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How CarAdvise Makes Getting Car Repairs Easy & Affordable

Learn how CarAdvise can help drivers get quick, affordable car repairs. We'll uncover what the platform is and how it works.

Key Takeaways

  • CarAdvise connects drivers with auto repair shops for easier maintenance booking.
  • Offers maintenance scheduling and reminders tailored to your driving habits.
  • Provides access to technical consultations and a wide range of auto services.
  • Features membership plans with discounts and benefits, including roadside assistance.

Getting caught out in bad weather with a broken-down car is bad enough. Not having readily available car repair makes it even worse.

For regular car owners, easy access to auto maintenance is a great help. If you’re a gig driver for Instacart, Uber, or other gig platforms, you need handy help to turn to when the inevitable car breakdown happens.

Whether it’s a brake alignment you need to be done with or an oil change, CarAdvise can get you out of a fix while helping to save costs.

See how CarAdvise works, the costs involved, and how it can help you get more value from your vehicle as a delivery gig driver in the long run.

How Does CarAdvise Work?

CarAdvise is a middle-man service that specializes in linking drivers to car repair shops near them.

On the platform, you can search for car repair services near you by activating your location services or entering your ZIP code.

With the mobile app, delivery gig drivers can look for auto maintenance services and compare prices with other car repair spots around them.  


You can sign up via the mobile app or through the official website. If you choose the latter:

  • Log on to the signup page
  • Enter your details and submit the online form
  • Wait for the confirmation email from CarAdvise

Signing up gets you a membership card that you can print out and show the attendants at the auto shop, instead of booking via CarAdvise online.

As one of the biggest service providers in the industry, CarAdvise has partnerships with tire companies, retail automotive services, and more than 27,000 workshops nationwide. Some of the biggest names include Goodyear, Valvoline, Firestone, and Jiffy Lube.

Adding Cars

The first thing to do after signing up on the platform is to access your dashboard and add a car to your garage.

You’ll then be able to see the closest car repair shops offering the service you need. You can also compare prices and choose the one that best suits your budget. Then, you can confirm the appointment booking by choosing a time and date.

Scheduling Maintenance

To schedule maintenance for your car, you have to configure the vehicle on the platform by entering details like your car’s estimated current mileage, last recorded mileage, and last maintenance mileage.

This activates an individually tailored reminder system, which calculates when your next maintenance should happen, based on maintenance intervals and your driving habits.

At the Repair Shop

When you get to the car repair shop, let them know you’re a CarAdvise member by showing them your membership card before checking in for your appointment. Then you’ll wait for the mechanics to carry out their initial inspection.

CarAdvise sends you a text for you to approve or deny the recommended service, along with a link to make your payment. As long as your payment is processed through the app, you’ll be able to enjoy CarAdvise discounts.

Whether you book a car service through the platform or use the printed membership card showing your fleet membership ID, you get better value than with regular retail options.

Benefits of CarAdvise

For gig workers who spend hours on the road, CarAdvise can be a lifesaver, reducing a lot of the anxiety that comes with potential maintenance issues.

Easy to Use

CarAdvice eliminates much of the hassle that comes with locating a nearby auto shop, especially if you’re a delivery driver in a hurry to complete an order.

With just a few clicks, you can set up your easy maintenance and repair by entering your VIN, plates, and other car details online.

Maintenance Scheduling

CarAdvice lets customers plan maintenance schedules with car experts and never miss important maintenance, thanks to timely reminders.

For delivery drivers on Instacart and Uber, this helps you keep your car on the road and avoid long waits at the car repair shop, getting more value for each hour you work.

Full Range of Auto Services

CarAdvise is partnered with thousands of workshops and auto maintenance services across the country that cater to issues involving:

  • Tire swapping
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Axle shaft replacement
  • Coolant/Antifreeze flush
  • Wheel balance
  • Fan belt adjustment

Such services come in handy for drivers on gig platforms whose vehicles have increased chances of experiencing issues due to wear and tear.

Technical Consultations

If you want to investigate for yourself before scheduling an appointment with a car repair shop, you can reach out to the complimentary team of ASE-certified experts for relevant advice.

You can do so via the live chat feature on the app or by calling (844) 923-8473.

Guarantee on Services

If you’re not happy with the results from a CarAdvise servicing, the company is ready to go an extra mile to help you.

You can contact CarAdvise within two weeks of the completed service, and CarAdvise will collaborate with the appropriate auto shop to ensure that your car complaints are resolved.

How the CarAdvise Membership Works

There are three CarAdvise membership plans:

  • Basic: This plan is free and comes with the ability to schedule maintenance and search for the nearest auto shop. Car owners also get a membership card.
  • Premium: The plan costs $2.99 per month and comes with all the features of the basic subscription, including a 10% discount on all auto services. You can also add three vehicles to your account.
  • Elite: The elite membership has all the Premium features, including an ability to add up to five vehicles per account. You also get Roadside Assistance powered by Urgently, which is similar to Uber Roadside Assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CarAdvise’s Cancellation Policy?

CarAdvise understands that situations can change and does not charge any penalty fees for cancellation or rescheduling appointments.

How Do I Pay for My Auto Services on CarAdvise

CarAdvise facilitates easy payment for repairs and maintenance through the mobile app, accepting all major credit cards, as well as instant payment services such as PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Is There a Warranty on Car Repairs Scheduled Through Caradvise?

You get a 12-month warranty on all repairs done on your car through CarAdvise. The warranty coverage is for any defects of replaced parts, assuming normal usage, and covers up to 12 months or a maximum mileage of 12,000 miles.

Wrapping Up

CarAdvise works by connecting customers to repair shops, where you can book appointments with car maintenance experts at discounted rates and compare prices between several options.

For drivers on various gig platforms who know how important it is to save as much on car maintenance as possible, CarAdvise is a way to get more value from each delivery.

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