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DoorDash Activation Kit: 3 Essential Items Included

What Is a DoorDash Activation Kit?

A DoorDash Activation Kit is a set of tools you need to complete orders as a dasher.

Once you sign up to drive for DoorDash and pass a background check, you can select the kit as your method of orientation as a driver.

The kit comes with everything you need to be successful as a DoorDash driver.

That way, you can complete more orders and make a decent amount of money on your own schedule.

Like any other gig or job, you will have to provide your social security number, bank account, and other personal details.

That way, DoorDash can pay you for the orders you complete.

What Is Included in the Kit?

The kit’s core selection includes a company debit card called the “Red Card,” a helpful “Getting Started Manual,” and the all-important food bag.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

1. Food Bag

The DoorDash bag, sometimes referred to as a food bag or a hot bag, is where you’ll put food once you pick up an order from a restaurant.

It will keep the food from getting cold on your drive to the customer’s home.

Of course, the food bag isn’t just for keeping the ordered food in optimal condition.

It can also help you carry big orders to and from your car, so you won’t have to make repeat journeys to fulfill the order.

It’s really just a branded food delivery bag, similar to the Uber Eats delivery bag.

Regardless, the fact that this comes in your DoorDash activation kit means you save $15+.

2. Red Card

You’ll need a Red Card for certain food delivery orders, and it’s a company-managed debit card.

If the customer paid DoorDash instead of the restaurant, DoorDash pays the restaurant.

To do this, the company will load money to the card so that you can pay for the food.

The dasher app will tell you if you have to use the prepaid card for the order.

When you arrive at a restaurant, you can use it just like any other credit card.

However, you’ll need to activate it in your app to connect the DoorDash Red Card to your driver account.

3. Getting Started Manual

When starting any new gig or job, you may have a lot of questions.

As a new driver, you’ll receive a manual to help you get started.

Instead of having to call DoorDash customer service or support, you can get most answers from the manual.

It’s a good idea to keep the manual on hand, especially for your first delivery or two.

What Does a DoorDash Activation Kit Cost?

You don’t have to pay anything to request your DoorDash Activation Kit.

After you complete the steps, you will receive a confirmation of your request.

Can You Start DoorDash Without an Activation Kit?

You have to complete your first order as a dasher before you receive your welcome kit.

To do this, download the dasher app on your iPhone or Android.

Then, you can tap on Dash Now to start a shift.

Once you complete that shift, you will be able to request a kit.

You can also complete certain deliveries without the kit, but it may limit your options.

How to Bypass DoorDash Activation Kit

While it isn’t recommended, as your Red Card comes with the activation kit, you can start work without the kit.

In fact, you can complete any prepaid DoorDash orders without receiving the Red Card and hot bag.

However, you will need to decline any order that requires the Red Card.

While you can accept them, you would have to pay for the order yourself and ask DoorDash support for reimbursement.

Another thing to consider is if a restaurant will let you take an order without the food bag.

Still, you may encounter a business that will want to see that you have a bag on hand.

While another insulated bag may be sufficient, a red bag is even better.

You can log into your account on the dasher app to take orders before you receive your kit.

As long as you have an insulated bag and a way to pay for Red Card orders, you can do it.

Or you can decline all Red Card orders if you don’t want to pay.

How to Request a DoorDash Activation Kit

Requesting a DoorDash welcome kit is easy, but you will need to do a few things before you can get it:

  1. Sign up as a dasher.
  2. Choose the kit as your orientation method and select “Ship it to me.”
  3. Complete the W-9 form for independent contractors.

When you complete all of these steps and your first dasher shift, you can request the kit.

While you wait, consider exploring your neighborhood.

Then, you’ll know where to go when you receive your kit to get plenty of orders.

Tracking the Kit: When Will My DoorDash Activation Kit Arrive?

DoorDash will send out a tracking email, which you may want to flag in your inbox for convenience.

As you wait on your welcome kit, you can refer to the email to check on the status.

If you don’t receive the kit within a few business days, it could be for a few reasons:

  • Wrong mailing address
  • Lost somewhere
  • The background check is taking a while
  • Kits are in high demand but low supply

You may want to contact DoorDash support if your kit takes a long time to arrive.

They might be able to tell you why, such as a delay in the background check.

Or you can correct your mailing address so that they can send you a new kit.

While you wait for your kit to arrive, you may be tempted to try another delivery platform, but be patient, and you can start making money with DoorDash in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain questions that new dashers often ask, but each has an answer or solution.

Do you have to wear a DoorDash shirt?

You don’t have to wear a DoorDash shirt or any other uniform to work and receive base pay for orders.

However, wearing something to distinguish you as an official driver can provide peace of mind to customers and restaurants.

If you find that people don’t recognize you as a driver in other clothes, consider getting a DoorDash shirt.

Why isn’t my DoorDash account activated?

If you haven’t completed a dash or scheduled a shift, your account won’t be activated.

Fortunately, this is a quick fix because all you need to do is work a shift or schedule one for later.

So if you’re too busy to work now, you can set your own schedule ahead of time.

Once you do that, the DoorDash app should recognize you as an active driver.

Then, you can start dashing and taking orders when you want.

Why is my DoorDash card not activating?

Your DoorDash card may not activate if you haven’t gone through the whole sign-up process.

If that’s the case, you will need to finish those steps before you can activate your DoorDash card.

Of course, there is also the potential that it is a technical issue on your end.

For instance, your phone may have lost its internet connection, or the app hasn’t loaded properly.

In some cases, you may need to update the app or uninstall and reinstall it.

That way, you have the most up-to-date version, which shouldn’t have any bugs or other problems.

Why is my DoorDash Activation Kit taking so long to arrive?

A DoorDash welcome kit can take a while to arrive for a few reasons.

First, if you order the kit on a Friday, remember that Saturday and Sunday aren’t business days.

DoorDash says it can take one to four business days, so that means it may take until the following Thursday.

Similarly, if you order the day before a holiday or holiday weekend, it can take longer.

If you sign up to dash at a high-peak time, such as around spring break, you might need to wait as DoorDash may not have enough kits to send out.

And if they get a lot of requests for background checks, that can further extend the time.

Finally, issues with the mail can cause delays, so make sure you provide an accurate mailing address.

Even then, the mail could lose your package and push back the delivery.

Start Dashing Today

If you want to make some money on your own time, DoorDash is worth a try.

You can explore the area where you live, find new restaurants, and enjoy delivering food to customers

But you need your DoorDash Activation Kit to complete orders well.

Then, you can keep your customers happy so that they continue to order from DoorDash.

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