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The Best iPhone Backup Camera: Our Top 3 Picks for 2023

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Backup cameras can provide a ton of benefits, both in terms of safety and sheer convenience.

But, most of the popular models require the use of a bulky on-dash display unit, that can cause some clutter in your car.

Thankfully, there are some models that are compatible with iPhones, allowing you to just use your phone as the monitor.

In this guide, we’ve put together some recommendations to help you find the best iPhone backup camera for you.

The Best iPhone Backup Camera (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  2. LOOK-IT
  3. ESICAM EH-05-B

How do iPhone Backup Cameras Work?

Essentially, the camera unit will be mounted on the back end of your car.

The camera has built-in WiFi connectivity, and will create a local WiFi network that your phone can connect to.

You don’t need to have a traditional WiFi signal or even cell service for it to work – the camera actually creates its own network.

You’ll then download an app on your phone, which allows you to live stream the camera footage to your phone.

Most iPhone backup cameras will also include a mount for your phone, allowing you to attach the iPhone to your car’s dash.

If not, we recommend buying one separately.

Smartphone backup cameras are becoming more popular and are a good option for people who already have smartphone mounts in their car.

What is the Best iPhone Backup Camera?

To make these recommendations, we reviewed several different models, utilizing a combination of third party reviews from customers, manufacturer specifications, and our own experience.

Also, most of the small iOS-compatible backup cams we reviewed were frankly not that great, so we mostly picked larger units that are primarily intended for larger vehicles (but can still work on smaller cars).

These are our selections.




Top Features:


The Swift Hitch SH04 is an iOS-compatible backup camera that’s designed for trucks, trailers, RVs and other large vehicles.

That said, it can be mounted on smaller vehicles, as well.

It’s wireless, waterproof, iOS-compatible, and features a huge 200ft range.

It also consistently earns great reviews from customers.

  • Camera + mount
  • Designed for trucks, RVs, and large vehicles
  • iOS compatible (also works on Android)
  • Uses local WiFi network to send live footage to smartphone
  • Up to 200ft range
  • Magnet base makes for easy installation
  • 1 year warranty
  • Excellent reviews




Top Features:


The LOOK-IT smart backup camera is a unique and innovative product.

It’s extremely low-profile, to the point where it’s barely noticeable.

It installs around and under your license plate, and transmits a wireless signal to your smartphone via WiFi.

It’s honestly perhaps the best iPhone backup camera, but because it’s pretty pricey, we ranked it at #2.

  • Low profile design installs under/around license plate
  • Camera + mount for smartphone
  • Very discrete
  • Uses local WiFi for signal transmission
  • Excellent customer reviews


  • 【Easy Connect】:World First Simple Battery Powered backup camera HD solution for Smart Phone.Use your Phone/iPad/Tablet as monitor instead of a dedicated LCD Monitor ,connect by local wifi from camera, No Need Cell Service,no data plan required,no router required,work in wild field, interference free, no time laps( 0.3 s in VGA/STD mode), assist for your car vehicle parking & hitch up for blind spot.
  • 【Easy Install】: Strong magnetic base with mounting hole for screw, easy mount on metal surface of Vehicle.The mounting thread size is the standard 1/4 inch 20 used for camera tripods,so it can work with GoPro action camera adaptor and Mounting kits to install at non-metal location anywhere. [VIDEO DEMO LINK]:
  • 【Powerful Hardware Function】: Built in rechargeable battery for 7.5Hrs working, Built in super bright LED Flash with control button, 10FT Night vision, 50FT Transmission Distance,Solid metal housing with waterproof aeronautic plug socket with screw for external power charging in rain and prevent the camera from falling off .Wide view angle 100 degree,Built in microphone for listening to camera and sound detection alarm. 128G SD card support,easy install by unscrewing front cover.
  • 【Powerful APP】:Support IOS/Android/Windows Device(Phone/Pad), Flip/Mirror ,Guide Line show(Swift Wifi Cam). Continue to receive calls and text messages while in camera mode. More phone user can view same camera live video at same time. Motion detection alarm & recording, Sound alarm,scheduled recording,snap-shoot, SD card and FTP support for recording storage ,e-mail alarm,push notification alarm, can work same as Wifi P2P IP camera with HD 720P Video for Home Security / Baby Monitor

The EsiCam EH-05-B is another model that’s mostly intended for RV/truck/bus/etc. use.

It’s a large camera, and definitely not low-profile.

But, it works great, installs easily, and has good customer reviews.

If you don’t mind the chunkiness of the large cam, it’s a good choice.

  • iOS compatible (+Android and Windows Phone)
  • Sends live video via WiFi
  • Easy install & usage
  • Large – not low profile
  • Good review

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out our guide to the best backup cameras in every category!

We are also happy to help should you have any questions – just drop a comment below.

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