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DoorDash is a game-changing solution to online ordering.

It allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurants without ever having to pick up the phone.

Plus, there’s no coding required–so you can set up your storefront in minutes.

Keep reading for more information on what DoorDash Storefront is, how it works. and how you can start using it for your business today.

What is DoorDash Storefront?

DoorDash Storefront is a game-changing solution that enables your business to join its network of delivery partners.

The idea behind DoorDash Storefront is elegant and straightforward.

Every time a customer places an order on your website, DoorDash will take it and deliver it for you.

By offering online ordering in conjunction with same-day delivery service, customers now have an extremely convenient way to get their favorite food delivered at any time of day.

How Does DoorDash Storefront Work?

DoorDash provides restaurants with an online storefront on the DoorDash website where potential customers can browse menus, order delivery, and even call restaurants to place their orders by phone.

If you are interested in becoming a DoorDash merchant, this is a must.

How The DoorDash Storefront Feature Helps Restaurants

The DoorDash storefront is a great way to not only build your customer base but also expand it.

The platform gives restaurants another way to reach customers and increases the visibility of their businesses online and throughout the DoorDash app.

vector graphic showing a person on a laptop looking at an online doordash storefront on their laptop screen

Easily Process Orders

Once you set up your business on the platform, you’ll be able to manage all of your delivery orders in one place easily.

The DoorDash storefront feature will allow you to access charges when they come in and prepare food and drinks for pickup or delivery.

Simply put, the storefronts feature makes it easy for restaurants to streamline their business.

DoorDash support team will work with you from store setup through pickup order fulfillment and make sure every step of your experience lives up to standards.

Commission-Free Online Ordering

When a local business opens a DoorDash storefront, it automatically accesses the digital ordering platform.

DoorDash does not charge any service fees, so there’s no risk to your restaurant’s profit margins.

Opening a storefront on DoorDash ensures that customers can order directly from your menu, accept payment via card or cash, and have seamless delivery from their favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Make Your Website Your Most Profitable Channel

In today’s digital age, it’s essential to have a robust online presence.

Many businesses neglect their website as an opportunity to drive sales and increase brand awareness, but it can be a critical aspect of your marketing efforts.

This is true of a family-owned restaurant with a single location, or an entire franchise system using the website for franchise marketing.

If you haven’t yet integrated your eCommerce platform with your web presence, you may be missing out on valuable customer data that could help inform future business decisions.

The DoorDash platform enables consumers to find you easily for food orders and to schedule pickups for later in real-time.

These features provide convenience for customers and allow you to manage customer demand by planning deliveries ahead of time.

This is a significant value-add for smaller businesses that may not afford a traditional online ordering option.

Businesses gain exposure to new audiences, top placement on search results, and unique positions within merchant lists.

They also receive valuable information about customer orders such as delivery time, distance traveled, items ordered, most popular items, etc., which helps them make real-time menu changes based on customer preferences.

Integrate With Your Existing Operations

Creating a storefront on DoorDash is easy, but integrating it with your existing local business operations can be challenging.

It’s essential to remember that this technology solution is only as good as its integration into your business model.

DoorDash commits to helping you seamlessly do just that.

DoorDash storefront allows merchants to integrate their existing eCommerce into DoorDash’s ordering and delivery platform.

Customers can order food or merchandise directly from a merchant’s website, so there’s no need to open a new tab or navigate to another site.

Merchants can also provide exclusive offers and promotions, manage inventory, track sales volume and analytics, process orders, and more.

Merchants have complete control over their storefront on DoorDash, including data analytics that provides insights for business growth.

How Pricing Works

Each restaurant sets its delivery prices for each menu item so that customers will see a rate next to each menu item on the app.

While some restaurants might set one flat rate for their entire menu, others might have different rates based on the size and complexity of an order.

DoorDash is convenient for customers who prefer to pay in person using cash or a credit card.

Using the DoorDash storefront feature, restaurants can list their menus and charge for orders in advance.

This is especially useful for restaurants that offer specials and other perks like free delivery or discounts for repeat customers.

Offering discount codes is a great way to boost demand for your restaurant.

By including a short-term code with every delivery, you can add an extra $5 or $10 onto each order.

Promos can make all of the difference as a business owner.

Customers love discount codes, and with more than millions of active customers on DoorDash, they have ready access to new customers looking for an excuse to try something new.

How DoorDash Set Up and Management Works

DoorDash setup and management can be a learning curve, but they made it simple by providing an excellent process to follow.

It should be easy to start an account and do your deliveries.

As a participating restaurant owner, you get a tablet from DoorDash.

Using that tablet makes it easy to place orders, track food deliveries and manage tips.

Restaurants also have access to data like analytics to track their sales.

The DoorDash tablet comes with a pickup order management app pre-installed and free to use for thirty days, after which you’ll pay $6 every month.

POS integration with DoorDash using systems such as Delivered and ItsaCheckmate, helps you streamline your business processes so that you can focus on what matters most, excellent customer service.

Integrating POS with a delivery management app like DoorDash makes managing your restaurant’s entire operation easier.

The seamless integration between the point of sale and online ordering helps ensure efficiency, consistency, and accountability throughout your business.

Other alternatives include receiving orders via email and fax.

Pros of Becoming a DoorDash Merchant

Below is a list of benefits we believe merchants have experienced after working with DoorDash:

  • Efficient takeout operations with personalized options for delivery and pickup
  • DoorDash provides numerous promotional opportunities
  • Available customer support in the Merchant Portal to resolve concerns
  • Weekly pay is convenient and motivating

Cons of Becoming a DoorDash Merchant

There are some risks and considerations to keep in mind when you start your DoorDash store.

These include:

  • Different regulations for Commission caps on merchants by each state
  • The participating restaurant staff might struggle to cope with additional orders

How to Sign up for DoorDash as a Restaurant

DoorDash serves as a storefront for any business, from the favorite local restaurant to large chains.

Here’s how to sign up for DoorDash and start delivering food to customers.

  • You create an account with the app and add your restaurant’s information and menu.
  • A customer who likes your offerings places an order to your restaurant via the app.
  • A notification gets to you through the order manager app on your tablet, email, or fax.
  • Based on the type of order (Real-time or scheduled), a DoorDash driver or rider arrives twenty minutes after processing time to pick up the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions.

a DoorDash merchant standing outside his store while DoorDash delivery drivers come and go

Is DoorDash Worth it for Restaurants?

Online ordering is changing how people shop.

With no extra labor costs in-store or delivery fees, DoorDash can provide an affordable service than any other similar app in the market.

Wrapping Up

DoorDash’s new storefront feature is a game-changer for customers and merchants alike.

Businesses can reach an entirely new market by reaching those that previously could not purchase their products or services.

Using its proprietary geolocation technology, DoorDash combines the convenience of mobile delivery with the ease of online payments while at the same time preserving that distinct DoorDash user experience.

DoorDash takes care of it all with its backend system, so businesses don’t have to worry about logistics or deliveries.

You can focus on making great products and services.

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