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Does Instacart Hire Felons In 2023? A Complete Answer

Get answers to the question "Does Instacart hire felons?". We'll cover how past felonies impact your eligibility to become an Instacart shopper, and explore the company's inclusive approach to offering second chances in the gig economy."

Yes, Instacart does hire individuals with felony convictions, but the decision is made on a case-by-case basis. The type and age of the felony, as well as the applicant’s overall criminal history, are important factors in the hiring decision.

Instacart conducts a thorough background check, and certain crimes, especially if recent, may disqualify an applicant. However, Instacart maintains an inclusive hiring policy that supports second chances.

Instacart’s Hiring Policy Explained

Instacart has a simple hiring process you can complete within a few days, whether you apply as a full-service shopper or an in-store shopper.

The process consists of three main stages. These phases are completing the online application, downloading the app, and passing the background investigations.

Best of all, the hiring policy is inclusive and welcomes people from diverse backgrounds. This includes some people with criminal histories.

Still, the type of felony and its date will significantly impact whether you’ll be hired. This is also the case with your pattern of criminal behavior.

However, you’ll likely be hired if the felony you committed was more than seven years ago. Given that, the following are the requirements you’ll need to apply for a job in Instacart:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Be eligible to work in the United States or Canada
  • Have access to a smartphone and a reliable vehicle
  • Able to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Have a working bank account
  • Pass the company’s screening procedure
  • You need to submit your social security number

Background Check Process

Submitting a background check is an integral part of Instacart’s hiring process. The famous background check companies, Checkr and Sterling are responsible for this task.

vector graphic showing a clipboard with a magnifying glass next to it to illustrate an instacart background check

The check focuses on multiple key areas related to prospective shoppers, including the following:

  • Your identity
  • Your felony convictions
  • The details of your employment history
  • You credit history
  • Your professional licenses
  • Your educational history
  • Your driving records

If the background check company detects an issue throughout the process, it’ll email you about the matter.

If there’s an error with their findings, you can follow the dispute instructions via their website.

It’s worth mentioning that Instacart conducts an annual background check for its shoppers. If there are new incidents in your criminal background checks, the company can deactivate your account.

Check this guide on Instacart accounts getting deactivated to know more about this process. You might also consider taking a look at Instacart’s rehire policy.

Employment Eligibility for Felons

There’s no public policy or rules in Instacart for accepting or rejecting felons. It’s up to the company’s hiring team to decide whether a specific person is a good fit for Instacart work.

However, from many people’s experience, you need to have a background report free of the following crimes in the past 7-10 years:

  • Any felony
  • Dangerous driving
  • Fatal accidents
  • Sexual offenses
  • Driving without insurance or a valid driver’s license
  • Any violent crimes, such as firearms offenses
  • Any drug-related crimes

How to Apply and Disclose Convictions

To apply for work on Instacart, if you have a felony, you’ll complete the two initial steps of the application like any other applicant.

Those steps are to fill out the job application and download the app to set up your account.

However, in the background check stage, Instacart will review your case on an individual basis. Background checks can take up to 10 days and sometimes more.

The background check results determine whether you’re accepted, considered, or rejected. In the case of consideration, the company can contact you to know more about your conviction.

If this is the case, talk honestly about your past, circumstances, and, most importantly, how you’ve changed.

How Often Does Instacart Conduct Background Checks?

Instacart will conduct a background check, including a criminal records background check, after you apply for the job.

In addition, Instacart conducts similar background checks on all of its workers, including independent contractors or gig workers, once per year.

You could potentially lose your job as an Instacart shopper if you obtained a criminal conviction within the past year.

While Instacart does make exceptions for people with felony convictions that are more than five years old, if you were found guilty of criminal activity in the last year, then you will likely lose your Instacart delivery driver job.

Wrapping Up

Does Instacart hire felons? Instacart doesn’t have a clear policy regarding whether they hire felons.

The hiring team of the company decides whether to accept or reject felony applicants on an individual basis.

However, many people with felonies managed to land jobs in Instacart. Instacart also states that they have an inclusive hiring policy that gives everyone equal employment opportunities.

You have nothing to lose. If you’re in dire need of the job, go ahead and apply.

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