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What is the Best Electric Unicycle with Seat? [The Top 5] 

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Let’s face it: Not everyone loves riding their EUC while standing.

Again, it’s just too tedious to ride a real long-range EUC while standing.

Most EUC brands have capitalized on this fact and finding a EUC with a seat is easier than ever before.

With all these models, though, it’s easy to undergo analysis paralysis trying to find what the best electric unicycle with seat really is. 

After taking the different models on our database for spins, we hereby present to you the current best EUCS with seats and make your search simpler.

We have also shared the links to different retailers for you to get the best price deal, fast shipping time, and great customer service.

1. King Song S22: The Best Electric Unicycle with Seat Overall

The King Song S22 is one of the best-selling electric unicycles with seat and for a reason. 

Tons of upgrades have been done to this model and some of the standing-out features include:

  • Upgraded firmware and controller
  • Upgraded suspension slider
  • Adjusted power pedals for better riding comfort
  • A brighter headlight with great light clearance.

Below are the ultimate King Song S22 specs:

Our Tested Top Speed40.7 mph
Our Tested Top Range97 miles
Battery126V LG50LT
Hill climbing ability40°
Lighting5W Headlight, Rear Light
Charging time4 hours
Tire20 inches
Weight 66 lbs
Weight Limit265 lbs

Why King Song S22?

The King Song S22 (AKA King Song S22 Eagle and previously called the King Song S20) is ideally an upgraded King Song S18 electric unicycle for adults

If you have been in the EUC space for some time, then you perhaps know that the S18 has been one of the most reliable rides we have had.

At this point, you can then comfortably guess how much more dependable the S22 is. 

One of the few King Song electric unicycles featuring a built-in seat, the King Song S22 is the most comfortable long-range electric unicycle with a seat we have ever tested. 

On a fully flat surface, we recorded 97 miles as our top range.

One of the facts that stood out was that it didn’t stab my calves as compared to some strand-up EUCs we tested a bit earlier.

Ideally and realistically, this is our most comfortable ride at the moment. 

Other than the undeniable comfort, all thanks to its foam seat, the S22 comes with DNM 240 mm shock suspension and a 130mm travel distance.

With such suspension, riders can comfortably conquer different terrains minus the aspect of fatigue or boredom. 

Again, the S22 Eagle is compatible with the consistently updated King Song APP.

Being one of the few EUC models out there to come with a smart Battery Management System, riders can monitor each battery cell’s health from the King Song APP.

This feature is undoubtedly top-notch and there are tons of more features on the APP. 

If you ever think that you would need to lift this wheel, then it comes with a unique trolley handle present in the King Song S18, making convenience a priority for you.

Whenever you lift this wheel, the rear lift switch comes into play to give you the much-needed alert. 

In case you would like to turn or even brake, the S22 comes with a taillight to indicate your course of action. 

Coming with a massive 126V 2220Wh LG50LT battery with a smart Battery Management System, this king of all terrains is rated to hit a top range of 124 miles. 

The 20X3-inch tires are massive enough to enable riders of different weights to conquer different terrains and with the massive seat it comes with, you can absolutely nod that this is the wheel of choice. 

King Song S22 Pros

  • Its massive built-in seat is convenient for riders of all sizes and offers the much-needed comfort 
  • The many upgrades getting done make the S22 one of the most reliable electric unicycles
  • Its multi-functional APP offers a ton of features, making it convenient to tweak different settings 
  • Its IP56 water-resistance rating makes the EUC perfect for all-weather riding 
  • There are no prevalent cutouts associated with King Song S22 Eagle.


  • Costing slightly above $3000, this EUC is pricy for riders on a budget 
  • Weighing above 65 lbs, King Song S22 is heavy. 

2. Begode T4: The Best Budget EUC with Seat

Are you looking for a budget electric unicycle with seat? If so, then you are in luck because Begode manufactured the budget Begode T4 EUC with you in mind. 

For this wheel, Begode focused more on torque than speed and this one is ideal for riders looking at torque more than anything. 

Since it’s a new wheel in the market, more torque-focused riders are going for it, and purchasing one for yourself would be a great idea, especially if you do lots of offroading. 

Below are the ultimate Begode T4 specs:

Our tested top speed37 mph
Our tested top range 52.1 miles
Motor 2500W nominal power
Battery100V 1800Wh
SuspensionAir suspension
Tire16 inches
LightsHeadlight, Taillight
Weight67 lbs
Weight Limit320 lbs

Why the Begode T4 EUC?

Are you a heavy rider looking for the perfect EUC for your weight without breaking the bank? With a weight limit of 320 lbs, then the Begode T4 electric unicycle is a perfect choice.

And since big dawgs deserve comfort, how about spicing things up and getting this wheel with a built-in seat? 

Not only about the weight limit and the seat, but this device also comes with a unique air suspension to propel the device across different terrains with the comfort the rider deserves. 

Also, since the first batch of the V1 had motor stator problems, Begode uses a QS Motor to address some of these problems.

Just so you know, QS Motors are some of the highest-quality we currently have and as such, you won’t have to worry about the motor cutting out on you. 

Manufactured using the Begode Master frame, the T4 is durable enough but lighter than the premium Master model.

Its durability and heavy-dutiness is one of the primary reasons why the Begode T4 gets described as the best mid-budget all-terrain electric unicycle for adults. 

Since the T4 has been upgraded, it now features 18 mosfets motherboard (as opposed to the initial 12), Mten 4 honeycomb pedals, a QS motor, and a dual sport knobby tire. 

The Begode T4 comes with a 12-inch rim and 16-inch tire, which is ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike.

While it may not offer the massive tire size seen in most Begode models, this size is perfect for those who believe that smaller is better.

The Center of Gravity is properly balanced, which is ideal for those who love their safety.

As of the moment of writing this, Begode doesn’t offer Torque and Speed versions of the T4 as they do with some of their other models.

As such, you may not see a Begode T4 Speed version unless Begode says otherwise. 

Begode T4 Pros 

  • The many upgrades done to the T4 make it one of the best-budget EUCs with seat ever
  • The high-quality QS motor guarantees superb ride quality without any worry about cutouts 
  • The low center of gravity of the T4 makes it one of the best EUCs with the best safety ratings
  • The high-quality Samsung 40T battery cells make the Begode T4 able to hit more miles without a toll on the battery cell health
  • The battery packs are independent, making it easy to solve any problem affecting a single battery pack. 


  • The nameplate’s maximum capacity is at the minimal side
  • The small wheel size may not be accommodating to riders who prefer huge wheels. 

3. Begode EX20s: The Best Value EUC with a seat for adults

The Begode EX20S EUC is one of the most praised models we have today. 

Coming in two different variations; Begode EX20S Torque (C38) and Begode EX20S Speed (C30), you can get the wheel that best suits you. 

For instance, if you are looking for speed more than anything, the Begode EX20S Speed will be your perfect choice.

Conversely, if you are looking for more range and high torque to conquer different terrains, then the EX20S Torque is right up your alley. 

Their points of differences lie squarely in how the motors have been wound.

For the case of EX20S speed, the motor has a thinner winding wire to form a higher potential for rotational speed. 

For the EX20S Torque version, the motor has a thicker stator, which provides more torque but a lower rotational speed. 

Going for any of those versions is an incredible choice, but we recommend that you go for the torque version if you are a big dawg and will be doing tons of offroading, especially on hilly terrains. 

The two versions have been manufactured using an all-metal design, which is why some reviewers describe the Begode EX20S as the most durable electric unicycle of all time. 

While testing the Begode EX20S High-Speed version, we recorded 52mph as our top speed.

In its free spin, Begode claims that the EX20S HS (High Speed) version can hit 65mph. 

For the top range, we recorded 108 miles as our best before the battery ran out of juice.

Begode says 142 miles is the maximum range for this version.

The top range and top speed depend on different factors, though.

For instance, the rider’s weight, riding conditions, motor condition, and battery voltage. 

For the Begode EX20S HT (High Torque) version, we recorded 44.2mph as our top speed.

Begode says this wheel has a no-load speed of 54mph. 

For the top range, the EX20S HT has a 112 miles range.

Basically, you will achieve a relatively better range with the Begode High Torque electric unicycle than the High-Speed version. 

Other than the range and the speed that vary by the EX20S version, these are the common Begode EX20S specs:

Motor3000W nominal power
Battery100V; 3600Wh 
Wheel size20 inches
SuspensionDamping suspension
LightsHeadlight, Taillight
Hill climbing ability40°
Weight104 lbs
Weight Limit285 lbs

Why Begode EX20S?

Unlike most electric unicycles that come with a single-motor version, the Begode EX20S comes with either a High Torque motor or a High-Speed version.

With these, the buyer is in an ideal position to select the wheel that best suits their needs. 

Again, with a damping suspension featuring an 80mm suspension, these electric unicycles can conquer different terrains without the rider having to worry about the ride quality. 

The wheel is made of metals and with stainless steel bolts and screws, making it extremely durable in times of crash and also longevity.

This is ideally a wheel where no rider will feel like they have outgrown so fast. 

The high-quality foam seats used in the EX20S EUCs are comfy enough to fit most riders looking forward to hitting different terrains.

Again, this EUC has adorable features such as adjustable power pads, a trolley handle, and a lift sensor. 

This is all but without forgetting that this EUC is compatible with the universal Begode APP and has tons of alarms to always keep the rider in the know. 

Begode EX20S Pros

  • Coming in two different versions, riders can select that which best suits them 
  • The all-metal manufacturing design guarantees longevity
  • This wheel has stood the test of time for reliability and easy riding difficulty
  • The massive high-quality Samsung 50E or 40T battery packs come in handy to guarantee a long lifespan
  • The high-quality motors used in manufacturing these wheels have addressed any cut-out issues. 


  • The lack of a Bluetooth speaker in these wheels makes them boring to some riders
  • Weighing a whopping 100+ lbs, this is one of the heaviest wheels. 

4. Begode Master: The Best Off-Road EUC with Seat

Another seated electric unicycle from Gotway.

The Begode Master has been praised by many for its monstrous power and speed, which is why it’s a best seller in its category. 

Coming with the Begode EX20S Torque motor, the Begode Master is currently described as one of the top-notch all-terrain EUCs with a seat.

Being one of the first 134V battery versions, this EUC is a true long-range.

But we even go further, why don’t we look into the specs?

Our tested top speed58 mph
Our tested top range82 miles
Motor3500W nominal power
Battery134.4V, Samsung 50E 2400Wh
SuspensionDampening suspension
Tire20 inch
LightFront Lights, LED Taillights
Weight 79 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

Why the Begode Master?

If you are looking for an electric unicycle with a commendable load capacity, then the 330-lb Begode Master is your ideal choice.

Are you looking for a commuting partner or a EUC for food delivery?

The Master has your back. 

Manufactured using the C38 Torque motor, this high-quality motor is a dependable one and you won’t have to worry about power cutouts.

Not to mention the 24 High-Performance Mosfets. 

The dampening air spring suspension helps big time when it comes to boosting the ride quality.

With an 80mm suspension travel, this wheel is perfect enough to conquer those offroad and smooth tarmacked surfaces. 

While the Begode Master is an adorable wheel, it isn’t as versatile as the EX20S model that comes with two variations. 

Nevertheless, Begode Master has a bigger brother, the Begode Master Pro, which is the ultimate Master upgrade.

If you are looking for a beefier version but at a higher price, then the Master Pro is a perfect choice.

A 134.4V battery version but with 4800Wh and a 4500W nominal motor power is ideal for both torque and motor power. 

The Master Pro has a 22-inch wheel size and a 17-inch rim.

This wheel is massive enough to conquer different terrains.

Ideally and realistically, the Begode Master Pro takes all the accolades from the Master. 

Begode Master Pros 

  • Featuring a high-quality Torque C38 motor, there is no worry about power cutouts
  • Its massive 134.4V Samsung battery will help you achieve great range before adding more juice
  • Its adjustable dampening suspension with 80mm travel is perfect to offer a great ride quality
  • A perfect electric unicycle for light and heavy riders alike
  • A real all-terrain ride. 


  • Weighing 79 lbs, this EUC is not portable 
  • Its water-resistance rating could be better. 

5. Begode EX30: Best Water-resistant Electric Unicycle with Seat

If you love quality, then going for the Begode EX30 electric unicycle with a seat is your sweet spot. 

Having been manufactured after learning the past mistakes Begode had made from their first models and after listening to customer recommendations, the EX30 currently has the best water-resistance rating in the world. 

Below are the ultimate Begode EX30 Specs and features:

Top Speed75.8 mph no load speed
Top Range186.4 miles no load range
Motor4000W nominal power
BatterySamsung 50E 3600Wh
Wheel20 inches
Weight101 lbs
Weight Limit330 lbs

The Begode EX30 is one of the few electric unicycles with a nominal motor power of 4000W.

This is a fast wheel that can hit a top no-load speed of 75.8 mph without breaking a sweat and as such, we recommend that only experienced riders to trial it.

If you are interested in a beginner-friendly wheel, then please refer to this write-up.

Coming with two 134.4V battery versions (Samsung 50E cells 3600Wh or the famous 40T battery packs), buyers can choose the pack that best suits them. 

Some of the EX30 competitors such as the InMotion V13 and Sherman S are equally great wheels but don’t feature an Integrated Seat. 

Begode EX30 Pros

  • One of the most water-resistant wheels in the world
  • A premium wheel that has been manufactured based on the lessons learned by Begode from the past devices 
  • Balanced worlds of high speed and high range 
  • With different battery and tire options, buyers get a more diversified option to select from
  • Its 100mm travel shock suspension makes the ride pose a spectacular ride quality. 


  • Weighing more than 100 lbs, this wheel is heavy 
  • The price can’t be described as affordable. 

Electric Unicycle Seated Riding Tips

If you have never ridden an electric unicycle while riding, then it can be intimidating at first.

But the process is easy, depending on how fast you learn. 

The best way to learn this process is by starting riding your EUC while seated.

While some riders begin riding while standing and gradually sit as the EUC is moving, we often don’t recommend this as the wheel will often want to accelerate, which can make you lose balance and eventually crash. 

As you begin seated riding, you are mostly under the control of how you accelerate and brake.

With daily practice, you can then begin transitioning from seated to standing riding and vice versa by learning how to balance your motion. 

Learning these transitions is helpful since, with standing riding, you have better control over any eventuality than say when seated. 

You can select to train yourself seated-riding near a pole and going around it as your best riding practice method. 

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