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Protect And Preserve Your Car With These 6 Car Maintenance Apps

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If long hours of driving are a part of your routine, your vehicle is constantly at work.

However, giving your car a day off isn’t enough for it to recuperate from the strain of ridesharing, which involves severe driving conditions like idling and frequent short-distance trips.

To give your vehicle the care it deserves, you can get support from a car maintenance app.

Rideshare vehicle maintenance can get complex.

Even for seasoned car owners, it can be difficult to keep track of service intervals for every part of your vehicle, especially if you have more than one car model in your household.

With a great app downloaded on your smartphone, you’ll feel confident that you’re meeting all of your car’s maintenance needs.

In this article, we’ll give you a closer look at six car maintenance apps that rideshare drivers and everyday car owners swear by.

6 Best Car Maintenance Apps

Here are the best car maintenance apps, according to the Ridester team.

1. Drivvo

Drivvo app screenshot

Best For: Tracking car expenses

Price: Free to download; Drivvo PRO access available for 99 cents per month, $2.49 per quarter, or $5.99 per year

Drivvo is one of the few car maintenance apps that are specifically catered to people who drive for a living.

In addition to sending you timely reminders about upcoming service needs, it’s also a great tool to help you track both your revenue and the car expenses that come with every maintenance need.

This mobile app’s refueling tracker is one of the most thorough on the list.

To help you understand your gas consumption and fuel economy, it allows you to track details about every fill-up, including which gas stations, gas prices, and miles traveled in between.

The app can then suggest the best type of fuel to use.

Reminders on Drivvo can also be used for auto insurance, fines, taxes, and frequently forgotten maintenance needs, such as simple oil and tire pressure checks that you can complete at home.

Your expense and service history is saved on the app, so you can get a visual of where most of your money is going.

With a Drivvo PRO plan, you can get 24/7 support, cloud-backed data, and an ad-free experience.

Download Drivvo on iPhone or Android.


myCARFAX car maintenance app screenshot

Best For: Getting personalized alerts

Price: Free

Created by CARFAX, one of the most trusted vehicle history report providers in the U.S., myCARFAX allows you to tap into the company’s extensive data to get auto repair reminders for up to eight cars.

All you need is your vehicle identification number (VIN) or license plate number, and your schedule will be automatically be designed for your unique vehicle.

You’ll even get notified about recalls and when your next registration is due.

When it comes time for a needed service, you can compare estimate costs from hundreds of trusted professionals in your local CARFAX network straight from this car maintenance app.

The myCARFAX app also helpful for tracking your gas fill-ups and average miles per gallon (MPG).

Download myCARFAX on iPhone or Android.

3. AUTOsist

AUTOsist car maintenance app screenshot

Best For: Managing multiple vehicles

Price: Free to download; upgraded plans range from $9.99-$49.99

If you have a handful of car maintenance records, insurance documents, and fuel expenses to stay on top of, AUTOsist is the perfect personal database for you to use.

This smartphone app organizes all of your important auto documents, repair logs, and maintenance receipts into logical folders, so you can reference them in a matter of seconds.

If you forget to set a recurring service reminder in the platform, all you need to do is browse your service history.

With paid plans, Uber fleet owners can access AUTOsist’s long list of business features on mobile and web.

This allows you to streamline all maintenance reminders, driver licenses, and documents into one platform, and even assign drivers to vehicles.

You’ll also get organized data about your maintenance expenses that can be exported to Excel and viewed offline.

Download AUTOsist on iPhone or Android.

4. aCar or Fuelly

Fuelly website screenshot

Best For: Monitoring your driving habits

Price: Free to download; premium version available for 99 cents per month or $7.99 per year

Seamlessly integrated with, the most-used mileage tracker on the web, the Fuelly app — as well as its official Android alternative, aCar — is most frequently used for tracking mileage and fuel consumption data.

As you log details about your driving activities and fill-ups, you can view helpful graphs and about your car maintenance and performance through painless data submissions.

This helps drivers proactively diagnose issues and find solutions at the first sign of a fuel efficiency decline.

Both time and mileage-based service intervals are supported through Fuelly and aCar, which is perfect for rideshare drivers, who tend to be high-mileage drivers.

These apps can set automatic maintenance reminders the moment you enter a service record.

Upgrading to premium allows you to auto-complete your data entry and add images or PDFs to your log.

Note: If you do run into the Fuelly app on the Google Play store, this “app” is simply a shortcut to the company’s mobile site.

All Android users should be using aCar (created by Fuelly) to get the features described above.

Download Fuelly on iPhone or aCar on Android.

5. Openbay

Openbay car maintenance app screenshot

Best For: Saving on auto repair shop visits

Price: Free

An online auto repair marketplace, Openbay created an easy-to-navigate app that helps you save money on every maintenance need that requires a visit to a mechanic.

The moment you get a service reminder from the Openbay app, you can compare quotes from vetted shops in the Openbay network and even securely book the service straight from your phone.

The quotes you receive from the Openbay app are all based on your specific car model, manufacturing year, and required service.

If any changes need to be made, the Openbay guarantee ensures that you’ll be consulted before any action is taken.

This car maintenance app even allows you to earn rewards cash on all services booked through Openbay, helping you save even more.

Download Openbay on iPhone or Android.

6. Simply Auto

Simply Auto car maintenance app screenshot

Best For: Maximizing tax deductions

Price: Free to download; upgraded plans available for 99 cents per month or $3.99-$9.99 per year

Formerly known as Fuel Buddy, Simply Auto is part car maintenance app and part mileage tracking app.

As such, it’s perfect for helping you get a running log of what Lyft and Uber driver tax deductions you’re eligible for each year.

Just with the free version of the Simply Auto app, you can track an unlimited amount of fill-ups (including partial fill-ups), trips, services, and repair expenses — even capturing receipts straight from the app.

Your log can even be exported to Google Drive for easy cloud storage.

This means your maintenance history is always backed up and ready when you need to file your taxes.

With upgrades, you can get an unlimited amount of trips automatically tracked via GPS and add multiple drivers to your account.

Download Simply Auto on iPhone or Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Man looking at iPhone in car

Taking good care of your car is a must for all drivers.

With the prevalence of car maintenance apps these days, there’s no reason your car should die out before its time.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that you may still have:

Should I be tracking my car maintenance intervals by the month or by the mile?

We recommend tracking by the mile for all rideshare drivers.

While the average person will drive a little over 1,000 miles per month, rideshare drivers can quickly exceed this due to the amount of time they spend on the road.

If ridesharing is simply your side hustle, you may be able to get away with tracking by time, but it’s still best to track by the mile when possible.

How do I know the best service intervals for my car?

If your app requires you to manually set reminders, you can use our recommended car maintenance schedule to decide on the best service intervals for high-mileage drivers.

We do recommend consulting your owner’s manual as well.

Can I use car maintenance apps to track all kinds of vehicles?

Absolutely. Whether you have a sedan, a pick-up truck, or a motorcycle, you can use car maintenance apps to help you keep track of your maintenance needs and fuel expenses every day.

While service intervals may vary slightly between vehicle models, you have at least some freedom to customize on all of our listed apps.

Take Care of Your Vehicle

Every car maintenance app you find on the App Store or Google Play store offers a unique set of features that may be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Just by browsing through our top six selections or doing some research of your own, you can easily stay on top of your maintenance schedule, save money, and prevent your car from breaking down.

With one app downloaded, you probably still have leftover room in your smartphone for further support.

Learn about all the essential apps Uber drivers should have.

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