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How Uber Roadside Assistance Works For Drivers

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber offers roadside assistance for its drivers through Urgent.ly, a leading on-demand roadside service provider in the U.S.
  • It includes tow truck service, flat tire repair, jump starts, lockouts, and more.
  • Accessible for $0.49 per month or free for Uber Pro drivers; up to four services per year.
  • Urgent.ly assistance available for Uber-related and personal trips, with quick response times promised.

Does Uber Offer Roadside Assistance?

Uber offers roadside assistance to its drivers through Urgent.ly, a US-based provider of on-demand roadside services. This includes towing, flat tire repair, and jump-starts.

Drivers request help via the Urgent.ly app or website, and a service provider is dispatched to their location. They can then track the assistance in real-time and receive updates, similar to the Uber passenger app.

Urgent.ly generally aims for a response time of around 30 minutes. However, the arrival time depends on your location and the type of service required.

In larger cities, you can typically expect assistance within 15-20 minutes, while in rural areas, it may take longer.

What Can You Call Uber Roadside Assistance For?

Uber roadside assistance is designed to help you out when your car breaks down.

Uber’s roadside assistance, provided by Urgent.ly, can be called for four main reasons:

  1. Breakdowns: This is the most common use for roadside assistance. If your car breaks down, Urgent.ly will dispatch a tow truck, available 24/7.
  2. Out of Gas: If you run out of gas, Urgent.ly will send a tow truck driver with a gas can to help you refill your car.
  3. Tire Change: In case of a flat tire, Urgent.ly will send a service provider to change your tire using your spare.
  4. Lockouts: If you’re locked out of your car, Urgent.ly will send a technician to unlock it for you.

Who Qualifies for Uber Roadside Assistance?

Uber Roadside Assistance is available to drivers who are part of the Uber Pro program with either Gold or Platinum status.

To qualify, drivers must accumulate points through activities like completing trips and maintaining high ratings. Gold status requires 300 to 600 points, while Platinum status is achieved with 600 to 1,200 points.

Additionally, drivers can opt for roadside assistance by paying a monthly fee of $0.49 for Urgent.ly services.

The program not only offers free roadside assistance to higher status drivers but also includes benefits like one free dent repair and discounts on car maintenance services.

This assistance is designed to support drivers in case of vehicle emergencies, ensuring they have access to necessary help.

How Much Does Uber Roadside Assistance Cost?

The cost of Uber’s roadside assistance, varies based on the service needed, but it offers significant value for Uber drivers.

Drivers are entitled to up to four free services per year. This includes services like tire changes, fuel delivery if out of gas, and vehicle unlocking in case of lockouts, each counting as one of the four annual services.

For instance, if you have a flat tire, using the Urgent.ly app to request a technician to fix it is free and counts as one service.

If you run out of gas later, you can again use Urgent.ly for a fuel delivery, utilizing another of your annual services.

Additionally, if your car breaks down, you can get up to 25 miles of free towing.

Importantly, these benefits are not limited to when you’re driving for Uber; they can also be used for personal driving.

This system provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for common roadside issues faced by drivers.

How to Contact Uber Roadside Assistance

Contacting Uber roadside assistance via Urgent.ly is straightforward. Here are the steps:

  1. Download the App: Get the Urgent.ly app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Set Up Account: Open an account using your phone number and email address.
  3. Request Service: Open the Urgent.ly app, select the needed service (e.g., tow truck, tire change), enter your location, and confirm your request.

The app’s interface is user-friendly, similar to Uber’s app.

It shows a map with your location and the location of the assigned tow truck technician, including their name and profile picture. This feature helps in recognizing the service provider upon arrival.

The app also displays the estimated time for the technician to reach you and allows you to track their progress on the map.

If necessary, you can cancel the service directly from the app by tapping a “cancel” button.

This process eliminates the need for phone calls, making it more convenient, especially in noisy environments like busy roads.

How Long Does Uber Roadside Assistance Take to Help You?

There’s no set timeframe for when Uber roadside assistance will help. The waiting time depends on what sort of assistance you need, traffic, and roadside assistance availability.

Uber wants to help you as quickly as possible, but it may sometimes take hours.

I’m Not Eligible For Roadside Assistance Because I’m Not a Part of the Uber Pro Program, What Can I Do?

Perhaps you’ve been driving for Uber for a while, and this is the first time you’ve heard of its roadside assistance program. You want to get in on it, but you’re stuck on the Blue level (the first driver level).

How do you achieve Platinum or Diamond status? Here are some pointers to reach a higher status over the next several months.

Reduce Your Cancellation Rate

Every driver has to cancel an order here and there, but as your cancellation rate rises, you’ll find it harder to ever move out of Blue status. Going forward, strive to reduce your cancellation rate and keep it as low as possible.

Uber will only accept you into the Uber Pro program if your cancellation rate is 4% or below.

At the same time, be pickier about the requests you accept. This can impact how much money you make, but it should keep your cancellation rate under control.

Drive Often

The more you drive for Uber, the more points you’ll get, especially when you do an outstanding job. Uber tells you how many points each pickup will earn you before you accept, and you don’t need to be a member of Uber Pro to see this information.

Rather than only picking up orders, you earn the most points when you provide an exemplary experience for your customers. Here are some pointers:

  • Arrive promptly.
  • Consider providing snacks and drinks in your car.
  • Offer USB phone charging (if your vehicle has the setup for such).
  • Ask what kind of music they’d like to listen to and change the station or playlist to accommodate them.
  • Drive carefully.
  • Ask if they’re too hot or cold and adjust the heating and cooling.

Your star rating should be 4.85 or higher before Uber will consider you for the Gold tier and access to its rewards program.

Increase Your Acceptance Rate

All Uber drivers have a recorded acceptance rate as a set percentage. The percentage is a calculation of the total orders available to you versus those you accept, with the former number divided into the latter.

Uber requires your acceptance rate to be at 85% or higher to reach Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status and to begin taking advantage of more rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an Uber roadside assistance vehicle towing another on the back of a trailer

Is Urgent.ly Available Only When You Are Driving for Uber?

No, Urgent.ly’s services are available for both Uber driving and personal use. The app is free, and charges apply only for services beyond the free plan’s limits.

How Many Times a Year Can You Get Assistance From Urgent.ly?

You can get up to four services per year with Uber roadside assistance. You can use it for tows, flat tire changes, gas delivery, or locksmith services.

How Far Can You Get Towed Using Urgent.ly?

Using Urgent.ly with Uber roadside assistance, you can get towed for up to 25 miles for free. This is in comparison to non-Uber drivers using Urgent.ly, who are normally charged $99 for a 10-mile tow.

Can You Earn Points Toward Uber Pro If You Deliver with Uber Eats?

If you’re using the Uber Eats app to maximize your earnings, you may still be eligible for Uber Pro. The rewards program only applies to drivers with active Uber and Uber Eats accounts. You’ll earn points for deliveries through either service.

How Often Is an Uber Driver’s Status Updated?

Uber updates a driver’s status every three months, so even if you do everything right, you won’t become a driver with Gold or Platinum status overnight. In the meantime, maintain your current status, and you should have access to the rewards program as soon as an update is underway.

Wrapping Up

If you drive for Uber regularly, something is statistically bound to go wrong with your car sooner or later.

Fortunately, if you’re a member of the Uber rewards program Uber Pro, you can receive free roadside assistance services and discounted car maintenance.

Becoming a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Uber driver is worth it for more reasons than just roadside assistance: there are multiple other perks and access to better driving gigs.

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