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How To Use Instacart To Have A Prescription Delivered

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Key Takeaways

  • Instacart delivers prescriptions from select stores, similar to placing a grocery order.
  • Cannot deliver refrigerated medications, opioids, or certain specialty pharmacy medications.
  • Delivery fees vary; Instacart+ members might get free delivery with grocery orders.
  • To order, transfer prescription to a participating pharmacy and follow the Instacart link.

Does Instacart Deliver Prescriptions?

Yes, Instacart can deliver prescriptions from select stores. The process is very similar to using the app to place a food delivery order.

To use this service, add your prescription along with your grocery order through the Instacart app. Once your pharmacy has filled your prescription and notified you, you can opt for delivery via Instacart, often on the same day.

This service is available at participating retailers, including Wegmans and Costco, but not all states have access to Instacart prescription services.

Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart do not offer prescription delivery through Instacart, with CVS using Shipt and Walmart providing its own delivery and curbside pickup services.

What Prescriptions Can’t Instacart Deliver?

Instacart cannot deliver prescriptions that include medications requiring refrigeration, opioids, controlled substances, and certain specialty pharmacy medications.

Refrigerated medicines, due to their temperature-sensitive nature, opioids, because of the risk of misuse, and specialty medications such as self-administered injectables or those needing special monitoring are excluded from Instacart’s delivery services.

For these medications, customers must pick them up directly from the pharmacy to ensure proper handling and verification processes are followed.

How Much Is Instacart Prescription Delivery?

Instacart prescription delivery fees depend on your membership status and the urgency of delivery.

If you are an Instacart+ member, prescription delivery can be free when included with a grocery order. Non-Instacart+ members will incur a $4 fee for adding prescriptions to their grocery deliveries, regardless of the delivery speed.

Without a grocery order, delivery fees are $14.99 for on-demand, $12.99 for same-day, and $10.99 for next-day delivery.

Tipping your Instacart shopper is standard practice, with a recommended tip of 15%-18% of your order total or $5, whichever is higher, to compensate them for their service.

How to Place a Pharmacy Order On Instacart

To have Instacart pick up and deliver your prescriptions, follow these steps:

1. Fill Your Prescription at a Participating Pharmacy

First, ensure your prescription is at a participating pharmacy. If it’s not, you may need to transfer it to one that partners with Instacart, such as Wegmans or Costco.

You can have your doctor send your prescription directly to a participating pharmacy or bring a physical prescription to the pharmacist yourself.

2. Sign Up for Text Notifications

Register for text alerts from your pharmacy to be notified when your prescription is ready for pickup. Instacart’s prescription delivery service requires you to have text notifications enabled.

3. Use the Link from Your Text Alert

When you receive a text notification that your prescription is ready, it will include a link to opt for Instacart delivery.

Click on this link to access the store’s website, where you can select delivery options and add any additional items you need.

4. Add Additional Items

Before finalizing your order, you can add other grocery items to be delivered along with your prescription.

Note that you cannot add items after placing your order nor can you add a prescription to an already placed order. Ensure everything you need is included in your initial order.

5. Schedule a Delivery Time

Choose a delivery time when someone will be available at home to receive the order. This is important to avoid your medication being exposed to harmful temperatures or the risk of theft.

Final Thoughts

So, does Instacart deliver prescriptions? Yes, its prescription delivery service is a major convenience for those who can’t get to the store.

When you’re stuck at home feeling under the weather, having your medication brought to your door allows you to stay home and rest. The only drawbacks are that you might have to pay a fee and tip.

Do you have experience with Instacart’s prescription delivery service? Leave a comment below to tell us about it.

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