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How Rocket Carwash Works [& Video Walkthrough]

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Key Takeaways

  • Rocket Carwash offers interior and exterior cleaning with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Membership options include unlimited washes and additional perks for subscribers.
  • Free vacuuming and innovative conveyor belt system enhance the customer experience.
  • Locations across several states, with services available from $14 to $50 per session.

Being on the road exposes your car to the elements, and finding the time for regular cleaning maintenance can be a chore.

That’s what makes the right car wash service so highly prized.

Rocket Carwash is a next-generation auto service that lets you give your vehicle that loving touch and preserves both the interior and exterior.

This innovative car wash stands out for its customer-first approach, with several packages available for your budget, from deep vacuuming to exterior detailing.

What Is Rocket Carwash?

Rocket Carwash is an innovative car wash service that offers range of car wash services, but is mainly known for its state-of-the art technology and affordable membership subscriptions.

It offers a variety of packages to cater to different budgets, including interior and exterior cleaning, express interior cleaning, high-quality washes, touchless car washes, tire shine, and underbody wash.

Rocket Carwash distinguishes itself with customer-first features such as free vacuuming with state-of-the-art equipment, conveyor belts for vehicle movement through cleaning checkpoints, and water-saving measures.

It also offers membership options for unlimited washes and additional perks for registered subscribers.

A Walkthrough of the Rocket Carwash Experience

Various Rocket Carwash locations across the country use dual belt conveyors at the tunnel entrance. There, your vehicle undergoes a multi-phased process that uses innovative car cleaning equipment to eliminate grime and debris from hard-to-reach spots.

Some of the services available in Rocket Carwash are:

  • Basic interior and exterior cleaning
  • Express interior cleaning with full vacuuming
  • High-quality wash with bug prep and clear coat
  • Touchless car wash
  • Tire shine
  • Underbody wash

I could try to explain it in writing, but I find it easier to just show you in videos. I went to my nearest Rocket location and filmed this video so you can see the wash in action for yourself:

As you can see, the wash is very nice. Unlike other carwashes that are a bit outdated, Rocket Carwash is well-kept and packed with technology.

Pro Tip: The Settings are Customizable

My wife has a Rocket Carwash subscription and she loves it. She takes her vehicle to get cleaned every weekend and it always comes back looking great.

When she first got the subscription, she noticed some little black streaks on her car after going through the car wash. I took it back up and got it washed and I noticed the same.

When I mentioned it to the manager, they let me know that they can actually adjust the car wash settings to your vehicle.

When the standard settings are used, the wash can sometimes be a bit rough on the vehicle, so they sometimes move the brush configuration – dynamically – depending on which vehicle goes through.

In my wife’s case, the brushes were hitting too close and too hard, so they suggested something called a “full retract”, which moves the brushes as far away as they can be.

Once they adjusted the brushes, there have been no more black marks on the vehicle.

If you’re having issues at Rocket, just talk to the management and they’ll be very happy to help work through it.

What Makes Rocket Carwash Stand Out?

Rock Carwash services are some of the most customer-friendly in the country.

First, there’s free vacuuming available for all customers, with innovative equipment designed to suction hard with minimal clogging.

Each bay also has a compressed air gun, crevice tool, and super vac to reach those hard-to-reach spots in your car interior.

Next, there’s the conveyor belt system.

Instead of the traditional rails used to usher in cars, various Rocket Carwash locations across the country use conveyor belts to move your vehicle through a series of high-powered cleaning checkpoints.

Rocket Carwash also saves over 70 gallons of water per wash compared to regular home washing. The service uses NoPileup technology, one of the world’s most innovative car tunnel optimization systems, to load cars safely and reduce the risk of damage in the car wash.

Tip: I suggest also checking out Tommy’s Wash Club, which is similar to Rocket Carwash in both services, technology, and price.

How to Sign Up for Rocket Car Wash

To use Rocket Car Wash:

Go to the official website

Select “Locations”

Enter your zip code and click on “Search,” or click on the appropriate locations displayed below

Select “View location” for the facility nearest to you

How Does Rocket Carwash Subscription Work?

Rocket Carwash provides two membership types:

  • Single
  • Unlimited

As a non-member, single packages can cost between $14 and $50 for a car wash session with Rocket Carwash services. Subscribed members pay monthly fees ranging from $23.99 to $39.99.

As a registered subscriber to Rocket Carwash, you get even more perks:

  • Easy Signup: You can sign up in as quickly as 30 minutes at any Rocket car wash without even getting out of your car.
  • Unlimited Wash: As a Rocket Carwash member, you have the freedom to use the special members-only lane to wash your vehicle as many times as you want.
  • Hot Water Mat Machine: Rocket Carwash customers can look forward to having their cars treated with a hot water mat machine that effectively cleans and dries rubber and carpet floor mats in less than a minute.

It’s worth noting that if you have multiple vehicles and want multiple subscriptions, management will oftentimes lower the price for you.

When my wife first signed up for her subscription, I asked about a multi-vehicle discount and they dropped the second subscription down to $20 out of goodwill.

Companies, especially subscription services, almost always give a discount to keep you happy. They see the long-term value of a customer and want to make sure you stay.

I ALWAYS suggest asking about these types of things.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is Rocket Carwash Open?

Rocket Carwash company facilities are open between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Where Can I Find Rocket Carwash?

Rocket Carwash is currently available in multiple areas in Nebraska, Florida, Utah, Iowa, Texas, California, and Pennsylvania, with new locations planned all across the country.

Wrapping Up

The platform’s car wash and auto detail service is geared toward paying members, so subscribing helps you get the most out of Rocket Carwash.

The wash and auto detail packages are designed to suit your budget, helping you save costs and access quick, professional car cleaning whenever you need it.

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