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Best Motorcycle Dash Cam: 2023 Buyers Guide

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On most occasions, cars are the most ideal vehicles to journey.

There are also times when they can not be matched with the lifestyle of the motorcycle riders.

Bikes are exceptionally attractive whether because of the easy parking, minimal fuel consumption, the joy you experience when the wind blows through your hair, or simply the excitement they are bringing; motorcycles are marvelous. 

The only challenge of a motorcycle rider is dealing with other motorists.

Although the majority of the drivers are careful most of the time, some of them may become reckless towards the others thus increasing the possibility of an accident.

The danger is particularly higher for motorcycle riders since they are not protected as the passengers in a vehicle.

In those situations, more caution is required. One of the ways to take good safety measures is the setting up of a motorcycle dashcam.

The dashcam is a video camera which is mounted on a vehicle to keep track of events happening on the road and around the vehicle.

The vehicle may be a motorcycle or a car. 

However, the recordings from a dash cam can be invaluable in cases when you need to make your statement following an accident.

It may be used by the authorities to absolve you. It can also be used by your insurance company as evidence for your claim.

Video recordings and images made with a dashcam can also keep beautiful memories.

You will certainly like them when you intend to remind yourself of some unforgettable moments of a road trip with your motorcycle. 

So let’s see which motorcycle dash camera models for these purposes are currently available on the market.

Best Motorcycle Dash Cams

1. VSYSTO 1080P Motorcycle Camera Recorder

VSYSTO 1080P Motorcycle Camera Recorder
  • 🏍【Motorcycle Dash Cam System】:With SONYIMX307 COMS sensor, front and rear both 1080P(1920x1080) resolution.150 degree wide angle. 3 inch big LCD screen. With F1.8 large aperture to capture 30% more light and provide motorcycle rider with super night vision.
  • 🏍【Dual Lenses Motorcycle Security Camera】:6-full glass lenses, dual fish eyes camera and this's our best super camera now. Special designed for motorcycle/motorbike. Recording road situation and accident proof, protecting riders’ safe.
  • 🏍【WDR - Wide Dynamic Range】:This expensive lens has advanced "WDR" technology, the unique feature can automatically capture more lights, adjust the brightness to take clear, color-accurate video even in low-light environments.You will get beautiful robust clearer image.
  • 🏍【Without Charging All the Time】:Professional motorcycle dash camera is power supplied by motorcycle engine directly.Customers do not need charge. Not worry about battery anymore. It is great gift for friends and families.
  • 🏍【100% Quality Assurance and One Year After Sales Service】:We are a company that design and develop this motorcycle camera ourselves, we could help you solve most of questions you would meet. All products of us are inspected before shipment and we can offer you a one-year warranty.

We are talking about a unit specially designed to be used on motorcycles.

It additionally serves as a dual dash cam capable of recording the front and the rear of the travel. So let us say a few words about its characteristics.

As soon as you start the engine of your motorcycle, the dash camera will start recording.

It will also stop recording and turn itself off 3 minutes after you turn the engine off.

Both of its cameras, the main and the rear, are capable of making recordings at 1080p at @FPS.

Both of them are made of a 6-layer glass lens offering a lens angle of 140-degree coverage.

This means you may get 280 degrees of total coverage.  

Also, both of the motorcycle dash cams utilize a SONY IMX323 CMOS image sensor that captures the maximum amount of light even in conditions of low lighting.

This is one of the reasons why this dash camera is great for night images

It records videos in loops of 1, 3, or 5 minutes.

The motorcycle camera system will automatically record the new files over the oldest in case the memory card gets full.

The device may support storage of up to 128GB although the package doesn’t contain a memory card, and if you need one, check our best SD for dash cam review.

An optional date and time stamp are watermarked over the recording which is made in MOV format. 

The VSYSTO model is also packed with an IP68 waterproof casing which is particularly useful.

The device is largely resistant to water as it can function at a temperature ranging from 0 to 150 degrees.

It is additionally equipped with a 3-inch monitor which provides you with viewing footage in real-time or in playback. 

The VSYSTO is designed in 7.3 x 5.2 x 5.2 inches proportions making it a particularly discreet dashcam.

When installed on a motorbike, it is hardly noticeable.

This motorcycle waterproof dashcam contains an integrated Wi-Fi module for making connections to a smartphone or a tablet.

This type of connection enables you to watch and share videos from the mobile device directly.

You can also include a GPS module if you want.

At any possible time, it can log your location, speed, and direction.


  • Rather than a battery, it uses a supercapacitor for dash cam
  • Particularly simple to install and use
  • Its g-sensor locks critical footage
  • Perfectly weatherproof
  • In case of an accident DVR and SD, card units are inserted in the seat for protection
  •  Phone connectivity is made easy and fun with Wi-Fi
  • Audio recording available


  • GPS tracker is not included in the basic package
  • In case of a sudden change in speed or honking the video quality is affected


  • 1080P image resolution
  • Dual Cam System
  • GPS may be included
  • Contains Night vision mode
  • 3.0-inch display size 

Taking its shortcomings and advantages into account, the VSYSTO motorcycle dash cam is a solid unit that delivers in the most important aspects.

With it, you won’t miss any important incident or event.

In that spirit, it can be said that it is a recommendable device.

2. Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera

Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Recording Camera


Top Features:


Having a layout particular for motorbikes, the Blueskysea DV 188 motorcycle dashcam is not attached to the helmet, but the bike.

Being equipped with the high-performing Allwinner V3 chipset, this unit features a range of extraordinary characteristics.

Containing a main and rear camera, it can also be described as a dual-channel, meaning it can make recordings from the front and the rear.

Its main camera is capable of recording at 1080p, while its rear camera can capture videos at 720p.

Both optics are water-resistant and enable an extraordinary 130-degree angle view.

As the lens contains an F2.2 aperture it makes it possible for light to pass regardless of the lighting circumstances.

This feature, combined with the included WDR technology, is responsible for the exceptional night vision produced by the camera.

Due to the integrated microphone device, you can also make sound recordings within the video.

This motorcycle dashcam is featuring a B-display too.

This additionally enables the watching of real-time pictures and playing previous recordings back.

We have to mention that the dashcam is completely waterproof which is not the case with the monitor.

Nevertheless, the monitor is perfectly removable, which means you can detach it and place it in the bike trunk in case the weather is rainy. 

As we are talking about a dual dash cam, the Blueskysea DV188 can record in AVI file format both with the main and rear camera.

The files are loaded in separate folders including time and date watermarks on each of them.

This dashcam activates the loop recording feature in case the memory card fills up as it overwrites the oldest footage with the newest.

In case some accident-related files are recorded, the device won’t overwrite the files due to the integrated G-sensor.

Not including the memory card (which is not in the package) the total storage capacity is 64GB. 

These dash cameras are small and compact so they can fit the vehicle discreetly.

The model size is 9.4 x 5.5 x 4 inches and is particularly light.

Everything necessary is included in this package, except the memory card device.

The main DVR, the main camera, an additional rear camera, a DVR holder, hardwiring equipment, holder mount,  a wire control, 8 cable ties, a pair of screws, and a gum paste are the auxiliaries included. 


  • Simple installation and navigation
  • Wires are applicable for motorcycle installation
  • It can be connected directly to the battery
  • It may be temporarily powered by an integrated battery in case the bike doesn’t run
  • It has a multilingual menu containing English, Chinese and Japanese options
  • Resistant to temperatures from 0 degrees low to 140 degrees Fahrenheit high (thus being heat resistant dash cam)
  • The monitor can be detached and stored in a safe during rainy time. 


  • Not suitable to the greatest part of the standard dash cam mounts
  • Doesn’t have a water-resistant monitor


  • 1080P footage resolution
  • Front and rear motorcycle dash cams
  • Upgraded night vision mode
  • 2.7 inch sized display 

Its positive sides which include its relative practicality, the possibility to attach it on the bike and not the helmet, inclusion of an additional camera, as well as the easy way to detach the device during rainy weather completely overshadow its relative shortcomings thus making this item a recommendable choice on the market. 

3. Tachyon 1080p BikerCam

Tachyon 1080p BikerCam
  • 1080p Bikercam Motorcycle Camera System with auto-start and stop recording at ignition and shutdown
  • Rainproof Cover, Charge n' Record 12V Charger & Quick-Release Handlebar Mount
  • Full-HD Video & Audio. Continuous loop recording to record continuously recording when plug to 12V or USB socket.
  • Great during low light situations. 7.5 hours of 1080p video with a 64GB card.
  • With and without Time & Date stamp. 2.5 hours run time without plug in to 12V.

It features full-HD image and audio signifying that you shouldn’t only be expecting to get footage.

This can be particularly useful when you have to deliver proof for an insurance claim.

This product contains the much-needed loop recording feature.

The device is supported by a 64GB memory card which may be filled with 7.5 hours of material.

In case you intend to keep up with the time and date, this motorcycle dash cam will provide you with the ability to make videos with or without a date inscription.

The Tachyon model also consists of a waterproof cover just to ensure that you can use it regardless of the weather condition.

It is packed with a 12V charger thus enabling you to simultaneously charge and record.

This motorcycle dashcam is positioned on the helmet of the driver and can additionally record a wide-angle scope. 


  • It is particularly easy to use and doesn’t weigh much
  • Can be positioned on the helmet or in any position of your interest
  • Simple to utilize and install
  • Provides you with crisp and clear footage quality
  • Has solid performance in low-light circumstances


  • It’s a bulky model
  • Maybe a bit expensive


  • Motorcycle Camera System with 1080p resolution 
  • Audio including Full-HD Video
  • 64GB card providing 7.5 hours of 1080p video recording
  • Ability to run for 2.5 hours without being plugged into 12V

This is an item that will continue working perfectly after the sun sets but you still want to capture the record despite the circumstances.

Modeled to operate in conditions of low light and also featuring loop recording, the Tachyon 1080p BikerCam enables steady utilization for every motorcyclist.

4. CooleedTEK Mini Sports Camera

CooleedTEK Mini Sports Camera


Top Features:


The CooledTEK Mini Sports Camera contains an integrated vibration motor as well as a 1080p image resolution.

It is also equipped with an integrated microphone, in case you want to record audio as well.

It is way easier to get good quality recordings due to its low noise, crisp and clear photographic device.

The camera additionally contains a 120-degree angle lens that enables you to capture a wider coverage when making recordings.

When the unit is charged it can function up to 4 hours as it works with TransFlash cards up to 32GB.

Maybe we are not talking about the most sophisticated camera, but this one is certainly among the most durable ones.


  • It certainly is among the most expensive options
  • It’s solid and water-resistant
  • It can work for a long time with one charge
  • Ability to record clear audio
  • Recording clear footage


  • Not equipped with universal charging cables
  • Instructions are not easy to understand


  • 1080p FHD Video Resolution
  • Supports 32GB TF Card
  • 3.54 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches of body and 3.04 ounces weight
  • 120 degree angle lens

Although this model is not among the common motorcycle helmet cams, it will still provide you with the needed footage.

It is built from firm aluminum alloy and its design is waterproof, so it will endure in rough weather conditions.

It is particularly simple to use as it can be built up in the place where you want to install.

It is a recommendable option. 

5. SRI Sports Action Camera

To provide the user with capturing everything around the motorcycle, the camera has a 170-degree angle lens.

The battery is durable enough so it maintains recording for 90 minutes as it also consists of two 1050mAh rechargeable batteries.

What makes the usage easier is that it also contains a charger dock so it can charge the battery while it is not used.

Its integrated WiFi feature makes it especially easy to connect the phone without using any cables.

This opportunity makes it possible for you to change the settings or transfer video recordings through email.

This camera model also incorporates a loop recording feature helping you to maintain space for new footage and erase the oldest recordings.

It is also packed with a water-resistant case to maintain safety in humid conditions, as well as a Micro Card with 32GB capacity


  • The design is aesthetically pleasing
  • It has a steady loop recording feature
  • It has a solid battery life
  • Inclusion of a water-resistant for usage during rainy conditions
  • The captured image quality is very clear (like regular 4k dash cam)
  • It includes a waterproof case for use in rainy weather
  • The video quality is clear on the SRI


  • Its app is not very user-friendly
  • The very app may get very slow in occasions 
  • The app may function too slowly at times


  • Ultra HD 4K Action Camera
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Integrated WiFi & HDMI
  • 2 batteries & free mounting auxiliary kits

The SRI camera is a quite stylish unit featuring things you will certainly going to like.

Maybe it looks like an everyday camera but it can still get you the quality you need for traveling.

This unit was modeled for usage in the outdoors in case the owner is a biker or an adventurer.

6. HaloCam M1

HaloCam M1
  • Professional Motorcycle Dash Cam: Without having to deal with batteries, plug/unplug, turning on/off, getting dizzy of the large swing of the video, or adding tons of weight on your helmet. HaloCam has no relationship with Motowolf!! Celebrate independence day!
  • Dual Lenses Motorcycle Security Camera: Both front and rear 1080P Full-HD resolution video and photo shooting, SONY IMX323 CMOS to get overall enhancement of imaging performance in dark light environment, and 155 degree wide angle to cover multiple lanes
  • Be An Expert Not Only in Daytime: Enough light intake is the first step to ensure night imaging. HaloCam biker's camera is featured with F1.8 large aperture to capture 30% more light and provide you with super night vision
  • WiFi and App Controlled Biker Cam: Using the HaloCam Moto App to connect your phone with the camera easily via camera's WiFi, no phone data required, then you can view real-time video, download, edit(clip & add music), and share the video directly on your phone
  • Video Recorder w/GPS and Wired Control: GPS antenna provided for the riding route tracking; wired control not only help you lock one 15s video from the front lens, but also take 1 picture each of both lenses when emergency or impressive things happen

The HaloCam M1 motorcycle camera system represents a dashcam installation that consumes power from your motorcycle, as it may also be attached to an external battery which is also connected to your bike.

Although the M1 model may operate with an internal battery, this powering unit is small and is supposed to supply the camera with power sufficiently so it can store the last recorded video after you turn your motorbike off.

With the HaloCam connected to your motorcycle, you will be able to switch its power on and off as you start your bike’s engine, which is not the case with helmet cams where you may forget to do it.

Both of the main and back camera lenses provide images in 1080p FHD.

The mentioned camera lenses are completely waterproof, meaning you can position them on the external areas of your motorbike because being exposed to changeable weather conditions won’t do them any harm.

Nevertheless, the essential device together with its 2.7-inch monitor is not water-resistant and should certainly be positioned in a dry place.

This may be in a safe place which is not very accessible because this device can be remotely connected to the main unit via WiFi connection.

The HaloCam Moto App provides you with the possibility to watch stored images and videos as well as tune camera changes directly on your cellular phone or tablet, which makes sharing videos much easier. 

The GPS module also provides you with the capability to log and track your bike journeys fully as well as to make your bike maps available to others.

Since we are talking about a plug-in, you can certainly unplug the module and leave it out of usage in case you don’t want it.


  • Dual camera system
  • Possibility to use outdoor since its waterproof
  • WiFi connection available
  • LCD monitor


  • The essential unit is not resistant to water
  • Big & bulky cables


  • 1080p Front & Rear Camera
  • Lens Angle with 155° Coverage
  • MicroSD Card Capacity of 256GB
  • Integrated GPS Module & WiFi
  • LCD Screen with 2.7-inch size
  • Water-resistant Camera Lenses
  • Powered by a capacitor

All in all, we are talking about a solid dual motorcycle dash cam setup with water-resistant lenses being a very good price dash cam.

The main body which is not resistant to water can be easily managed.

We can say it’s a recommendable piece of equipment.

7. THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam

THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam
  • 【FULL HD】Record cinematic Full HD 1080p video coverage for the front and rear of your vehicle.
  • 【ADVANCED ELECTRONIC IMAGE STABILIZATION (EIS)】Reduces vibrations and minimizes motion blurring, to ensure smooth and steady video recordings no matter what terrain you’re riding on.
  • 【WEATHERPROOF: IP66】Designed for durability and water-resistance, the IP66-rated M1 can withstand and record in the harshest conditions.
  • 【GPS FOR SPEED LOG】Get evidence of your fastest speeds alongside the video footage with the built-in GPS antenna.
  • 【REMOTE CONTROL】Save memorable moments of your journey and store them in a dedicated folder with just one push of the manual recording button.
  • 【START AND GO】Forget the hassle of checking whether or not your camera is recording. The M1 will automatically start recording when you start the ignition, and power down when you turn it off.
  • 【SUPER NIGHT VISION 2.0】Super Night Vision technology reduces noise and enhances image quality in low-light conditions.

This Thinkware model represents a security camera for motorcycles consisting of main and rear cameras that are connected to the essential unit where the processor and memory storage is located.

Both devices capture images at 1080p HD resolution and utilize a 2.13 MP STARVIS image sensor produced by Sony.

It is an attractive image sensor used for dashcams as it provides the user with a high-quality night vision as well as an exquisite video quality during day time.

THINKWARE features cutting-edge EIS (electronic image stabilization) to provide the user with a clearer image during a trip through rugged road or terrain or the suspension is more rigid.

The motorcycle camera system is completely waterproof, giving you the ability to make recordings in any type of weather conditions which means you can leave the device on your bike once you have installed it.

This “Set and Forget” type of dash camera for motorcycles gives you many possibilities unavailable with the helmet cam. 

As many other motorcycle dash cams with an integrated GPS also require the availability of an external GPS module to be placed on the motorbike and later connected to the main camera body, this model contains a GPS antenna integrated on the right of the main body, thus leaving extra space on the vehicle.

The THINKWARE M1 security camera for motorcycles also includes an integrated WiFi connection, providing you with a remote connection to your smartphone or tablet. 

Following the downloading of the free iOS or Android app, you can store videos on your smartphone or tablet and change settings on your dashcam.

Since the THINKWARE M1 device does not have its screen, this will be your way of setting the camera up.


  • Its usage of a capacitor makes it better for high heats
  • Instead of an addon module, it uses integrated GPS and WiFi connection
  • Completely waterproof
  • Firm design of the body


  • Much more expensive in comparison to average models


  • Front & Rear Cam with 1080p HD Video at @ 30FPS
  • STARVIS image sensors produced by Sony
  • Lens angle of 140 degree
  • MicroSD with 128GB Memory Storage
  • WiFi & GPS connection included
  • Operated with iOS and Android apps
  • Powered by a capacitor

After placing many high-end dash cams on the market for cars for a very long time, THINKWARE has finally released a security camera for motorcycles.

Due to its exquisite video quality, we generally share the opinion that THINKWARE M1 can be proclaimed for the best motorcycle dash cam available on the market as it additionally features a durable design, integrated WiFi, and GPS, along with its trusted name on the dashcam area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Car Dashcam For Motorbikes?

One of the biggest issues in the heads of motorcyclists is the adaptability of dashcams used for cars on a motorcycle.

We must say that a large part of dashcams can be used in both ways, but we recommend you not to try these things. 

You should always take into consideration that car dashcams are produced to be set inside of a vehicle, which is not the case with motorcycle dashcams.

A wide array of things may become an issue when this type of product is shopped e.g. visibility, endurance in difficult weather conditions, stealthiness for thieves, etc. 

Another issue regarding non-adaptability is the much smaller size of the motorcycle when compared to a car.

If you decide to install a typical dashcam for cars, this may be particularly wrong because it is pretty large.

This means that the majority of buyers are looking for small and unnoticeable units that are discreet to use (maybe even the hidden dash cameras).  

As previously said, the motorcycle dashcam which is designed to work on the outside will be exposed to all kinds of bitter weather, intense rain, and extreme heat.

When the buyer is looking for the most suitable unit, vulnerability to weather conditions should be taken into account.

Why is a motorcycle dash cam better than a GoPro?

A specialized dashcam for motorcycles is a system with many advantages over a helmet cam or a GoPro and different types of action recorders.

We have summarized some of them below:
– Its battery never runs out so the user won’t have to worry about charging.
– The user will never have to remember turning it on and off since this is automatic.
– It is packed with a rear camera which will enable you capturing footage from behind, a feature helpful for many special situations
– The memory slot will never get full since it utilizes the “loop recording” feature which does the recording in 3-minute video clips and starts recording over the oldest video files once the entire memory card is full
– In comparison to GoPro cameras, it won’t get overheated during the summer
– The majority of specialized motorcycle dashcams cover a wider field of view with their lens angle which allows capturing a bigger part of the front and the back of the road.

It is very important to emphasize that some dual motorcycle cams have a 170 degrees lens coverage, which provides the user with nearly a 360 degree of coverage

What is the approximate price of a decent motorcycle camera system?

The prices of motorcycle camera setups vary from $100 to over $400.

Most of those sets are usually packed as a dual-channel setup, which means there are two camera lenses on the front and the back of your bike which are connected to the main device.

For these reasons, they are more expensive to produce in comparison to dashcam sets used in a car.

Buying a dashcam priced less than $100 is not recommended, since a less expensive image sensor will produce worse video-quality, especially during night-time, as they also have low-quality and breakable housing and mounting tools.

Wrapping Up

Traveling on the motorbike may not be the smoothest experience.

The instability of the motorcycle can be particularly risky, so this is the reason to get a unit that will be made of the best materials and provide durableness.

Among the best materials for design, we may mention the blend of stainless steel and aluminum with plastic.

Since riding a motorbike needs a lot more concentration, the device controls on the motorcycle dash cam have to be understandable and user-friendly.

It shouldn’t be consuming the time for adjusting the settings as it is the case with dash cams for cars.

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