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Items In The DoorDash Activation Kit [& How To Request]

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Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash Activation Kit includes Red Card, food delivery bag, and Getting Started Manual.
  • Kit is essential for new drivers, expanding delivery options and aiding order fulfillment.
  • Drivers can start without the kit but may face limitations on available orders.
  • Free kit requested after first dash, aiding in efficient and effective delivery service.

What Is a DoorDash Activation Kit?

A DoorDash Activation Kit is provided to new drivers after they sign up and pass a background check, offering essential items for fulfilling orders.

This kit includes a Red Card for payments, a food delivery bag to keep orders at the right temperature, and a “Getting Started Manual” for guidance.

The Red Card functions as a company-managed debit card for paying restaurants on behalf of DoorDash, while the food bag aids in transporting food efficiently. The manual serves as a resource for common queries, eliminating the need to contact support.

The kit is free for new drivers, who must complete an initial order through the DoorDash app before requesting it. While it’s possible to start delivering without the kit, having it expands the range of available delivery options.

How to Bypass DoorDash Activation Kit

To start working for DoorDash without the Activation Kit, you can initially accept only prepaid orders. This approach allows you to bypass the need for the Red Card and hot bag included in the kit.

If you receive orders requiring the Red Card, you have the option to decline them or pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement from DoorDash, although this is not recommended.

Restaurants may require you to show an insulated bag for food transport; while any insulated bag might work, possessing the official DoorDash red bag could be advantageous.

You can begin taking orders through the Dasher app without the kit, ensuring you have an insulated bag and a method to manage Red Card orders, either by covering costs yourself or avoiding such orders entirely.

How to Request a DoorDash Activation Kit

To request a DoorDash Activation Kit, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up as a Dasher: Begin by registering to become a DoorDash driver.
  2. Orientation: Select “Ship it to me” as your orientation method to opt for receiving the Activation Kit.
  3. Complete W-9 Form: Fill out the necessary W-9 form for independent contractors.

After fulfilling these requirements and completing your first dasher shift, you can request your Activation Kit. This kit is crucial for starting your delivery assignments, as it contains essential items like the Red Card and food delivery bag.

Tracking and Arrival

  • Tracking Email: DoorDash will send a tracking email so you can monitor the delivery of your kit. Keep an eye on this email to stay updated on your kit’s status.
  • Delivery Issues: If you don’t receive your kit within a few business days, consider possible reasons such as an incorrect mailing address, loss in transit, a pending background check, or a shortage of kits due to high demand.

If your kit is delayed, contacting DoorDash support is advisable. They can provide information on the cause of the delay, whether it’s a background check issue or the need to update your mailing address for a new kit shipment.

While waiting for your Activation Kit, familiarizing yourself with your delivery area can be beneficial, as it prepares you for efficient order fulfillment once you receive your kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to wear a DoorDash shirt?

Wearing a DoorDash shirt or uniform is not required to work or receive pay for orders. However, wearing identifiable clothing may reassure customers and restaurants. If being recognized as a driver is an issue, you might want to consider wearing a DoorDash shirt for clarity.

Why isn’t my DoorDash account activated?

Your DoorDash account won’t be activated if you haven’t completed or scheduled a dash. To activate your account, simply work a shift or schedule one for the future. This flexibility allows you to plan according to your availability, activating your status as a driver and enabling you to start accepting orders.

Why is my DoorDash card not activating?

If your DoorDash card isn’t activating, it may be because you haven’t completed the sign-up process. Finish any remaining steps first.

Alternatively, technical issues like a lost internet connection or an outdated app could be the cause. Try updating or reinstalling the app for the latest version without bugs.

Why is my DoorDash Activation Kit taking so long to arrive?

Your DoorDash Activation Kit might be delayed due to non-business days, ordering before holidays, peak sign-up times, a high volume of background check requests, or mail issues.

DoorDash estimates 1-4 business days for delivery, but weekends, holidays, supply shortages, and postal errors can extend this timeline. Ensure your mailing address is accurate to avoid further delays.

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