed.

B&B Driving school provides just that, which is what this post is all about.

What is B&B Driving School?

B&B Driving School is an affordable driving school that offers teen and adult driving lessons.

They provide basic and in-car instruction-only packages.

They also offer DOL-approved testing.

B&B Driving School is an excellent resource for those who are looking for a quality and affordable driving school.

Where is B&B Driving School Located?

B&B Driving School offers classes in various locations in Washington state.

They even offer classes at high schools in the region, making it easier to find a nearby location.

Here is a list of their class sites.

  • Mead (Hastings Road)
  • South Grand
  • Sullivan
  • Mt. Spokane
  • Wellesley
  • Medical Lake High School
  • Cheney High School
  • Riverside High School
  • Newport High School
  • Jenkins

What Classes Does B&B Driving School Offer?

B&B Driving School offers basic and in-car instruction courses.


The basic driving program features 30 hours of classroom instruction.

Once the classroom instruction is complete, students will take the written test to show that they understand the rules of the road.

Other parts of the basic program include four hours of simulation and five hours of observation.

After passing the written test, students will be able to move on to the in-car instruction.

The basic program helps students develop a strong understanding of road rules, safe driving habits, and how to operate a vehicle.

This program is perfect for those who have never driven before or for those who need to brush up on their skills.

Currently, due to COVID-19, some basic course sessions are being held online which is a plus as it offers flexible scheduling.

Pro Tip: If these online courses go away, we also suggest you check out the best online traffic schools.

In-Car Instruction

The in-car instruction program helps students become comfortable with driving.

Six hours of in-car instruction is a must for those who want to get their driver’s license.

In addition, students must complete the basic program before enrolling in the in-car instruction.

The in-car instruction program offers six hours of one-on-one driving with a certified instructor.

This program is perfect for those who want more personalized instruction or those who need help with their skills.

B&B Driving School Comparisons

While B&B Driving School is a great choice, other driving schools in the area offer similar services.

Let’s compare B&B Driving School with two of its competitors.

B&B Driving School vs. 911 Driving School

911 Driving School offers four different driving courses.

Aside from offering more targeted courses, they also offer classes in Washington, California, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, and South Carolina.

They even offer support for parents in the reassurance that they are making a good decision in choosing 911 Driving School.

They understand that the journey to driving safely is an important one for parents and teens.

All classes have an online component, making it easier to get started.

1. Teen Drivers Education

Driving is an experience that builds with experience.

Since many teens don’t have any experience, it’s essential to prepare them for what’s ahead.

The Teen Drivers Education course teaches teens the foundational aspects of safe driving, how to handle a car during emergency maneuvers, and more.

One thing to admire is the defensive driving skills instruction that teaches teens how to protect themselves on the road.

2. Defensive Driving

Police officers and first responders who have years of experience in the field teach defensive driving techniques.

The goal is to give you the skills you need to avoid accidents and stay safe while on the road.

3. Adult Drivers Education

So you already have your driver’s license and want to improve your driving skills?

It’s a great option to save money on your car insurance, retain your driver’s license, or even refresh those driving skills a bit.

4. Mature Drivers Course

This program helps refine the skills you’ve already learned and gives you a better understanding of the rules of the road.

It’s an excellent option for learning how to cope with age-related changes, understanding how medications can impact your driving, and how to limit distractions so that you stay safe and help keep other drivers around you safe as well.

B&B Driving School vs. Defensive Driving School

Defensive Driving School offers a lot of different courses.

Aside from the standard classes, they also provide:

  • Stick shift training
  • Disabled/ rehab driver training
  • Fleet training
  • The Tesla experience
  • A test prep course

The Tesla Experience

The Tesla experience helps students learn how to use the high-end electric car and gives them a feel for what it would be like to drive one.

Tesla is a high-performance electric car that’s taking the world by storm, and it’s a great option to have on your resume.

However, it isn’t for students who are just learning to drive.

The course is for licensed individuals who want to learn more about operating an electric car.

Not to mention, it’s a great course to help you decide if you want to buy a Tesla in the future.


It’s straightforward to get started with them.

Simply choose your location, select your course, and get started.

Defensive Driving School offers courses in more than 30 locations in Washington state which includes a few select high schools.

The staff at Defensive Driving School understands that driving can be a challenge for many individuals.

That’s why they offer such a wide variety of courses covering different aspects of driving.

Their goal is to teach drivers how to drive offensively and defensively.

Professional Training Matters

Professional training is what matters when it comes down to it.

Defensive Driving School has professional DMV licensed instructors among their personnel.

They have the experience and knowledge to help you become a safe driver.

Their instructors work with students closely to help them understand where they can be better while assisting them to overcome their fears and weaknesses.

How Much Does B&B Driving School Cost?

B&B Driving School charges $550 for its basic driving program.

The price for the in-car instruction class is $75 per hour.

These prices are the same for all courses.

How to Sign Up for a B&B Driving School Course

Navigate to their courses page to sign up for a B&B Driving School course.

  • You will see a list of the available courses. Under the basic program section, click on “Enroll.”
*Note* To sign up for the in-car instruction only course, you will have to contact the office for more information.
  • Select the location of your preference and click on “Register.”
  • Input your age and select “Show Availability.”
  • Select the class that’s best for you and input your personal information.
  • Then you will need to pay for the course.

You’re done.

You will receive confirmation via email of your purchase.

If there are no classes available, you can contact the office to determine when new courses will be available.

Wrapping Up

B&B Driving School is an excellent choice for those who want to learn the basics of safe driving and get a great learning experience along the way.

Their courses are simple to get started with, and they have locations all over Washington state.

If you feel that B&B Driving School doesn’t have the options you need, there’s Defensive Driving School and 911 Driving School to fill in the gaps of your needs.

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