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10+ Best Electric Scooter With Seat Options For 2023

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Do you love electric scooters?

Do you want to be as comfortable as possible while riding an e-scooter?

Do you have problematic bones?

If you answered “YES” to any of those queries or all, you need a high-quality electric scooter with seat, pal.

The problem in your search is that while there are tons of electric scooters, most are the stand-up type.

As such, you desperately need a dependable guide to show you what best fits you.

From our experience, having ridden different e-scooters and interacted with many riders in our group rides, we have compiled a top-rated list of the seated e-scooters you can consider in your next purchase.

Our Top 10 Electric Scooters With Seat List

Electric scooters with seats come in different configurations.

Some have integrated seats (these aren’t removable), others come with removable seats with the seats included in the final price, and others, they have a category of affordable compatible seats that buyers can purchase for their model.

In our list below, we provide a list of different electric scooters with these configurations for you to select the ride that best suits your needs.

1. Varla Eagle One: The best overall seated e-scooter for adults

Being one of the first Varla models, the Eagle one has seen tons of upgrades to be where it is today.

Yes, you might see a few complaints online about this scooter, but then those touch the first batch that Varla released.

Varla followed what clients recommended, and today, their current Dual-Motor Eagle One model is one of the best-reviewed.

Making your Eagle One ride the seated type is easy; purchase the compatible spongy seat, seamlessly attach it to your ride, and enjoy the comfort of a seated e-scooter.

Below are the ultimate Varla Eagle One specifications:

Top Speed40 mph
Top Range40 miles
Battery52V 18.2 Ah
MotorsDual hub; 2000W
SuspensionDual shocks
Tires10-inch, pneumatic
Hill climbing ability30°
BrakingHydraulic + Electronic ABS
Weight77 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why do we recommend the Varla Eagle One?

If comfort means anything to you, then considering the Varla Eagle One electric scooter is an ideal choice.

The Varla-compatible seat that can fit the Eagle One is made of a spongy cushion, has spring shock absorption and is adjustable.

Considering this e-scooter also features 10×3-inch pneumatic tires, a dual independent shock absorption suspension system, and a 9.1-inch expansive deck, a rider can comfortably conquer any terrain they subject the Eagle One to.

The dual 2000W motors (1000W in each wheel) produce a peak output power of 3200W, which propels this eagle to a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

Considering that the ride can hit a top range of 40 miles on a single charge, commuters who love balanced worlds of speed and range can enjoy what the Eagle One offers.

Varla Eagle One Pros

  • The big tires, firm yet soft spongy seat, and independent suspension systems make the Eagle One one of the most comfortable sit-down electric scooters
  • Since the scooter has a high load capacity, light as well as heavy adults can comfortably ride the Eagle One without it breaking a sweat
  • Manufactured using aluminum alloy, the Varla Eagle One model is heavy-duty enough to chew different terrains, while also offering longevity
  • Featuring dual charging ports, the battery can get juiced up in a maximum of 5 hours when dual chargers are used
  • With different riding modes, riders can choose the best that suits them depending on their needs.


  • Weighing 77 lbs (without a seat), the Eagle One is heavy
  • The fenders are somewhat short.

2. Varla Wasp: The best-value electric scooter with seat

Launched in early 2023, the Varla Wasp electric scooter is one of the top-notch mid-budget e-scooters we have seen in a while.

With a starting price of $599, riders weighing up to 265 lbs can seamlessly enjoy what this beauty offers.

Making the Wasp a seated scooter is straightforward – buy and attach its compatible removable seat.

Below are the basic Varla Wasp specs that keep it standing out:

Top Speed16 mph
Top Range19 miles
Battery36V 17.5 Ah
Motor350W nominal power, 500W peak output
SuspensionRear springs
Water-resistance ratingIP54
BrakingElectronic (Front); Disc (Rear)
Tires8.5 inches; Pneumatic
Weight 33 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why do we recommend the Varla Wasp scooter with seat?

Getting fully charged in a maximum of 5 hours, the Wasp is one of the fastest-charging electric scooters for adults with seats.

Its compatible adjustable seat is also easy to install, and no drilling is required to fit.

What we also like is that this seat has a spring shock absorption feature, which enhances comfort, when coupled with the rear spring suspension.

Since several parts can also be adjusted in the Wasp, riders of different ages (from 16 years) and sizes, most riders weighing under the recommended weight capacity of 265 lbs can comfortably enjoy what this Varla model offers.

Again, the platform is wide enough to accommodate riders of different sizes.

That way, one can comfortably ride this motorized scooter regardless of whether one stands or sits.

Varla Wasp Pros

  • For the features and specifications the Wasp offers, its price is reasonable
  • The included innovative Battery Management System helps to ensure that the battery has a long lifespan
  • The dual braking system helps the rider to be safe
  • Weighing only 33 lbs, the Wasp is one of the lightest electric scooters for adults
  • The pneumatic tires, spring shock absorption at the rear, and spongy seat makes riding in different terrains more comfortable
  • Producing 15 Nm worth of torque, the Wasp has a hill climbing ability of 12°, making maneuvering raised terrains achievable.


  • One has to buy a seat for their Wasp electric scooter to make it the seated type
  • The range could be better for most commuter riders interested in a seated electric scooter.

3. Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro: The best quality e-scooter with removable seat

Cheers to another premium seated adult electric scooter!

Featuring a massive 72V 35Ah LG battery, the Wolf King GT electric scooter can hit a maximum range of 74 miles.

It’s common sense that few riders can ride for more than 50 miles while standing, which is why Voro Motors has a separate compatible scooter seat for the Wolf King GT.

Ideal for heavy riders worth their salt, these are the specifications you expect from this $3795 Kaabo model:

Top Speed63 mph
Top Range74 miles
Battery72V 35Ah
MotorDual; 4000W peak output
Hill climbing ability27°
Water resistance ratingIPX5
Weight115 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why do we recommend Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro scooter with detachable seat?

The first Wolf King GT scooter batch had a couple of problems ,which we addressed them in this post.

However, Kaabo heeded our suggestions and recommendations, and today, this “insanely priced” scooter model has undergone lots of upgrades to be one of the most influential models we have.

Its respective seat is robust, massive, and firm enough to comfortably handle riders weighing up to 330 lbs.

The manufacturing design is ideally flawless and Kaabo has only used premium materials to develop this beast.

Just so you get it, Sinewave controllers are the best for enhancing ride quality, Hydraulic disc brakes are the greatest for safe stopping power, and branded LG cells are some of the highest-quality in the market.

When you splash 4 grands to own the Kaabo model with a removable seat, you are actually investing – value for each buck spent, emotional stability for your mental health.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Pros

  • A choice of different colors and tires caters for most riders’ needs
  • The premium components used to manufacture the GT Pro give it longevity
  • The seat is sturdy and comfy enough to address long-distance riders’ needs
  • The high top speed and range are ideal for riders who can’t settle for less
  • With an IPX5 water resistance rating, there shouldn’t be much of a worry when riders find themselves under light rains.


  • Costing nearly $4K, the GT Pro’s price is steep
  • Weighing a whopping 115 lbs (minus the seat), carrying the GT Pro by one rider is a pipe dream.

4. EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: The most comfortable scooter with an integrated seat

If you aren’t on a budget, the recently launched EMOVE RoadRunner Pro seated electric scooter is right up your alley.

Unlike most electric scooters with seats that feature the detachable type, the RoadRunner Pro has an integrated seat.

From the looks of the EMOVE RoadRunner, its manufacturing design is in such a way that it’s between an electric bike and a motorized scooter.  

Find the vital RoadRunner specifications below:

Top Speed50 mph
Top Range50 miles
BatteryLG; 60V 30Ah
MotorDual; 2000W for each powerful motor
Tires14-inch, tubeless
ControllerSinewave; 45A
Hill climbing ability30°
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why do we recommend the EMOVE RoadRunner Pro?

An upgrade from the original seated EMOVE RoadRunner, the Pro version is tailored explicitly for riders interested in beefier rides that can hit 50 miles per hour maximum speed and 50 miles maximum range.

With the praised Sinewave controllers, the ride quality is superb, and riders interested in a commuter e-scooter can enjoy distant riding without worrying about a pathetic riding experience.

With massive 14-inch tubeless tires, conquering different terrains is also possible, as riders won’t worry too much about flats or getting stuck in unfavorable riding conditions.

Another standing-out feature of the Pro is its swappable battery feature.

With this one, you only need to take out the battery, input another and get going to achieve more range.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Pros

  • Coming with a high-quality branded LG battery, you can be sure that you won’t ever need to replace the batt shortly after acquiring the ride
  • From its features and specs, the RoadRunner Pro is actually better priced than most electric scooters in its class
  • The hydraulic suspension at the front and dual rear springs make riding in different terrains doable and enjoyable.
  • The long and thick integrated foam seat is ideal for most large riders
  • Its large display keeps riders correctly updated On the Go.


  • Weighing 114.4 lbs, this e-scooter is bulky
  • The price is higher for most riders to afford.

5. EMOVE RoadRunner: The best-range integrated-seat e-scooter

One of the most affordable electric scooters with integrated seats for adults, the original EMOVE RoadRunner has stood the test of time and quality as a reliable seated e-scooter.

Before EMOVE and Voro Motors upgraded its prototype to a new model – EMOVE RoadRunner Pro, they first updated its features and specifications as per most real users’ suggestions and recommendations.

To reach where it is today, a lot has been done, and that’s why the positive reviews show that, indeed, those who have a limited budget but can’t help themselves from riding a foam-seated e-scooter desperately need the RoadRunner.

The unique EMOVE RoadRunner specs are as tabulated below:

Top Speed34 mph
Top Range53 miles
Motor 500W (Rear), 350W (Front)
Battery48V 26Ah
BrakingHybrid Hydraulic
Hill climbing ability10% incline
SuspensionDual front springs
Weight 55 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why do we recommend EMOVE RoadRunner?

Surprisingly, the original EMOVE RoadRunner can hit a maximum distance of 53 miles on a single charge, 3 miles more than the RoadRunner Pro which has a bigger battery.

So, if you are more interested in range than anything else, you could benefit more with this original ride.

Considering its weight limit, the RoadRunner only weighs 55 lbs. Most heavy adult riders can lift this e-scooter, which makes the portability feature debatable.

The same can’t be said for most seated e scooters.

The massive 14-inch air-filled tires, memory foam seat, and dual suspension at the front make riding a breeze regardless of the riding conditions.

EMOVE RoadRunner Pros

  • The swappable battery design comes in handy when one wants to extend the range per single charge
  • Since this e-scooter has massive tires and great ground clearance, it can be ridden even in icy conditions
  • Customizability is one of the unique features of the RoadRunner. Tilt the handlebars to fit your riding style, and the ride will cope up
  • The handlebars are foldable, which makes riders of different sizes and ages comfortably take on the RoadRunner. There is a tool kit for this purpose, too.
  • Priced at below $1800, the price is actually a steal for what the RoadRunner offers.


  • Unlike e-scooters with Sinewave controllers (like the RoadRunner Pro), the original RoadRunner comes with the Squarewave type, making the ride quality in rugged terrains somewhat squirrely.

6. YUME D4+: The best budget electric scooter with seat for heavy adults

While you might need to purchase an electric scooter seat separately for some models, part of the package is a seat while buying the YUME D4+ MODEL.

This dual-motor folding electric scooter offers balanced worlds of maximum speed and range, an excellent option for riders not looking for one spec over the other.

A great option for those who want to ride relatively fast and longer without breaking the bank, the D4+ is one of the few 40mph that cost under $1500.

Find the specs in the table below:

Top Speed40 mph
Top Range 40 miles
MotorDual 2000W (1000W in each wheel)
Battery52V 23.4Ah
SuspensionDual rear springs, 4 front shocks
BrakingHydraulic at both sides
Tires10-inch, Street
Charging time 5 hours
Weight67 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why do we recommend YUME D4+?

Few brands offer a seat as a gift for their customers, and YUME seems to care enough to include one for their D4+ buyers.

With hydraulic rear disc brake and at the front, you can rest assured that the stopping power is enhanced.

Not to even think this ride has an Electronic Blackout braking feature!

The dual charging ports help the rider juice up their scooter in 4 to 5 hours, which means getting up and going takes just a few hours.

Again, the ride has 3 different riding modes.

Do you wish to ride slowly and achieve the most range?

Do you want to achieve a considerable range at a moderate speed?

Or do you wish to fly regardless of how much distance you will cover on a single charge? The D4+ has all these modes.

YUME D4+ Pros

  • The standard headlight, brake lights, and rear tail help towards enhancing visibility at night and for safety reasons
  • The adjustable seat height helps riding for extended distances comfortable to the rider
  • By all measures of standards, the D4+ is excellent value for the features it offers
  • The several suspension systems at the front and back and wide tires help to handle road terrains comfortably.


  • Since the D4+ comes with road tires, it’s not suitable for offroading
  • Its manufacturing design is dated.

7. Razor Ecosmart Metro: The best electric scooter with seat for light adults

I love massive tires and can’t lie!

The Razor Ecosmart Metro mobility scooter was my son’s second ride, and since I was within its load capacity, I occasionally rode it.

From its 16-inch tires, I gradually loved riding e-scooters that come with such excellent ground clearance.

While the Ecosmart Metro won’t withstand carrying fat adults weighing above 220 lbs, this little scooter is more fun than most can expect.

The main specs are as noted down below:

Top Speed18 mph
Top Range12 miles
Motor500W; single
BatteryLead acid; 36V
Weight 65.12 lbs
Weight Limit220 lbs

Why do we recommend Razor Ecosmart Metro?

The Razor Unisex teen electric scooter with a padded saddle seat and wide bamboo deck has the right tire size for most wannabe teenagers to get what scootering really entails.

Coming with a rear basket, riders can conveniently carry their luggage, which is a great feature.

Made of rubber, the air-filled tires are robust enough to withstand different terrains without having the riders worried about flat tires.

Its powerful 500W motor can propel the ride to a max speed of 18 miles per hour, making it enjoyable for most teenage riders and light adults who prefer speed over range.

Razor Ecosmart Metro Pros

  • The 16-inch air-filled rubber tires raise the scooter higher from the ground, making riding on uneven terrains possible
  • The included rear rack and basket enable riders to carry their preferred items seamlessly
  • The deck is wide enough to allow for comfortable seated riding
  • Since the primary manufacturing material is steel, the scooter is sturdy enough to have a longer lifespan.


  • 12 hours of charging time for a 36V Lead acid battery isn’t realistic enough
  • 65.12 lbs is bulky for teenage riders and most light adults.

8. Razor E300S: The best overall teenage scooter with seat

The Razor E300S is less advanced than the Ecosmart Metro model, but you can’t underestimate what it offers.

Teens and adults weighing up to 220 lbs can comfortably consider this ride as their next purchase, as it can actually achieve a max speed of 15 mph and continuously run for 40 minutes on a single charge.

The key specs are as follows:

Top Speed15 mph
Maximum riding time 40 minutes
Battery Dual Lead-acid; 12V each
Wheel size10 inch front and rear wheel
Weight43 lbs
Weight Limit220 lbs

Why do we recommend Razor E300S?

Riders who wish to switch between stand-up and seated riding at their convenience find the E300S handy.

This Razor electric scooter has a removable padded seat that can be installed and removed by any teenager worth their salt.

The twist throttle is strategically positioned for most riders to access it quickly and floor it to their preferred maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.

The two 12V battery packs are also great for offering 40 minutes of riding, and in case one gets defective, it’s easy to know which one and replace it.

The deck is also wide enough to accommodate riders who enjoy stand-up, seated or both riding types.

Razor E300S Pros

  • The 9-inch pneumatic tires and large padded seat help to absorb shock while riding, adding more to the rider’s comfort
  • The stainless steel used to manufacture the frame and the fork enhances the durability of this electric kick scooter
  • The seat’s cushion is soft enough yet durable
  • The scooter is easy to assemble.


  • Weighing 43 lbs, this seated scooter is heavy
  • It isn’t a foldable electric scooter.

9. Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter with seat: The most portable seated e scooter

The Black-beauty Hiboy S2 Pro seated e-scooter has been praised by many as their affordable comfortable ride of their choice.

While it doesn’t offer tons of sophisticated specifications, this ride will get you from point A to point B without much worry about the battery life deteriorating fast on you.

The specs are highlighted below:

Top Speed19 mph
Top Range25 miles
Motor500W peak output
Battery36V 11.6Ah
Tires10-inch; solid
Hill climbing ability15%
Seat typeDetachable
SuspensionRear dual shocks
Weight36.3 lbs
Weight Limit220 lbs

Why do we recommend the Hiboy S2 Pro scooter with seat?

One of the few seated electric scooters with solid tires, the Hiboy S2 Pro model is a perfect all-terrain model.

Since it’s primarily ideal for teenage riders and light adults, there won’t be the dreaded flat tires when riding on bumpy roads.

Also, Hiboy knows that solid tires have a terrible ride quality, and they counteracted that with rear shock absorbers to help riders enjoy what a smooth ride in all terrains really means.

Hiboy S2 Pro pros

  • The easy-to-install detachable seat is comfortable enough for riders of different weights and heights
  • Compatible with the Hiboy APP, riders can seamlessly lock their scooter and tweak its acceleration to fit their preferred style
  • Folding and unfolding in a matter of seconds, carrying the S2 Pro upstairs or storing it in a car’s trunk is easy
  • The disc and electronic ABS braking types boost the stopping power, making riders stop as safely as possible.


  • While there are rear shocks, the scooter’s ride quality isn’t excellent for most slippery surfaces due to the solid tires
  • Climbing sloppy terrains is a challenge for this scooter.

10. Razor E200S: Best electric scooter with seat for kids

It would only be fair to crown this round-up by mentioning a seated ride for our beloved kiddos.

The Razor E200S model is perfect for young kids who can’t help themselves from their riding hobby.

And how enjoyable could it be for you to include your young one in your family’s group ride?

Find the specs you will find in the E200S kids electric scooter below:

Top Speed12 mph
Riding time40 minutes
BatteryDual Lead-acid; 12V each
Wheels8-inch, pneumatic
Seat typeRemovable; padded
Weight44.3 lbs
Weight Limit154 lbs

Why do we recommend the E200S?

Launched in 2019, the Razor E200S electric scooter has stood the test of time to be one of the most dependable seated kid motorized scooters available.

With a removable padded seat, young kids above 8 can comfortably ride this e-scooter without pushing their bones to their limits.

The seat is also easily detachable, which helps to cater for riders who prefer stand-up riding.

Razor E200S Pros

  • The 200W chain-driven motor is torquey enough to silently propel the scooter to maximum speed without straining
  • The detachable seat is ideal for riders to choose what type of riding they prefer the most
  • The air-filled tires are ideal for offering the much-needed suspension among kid riders
  • Since it’s a dual-battery pack, it’s easy to do replacements in case one of those gets damaged.


  • The scooter lacks a lighting system
  • It’s heavy for most kids to carry.

Factors to consider when buying an electric scooter with seat

1. The seat quality

The whole idea behind purchasing a seated electric scooter is to be as comfortable as possible.

As such, it’s vital that you don’t focus more on non-issues but on how the seat will make your riding life as comfy as you like it.

At the very least, the seat should have some suspension, be made of high-quality, yet plush material, and be sizeable enough to accommodate your size should you add or lose weight.

2. Range

The maximum distance you intend to cover in a single charge should be crucial to the type of e-scooter you will purchase.

Ideally, when you intend to cover several miles, a seated e-scooter should come in handy.

Otherwise, you will expose your feet to fatigue when you do stand-riding for tens of miles.

3. Budget

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to one’s budget, but as much as that is true, we recommend that you work with a realistic budget.

If you can work with a budget to acquire a seated e-scooter that goes beyond your expectation, that’s recommendable.

These electric rides are costly and getting value for each buck spent is worthwhile.

As it’s said, “you get what you pay for” in the e-scooter market.

4. Key specs

Along with the seat, if you need a superb ride quality, go for an e-scooter with Sinewave controllers.

If you want to ride till you roll, go for an e-scooter with a high-quality massive battery and adaptive for high range.

Are you a speed enthusiast? Dual powerful hub motors should be in your first priority.

Basically, apart from the seat itself, your primary purpose for acquiring an e-scooter should guide you properly towards the e-scooter that best suits you.

5. Safety

Comfort is good and all that, but it shouldn’t blind you to pick an e-scooter that has no safety features.

For instance, e-scooters that come with hydraulic disc brakes are the best for sudden stopping power.

Part of safety is also in considering other road users, and as such, an e-scooter that comes with lights is a good choice, especially when it’s unclear outside, or when you get caught up in the darkness.

You will not only alert others, but also enhance your safety when the lights are bright enough.

In Summary

In your quest to find an electric scooter with seat for your needs, the choices could be overwhelming but they shouldn’t.

You need to understand your needs for such a scooter, the available configuration, and work with your budget to get what suits your needs from this dependable list we have provided.

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