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Does Instacart Deliver Prescriptions?

This comprehensive guide outlines everything about Instacart’s prescription delivery service, including participating stores, fees, and restrictions.

Instacart has become one of the biggest grocery and convenience store delivery apps.

So no matter what you need from the store, Instacart will likely be able to bring it to you.

However, sometimes, you might need to include a prescription with your grocery order.

Does that mean you have to make a trip to the store, or does Instacart deliver prescriptions for you?

Keep reading to learn how to get your prescriptions brought to your door using this convenient grocery app.

Does Instacart Deliver Prescriptions?

Instacart will deliver prescriptions from select stores.

When you place a grocery order, you can opt to include a prescription, too.

How Does Instacart Prescription Delivery Work?

Instacart prescription delivery is a quick and easy process.

Simply put in your prescription order, then wait for a notification that it’s ready.

Your pharmacy will send you a text alert to let you know your medication is ready for pick-up.

Once your prescription is ready, you can choose to have it delivered via Instacart.

You’ll check out through the Instacart app, just as you would with any other order.

How Fast Is Instacart Prescription Delivery?

Instacart prescription delivery depends on how fast your pharmacy fills your order.

In most cases, you’ll be able to get it the same day your pharmacist fills it.

Where Is Instacart Prescription Delivery Available?

Instacart prescription delivery is available at participating stores.

As long as you shop from one of the participating retailers, you can get your prescription.

Can Instacart Deliver Prescriptions From Wegmans?

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not offer prescription delivery through Instacart.

However, Wegmans is one of two retailers that does.

The latter company will send you a text alert that your prescription is ready, you can select “Instacart delivery” to receive it.

Can Instacart Deliver Prescriptions From Costco?

Costco is the second retailer that offers prescription services through Instacart.

Consumers can choose to get the Instacart delivery option in their text alert from Costco.

However, remember that users in the following states don’t have access to Instacart prescription services:

  • Arkansas
  • Maine
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

If you live in any of the above states, you’ll need to find an alternative.

Many pharmacies offer their own services.

Can Instacart Deliver Prescriptions From CVS?

Currently, CVS doesn’t offer prescription services through Instacart.

Instead, CVS uses Shipt.

You’ll have a few delivery options, including same-day, one to two-day, drive-up, or curbside pickup.

Can Instacart Deliver Prescriptions From Walmart?

So, does Instacart deliver prescriptions from Walmart?

The answer is no.

However, like CVS, Walmart offers curbside pickup and free same-day delivery to your home.

What Prescriptions Can’t Instacart Deliver?

Although Instacart’s delivery services are a significant convenience to consumers, it has some limits.

There are a few types of medications Instacart and its partners won’t provide.

Medicine That Requires Refrigeration

Medications requiring refrigeration, such as certain antibiotics, aren’t eligible for delivery through Instacart.

Since these medicines must stay at or below specific temperatures, you’ll have to pick them up at the grocery store or pharmacy.

Doing so is the only way to ensure they remain at the proper temperature.


Due to the opioid epidemic, Instacart does not include opioids in its delivery service.

This is to prevent the medications from falling into the hands of someone other than the patient.

Instead, you’ll have to pick them up at the store and show proper identification.

Specialty Pharmacy Medications

Certain other specialty medications may also not be available.

These kinds of prescriptions include self-administered injectables and medications that require specific monitoring.

How Can Instacart Pick Up Prescriptions for You?

You won’t have to jump through any hoops to get your prescriptions delivered via Instacart.

All it takes is a few simple steps to get your prescriptions filled.

Fill Your Prescriptions at Participating Pharmacies

First, you have to fill your prescription at a participating pharmacy.

Currently, Instacart will pick up and deliver medicines from select pharmacies.

Otherwise, you’ll need to transfer your prescription to Wegmans or Costco.

If you don’t have a designated pharmacy, you can ask your doctor to submit your prescription to a participating location.

Another option is to bring a physical prescription into the pharmacy and give it to the pharmacist.

Have Text Notifications

Once you submit your refill, you’ll have to sign up for text alerts.

These will tell you when your prescription is ready for pickup.

However, you must have text alerts enabled to use Instacart’s prescription delivery service.

If you don’t like giving out your phone number to stores, you can opt out of text alerts once you’ve received your medication.

Click on the Texted Link

When the text alert comes in from your pharmacy, you’ll see the option to choose Instacart delivery.

Click on that link and head to the store’s website.

The website is where you’ll select delivery options and any additional items you might need.

Add Other Items to Be Delivered

If there is anything else you want to be delivered, you can add them once you click on the link in your text alert.

You’ll be able to get those items alongside your prescription at no extra charge.

You won’t be able to make additions after you place your order.

Similarly, you can’t add a prescription to an order you already made.

So, to avoid placing multiple orders, be sure to include everything you need the first time.

Choose a Delivery Time When Someone is Home

Regardless of the medication you’re ordering, it’s best to schedule your delivery time for when someone will be home.

You don’t want your prescription sitting in a hot mailbox or freezing temperatures, as that can compromise the medication’s integrity.

Moreover, you don’t want to risk someone stealing your medicine.

How Much Is Instacart Prescription Delivery?

As with its other services, Instacart’s prescription delivery has fees.

It’s also standard practice to leave a tip for delivery orders.

Delivery Fees for Prescription Delivery

Instacart prescription delivery fees vary depending on whether you have Instacart+ and how quickly you need your medication.

Instacart+ members can receive their prescriptions at no extra charge when ordering groceries.

In contrast, standard Instacart members will have an added $4 fee.

The cost of ordering your prescription with groceries is the same whether you’re doing same-day delivery, on-demand, or the next day.

For all Instacart and Instacart+ users, the cost for prescription delivery without a grocery order is as follows:

  • $14.99 for on-demand
  • $12.99 for same-day
  • $10.99 for next-day

Make Sure To Leave a Tip

Instacart shoppers earn the bulk of their income through tips from customers, including prescription deliveries.

Whether you’re ordering medications or groceries, the shopper is performing a service.

So, to compensate them for providing you with a home shopping convenience, you should always leave a tip.

The standard rule of thumb is 15%-18% or $5, whichever is more.  

Final Thoughts

So, does Instacart deliver prescriptions?

Yes, its prescription delivery service is a major convenience for those who can’t get to the store.

When you’re stuck at home feeling under the weather, having your medication brought to your door allows you to stay home and rest.

The only drawbacks are that you might have to pay a fee and tip.

Do you have experience with Instacart’s prescription delivery service?

Leave a comment below to tell us about it.

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